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The webOS Wish List: Grid date picker 28

by Derek Kessler Wed, 22 Feb 2012 10:30 pm EST

The webOS Wish List: Grid date picker

We've for the past several hundred years lived and worked globally under a seven-day week system. We've even adopted a typical calendar layout of seven columns across and engrained the week concept in our minds. That layout has extended to webOS in the Calendar app's month view. But there's an instance that we use much more often across the entirety of webOS that's lacking that handy grid view: the date picker.

Go ahead and open up calendar and create a new event. Now try to change the date. You can easily pick the year and month from a vertical scroller - that makes sense. But what stops making sense is the vertical scroller for picking the date. When you have between 28 and 31 days, and when the 5th can fall on a different day of the week every month, a simple list of dates is really not adequate.

So let's go back to basics. Let's go back to the calendar of the classic Palm OS. Let's go back to the grid date picker. It'll show us what day of the week the 5th is. It'll make things faster. It just makes sense.

Have your own thoughts on this webOS Wish List entry? Of course you do - the comments are below. Surely you have your own ideas as to what ought be on the webOS wish list, and so we've created a forum thread just for what has proven to be an awesome discussion.



Check out my Bills vs. Income+ app for TouchPad, it utilizes a calendar date picker. I released the code in the dev forums as well so hopefully other devs pick it up as well (Enyo only though). I hate using date pickers without a calendar, so 100% agree with article.

with webOS going Open Source, hopefully you can submit it to the right group for official inclusion. And hopefully it will work in Ares 2, also. I know I can think of uses for it.

thanks for contributing to keep our OS the best!

Yes let's just take all the info integrated in the Ubercalendar datepicker. month/year/Day/ weekday / calendarweek. Make it fast scrollable and add options to jump fast into next year.
Display repeating events with different colors, take another color to show end of repeating and a color to show today.
Hell just place the ubercalendar datepicker all over the whole OS. It's all there already :) just find a smart solution to place it everywhere.

I can't agree more.

And how about the AM/PM picker? Its either one of two options, so why is there even a picker for something that obviously requires a toggle? This unnecessarily adds an extra tap.

If there's anything that should be handled by a micromanaging, slave-driving douc*ebag of a CEO, it is these kinds of projects. Rubinstein should have learned at least that from his tenure at Apple.


I have been perturbed by this little annoyance since the first day I got my Pre two years ago. I can't stand selecting dates this way.

I'm not one of those people who, when asked "August 15, what day is that?" can pop out the day of the week without any effort. And that scroll list selector is no different. When I go in to switch an alert to show up on next Wednesday, I'm not thinking about how many days that is from now and how many days are in this month. I want to be able to select next "WEDNESDAY".

But instead I've got to go through trial and error by selecting a number I think will fall on the right day, exit the selection mode, see where it shows up on the calendar, then go back in and switch it. UGGGGHH!

Very counter intuitive if you ask me.

So, yes, please let's have a calendar method of date selection - HP.

ARGH!!! YES!!!

This was the single biggest annoyance when I "upgraded" from a Centro to a Pre. Why did the webOS developers abandon the simple calendar grid date picker that had been used since the very first Palm Pilot? So many things that worked well in PalmOS were changed for no appreciable benefit in webOS.

I agree with what's been said s far. One annoying point on the TP calender in week view, you can,t see your all day events unless you scroll up to 00:01 hrs. On my Pre3 in week view, i can see that I have an all day event albeit it doesn't show any text, at least I know I have something in and can decide from there. The TP calender should show this regardless of the current time of day.
I hope all our feedback on all these topics makes its way to the right people. Here's hoping.

Ok I must be having a brain fart here, but what screen is Derek showing with that article? I don't have that on my Pre3 or my Pre+. Or is that a PShop of what he WANTS to have?

That's (got to be) a Photoshop of what is SHOULD look like.

It's a photoshopping - I'm just that good.

LOL Thanks! And it DOES look good!

Why, oh WHY did Palm drop so many good features of PalmOS when developing webOS???

I still shake my head when I realize how less productive my Pre+/3 have made me.

Literally the ONLY thing I'm grateful for in my "new" Palm phones is the mapping/GPS.

That's it. Everything else has been a major step back,

Palm OS had a great monthly view with colors to organize different calenders, WebOS needs to bring those back.

Definitely agree. I installed the Uber Calendar patch using Preware, and that added a calendar date picker to the Calendar app.

Definitely agree. I installed the Uber Calendar patch using Preware, and that added a calendar date picker to the Calendar app.

Definitely agree. I installed the Uber Calendar patch using Preware, and that added a calendar date picker to the Calendar app.

Definitely agree. I installed the Uber Calendar patch using Preware, and that added a calendar date picker to the Calendar app.

this would be really neat and intuitive ..i vote for it...

I've been using Ubercalendar for so long ... I almost forgot this was a restriction. Honestly, without extensions like Ubercalendar and Chapura, etc.., WebOS is a joke from a PIM standpoint. This is sad .. considering how great other parts of WebOS can be (tarnished greatness with time & neglect, regrettably)

The sad thing: seems like pretty much all smartphone companies treat PIM like a red-headed stepchild these days. It baffles me why Palm didn't add features similar to the UberCalendar extensions with WebOS 2.x and/or 3.x. Metaview, Frantid & the Uber-group have been hard at work (with our collective thanks) since since 1.4.0 or earlier!

I am not sure what you mean.
If I want to make an appointment on the 29th of February, I just go to the month view and press on the 29th, then hit new Event. If has to be the next wednesday, while I am in month view I just press that day, then make an event. I don't do a ton of appointments but that never seemed to bother me that much.

That's good for calendar. Now how about setting an alarm for a specific day in Clock? Or somebody's birthday in Contacts? What about a due date for an item in Tasks? Or in any of the other dozens upon dozens of apps that allow you to select a date to perform some action?

well, I agree for birthdays... But for any other Tasks or clock I just use the Calender app. You can set it to alert AND I only have to look in one place. But I'm sure there are other issues that I don't run into often enough.

I'm in school, so I have a lot of tasks, and I have to count off the days until it's due. A grid option would be appreciated. greatly.

I was also annoyed since the first Pre that Palm made the simple day selection that worse. Did nobody use that? Not even the name of the day is shown --> EPIC FAIL.
Actual the view for the selection is already's the month view. Just apply some glue code (if a user came from the edit view then... else...) and there is your day selection. So why photoshop? Just use the stuff already available.

Missing calendar weeks are also a NO GO. In my area of work I always need the calendar week number. And this is not there unless the Uebercalendar is installed.
IBM tried to offer the "enhancement" not having calendar weeks in Lotus Notes 8 Calendar once. The users asked the developers if they have a death wish (source:

HP announced once to aim for the "business users" but without a proper day selection and calender weeks this will not work.

Another question that maybe someone can answer. Why the hell are the integrated basic applications never updated based on feedback? Ok, Palm was blind and deaf for a while (years before the Pre release) to user suggestions but really these little things can't be that hard to integrate by the core team at Palm and later HP.
What happend to all the talented developers that where sucked in by HP? Did they start coding for the trash bin?
Well not all could be part of the framework redesign 1 and 2 we've seen.

Completely agree this has been a major gap and big disappointment after so many years using Palm OS.

One place I haven't had to do without the date picker though is in CloudTasks... very similar to Palm OS date picker.

CloudTasks is open source (GPL 2) so surprised other apps havnt already adopted it's date picker. Perhaps now that webOS is open source, someone can/will incorporate it as native widget.

Just use UberCalendar patch to not only have a datepicker when entering dates in the calendar and use "Fast Entry" for a calendar popup right on top in every app. Makes it easy to know which day the next Wednesday might be...

I can't install Internalz Pro on my Pre 3, an url-error!
Please help me ;)

Thanks malte123

Calendars are ok for me, what I do miss is WhatsApp.