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The webOS Wish List: Lock Screen Exhibition 11

by Derek Kessler Mon, 20 Feb 2012 6:18 pm EST

Lock Screen Exhibition

Exhibition is really one of the under-appreciated features of webOS, despite the power of glanceable information it brings to bear. The big limitation is that it's confined to the Touchstone charger, which it need not be. Particularly with smartphones we've taken to them as glanceable information devices - What time is it? Do I need to look at that email?

But it could be so much more, and with the framework for Exhibition already in place, making it so much more wouldn't be that much of a leap. The time has come for Exhibition to make it to the lock screen, both in the form of built-in customizable modules and from third party apps. It can even tie off the same settings from Exhibition on Touchstone, so you get the same view when charging and when glancing.

Apart from an Agenda view, clock, and photos, what else could lock screen Exhibition bring to bear? Oh, just the most recent posts on Twitter or Facebook, glancing over stock feeds, a few of the latest news headlines, expanded weather forecasts, and upcoming calendar appointments, just to name a few. And with Exhibition already an option available to developers, we can imagine plenty more taking place on the lock screen.

Have your own thoughts on this webOS Wish List entry? Of course you do - the comments are below. Surely you have your own ideas as to what ought be on the webOS wish list, and so we've created a forum thread just for what has proven to be an awesome discussion.


+1 for this, exhibition is too nice to not take advantage of. Nice mockup too!

I'd like to see wireless file transfer as a native feature, we've got wireless charging, so why not do away with USB cables altogether and have network sharing built in?
(Shameless plug: I just finished a network sharing app that uses samba, and it's available here.)

+1 as well, especially with Open webOS and the larger screens it is likely to be on. This is a similar feature that is already on the N9 with Meego, either on the lock screen or the feed screen. Its very handy!

I would like the choice to have exhibition ON or OFF when I park my TouchPad on the TouchStone and not have it spring to life beaming me in the face with light in the middle of the night. Perhaps even downtime periods that I can manually set (like you would setting an alarm) to ensure it won't spring to life during the sleeping hours.

+1 for this too, it seems a bit odd that you can't choose to turn off Exhibition.

I like it. I hope HP is listening. probably not though

I hope they are listening..... If they want to make WebOS an attractive operating system for some manufacturer they need to keep making improvements!

+1 for this

Second that request. The biggest dreck is; Exhibition seems to start also during video playback, either in-browser or via dedicated program. So it's not only often useless, but a hindrance too. Ever tried to watch something from the tube with the Pad on the charger?

cool. another thing why I wouldn't use webOS as it is right now, on a phone. Let webOS die!

Second this. Would also be great if the phone remembered which app to use for exhibition after reboots and such.

No idea why Lock Screen aren't utilized better.