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The webOS Wish List: Browser password saving 18

by Derek Kessler Wed, 29 Feb 2012 9:01 pm EST

The webOS Wish List: Password saving

Part of the joy of apps is that they provide a customized experience for a specific service, quite often providing that service better on a smartphone or tablet than the website itself could. The web by-and-large is built for use with a mouse and a keyboard, not your fingers - and so often we find ourselves using webpages to accomplish things that there just aren't apps around to do. That's not a bad thing, but it can be frustrating on webOS since the browser apps have no password saving capabilities.

It's a fairly simple concept (like the scrollbars we looked at earlier today), but it goes a long way towards accelerating the user experience. Cookies expire, preferences get reset. sessions time out, and users simply don't stay logged in to a site. But in a world rife with data security problems, keeping track of all your passwords can be a pain. Sure, there are apps to help with that, but for not-your-bank-account logins, there's often little reason for the browser to not remember your username and password. You can always hit that "no" button if you're really concerned about your password security.

Have your own thoughts on this webOS Wish List entry? Of course you do - the comments are below. Surely you have your own ideas as to what ought be on the webOS wish list, and so we've created a forum thread just for what has proven to be an awesome discussion.



ohhh. I want it
Jay mentioned he did a wrap for roboform a long time ago. There must have been problems...

i haven't used webos in a while or the browser so some of this may have been added so forgive me if it has, but some things that i thing should be added are stuff like tabs, popup blocker, adblock, a way to disable and enable java script. surprisingly useful when you end up on one of those sights that won't let you leave. cloud bookmarking syncing, well they really need an entire cloud system, easily clear data like in dolphin where you can clear history, cookies, forms, or everything, and a place to access downloads.

Uhm... Advanced Browser on the TP already supports almost all things mentioned here:
PW saving, Tabs, disable, enable Java, deleting if cache, history, cookies etc. and for Adblock there are the two patches in Preware (Adblock and Maxblocker)

I would be content if it had history for other form elements.

didn't know if it is only me..but yesterday i was browsing on my PRE2 ,opening the links from twitters... and one particular website reviewing the windows 8 consumer edition was loading again n again on its own .even though it loaded full on the first time..i was in the middle of reading the review and then the page started loading again...i know this happens but the problem is page should not go all blank or may be it was because of my slow gprs speed ,bcoz of that page rendering was not fast..dont know but it was annoying.......

It could be that the site you loaded has a refresh cycle for comments. It's very annoying.

Port the desktop version of Firefox (or Opera but that's not up to the "community"), bang, more than enough problems solved. Including access to form history, reliable tabs, Ad blocking, LastPass etc. etc. etc., 1 Gig RAM should be enough.
Especially porting Firefox (or at least Fennec) should be high up the priority for your webOS internals guys. But even Chrome would not be wrong.
(Seriously, you can leverage the Linux base for so much stuff, but nobody's interested. I wonder what they actually do. Even the Wiki is outdated.)

Only Opera with its small screen rendering capability is usable on smartphones.

It should be mentioned that premium users of LastPass can install an app on WebOS that lets them access all of their login-data. The process isn't quite easy, as the app can only be downloaded from the lastpass-site itself. Plus, the app misses some comfort-functions. But so far I found it to work flawlessly on my Pre3.

How are you doing these graphics Derek? Photoshop?

Yep. Screencap the base, mockup new items in Photoshop, send back to TouchPad, take photo.

Actually, my preference would be integration with 1Password along with Dropbox syncing. There are several advantages to this: a) passwords are synced across multiple machines and b) no passwords are actually kept local in unencrypted form.

I prefer 1Password over LastPass as you do not rely on a centralized database.

Definitely add me to the list of people who would live this feature. I was actually quite shocked to find that it wasn't available.

Damn, I saw the article lead and got excited thinkin there was finally an app for this and got excited!! Yes - Please we need an app for that!

Great. What about a simple search tool in browser? Type to search?

Ummm, the stock browser on my Pre3 saves passwords just fine, at least on sites that don't prohibit password saving (ie. works on amazon, but not with th home banking site).

AFAIR, this even worked woth webOS 1.4 on the old Pre-...

Staying logged in is not the same thing as saving your password.

Password saving is somehow working with "advanced browser"

One thing I'd really really really like to have is printing support regardless the printers manufacturer. I have a WLAN enabled Epson here that'd love to cooperate with my two touchpads... :-)