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The webOS Wish List: Predictive Text 16

by Derek Kessler Fri, 16 Mar 2012 6:56 pm EDT

The webOS Wish List: Predictive Text

As the owner of a TouchPad, Pre3, and iPhone, I can tell you there's one thing that's needed in spades with a virtual keyboard over the hardware variety: strong and aggressive autocorrect. There are things that both the iPhone and webOS do right, and things they do wrong. For instance, I like that webOS gives me a little chirp when it corrects something so I know to look back and see what it was, and I love that if I don't like it, undoing the autocorrection is as easy as a backspace. The iPhone, however, excels at predicting what it is I'm trying to type, and gives me the option to just hit the space key to use that word. It's a time saver, and its necessary given the inherent drop in accuracy that comes with a virtual keyboard.

webOS, through all its iterations, has never had the joy of predictive text. Well, that's not entirely true - when we looked at the Beta 1 emulator for webOS 3.0, text prediction was present, although in rudimentary and buggy form. The bones for the feature exist in webOS, and using the same sort of interface as the copy/paste/you-spelled-something-weirdly dialogs would enable even faster typing on the TouchPad's already excellent virtual keyboard. And let's not forget about the webOS smartphones - physical keyboard typing is fast enough as it is (at least in our practiced agile hands), imagine how much faster it could be if the phone was correctly guessing what you were trying to write.

Have your own thoughts on this webOS Wish List entry? Of course you do - the comments await. Without a doubt you have your own ideas as to what ought be on the webOS wish list, and so we've created a forum thread just for that - and an awesome discussion it has proven to be.


i use to write in different languages, up to three very often. What i really miss is the chance to switch between them fast and easy.

Yeah. That's an area where Android, thanks to third-party keyboards like SwiftKey, have iOS and webOS beat.

You already have that option. Open your launcher, go to Settings, then press Regional Settings.

The second window is titled Auto-Correction And Keyboard

Click +Add

Now select your Auto-Correct language (English, French, Spanish, German Italian or None)

Repeat for as many languages as you want/use.

I have a None keyboard, as well as English (and a split keyboard).

Next time you open your keyboard, to the left of the Space Bar, I have En(AC) and Qwy(No AC) I can quickly change the keyboard auto-correct on or off, and could if I wanted have one of the above languages for auto-correct.

Rick Santorum thinks you don't need more languages as you should just speak English lol.

Absolutely — auto-correct is especially useless when typing in other languages than the one set up on the device. Luckily we got the option to switch keyboards on the TP so that it is easy to disable the feature when text is input in "foreign tongue".

>The iPhone, however, excels at predicting what it is I'm trying to type, and gives me the option to just hit the space key to use that word.

Bullocks! iOS does not excel at this as it suggest totally wrong words 8,25/10 times when I've used it. the problem is not the bad prediction itself, but that it is applied "automatically" and requires active dismissal. It should be "active approval" to any useful and not a time waster.

iOS does not automatically apply predictions. It automatically applies corrections.

For a prediction to be accepted, you must hit the spacebar before you finish typing the current word (active approval).

For auto correction, you must tap on the correction to dismiss it (active dismissal).

As for how well it does predictions; it's just OK. The Swiftkey keyboard on THAT's something that is good at predictions. I've had it accurately predict entire sentences (one word at a time) when I was on Android.

Large screen with SWYPE/Predictive made me give up on my physical keyboard requirement. I grabbed the GS2 as a trial, expecting to return it and get one of the Droids with a keyboard. Now that route seems like a compromise. I'm sold. I've successfully moved to the next level.

I actually completely disagree, iOS has the worst vk I have ever used. Today it changed 'alike' to 'Tulsa' and '$85.10' to '$90'

There is a reason for so many auto-correct fail websites, I love typing what I am typing, not having it redefined to gobbledygook. Yes I know I can turn it off, but my god some of the changes are worth seeing lol it's a love to hate relationship.

WebOS has wonderful keyboards, hard or software, ability to change language on demand would be more of a win to me than predictive text. Flame away.

Autocorrect and predictive text are two different things. The former attempts to guess what you just typed when you've make a mistake. The latter attempts to predict what you're about to type, which saves you many keystrokes and helps you avoid mistakes in the first place, which in turn sharply decreases the number of annoying autocorrect replacements. In that sense, if I could only have one feature, I'd pick predictive text over autocorrect.

I have used my friends iPods virtual keyboard & it can't keep up with how fast I type . I type fast on my Pixi Plus : )

ios bubbles are one of the features
that make the iphone unusable
for me

You should have included CM9/ICS in this post, since it has an excellent, and nicely implemented, predictive text feature. The stock ICS VK is also very nice. I prefer the keymapping in webOS--especially the dedicated number row--but otherwise I type much better in CM9.

"already excellent keyboard"???
Install CM7, you ignorant fool.

@GuyFromNam No reason for name calling, especially to our fearless webOS leaders. And also no need for Android fanfare on webOS Nation. Now, who's the fool?

I would like predictive texting as well. I had it in my SonyEricsson M600i (Symbian UIQ) which also had a hardware keyboard and it worked really good and this was years ago, but lacked of autospace after accepting a word.

Secondly i would also like to have the choice to change language for autocorrect on the phone versions 2.x. It's terrible writing in english when your primary language is german. Btw. this was also already possible in the 2006 Symbian UIQ.

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