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The webOS Wish List: Scrolling notifications 18

by Derek Kessler Tue, 09 Oct 2012 9:50 pm EDT

The webOS Wish List: Scrolling notifications

We took a bit of a break on the webOS Wish List to give HP a chance to put out Open webOS 1.0. Now that the open source operating system is out, we've seen a few of our wish list items incorporated, but by and large there hasn't been a large update to the structure or user interface of webOS. So, we're back at it with the webOS Wish List, because as awesome as webOS is, it can always be improved.

webOS has supported instant messaging and text messages since the very first day of release. While there have been some kinks that have been worked out along the way, the way that notifications are displayed for messages hasn't changes one bit since that first day. Your phone or tablet buzzes and bings and the notification area pops up (at least it does on a smartphone) with the ubiquitous talk bubble icon, the name of the messenger, and the first few words of the message. It's that way on an original Palm Pre running webOS 1.4.5, it's that way on a TouchPad running webOS 3.5, and if Messaging were part of the core apps released as part of Open webOS 1.0, we'd expect it to be the same way there too.

Thing is, that little snippet usually isn't enough. If somebody's sending me a quick "thank you", I'll see all of it, but if it's something longer, especially as is possible with instant messaging, that first thirty or so characters isn't necessarily enough. If it's a longer message I still want to know if it's going to be worth my time to bump over to the Messaging app to read it all and reply. Notifications form Messaging - in fact, notifications from all apps - could be improved by offering the option to have the text scroll through on first display. Buzz and beep, display the first few words for a second, and then scroll through the rest so I can see what it says. Simple, useful, and in the spirit of webOS, giving what I need without pulling me out of what I'm doing.

Have your own thoughts on this or any other webOS Wish List entry? We fully expect you to. That's why we have the comments, it's your place to say how right (or wrong) we are. And we have little doubt you have your own ideas as to what ought be on the webOS wish list, and so we've created a forum thread just for that - and an awesome discussion it has proven to be.


Disagree, what I want is for it to cycle through all the messages instead of just showing me the newest one and how many. Much in the same way youview (when it was working) handled new voicemail. And let me delete the ones I don't care about and leave the others

By the way, I know we still have many talented devs around. Can someone PLEASE take over youview and fix it, or just make a new visual voicemail app? Man this really sucks that two of the greatest webos apps ever youview and nanplayer have been abandoned

I was going to ask about that, laingman. It's been a good while since my Palm Pre and I'm having trouble remembering, does the notification only show you the newest alert and you have to either click through or dismiss it to see the next one? That would be number one on my list of improvements, maybe scrolling your finger up on an entry in the notification center will selectively scroll that notification tile up to display the next of its type, a la text message? That or you could just list them individually although I could see how that could quickly fill up space with email.

Actually the only way you get to see the next one is with the delete email from notification patch. So if you delete one you see the next, then you get to one you don't want to delete and you have no choice but to open the app

I like how the touchpad does it: multiple email notifications appear to be stacked and the user taps on the subject and slide off to the right to get to the next one or tap on the email icon and slide to get rid of the entire notification.

Having that same behavior on a phone would be nice.

good one

I quite like the scrolling through the message idea on first alert and maybe subsequent tapping or lifting (like the wave). On the other hand what if it's a really long message. Therefore one may want to restrict the scrolling to say the first 50 characters or so, just to get the gist of the message in order to decide whether to open it and read it fully.

I have some more Wish List entries. I'm not sure if this article is where it should be posted, but I'll post it here anyway.

I'd like to see a solid and reliable Contacts app that synchronises to a web Contacts. I would like to be able ot group contacts. I would like to make notes about Contacts eg when I met thme last, their relations eg spouse, children etc, possibly attach files and reminders.

I'd like to see a solid and reliable Notes app that syncs to a website and can easily import and export from other Note apps. Current one I use is Noted! whereas OrganizeMe needs Springpad to improve I think.

I'd like to see a fusion of MAL (Multiple App Launcher) and Geostrings. Imagine one turns up at the office, the Pre3 or Touchpad identifies your GPS location or WiFi signal, know's where you are, and turns on the Apps you want for the day! Would be great if you could set a predetermined time to elapse before the desired Apps switch on, to allow one to close existing Apps or switch off the automatic launch of the desired Apps.

I think there needs to be a better fusion between Toodle Task and Calendar. Can Toodle Task be added to MAL app?

Umm, the contacts app does most of what you want a contacts app to do, but one or two points there that could improve things

Try Tapnote, really reliable note app that can auto sync across all your devices.

Not sure about the specific "web contact" issues that you mention, but I will second the notion that Synergy needs to be improved/expanded/updated.

My biggest complaint is that currently the Palm/HP profile is limited in its sync capacity between devices. When I shifted my profile from the Pre- to the Pre3, a big chunk of my PIM didn't transfer. Additionally, I'm afraid to use the same profile on my TP because I don't want to have to worry about my PIM being out of sync (or other issues?). As I've read somewhere, the two devices don't sync back and forth (via the Palm/HP profile).

It's odd that the profile is limited to one telephone, but allows multiple tablets.

Sorry just forgot, what about some Siri-like App, for voice recognition commands etc?

giving what I need without pulling me out of what I'm doing.

did someone just accidentally come up with an awesome tagline for OpenWebOS?

Tapping and holding the message notification that you see in the picture should expand it, that is, open a small scrollable list placed immediately under the notification, showing the older messages (having the text scroll through on first display, too), not only the newest one, so that you don't need to open the messaging app to read them.
Or maybe not... :)

Add to email a junk folder and block sender option.

That's best handled on the server side of things. Do it there. I'd much rather have notifications for ALL of my imap folders, not just inbox. Then I could stop running a separate email account that is forwarded to for my phone/touchpad.

o god a would really love a better media player I dontknow if on webos 3.0 you can make playlists easyly but on my palm pre yes I have a palm pre so waht
it is hard to make playlists which reminds me can you do animated backgrounds for open webos via a patch??? I like the way I have customised my animated backgrounds on my palm pre

Music Player Remix doesn't fit your needs?

How about gestures on the touchpad and 50,000 apps to get the ball rolling? If I had been Palm orHP's ceo I would have forced thousands of apps out of the devs the whole year in 2009.