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The webOS Wish List: Social status in Contacts 22

by Derek Kessler Fri, 03 Feb 2012 7:07 pm EST

Synergy is awesome, and it's been awesome since Palm unveiled it as part of webOS way back at the beginning of 2009. The simplicity of webOS' linked contacts has yet to be matched by any other OS maker, but there hasn't been much of any iteration on that theme in the last three years. And in some ways the competition has moved beyond what Synergy does in its current state. Since the start, Facebook has been available as a contact sync option, and later on LinkedIn was added. Yet, the only thing that these social networks are able to pull down is basic contact info - none of the actual social stuff makes it into the Synergy mix.

With the possibility of Twitter making it into Synergy as well, we think it's time for an extension of what Synergy pulls in, and it's a relatively simple one: social status. Link a Facebook account to a contact and whenever you view that person via the Contacts app, it quickly downloads the most recent status update. Throw in LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+ (once they make an API), and all the rest. Sort them by most recent update and launch the appropriate app or mobile site to that status when tapped on. And if you want to get real fancy, include the single most recent status update under that contact in Just Type search results.

Have your own thoughts on this wish list entry? Of course you do - the comments are below. Surely you have your own ideas as to what ought be on the webOS wish list, and so we've created a forum thread just for what is sure to be an awesome discussion.


Before anybody gets excited, no, that's not a white Pre3, it's just the lighting.

pl forgive my ignorance but how it is showing social status ,i mean somebody is already on it or its some photoshop purely for illustration purpose..

Photoshopped, loaded image onto phone, snapped photo.

Full integratiom would be nice for sure...on any platform. One of the things that I liked about my Evo was the fact that when I got a phone call, the caller's photo, name and facebook status would show up on my screen. Often this was useless information, but the few times I was able to answer the phone with a "happy birthday my friend" made that feature seem quite handy...especially when I had completely forgotten about that person's birthday.

hm, my HTC android phone links all contact accounts, shows latest status before a call, etc. would someone just shoot this webOS and let it die ?! Maybe Google will license the multitasking system afterwards and webOS will stay in our memory.

i believe you r talking about whatsapp..and if that is the case ,it is available for all the platforms except webOS need to boast abt your happy in what u have..

Been thinking this for a long time. Add this to my wish list, way under new hardware.

concur, that would be a neat option. Could even place a checkbox in the contacts for those that you actually want to see the status of.

Wonder if we'll see it anytime soon?

I'm not saying this wouldn't be nice. It would. But my man my wish list is quite a bit different. before that stuff i'd ask for say
how about a full featured music player, a you tube app that logs into my account, a camera with all kinds of options rather then basically flash and shoot? How about mkv support, voice activated control, an integrated navigation app? Shoot i could go on. Shoot better email.

Not saying this is anything like priority order. That'd be cool and then get boring real fast.

What I would like is to be able to set birthday alarms from contacts, without having to create a calendar entry. I used to be able to do this on my Treo 680.

It would catch WebOS up.

But I would hope that it would be optional and not dominate the display. Since I never use Facebook and use Twitter very rarely and selectively.

Status is mostly defensive, so a one sentence reply to increasing your position is to take more gap sad facebook status and to lowering your standing is to take less gap.