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The webOS Wish List: Synchronized webOS Accounts 13

by Derek Kessler Thu, 25 Oct 2012 10:41 pm EDT

The webOS Wish List: Synchronized webOS Accounts

While we don't have all the details on what exactly Open webOS Professional Edition will include, we imagine the cloud services of Gram in way of webOS Account support are practically a given. What's webOS without the web, anyway? We had high hopes when HP revealed that webOS 3.0 on the TouchPad would support multiple devices on the same profile, overturning the rule of one devices per account from the days of webOS smartphones. And while that multiple device support was technically true, it was underwhelming. You could restore a new TouchPad from any device backed up to your account and download purchased apps from the App Catalog on devices using the same webOS Account, but the true multiple devices on a single account that we really wanted just wasn't there.

Take, for example, Memos. With a new TouchPad you could download all of your backed-up memos from your Pre smartphone onto the tablet, but any edits you made would only be stored on the TouchPad. Sure, the Pre might not be able to handle the pushing of edits back down from the cloud. But what about two TouchPads on the same account? Surely they could handle sharing a database of notes? Maybe, but for whatever reason the webOS Account system was never set up to handle that. Once you downloaded a backup onto a fresh device, you started a new branch, and there was no merging.

Memos are just one part of the puzzle. There are a number of webOS Account services that could have used this kind of synchronization across devices, including apps, Tasks, Calendar, Contacts, bookmarks, and more. This sort of multiple device support was only good for preventing somebody from having to purchase the same app twice for multiple devices, for everything else it was a disappointment.

To add to that sting, Apple unveiled almost exactly what we wanted for the iOS and Mac devices in the form of iCloud in early June of 2011. The TouchPad had been announced four months earlier, and despite having 'web' in the name of name of its operating system was severely bested in the web services category by iCloud.

Essentially, this Wish List entry is about iCloud, except for webOS. I don't necessarily want all of the bells and whistles that come with iCloud - I don't need my music and photos backed up in the cloud (though having the option to have them transferred to my computer by way of the cloud wouldn't be a bad thing, though that's another story). I want the continuous client. I want to be able to set down my TouchPad and pick up my Pre - or whatever devices are eventually running Open webOS - and have synchronized tasks lists, a cork board full of memos, and all of my bookmarks there waiting for me. And really, for a company like Gram that's going all focused on the cloud, this should be a no-brainer.

Have your own thoughts on this or any other webOS Wish List entry? We fully expect you to. That's why we have the comments, it's your place to say how right (or wrong) we are. And we have little doubt you have your own ideas as to what ought be on the webOS wish list, and so we've created a forum thread just for that - and an awesome discussion it has proven to be.


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+1 (on everything!)

i want and can do it better:

Since 2.x Palm newly introduced db8 clouddb for apps, so for 3rd-party apps there is even a "sync:true" setting to backup the data. Why not integrate this also into the wCloud?

Taken from Palm Developer Guide(url will queue my posting again thats why you have to google for it :) ) :
Where is the db8 database file stored? Is it on "/media/internal", so the user can back it up?

It is stored on "/var/db". By setting "sync":true when calling "putKind", you can have Palm back up data objects of that kind. Data is backed up on a daily basis.

In the Forums there also "Thinking about... Locally hosted backup servers" what about locally hosted wCloud?

gram, you all have it there lying in front of you - just use it.

WHen I started using webOS almost immediately on two devices at once (Touchpad and pre3) I was surprised and, well, disappointed that Calendar and addresses and such weren't automatically synchronised after they were stored on the webOS account: did they really go only one way (up), and only the other way when restoring a backup?
I learned to start using Google calendar and contacts just to have a full synchronisation on that part, and I'm always looking for likewise cloud services for other synchronisable data (Springpad for notes, Toodledo for tasks). I'm pretty happy with that now, up to the point that I might stick to those even though webOS itself would have full synchronisation on all these items.
Still I'd think that this should be a big must on the wishlist. (I still haven't found the right service to synchronise with password managers...)

i do Password sync with
Data Manager

with crypted files over google docs

works fine for me, and is save , strong 512 Bit HashcodeBlowfish

try it free Version available,

sorry for my bad english

greets Joe

all I have managed to do with my accounts so far
is wipe out all my data (twice). Not a happy

cant things like this be achieved already by abusing box or dropbox? which we kinda get for free anyways.

it did seem really weird that to get my calendar data sync'd between my phone and touchpad, I had to use a 3rd party service (I used Google Calendar).

webOS needs not only two-way data synchronization, it also needs a web-based equivalent of the old Palm Desktop. I need to be able to access the basic PIM data from my desktop too. shouldn't that basic level of functionality be available out of the box without resorting to third-party accounts?

This looks good on paper, but I would integrate it with Synergy, so that it pulls stuff from cloud services like Readability, Instapaper and Evernote.

Look at what Jolicloud is doing with Joli OS. It's a great idea

I would like the ability to tap a button (or select from a menu) a "save the state" command, which would let me switch to my other device (phone to tablet, tablet to tablet, etc.), start the corresponding app on the new device, and pick up where I previously stopped (re-instantiate the state). So, it is saving more than just the data (since we're dreaming).

I just recently had to find out that my calendar entries in my Pre are not synced with my TouchPad calendar. I was kind of shocked, to be honest, because it seemed so obvious to me that this would be the case.

Hard to understand if it works onetime when you register a new device to the same Palm profile why Palm/HP did not offer that feature - would have been a good argument to buy multiple Palm/HP devices. But good marketing was probably not one of Leo Apothekers most developed skills ...

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