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The webOS Wish List: Threaded Email 26

by Derek Kessler Mon, 30 Jan 2012 5:44 pm EST

Gmail does it. iOS does it. Heck, Outlook 2003 did it. What is this mysterious it? For those of you that didn't read the title of this post, it's threaded email, and three years in it's still not present on webOS. This webOS Wish List item is a pretty simple one, and it's ubiquitous in its nature. iOS, Windows Phone, and even BlackBerry have threaded email support built in, while Android has it for Gmail and third party email apps. webOS? It does not, and it's making me sad.

As some of you might be aware, I recently picked up an iPhone for my Sprint line - don't panic, there's still a Pre3 on AT&T, two TouchPads, and a stash of other webOS phones and accessories around the Kessler house. But one of the things I was most looking forward to was getting threaded email. And then I was disappointed and turned it off, because it doesn't do a good job of threading together sent and received images, which in my Gmail-trained mind makes it a useless option.

But webOS, that's worse. There's simply no threaded email, especially with the absence of any third party apps. So here's the deal: I want threaded email, and I want it to be like Gmail. I want to be able to tap on a conversation, get a list of emails from that conversation - sent and received, and then tap on one to view it in a fourth column. Yeah, being all sorts of ambitious here, four columns! Okay, so it's a bit more ambitious than throwing in a new Bluetooth stack or adding a button to access data already in the App Catalog, but is it a lot to ask for in 2012?

Have your own thoughts on this wish list entry? Of course you do - the comments are below. Surely you have your own ideas as to what ought be on the webOS wish list, and so we've created a forum thread just for what is sure to be an awesome discussion.


I don't want threaded email. So, only offer it, if it can be turned on and off.

I hate threaded e-mail, drives me insane in gmail, thankfully I rarely use the web based gmail.

Yeah to me gmail is the worst email provider with its layout and format of emails. I dont need an inbox and a sent folder that are exactly the same. where i cant delete a sent email from the sent box and keep the entire string. I would rather have that response enbeded in the email not seperated like gmail does. It is useless for me. I actually really like the email app on the TP. I just wish i could swipe across and delete a message and it not open the next unread message.

i would say just update the browser to have tabs and folders for the bookmarks.

Advanced Browser is worth the money for it's implementation of Tabs and other features. Still no folders for bookmarks though (at least not that I am aware of).

I like the idea. But it's so crappy in Outlook 2007 I never use it. It must be possible to do this well.

I would like to see the Facebook app updated to include sharing and other standard features.

If that means Webkit has to be replaced with a better HTML engine, so be it.

The browser handling plugins would be nice, too.

Uh sorry I don’t need that!

Forget Threaded Email, most people don't know what it is or how to turn it on, and those that do usually don't like it and turn it off.

What really needs fixed is the HTML/RTF formatted messages for Exchange/Hotmail/Live accounts in the email app. This is in my opinion the largest oversight in the entire platform.

A distant second is fixing/updating the Facebook app, it's already showing its age by not keeping up with recent Facebook enhancements and features that were always missing, not to mention never fixing the bugs.

for me the lack of the deep integration of the "social media" is a huge plus for me. It was fun in its first year and then it lost all of its gusto when it left "only" college kids. I know i am in the huge minority on this. All thats a waste of my time. This for me is another reason to not like android.

Isn't there a patch for that? :P Seriously, I would like it only if it comes out good.

@Downtime500, I agree with you 1000%. I'd love the Facebook App getting an update to make it someone usable.

ack. No! when i want to see a conversation, I just search by the subject I want.

Threaded email is FAR more often annoying than it is helpful.

Put me on the "I hate threaded e-mail" list too. I'm OK with it included for those who like it... as long as it can be turned OFF.

I *LOVE* threaded email, but I actually prefer not having it on my phone.

I have my own email domain that I read via Gmail on the computer (and rely heavily on threaded email) but with simple POP access on my Pre3. I use auto-bcc to keep mail sent from my phone threaded in Gmail on the monitor.

That said, I'd take threaded email on my TouchPad, where the current email client is truly horrible.

I like threaded email for personal, where it is more of a conversation. I found it less than useful at work where the thread in the email is good enough to work from, and I prefer to read/work on/respond and then file for later use. With Win 7 search so well integrated to Outlook, finding an old (or VERY old) email is easy.
So I'd be on the side of I'd use it, but I would like the on/off option.

Especially at work I find it very usefull.

The Problem is that many people don’t know how to use emails efficiently: Replying to mails with the wrong subject, or not replying when keeping with the subject.

I would love to have improved tagging/folder functionality! THAT’s worst within the native Email app!

I'm used to working with two types of threaded email on the iPhone, iPad and Apple Mail under OSX for all of my IMAP email accounts. Then Gmail's version of threaded email (which I use on the web interface and the iOS app) is very nice and works well on that platform.

I would like to see the email app on webOS support the same type of threaded that the afore mentioned IMAP-enabled apps on the Apple side of things. Putting the Gmail type of threaded email onto all mail clients might prove difficult in many ways, Google patents being one of the first.

I despise threaded email with a passion!! I can't tell you how many conversations gmail has knotted together and made impossible untangle. "It's easy just expand" -Threaded email reminds me of a "King Rat"- when too many rats are together in a small confined space ,their tails knot and grow into each other until they can't move except as a single writhing unit.They deseparately try to untangle themselves. Starvation and cannibalism ensue until all the rats die. This is actually a naturally occuring phenomenon. This is what threaded email does, I can't tell you how many conversations have been lost or how much miscommunication has ocurred as as a result of this sabotaging convenience . Try it email someone in gmail, and quickly send another email that corrects a mistake or left out crucial information. I have been on both the receiving and giving end of this catastrophe

And: We really need plain text e-mails!

Sending e-mails from webOS results in text-only clients in blank mails, as they are not multi-part e-mails!

And while we're at it: Monospaced fonts would be an awesome options as well ... :)

If anyone wants to see flawless implementation of threaded email, check out WindowsPhone.

I like the threading in Gmail's web view well enough, but I cannot stand Outlook Conversation View. I think the difference for me is that WindowsPhone puts the sender's name in bold (or larger) font, with the Topic (or Subject) below. Outlook is the reverse, which I can't stand.

The email app in WindowsPhone is really the only gem of the OS, in my opinion. I don't much care for the rest of the OS. Metro wastes a ton of screen real estate, and there is no universal notification center, to name just a couple issues. However, having to leave behind the email app awesomeness of WP is the only thing holding me back from using my Pre2 as my daily driver again.

I would love a threaded email client for WebOS.

Until then, I'll use the web browser to read my email at gmail.

I'd prefer checking all IMAP folders for new messages and alerting over threading. Because only INBOX is checked, I had to set up a secondary account to send all messages to for my phone and touchpad. Pretty much defeats the whole purpose of IMAP and server-side filtering.

I think the TP's email client is one of its greatest strengths. The developers did a great job with it!

I agree, the Android mail app is garbage and so is K-9. I really like the panes on the Touchpad WebOS app, it's very nicely done and works great on a tablet.

I hate threaded email as well that said the way Derek was describing it it would be nice.
All my emails are listed by date as they should be but if I highlight an email the thread shows in a knew pain to the right. That way if the threads get hosed as they always do I will not miss important emails. Maybe WebOS can be the first to do it right.

I would love thread mail. Would also be very cool if phone calls, texts and IMs would show up in the thread, though I think that would be hard to do.

i'd like to see the mail program support hotmail/ email without the use/requirement of using an exchange account. i dont know if that would be possible, but some of us use hotmail/outlook but dont have an exchange account :(