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webOS Worldwide Marketshare: Just a Blip on the Radar? 86

by Dieter Bohn Tue, 23 Feb 2010 2:55 pm EST


Gartner has released their latest numbers for smartphone marketshare worldwide and it paints a fairly grim picture for the current state of webOS. Worldwide, webOS accounted for only 0.7% of smartphone OS marketshare at the end of 2009. The good news is that Palm hadn't had much time in the European market at that point and also that the Verizon launch hadn't occurred yet, but nevertheless that's not exactly a confidence-inducing number.

2009 did see Android grow from a blip at 0.5% to a respectable 3.9% by end of year. Given Palm's current financial state, they better be hoping similar growth is in the cards for 2010.

via Engadget. Thanks to everybody who sent this in!



I am sorry for Palm. I have the impression that they have already lost the game. I hope to be proven wrong

Except for the balance sheet issue , I won't pay attention to these numbers. They need cash to survive couple of years. For a 1000 people company they can bounce back in a year or two. I am sure the numbers will show 5 million by end of this year.

This result is extremely positive for Palm's webOS:

1. Android Worldwide Sales in 12 months: 6,798,400
2. webOS Worldwide Sales in 7 months: 1,193,200

Based upon these numbers, Palm was selling 170,457 phones per month:

3. webOS Worldwide Projected 2009 Sales in 12 months: 2,045,488

How to understand the report:

4. Palm sold phones in less than 10 countries for a period of 7 months.
5. Palm sold phones only at Sprint in the US
6. Palm


One could argue that Android didn't really take off until the Droid, which immediately brought Android into the minds of millions of otherwise completely uninformed Americans. And though Verizon is stepping up the Palm advertising, it still doesn't touch how they market the Droid. And when you stop by a Verizon store/kiosk, you'll see a big display for Android phones and then the webOS models are kind of just sitting by themselves, with no signage. At least that's how it is around here.

And like the article said (or maybe it was something I read on Google Finance), Verizon employees don't seem to be pushing webOS devices the same way they push Android ones.

You are absolutely correct. Android got to a slow start and if Verizon had not carried the Droid, the numbers for Android would have looked dismal. Pushing a product aggressively can increase sales, and Verizon has yet to prove to the world that it is pushing webOS as prominently in its stores as it is in its advertising. But even with all of the displays of the Droid at Verizon stores, recent reports indicate that sales of the Droid at Verizon are slowing. Maybe it is because Verizon pushed the Droid as a device for the hardcore hacker or macho male

Verizon reps are talking people away from the Pre. Two of my co-workers went last night to a Verizon store (at the same time). They said needed a phone for corporate (Exchange email) use, non-blackberry (because the corp is ditching the expensive BES), non-Android (because Android still does not support Exchange policies natively as corp policy demands), and liked what they heard about the Pre. Verizon reps told them the UI was confusing, hardware has problems, and they were seeing a high return rate. Actually recommended these guys (with two seperate reps, mind you) wait for the Motorola Devour. They claimed that MotoBlur would support exchange policies (not natively like corp requires though). It was the same message from two different reps talking to two different co-workers in the same store. Sounds like a campaign to push Moto.


Palm is gradually building relationships with companies all over the globe.


Nobody's on Palm's side.

Wouldn't it be better for Android marketshare if Google just IGNORED webOS and didn't even put it on the spreadsheet? Yup.

Wouldn't it be better for Verizon's marketing paypack if they kept pushing Droid Does? Yup.

Wouldn't it be simpler for mainstream media to ignore webOS since they're getting revenue from Droid & iPhone ads?? Yup again.

It sounds like a conspiracy. But it's just capitalism.

YOU *CANNOT* SUCCEED IN A CAPITALIST ENVIRONMENT (especially with only 1,000 employees in your smartphone company) WITHOUT PARTNERSHIPS!!

Well... you can if you have word of mouth, but look at the attitude of one PreCentral editor that comes to mind. It's always: "THE SKY IS FALLING!" Always!

Through walkby observation, I've been impress how often I've seen Sprint stores mid-transaction for a Pre or pixi. After 5 visits to our local Verizon store, I've sadly yet to see any Palm action. About 1/3 BB's, 1/3 droid or somthing like it, and the balance a mishmash of other phones, smart or not.

Since when has Android become the benchmark, with just 4 % marketshare? Android currently looks like the place where second rate manufacturers go to die. Either way, your 12 month retro projection is bogus. Factually, Android sold about 5 million phones in the 2nd half of 2009, compared to 1 million Web OS phones (and figures too large to print for Nokia, RIM and Apple), which is very little any way you slice it.

Your explanations sound like excuses, but noone is waiting for Palm just because they came late to the party with WebOS, especially because they had more than 10 years to build out international logistics and brand recognition with their classic Palm OS devices.

Nevertheless, I think it's not just about marketshare for Palm. If they can break even selling 1 million units per quarter (as they used to in 2007 and 2008), we won't need to worry about their cash reserves for much longer, because they will start to make profits.

How do I put this nicely... if this is news to any of you reading or writing for PreCentral, you're a bunch of idiots. Seriously. Palm reported sales for January-December, and webOS shipments could be easily calculated. So the sales number isn't a surprise.

RIM, Apple, Nokia shipments are pretty transparent. You could have estimated this 2 months ago. I mean, you all understand that webOS was out for barely half the year, and spent much of that time being sold only on the #3 carrier in one country, right?

Pull yourselves together. This isn't bad news. It's barely even news. Try a little critical thinking before throwing yourself off the bridge next time. It's really disappointing to see PreCentral readers reacting with so little critical analysis to a press release.



Think of it this way, Sprint is beta. In 6 mos, the beta of the phone got that big of a reaction. These numbers will simply not be interesting until there's an unlocked GSM version out. If, at the end of 2010 the numbers are this anemic, that's useful information. For now, it's just not an interesting comparison. All the rest of those OS's had unlocked GSM phones available for all of 2009.

The fact that WebOS makes this list at all is impressive.

Unlocked, contract-free Pre's are already available in Europe (priced around 400

The real news, of course, is that Verizon sales aren't that great. Did you not read that there was a thought that Sprint was holding back Palm sales but now, on Verizon, sales are also disappointing? That's strike two for Palm. Next up - AT&T where Palm has to compete with the iPhone and some shiny new Motorola Androids. People are looking to see what will make the Pre and Pixi take off over the rest of 2010 among all this competition. Those market share figures did come out today, though, and are striking.

Verizon sales aren't great, possibly because they JUST started advertising it. "Mom" apparently wasn't interested.

Verizon Sales are great - 500,000 to 600,000 great for approximately the first month of Palm Pre Plus and Palm Pixi Plus sales; based upon early reports.

Source? First month sales will certainly include a lot of pent up demand, so second month would be a lot more meaningful for extrapolations.

Maybe it's because if you sent 5 people to a Sprint store to get a smartphone last year, 3 or 4 would come back with a Pre or Pixi. If you send five people to a Verizon store to get a smartphone, three will come back with a Droid, one will come back with a Blackberry, and only one will come back with a Pre.

Early reports indicate that Palm's smart phones are selling well at Verizon. But, Verizon's actual sales numbers have not been published yet - the Palm Pre Plus and Palm Pixi Plus phones were released at Verizon on January 25, 2010.

The Sprint sales number for 2009 does not include a tabulation of the Palm Pixi sales. People who want multitasking will not buy the iPhone. The Palm Pre has done extremely well at Sprint against all the other competing phones - and every indication shows that it was the top selling smartphone at Sprint in the second half of 2009.

I'm with you. I had these same feelings about Palm around the time the Droid came out. But they were kind of tempered when Palm released a webOS update, got some more apps, etc. Add to that 1.4 getting video, the PDK, Flash, and Verizon and AT&T phones, and I felt a lot better about them.

But after I saw all the Windows Phone 7 Series info, and now Palm's horrible stock performance and severely lacking market penetration, and I'm back on the feeling really down about Palm. And this feels a lot worse than my earlier fears.

Before, Palm had the iPhone (which was only on one carrier) and Android (which, for all its good, to me it still has a weird linux feel to it, which I don't want in a cell phone). Not to mention I think Android is is kind of in a weird place with their various iterations across various networks and manufacturers. But that was it. Blackberry doesn't seem to have any intentions of updating its OS to something the average user would want, and WinMo was just plain terrible. But now Microsoft is getting into the game in a big way (and bringing Zune HD interface, which is awesome) complete with amazing hardware specs and Zune and Xbox integration (two things I really want).

And Microsoft has the capital needed to really kick things out in high gear, whereas Palm is too small to tackle more than a few projects at once. So yeah, I'm worried for Palm. I'm also very interested in WinPho7 (especially if notifications and multitasking are any good, since these two things are, in my opinion, Palm's big standouts).

How I view Palm

Here's my thing: Palm needs to capture more than 1% market share. Because as sweet as the phone is, it doesn't have the immediately desired effect of an Apple product, and their sales don't touch the first iPhone at this stage. And the iPhone has exploded in popularity, which lets be honest, that probably ain't happening with Palm.

And it all boils down to apps. You can have the sweetest phone ever, but if it doesn't have the apps, you aren't going to get people interested. The app developers follow the customer, and if they don't pull in way more users, they aren't going to get the devs, and then it's the end of the line.

Personally, I think webOS appears to have a nice tablet possibility down the road, if only Palm had more cash, market share, and employees, they could maybe kick something like that out. With multitasking! And Flash!

But really all I want is for Palm to kick out something sweet this June, something that gets a full day of use between charges. Something that doesn't have questionable hardware issues. And something that has some good apps so I don't have to watch iPhone friends playing DoodleJump.

Palm has had one year (since they announced the Palm Pre at CES 2009) to plan their next great product. Hardware technologies have evolved significantly in the past year both in the areas of processor and display. When the Palm Pre was announced at CES in January 2009, it had the latest processor, the same that would eventually appear in the iPhone 3GS in mid 2009. When the Palm Pre Plus came out at Verizon, it had 512MB of memory. The iPhone 3GS only has 256MB of memory.

Now, between the introduction of the Palm Pre and its next major revision, Palm would have had over one year to evaluate the newest processor technologies for their next generation of smart phones. Palm is in this industry to compete and so it would make no sense to assume that they would introduce an innovative new product in January 2009, and then in June 2010, one and a half years later, they will introduce no significant advancement in their new product. This, I will say, is impossible!

I easily see a 12% worldwide market share for Palm!

I hear you, and I agree with your general point. If Palm can capture 0.7% of the worldwide smartphone market in 7 months, while it is in only 10% of the 180+ countries and selling at Sprint only in the United States, this is good news for Palm. If we look at this statistically (I know some data is missing like customer count), that equates to a 0.1% market share gain each month. So if Palm gains 0.1% market share per month, that comes to 1.2% worldwide market share for a full year, which is excellent considering they were selling the Palm Pre phones in only 10% of the worldwide market.


If Palm distributes its product in 180 countries (same as the market reach of the iPhone), its smartphone worldwide market share (for webOS phones like the Palm Pre and Palm Pixi) will likely be 12%.

How long do you think it would take a small company like Palm to build up carrier relations in 180 countries? I'd guess 5 to 10 years. This will not happen overnight, if it can be done at all. And sales will be 5 times smaller than in the US, where Palm is a known brand.

People keep talking as if Palm was the plucky start-up, but this is a company that used to have a $100 billion market cap and publicly challenged Microsoft for the computing crown some 10 years ago. Those 0.7 % in 2009 are not market share they've gained but marketshare they've managed to retain from classic Palm OS (which reached 1.8 % in 2008 and 1.4 % in 2007, according to Gartner):

I really hope you don't count on microsoft to do anything but slack in quality. Microsofts internal moto is"how can we get this on the shelf" instead of "is this ready for the public". Great examples are: windows ME, Vista, xbox360. Only reason they are getting away with it is they are a household name.

But Microsoft also has a tendency to to really step it up when they are behind. Sure the Xbox 360 had some issues when it came out. But they've pretty much resolved that now (not to mention it has a pretty solid warranty). Windows Vista was mostly terrible, but then they realize this and step it up with Windows 7. And lets not forget the Zune HD.

It sucks that it takes Microsoft falling behind (and kind of screwing over their customers) for them to bring a nice product to market. But they CAN do it. And I only said that I was interested.

We'll (Palm) see a significant jump in numbers once webOS 1.4 hits the scene as well as the expansion into the AT&T and Tmobile networks. Hopefully those two carriers will promote the phones heavily just before release. Oh...and also if they don't have stupid sales people dooping the Pre >=/

I think the problem is that Palm doesn't have the marketing power of Apple, Google and Microsoft. Palm has the best Mobile OS (at least till Windows Phone 7 comes) and it hasn't seen any benefits from it. It is really a bit sad.
Maybe the problem lies on the devices. If I were Palm I would try to bring more devices out, or even license WebOS to other manufactures like HTC.

By the time Windows Phone 7 actually ships, it will be hard for it to catch Palm WebOS in quality and features. Holiday Season 2010 is a LONG way off.

Thinker should show Gartner the evidence. Now that VZ has had webOS phones flying out the door for three+ weeks, perhaps they can Goldberg can make things right.

Why is this an issue? webOS had more penetration in first 6 months than Android did for it's first 12 months.

It is an issue because Palm doesn't have the cash to support WebOS. Google didn't have that problem

+1 Bingo, this why webOS will likely fail despite potentially being the best O/S. Win7 can suck, but $MS can keep it alive like the Zune. Palm needs a parent or partner to bring cash and take care of hardware and marketing so the Palm tallent can focus on software.

Not true!

Palm had $590 million cash at the end of 2009. They are investing heavily in Research and Development (R&D) heavily. They expect to be profitable next quarter, starting next month (March 2010). It is likely that they are already profitable this quarter, which ends February 28, 2010.

You guys are just offering opinions based upon guesswork. You should take some time to read Palm's SEC filings (i.e. its quarterly report).

Good point. Plus this report is with Sprint providing the bulk of sales for only 7 months. Verizon is not even included in the report. And Palm is in fewer than 10 countries out of a total of 180 countries.

WebOS marketshare of 0.7 would have to be rounded up in order to be a blip. Palm is neck-and-neck with whatever combined smartphone OS's are not Symbian, RIM, iPhone, WinMob, Linux or Android.

So sad, especially when webos and the pre are amazing at handling anything from personal use to business related stuff. To think I have used, supported and owned WM, RIM, palmOS, webOS, etc and the one that consistently feels and works the best is webos. I really hope everyone gets off their you know what and starts promoting this phone so it sits where it should in the market. I would like to think its just the fact that its the newest smartphone OS on the list, but I fear its the lack of advertising and people's take on the phone. The sales rep that sold me mine shook his head when I bought mine saying should stick with WM or get a 'droid phone. If this is how the phone is being marketed/pushed in the stores plus a lack of ad's makes me upset and feel negative towards the future.

As of now Im glad to be back with palm and they hit the nail on the head with webos. I just didnt feel right with other phones.

this is reedick!!!! Shaked his head! I keep hearing stories (here & from friends) about this and it's saddening to hear sales people dis a great phone with such distain. Yes all phones have their good/bad qualities but to (in this case) flat out shake his head like your making the biggest mistake ever & assuming your retarded for doing so is just...lol I dunno, mean to say the least. We precentral alumni should take part time jobs @ sprnt&vrw & spread the word lol

At any rate, if that happen to me I'd slap-a-foo! "give me my palm!" had more to say but..meh...who wants to hear that much from me! So there my 0.02

I actually got that from a VZW rep when picking up my Pre, too. He spoke about how the Pre was a promising phone with a lot of problems and a lack of support that, were it up to him, he'd point more folks towards the Droid.

it's been less than a year! Everybody needs to breathe...Verizon wouldn't even be included in these #s...09?? Didn't the pre plus just get released this past month??

I agree, this isn't so bad considering that it can be interpreted as nearly 1.2 million units at the end of 2009.

I honestly thought it would be lower! :) With the device opening up to more carriers, and if they keep the updates rolling out, I think there is still potential.

1.2M sounds great, until you realize that that is apparently equal to opening day sales for a new iPhone, or the first week of sales on the Droid (which sold 700k units the first weekend alone). :(

Funny, all it takes is something like this to bring all of the "chicken littles" out crying "the sky is falling". Palm's new OS and platform was not released untill the second half of 09.

The issue is how long can Palm hold out? Money doesnt grow on trees.

The real issue is that most people do not understand the report:

1. They do not realize that the 0.7% is from mostly one carrier only - Sprint!

2. They do not understand that the report was for smart phones shipped during the entire year (Jan to Dec 2009), but that webOS was available for only 7 months - since June 6, 2009.

3. They are not aware the Palm was in fewer than 10 countries worldwide, and that the report was for more than 180 countries.

Note: The report includes China with over 1 billion people. It includes India with about 1 billion people. Palm is not in any of these countries.

If Android grew from a blip at 0.5% in 2008 to 3.9% by end of 2009 Palm could grow from 0.7% to at least 3-4% by end of 2010.
The problem is that the Palm Pre in 2009 was sold almost only in the USA (Canada only half and Europe too late in 2009) and only with the 8 GB version with paid apps only available in USA!

16 GB Pre, more countries and paid apps also outside USA will boost sales a lot in 2010.

"...half of Europe"

Not even close, with only Ireland, United Kingdom, Germany and Spain it's 25% max and they are totally (in all aspects) ignoring the rest.

I wrote "Canada only half" so half was referring to Canada because canadian Bell operator in not available in all canadian provinces.

In 2008, Android was only sold on T-Mobile US for just 6 weeks or so... If you extrapolate that to 52 weeks and worldwide release (which seems to be the fashion on this thread), Android did not grow their market share in 2009 at all. In fact, it should have reached 50 % in 2009?! Don't think this is going anywhere. Realistically, Palm should aim to reach the ~1.5 % they used to have before Palm OS went downhill.

Great news day for Palm. Glad I bought this OS.

So, let me get this straight. If someone from 50 years in the future dropped in and gave you one of their phones, which was interoperable with all of today's frequencies, but got 10G speeds, had 1 year battery life on a 5 minute charge, could be kept in your wallet, and operated via 3d holographic display that popped up anytime you *thought* of using it, and could direct phone calls to your brain telepathically, allowing you to think instead of speak, that you'd dislike it because it didn't have very good market share?

I really don't care how big the market share is. ALL that I care about is whether or not the phone meets my needs. I have my complaints about WebOS, but market share does not concern me.

Unless, of course, you want to use apps. Do you think that big companies write apps for a platform because they get a couple of hundred emails? They look at marketshare and then decide where to put their resources.

While there may not be a direct correlation between the number of apps available for an OS and the market penetration, I think that the size of the App Catalog will have an impact on webOS for a while. I believe that as the catalog grows and the quality of the apps improve, there will be wider adoption of the Pre and Pixie. Also, the Droid and iPhone may look pretty, but when someone experiences real multitasking on a smart phone using the Pre, they'll be hooked. I am pleased that Palm have stopped marketing this just to moms and that business guys will see what a great phone this is.

Palm needs to set up a site with an emulator of webos, with a few good apps so people can tinker with the interface and see how cleanly it runs. You can only experience so much in a 3 minute sampling with the phone bolted to a pedistool.

How about a commercial that actually shows multitasking? I'm picturing something Apple-esque where the guy goes 'and what if you want to run multiple apps' and then he swipes up, swipes up again to open launcher, selects an app, then goes to that.

Not something where it is shown but kind of in the background (like they do in the latest Verizon commercials). And in a month or so, they can demonstrate Flash.

They've got the tools, but to me they just don't really show them off to the people who might be influenced. Phone nerds know about the Pre, but most of America doesn't. And showing yet another smartphone without really really accentuating the big positives it has over something like the iPhone just isn't getting it. But if their commercials actually called out the iPhone on the big things that people have a complaint about, like multitasking, Flash, notifications, etc, I think they might get some more market share.

Either that or they could show commercials of moms or weird girls.

It sounds like everyone here needs to buy PALM right now at $8.35 per share and lots of it. It sounds like an easy way to double your money this year. It's Fall 2008 all over again!

I can only see this as good news. As said before, this represents more penetration than Android in half the time.

The issue is Google has billions while Palm has millions in the bank.

Does not. Where do people get that idea? Android is just 6 months older than Web OS.

Build Quality (TM)

@palmparcha (Troll)

I hope it will launch all over Europe soon. With 1.4 it seems like a ready and competitive product.

I think getting on Verizon in the US will help their sales, I sell phones and I can tell you that a significant number of people I talk to won't consider Sprint because of past customer service experiences. It's a pity because they do offer a great value. I also think they've had some confusing marketing. People come in and either ask for "the Google phone" or recognize Android. A smaller number know about WebOS. I hope this will change with more carriers advertising it.

It isn't just about more mobile networks carrying the phone, they need to license the OS so that hardware manufacturers can produce lots of webOS phones across a number of networks and different price bands.

Palm is not Apple, they need to take the Google route and have one flagship phone (Pre = Nexus One) and then license the OS to many other hardware makers.

didn't rubinstein say that they'd be happy with 5% of marketshare? or was that 10%

I agree with mu7efcer, while i'd like for palm to succeed, i have no investment in them as a company. I enjoy the device and it fits my needs, and (selfishly) that's all i'm concerned about.

does anyone know the quality of the games on android? or if they have lexi-comp and epocrates?

why does precentral constantly post how bad webOS/Palm is doing... all of us fans know that its been a rough road for them. Do you have to constantly keep reminding me of how terrible my favorite phone company is doing. I love this phone, I love WebOS...if your trying to get precentral users to get rid of they palm phone and get something else... your doing a great job.

News is news, good or bad, and Precentral reports Pre/Pixi news, and unfortunately the news isn't always good.

They did report that the touchstone won editor's choice on Engadget, there's some good news!

I think this site has to stay neutral. Wheter there are good or bad news. Even if it hurts. Don't worry. Guess Palm's luck is that they build up a huge commuity. I once said good by to palm but I won't do it again because web OS rocks my world ;)!! I mean with phones only sold in america still has a share of 0,7 that is somehow good news.

Hey now, don't go yelling at PreCentral! I'm about as big a fan of Palm as they come, but I appreciate PreCentral treating us like intelligent grown-ups instead of clueless fanboys, and giving us real unvarnished news. I am also not a chicken little, and will wait to see what really happens before crying over the fate of Palm. And my enjoyment of my Pre has been immensely enhanced by the great work PreCentral does every single day, so lay off!

Agree 100%. PreCentral (& Homebrew) is one of the best reasons to own the Pre. I'm not sure if Palm will survive the market, but I'm going to enjoy the device & OS while we have it. I do think Palm will need a new device this year to increase interest in the product (webOS).

Amen to that! I sincerely hope Palm has some nice new hardware up their sleeves for release in 2010 (which will of course trigger a flood of cry-baby "Palm won't let me upgrade my first generation Pre for free!" responses.)

Censorship is the key to success? PC reports news. If you only want warm and fuzzy stories: www.palm.com

Actually, yes.

Censorship happens all the time in America. You just don't know it because it was censored!!

When was the last time you heard the number of Iraqi deaths?!? Hmm..?? People outside the U.S. hear it all the time. But we haven't gotten a report on Iraqi deaths in, oh, say, TWO YEARS! It'd be depressing to hear that your country's military has murdered a million+ people... so your leaders just don't tell you.

And take Monsanto's recombinant growth hormone ordeal, where Fox News management didn't want to post a negative story on Monsanto BECAUSE Monsanto was paying Fox for advertisement blocks!!!


Seriously... I have seen so many WSJ articles (among *several* other publications) that don't even mention webOS. Readers of WSJ believe that their only options are iPhoneOS, Android, and BBOS!! Let's see... WSJ gets advertisement from Apple, BB, & Verizon for Droid. Go figure.

Google does the same thing to webOS by totally ignoring it on the Buzz spreadsheet. Don't even set it up as an option, and everybody who's reading the buzz about Buzz WON'T EVEN CONSIDER WEBOS AS AN OPTION, EXCEPT FOR THE HARDCORE FOLKS HERE.

At least the hardcore folks here *should* have a place to come to and rejoice at the wonders of webOS and Palm, but even that isn't the case. We get meaningless stock updates. Marketshare is one thing, because it's at least grounded in SOMETHING, even tho not the WHOLE Truth. But stock prices *are* MEANINGLESS; they're based on hearsay of people who are gaming the system....

Not exactly censorship for PreCentral to ignore meaningless statistics like stock price!! It's just weeding out legit, technical information from the bull crap.

Anyone notice that Palm has more market share than all the "other OSs" combined? And in only half a year on one US carrier. This is quite impressive. Give it another year and release on all 4 US carriers and hopefully new hardware and perhaps webOS 2.0. Palm is climbing up a tall hill. It's a tough climb but Palm is putting it in a lower gear and doing its best to get up the damn thing without falling backward. I, for one, think they'll make it.

Yeah. I wish I could name some of those "other OS"'s. I guess Palm OS would be a big one there. WebOS is neck-and-neck with Palm OS.

The marketshare numbers are not the worst news. That prize goes to the fact the Webos 1.4 has been announced and no one cares. Just wait till iPhone 4.0 hits the shelves. If Palm doesn't have anything more than a point one update to put against everyone else's major releases, these numbers will be remembered as the good times.

Well I've gone ahead and decided to stick with Palm till the end. I think they will have a new phone come out on Sprint this Summer. Hopefully 4G and a lot more bells and whistles.

It is also rather unfair to compare it to Android which has so many different "flavors" on so many different carriers that most people don't even know that they are buying an Android product.

And Iphone is just an over hyped fad that everybody "must" have. Out of all of my friends all of them and I mean all of them have Iphones. I refuse to get one.

And I should also mention that here in GA. I have started to see Pre's everywhere. A device is selling well if I can walk out the door and bump into someone with one. And that has happened 4 times in the last month.

So chin up folks. Palm will be just fine. Now excuse me while I go buy myself some stock! LOL!

LOL, that's the spirit. Ask for the Palm/Sprint value combo, available at finer brokers everywhere.

alright I have walked into Sprint stores and seen employees there actually steer customers away from the Pre and Pixi and over to the newest android device, which in turn blew my mind. So being a douche I calmly walked over there and over heard the employee say bad things a out the pre. I chimed in, and found out 2 things. First off this guy didn't know what WebOs was capable of.. When I started flipping through multiple screens and had 3 web browesers running while showing off some tweaks and answering emails and texts rolling in.. He changed his view stating he didn't know that device could work horse that hard as a power user device and changed his view on the pre really quick...

However I found out problem number 2 why these employees were steering people away from the Pre.. Incentives.. The HTC Hero had just came out and guess what? Yup! There were bonuses for the employees that would sell a HTC Hero! I have worked retail and I know there's sometimes bonuses attached to big ticket items.... Sucks that employees at Sprint and Verizon don't want to learn WebOs and incentives out there to push android phones.

well what I see is android got a .5% for 2008 on more than one carrier and webOS got a .7% for 2009 even if it was for 7mos and almost double the units. Palm is putting alot of thought and effort into this platform to make it solid, just like apple does to microsoft all the time. Shoot didn't it take apple 4 hareware revision to do video recording? I look for quality in a product, not bling and fads and I hope you do too. Palm is doing great and I will stick with them either way.

> well what I see is android got a .5% for 2008 on more than one carrier

Nope, just one phone on one carrier in one country, T-Mobile USA, which is smaller than Sprint.

>didn't it take apple 4 hareware revision to do video recording?

It was in their 3rd version, so 2 hardware revisions.

Good news:
These are worldwide figures, but Palm don't sell in most countries in Europe, for example.

Bad news:
Palm STILL don't sell in most countries, including most of Europe !

ha, ha, ha... very funny :)

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