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by moimael Thu, 22 Mar 2012 6:19 am EDT
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Maël Lavault
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A simple open source map viewer based on OpenStreetMap and OpenAerials, aimed to be fast and simple.
It's quite basic for now, but a lot more features are planned like :
- Layers support (road, bicycle, foot)
- Better search
- Better UI (possibility to save favorites, remember old queries, multiple results, ...)
For Touchpad only.
Changelog 1.2.1 :
- Bluetooth GPS support (tested with prego), it currently require the gps device to have gps in its name.
- Basic route instruction
- Start and End markers added
- Route can be cleared
- Some bug fixed
- Refactored a lot of code
- Updated leaflet
I'm working on offline map now, and i'm quite close to be able to work with .mbtiles (check tilemill on google)

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Doesn't work with the Pre2?

It says in the description that it's for TouchPad only.

This app looks great, but would you please consider giving it a more descriptive name, with the word "map" in it somewhere? Maybe OpenMaps? Thanks.

Changing the name would be quite difficult, particulary for the app catalog. There are more important tings to do for now i guess (adding features), but i keep this in mind.

I like the zooming effect, but the moving could be more smooth.

Grate app anyway.

I agree with the need to change the name. I stumbled across this just by doing a search for all apps in Preware. Had it shown up earlier when doing a search for map/navigation apps, I (and probably many other users) wouldn't have paid for a different app.

UPDATE: So I installed it today and am playing around a bit. I'm using a HOLUX GPSlim236 and it sees and connects to it just fine and right off the bat I'm very impressed with the speed and graphics. However within 5 seconds the screen flashes and clears the graphics. I'm left with just a white screen and an icon saying "You are here". The screen then continues to flash roughly every 5 seconds. If I click the icon to find and center me on the screen, the map comes back, but then 5 seconds later it's gone. This happens whether I have it set to roads or satellite. Has anyone else experienced this?

I will probably make some big update to the app in january, because i will port it to firefoxOS so i will take the opportunity to make overall improvements. It seems that 1.2.2 raises some issues for some users, i'll investigate it. For the update problem in app catalog, neither i nor hp know where it come from...