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Welcome to Hell - zombie shooter coming to webOS [video] 28

by Derek Kessler Sat, 04 Sep 2010 11:39 am EDT

Welcome to Hell

Looking for a 3D zombie shooter for your Pre? Good news, there’s one coming. DVide Arts is bringing their popular Welcome to Hell zombie shoot-em-up from the iPhone to webOS using the magic of the PDK. DVide previously released the Crusade of Destiny RPG into the App Catalog, where it has proven to be a hit among users. Are you ready for blood and gore on a scale you haven’t seen on your phone before? Good, because we’ve got it in a video for you after the break.

Source: DVide Arts on Twitter; Via: Lisa Brewster on Twitter


Hah awesome! I'm down for some zombie killage.


lookin forward to it!

nice reminds me of nazi zombies from COD WAW

They have Nazi Zombies for iPod/iPhone... We should start emaling the right people to get THAT ported too!

Now we need is plants vs Zombie

That would be nice.

True that.

Uhm sorry guys, but I already wondered how Lisa was so 'excited' about this.
Has nobody seen rage on the iPhone 4? Or this trailer by Epic?

While I welcome any serious app (I don't count farts or wallpapers or cheap pieces of junk like that (ok, maybe people invested real time of theirs. The apps still suck imho)), making such a headline out of this.. zombie game, I don't know, it's somewhat..... well... pathetic.

Hey, Music Player Remix 2.0 Beta is out! That's the real deal =)

Regards, V

Agreed...after seeing those Rage and Unreal demos, I have to say these initial batch of PDK games are good, but nowhere near the caliber of gaming on the iPhone. I love my Pre, and plan on sticking with Palm well into the future, but I would love to see next generation's gaming goodness on WebOS 2.0 hit a better level of quality, both graphically and gameplay-wise.

I agree, i urge pre users to contact epic games and get them to port epic citadel over to webos, cuz i wanna see my pre taken to its limit!

btw, game looks like it could be fun, anyone try the iphone app?

What the crap? More 1.4.5 games I can't play? Oh, now ain't that just lovely. Thanks for making me regret selling my iTouch, PDK developers and Verizon.

In reality, it's Verizon's fault we can't even get these awesome new games on our Pre Pluses.

While Crusade looks fun,the few reviews for it tell me it's far from a hit. I look forward to seeing more of this game though.

@ltjSpin Music Player Remix 2.0 Beta? Where?

http://goo.gl/yrXq ! Have fun =)

(Keep the old player for now, as you couldn't reinstall, it's gone. Put it on some laucher page war away. )

lol it looks like he's grabbing his stuff.

and type in 'music player remix 2.0' on precentral downoad it and then install it via webos quick install. I did it yesterday, its amazing!

....or you can grab it from the forums, and load up Internalz, click the little Palm Logo icon in front of the ipk filename and it will install on the phone from the phone. So cool.

Well this is awesome haha I love zombies cuz of resident evil.. This will do.

a must have.

I have this game on my EVO its not anything to get excited about not bad not good either . wouldn't pay more then .99 for it

I need Webos 1.4.5 without it, I feel like I'm eating peanut butter jelly sandwich without the bread. Or like brushing teeth without the paste. I kind of don't want to hear the awesomeness of 1.4.5 until I actually get it.

back to wosqi.. I swear preware has spoiled me..lol

Next up: Steam Mobile and L4D lite.

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What do you mean, "Welcome to Hell"?

I already run Windows.

Models and environments both look sub-par compared to other 3-D titles on the Pre. Come on, Gameloft, bring on Zombie Infection for WebOS. We know it'll only take a few days to port. Now, THERE's a mobile zombie game!

is it for palm pixi webos 1.4.5?