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Welcome to webOS Nation 2.0! 71

by Derek Kessler Fri, 10 Feb 2012 8:08 am EST

webOS Nation

It hasn't been that long since we kicked off our name change, and as promised, 2012 is bringing more than just a new name to the site. Last night our extraordinary team pulled off a combination site redesign and back-end overhaul. The goal of the redesign is simple: give webOS Nation a clean and modern look that is both easy on the eyes and the browser. For the most part things haven't changed from the user perspective, though you should be able to access our much more functional mobile site with webOS devices now. Also, commenting now works across the full range of webOS devices - huzzah!

As always with a redesign like this there are bound to be some hiccups or tweaks to be made. If you notice anything off kilter, please sound off in the comments. Or just drop us a note about how awesome this all is, that's cool too.

Enjoy the new site!



Straight up sexy. Me likey. A fresh reboot for webOS 2012. Nice work! Happy Friday.

definitely diff'rent. The serif'd font is going to take some getting used to.

I've noticed since the site update, Precentral feeds haven't been working in Preware. Does one have anything to due with the other? Beside this the new look is great!

Yes, that is the cause.
-- Rod

Nice and clean, I like it.

A couple of things, when on the forums page and you click webOSNation logo, it used to take you to the home page, or articles. Now it stays in the forums. Also, the "Welcome [username]" in the top orange bar is different text across the forum and article page.

Otherwise, it's fresh, but I'm still digging the old blue.

yes, even the precentral home link (should be renamed) in the mobile forum side takes you to the forums.

also, I logged in on the blog page and went to the forum and was not logged in. You should share the wordpress vbuletin cookie. Otherwise nice wordpress update.

glad to see commenting is working.

hey now I can comment on my pre3, looks nice.

Looks nice, I kind of miss the old blue, but I'm sure that I'll get used to it.

Also, is it just me, or have you lost the ability to "thumb up" comments?

I'm on a TouchPad & I don't see any way to rate comments anymore. That's not good.

I would 'thumb up' this commend but I can't. :-/

So a '+1' will have to do: +1!

I used to use the forum option to view new postings from all the forums, but can't find that option now so I need to go catagory by catagory to check for new postings. Is this feature there somewhere?

Not sure if it's just a temporary thing, but when I click on the "webOS" quick pull down menu, I get this message under Lastest Articles:

"Unable to open RSS Feed http://www.webosnation.com/rss.xml, exiting"

Like it. Comments works now on my N810

Might wanna fix the typo in "Community" on the home page. :-)

Also, I know the orange rectangular icon on the right-hand side of the top bar on the home page (which was introduced on the earlier iteration of WebOSNation) is supposed to look like a smartphone-ish thing, but whenever I look at it, it reminds me of a low-battery icon, which is not fun to see for any Pre user!

Good catch on the typo. Yeah, that orange icon always reminded me of low-battery too. I'm afraid to click it.

Nice and clean. I like the look.

oh and have you implemented some socialshareprivacy feature via overlay, so that not every acces to a webpage automatically connects to facebook, google...

But it seems not to be like this one
with 2 clicks as it seems to load on mouse over, but better than connecting directly everytime onload.

Love the new look, very fresh and modern. Loads fast too. However, I keep seeing "Welcome...TreoCentral..." That's super retro. Also it looks like the RSS feeds have changed as I did not see this article on my Pulse News Reader. That said, I love the cleanness of the site, it seems to load much faster now.

Is the new design IE6 compliant? :D

I love the new look. It is clean, crisp which makes it much easier to read and look at. Keep up the good work you guys do.

red stripes killing my eyes =(

Agreed. New look is nice, clean and fresh...except for that orangish/redish bar.

I hereby coin the color used in the bar - "Tic Tac orange" ;-) Now I want one myself, they're yummy...

Mine diyng with yours.

Updated - logging in sets the bar to gray. :D

Not a big fan.
It is nice that it looks clean but everything is too white and plain. :(
I do like the orange accents and new font though.

Nice clean look, and the desktop view works on my Galaxy S II!

One thing the forums really could use are larger buttons that can be more easily used with touchscreen devices. The buttons used to jump to the new posts on a given thread are pretty small. So is the link to "Today's Posts"

Shocking, I thought I accidentally clicked on imore.com. It's good though, unify the whole Mobile nations.

Any news on if the Pre 3 will be on Sprint?

Is it just me, or does this layout add more emphasis on the ads? Sadly it was the first thing I noticed. (I guess it might be a good thing, for webosnation but not for the readers)

The site's not so busy, so ads do stand out a bit more. Nothing's changed with regards to their emphasis, placement, or size.

I like the new look of the mobile page. ...and not having to go to the full site to log in is a real time saver. Kudos.

I like it a lot! Noticed the change last night and tried to login via TouchPad to be one of the first to congratulate your makeover - but it would kick me out. It works fine now on the TP but I notice there are no background images behind the stat "numbers" below an article summary (saying how many comments, likes - I think, since I can't tell exactly what they stand for). UPDATE: FIXED NOW! Works fine...

Oh, and I know this isn't your responsibility but I think you should know since it links to your site, but the webOS News app still has you listed as Precentral and it no longer loads precentral or webosnation and just gives a blank white page. That app is so screwed up now anyhow since the 3.0.5 update. Maybe try and get in touch with them to fix it. I've emailed them previously but I get no replies or feedback. I think they abandoned it to be honest.
It was just handy to get all my webOS fix in one place. You're listed first so naturally I come here via that app frequently - until today that is (since it's broken). Old school bookmarks here I come...

But yes, the site is excellent, fresh and easy to use on the TouchPad. LOVE IT! Good show everyone!

The icons for each forum no longer indicate when the forum has new posts.

Great. It looks nice, fresh and simple.

There are a few things to look at:

a) Red Top Bar
This is a bit hard on the eyes (like somebody else already mentioned.)

b) Fonts ...
...look great on Pre3
...titel is too big on the PC

c) Preware has problems
(as also mentioned by some others.)

Else, keep the good things up.
Great to see this new look.

Thanks for your great work.

Realistically, what is the point? Do you think there will ever be new WebOS hardware? My old Pre was a great phone for over 2 years but I had to upgrade and went with an EVO. I liked my Pre better but had to change. Maybe ICS will remind me of WebOS. I'll check this site from time to time but eventually there won't be many devices running WebOS. My son-in-law bought a Touchpad off ebay and has it running ICS. May do the same with mine.

Actually, people here are waiting for new hardware. I used to be that webOS hardware would be announced and we would spend months waiting for it. Then we started waiting for hardware even though it hadn't been announced yet and waited months for it. Now we wait for hardware that not only hasn't been announced but is unknown as to who would announce it or may never be announced and will wait years for it. We have people here waiting for a Sprint phone even though they haven't launched a webOS phone since 2009. This site should be renamed "waitOS Nation"

now i understand all these changes ,well i dont know about other aspects but i think the site loads faster now, comments also looking neat & clean , commenting also seems easy

i feel like im on the verge....nothing wrong w/ that, but differentiation i guess...also i do miss the blue...and im assuming the red-orange bar is the color from the webos nation logo...maybe you can switch it to the blue instead...or possibly have it alternate or something.

What tha..?! I thought we had agreed on a theme incorporating Unicorns, Bratz Dolls and Twilight: Breaking Dawn?!

Betrayal, thy name is Kessler!!

Nice and clean. It also loads much faster.

Hovering on the sections at the top (Forums, Reviews...) does not reveal submenus.

Very cool...thx webOS.

It's so different it almost looks like the templets from your other sites...... You know whats different? The verge. I like that website design.

One minor nit. On slightly longer'ish stories on the front page, once I have scrolled to the bottom I then have to scroll back up to get to the link to comments. Would really prefer to see it at the end of the story if not both places.

+1 for both places

The new site looks good.

Maybe others have already noted this...When I go to the forums, there is a column of stray words going down the middle of the left half of the page. The words are: Articles, Accessory, Store, Tips, Apps, Themes, and About.

They appear superimposed over the text and graphics which are SUPPOSED to be there.

Looks like a problem with the formatting of the page...?

I'm using a Dell computer with a very wide screen...if that may make any difference.

I get the same problem with IE8. The Articles, Accessory, Store, Tips, Apps, Themes, About menu bar does not load properly. The Forum page wotks fine on Chrome, Safari and Firefox.

I think you have your answer: time to drop IE8 :)

The floating column also appears in IE9.

Not everyone's off of Windows XP yet. And I'm willing to accept that certain people don't use Firefox or Chrome on purpose.

It problem seems to be fixed this AM. No need to drop the most popular web browser. Thanks webOS Nation!

AAAAHHH!!! What happened?

I need some time to get used to this.. I like it :)

Page loading times have also been greatly decreased, I love it.

I like the new look, very clean. The main thing I don't like is the lack of submenus (although that's better for the TP), it makes it hard to navigate. The ad in the header also looks much bigger compared to the logo, could it be moved to the sidebar? The last thing is the background, a bit too plain, maybe a white recolour of the default webOS backgrounds (from Pre3, TP, Veer).

Now, can we also have an official webOS Nation app? :)

I can't see the webos nation homebrew feeds in preware.

Ugly red/orange but besides that really nice.

Clean, Nice - looks real good on my Pre 2...!

Why is it Orange? I find Orange ugly personally. It's also a bit bright for my tastes.

The logo for Open webos is blue and white: that chevron thing. The colors of the site should be blue and white too. Apple stuff is white so imore has a white tinge, wpcentral has a metro look, blackberries are ugly so crackberry is ugly, lol. Sorry. Not really. Open webos is blue and white and you guys pick orange? I don't get it.

Orange is the color of Palm.

Blue and white are the colors of Enyo - Open webOS hasn't been granted a color scheme or branding design yet.

Can you put a width limit on the image rendering on the mobile view? The wide images make the whole mobile view shrink, so you have to zoom to get the text to be full screen width. Tx.

Constructive comments- not meant to bum you out...

Would prefer more font choices/sizes for PC use. Liked old style. Will take some getting used to. I've been a member a lot longer that 3 weeks, 2 days. Where's my history?

Appreciate your efforts, though!

I like it.

I am missing the drop down under forum that had the option of going to latest posts. :(

Great job guys. Looks clean, and professional. Keep up the good work.

Well, with ad-blocker activated the redesign is verry nice (clean, straght). If not, it's hard to distinguish between ads and content, which spoils significantly the good layout of the new design. Regardless of all that, the webOS Nation logo is way too small.

Digging the Rockwell-esque fonts and layout...

Critique: the flat coloring and background reminds me of WordPress blogs (good, bad, you decide). The Verge went a similar route, but differentiated their look with typography and gradient-based imagery. You have half of that already done.

Site logo looks smallish to me. Could be bigger, or at least match the height of the ad banner.

Lots of changes on the comments areas, all of them positive. :D Much needed.

When I pull up my webOS news app on my TP it is blank (whit screen) under the PreCentral tab. I had to log into webOS Nation via my PC to post this and find out what mighta happened. Any suggestions / help? Thanks.

Someone obviously spends way too much time on The Verge. The new layout is very unoriginal.