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Welcome to webOS, Verizon Users! 112

by Dieter Bohn Mon, 25 Jan 2010 1:57 pm EST

New Palm Pre Plus and Palm Pixi Plus users: Congrats and welcome! You're about to embark on a journey of awesomeness, there are a TON of great features on your new phone, so many that it can be a lot to take in. We thought it might be nice to help you find some of the best stuff and learn about the best features of your new device. We also figured that since PreCentral.net has gotten fairly large, it might be helpful to show you some of the stuff you can find and learn here.

Read on to find out what you need to know about your new phone! (If you're still on the fence, our Palm Pre Plus Review and Palm Pixi Plus Review are a great place to start researching)

webOS: What's all this, then?

webOS is an innovative new operating system for phones that excels at a few different things: pulling in all your personal information from multiple sources, using multiple applications at the same time, getting notified without getting interrupted, and searching both your phone and the internet quickly and easily.

If you're new, a good place to start is here: Everything you need to know about the Palm Pre Plus and Palm Pixi Plus in 10 minutes.

Synergy: First up, you're going to want to set up your accounts. webOS has a feature called Synergy which means you can automatically get your contacts, calendar, and email from several different places. All of this information gets pulled into your phone and manages to do so without messing up your data. Synergy works with:

  • Google and Gmail
  • Exchange
  • Yahoo
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn

You can learn more in our Synergy Overview.

Multitasking: with webOS, you can open multiple applications at the same time, switching between them easily by going into 'card view.' Trust us, it's really cool to be able to quickly pause a game, answer an email, then jumping right back to where you left off. Heck, you can even run as many as 50 apps at the same time, if you're hardcore.

Learn more about Multitasking on webOS in our Multitasking Overview

Notifications: when you get a new text message, a new email, or a new whatever in webOS, the notifications happen at the bottom of the screen, where you can act on them or ignore them and keep on doing what you're doing.  While you're at it, you should know that webOS can handle both SMS, MMS, and even Instant Messaging all in the same application and it's easy to switch between them, learn more here.

Search: One of our favorite mantras in webOS is "Just start typing." If you do that in Card view or with nothing open, your phone will automatically start searching your applications and contacts. On top of that, if you're inside your email or messaging application, "Just start typing" to search within those applications, too.  Learn more here.

Games and Apps: Don't forget to check out the Palm App Catalog, where you can download apps, games, and generally get the sort of stuff for your phone to make it personal. Even better, because webOS does real multitasking, even streaming music apps like Pandora can work in the background, playing your music while you use VZ Navigator to find your way.

webOS: What's Next?

You may have heard that the Palm Pre Plus and Palm Pixi Plus has some cool stuff on the way: it's true! Palm has done an excellent job providing over-the-air updates for their devices. These updates automatically appear when they're available and update your phone without requiring you to plug into a computer.

The next big update we are expecting is webOS 1.4. Here is what should come in February on your new phone:

  • Video recording and video editing
  • Pre Plus and Palm Pre Only: Flash compatibility for watching online videos
  • Speed and battery improvements

Unfortunately, we don't know if or when Flash will become available for the Palm Pixi Plus, but we are expecting it fairly soon for the Palm Pre and Palm Pre Plus.

What's this I've heard about Homebrew?

"Homebrew" is what we lovingly call apps that are not available in the official app catalog. These apps can do things that official apps may not be able to do, or they are available sooner, or they may just be for fun. You can go here to learn more about how to do homebrew.

"Patches" are utilities that change the fundamental behavior of your phone: from making the center area light up on text messages to adding the date to your status bar to making sms conversations open up in new cards. It's a little daunting at first, but if you are interested in unlocking the full potential of your webOS phone, here's where to get started.

"Themes" are just that - they change the look and feel of your phone. They are a lot like patches in that, for now, they take a bit of work to get going, but the kids, they love them. Here's how to get started.

What else?

Well, if you haven't yet, we are quite fond of the PreCentral Accessory Store. They have the Touchstone Charger at low prices and spare batteries to ...spare (trust us, you'll want a spare battery). Just be sure to choose your phone in the upper-right-hand side of the store to ensure compatibility.

Now, here's the single best thing about PreCentral.net: the awesome and incredible community of webOS users. If you have a question, a rant, a love ...anything about webOS you want to learn more about or discuss, you can do a search of our PreCentral.net webOS forums and there's a better than even chance you'll find a lot of like-minded people talking about the same issue. We recommend you search before you post, but if you can't find your issue, you can post it up in the forums and dollars-to-donuts you'll get a answer right-quick.

Crazy as it seems, we've barely scratched the surface here. Feel free to hang out, click around, and don't forget that you can get plenty of news and info right here - we even have a mobile version of the site at m.precentral.net that's very Pre and Pixi-friendly.

Welcome! Don't be a stranger! And hey - longtime PreCentral members: be sure to say howdy and mention stuff we forgot in the comments.


I'm curious what version of webOS these Verizon devices are showing up with?

Same as Sprint version currently -

And the VZW CONFIGURATION only 1.6.1
NOT 2.2 as Sprint!!!

Beat you by only seconds, Dieter ;)

"Pre Plus Only: Flash compatibility for watching online videos" - I think you mean "Pre" only. Last I heard flash was coming to the Pre and Pre Plus.

fixed - thanks!

Don't you mean videos and games? ;)

yea i dont think i can say it enuff PREWARE is the DA BOMB!!!

you can get a VISUALGAME BOY emulator play game boy advvance games and they updated it to look like a controller I liked the previous version where it used the keyboard

BUT WELCOME verizon users I hope us OGP(origional gangsta PRe) users get a new fone on sprint this half a year!!!!


where do i find this emulator you speak of


Preware plus patches plus themes = love

And welcome from your Northern brothers and sisters here in Bell Canada land.

Precentral is a great resource for any questions you might have.

And don't be afraid of Homebrew. It's a little tricky, but if I can do it so can you. It adds so much to an already great phone.

My friend is a new Pre user from Sprint. I loved this little explanation for the Verizon Pre Plus. Is there an article like this that I could send to my friend. She's constantly asking me questions about it or doesn't understand, & I'd like her to read it so she understand. Haha. And...


you can just send this one actually, since the pre and the pre plus are the same. The only difference is the plus has more ram, and storage.

What were the ones for Homebrew & Patching & Themes. I'd like for her to read those. =) I can't remember where they're at. =) Thanks so much though. I sent it to her. Haha. =)

I found out about all that stuff on youtube. You should give it a search, a video might be easier?

WELCOME PRE PLUS USERS ! ! ! You won't regret this...and if you run into any trouble don't forget to call upon your new best friend. WEBOS DOCTOR.....

I am about to go get one I returned my Droid a little while ago because of exchange calendar and email issues. I was wondering if I will be able to use the homebrew apps, patches, and themes that are already used on the sprint version?

They should all work on the Plus. Enjoy!

I just got my pre plus! I'm typing this outside the store. VZW did have a poster & a slide show on the waiting screen. There were 3 pres & @ least 2 pixils up and running. Lots to learn here!

I just got my pre plus! I'm typing this outside the store. VZW did have a poster & a slide show on the waiting screen. There were 3 pres & @ least 2 pixi's up and running. Lots to learn here!

One of the things I learned when I first got my Sprint Pre back in June is that sometimes you can accidentally post twice when commenting on an article on PreCentral. I don't know why that happens.

I know, right?

I know, right?


I posted the initial 'post', then saw I had mispelled something (I typed pixils when I meant to type pixi's). So I tried to select 'edit' and then fixed it and hit 'save' and there were both posts. Of course, I might have selected something other than edit?

To All New VZW Palm owners. Welcome to the world of WebOS! If you have any questions, you'll find all the answers in this community. Welcome!

Thank you everyone, I just got an e-amil from verizon saying that they shipped my pre+ and that I should be getting it tomorrow by 3:00PM. I am so excited : ) whoohohohohoho......

Welcome VZW users! I'm jealous of your processor and RAM speed upgrades. My guess is that you'll eventually learn "Gray-SYM-R" (we use Orange-SYM-R to reboot), but not as quickly as Sprint owners :-)

The run the same processor as us..they have RAM upgraded as well as physical storage so don't feel too jealous.

welcome big red users =)

How can I download the new Pre-Plus background image on my original Pre???

The background image for the Pre Plus has been posted in the Wallpaper Forum. Look for a post called "The Doctor is in.." and go to page 106. You can download it from there to use!

Welcome all new users from Verizon!!

Welcome Verizon users. I'm not Jealous of that ridiculously large bill you'll have.

But you're all welcome, whatever your bill is!

i live in a city with decent coverage. Hey i had tmobile for 7 years with no complaints other then crap phones. reception was ok though. So i'm good with sprint.

And as you get to know homebrew and preware, you will learn about how those of us on Sprint for a while now have been able to roam on other networks (Verizon included I understand) for free in those situations where Sprint's signal is not the best. Does not happen much but its handy when it is necessary. :)

Welcome VZW users!

Well, I just got my pre plus about 15 minutes ago. Can't wait to see how it works!!! I dropped my droid for it. I'm expecting big things here!!! Still got a blackberry though :P

Just chatted with the online Verizon Rep. She told today special offers.

"that today online you will also get FREE activation and FREE overnight shipping."

"Most of our instant rebates are only available online which means you won't need to mail in a separate rebate form. The online discount will automatically be applied to your purchase today and you won't have to wait for the rebate check."

"Prices and promotions change every day. I don't expect the free activation to go past today."

I got it! Loving the Pre Plus (of course I KNEW I would.) Just sent the DH away (what's up--he stayed home from work for health appts, and kept bugging me when I was trying to concentrate on my new joy!) Now I can really play. Yes VZW costs more, but to me it's worth it. None of the other carriers work in my neigborhood. Learning so much, have so much more to learn. Thanks everyone for the warm welcomes and superior info! Long live Palm!!

BTW we DID get BOGO with mail in rebate. I got the Pre Plus, the college bound son is getting the Pixi Plus!!

Greetings Programs!

I still liked that button at the bottom. It kind of acted like a guide for doing several common gestures so I didn't actually have to look directly at the phone. I could kind of do a couple things by feel, so I could kind of reach over while working, locate the button by touch, unlock the phone, minimize the current app, and from there I could swipe off whatever was going (usually Pandora), all without looking at the phone. I've used that button a LOT since I got my phone last July, and I've never seen a hint of a crack, so my guess is that certain people who caused that are incredibly ham-fisted and should be kept away from smartphones anyway.

I almost never use the button for anything except as a guide when orienting the device right-side-up in my pocket, and as a guide for the half-way mark when doing back gestures as opposed to full-swipe app-switch gestures. Having had the button, I'd probably miss it a little bit for a time, but I think trading it for fewer hardware complainers is a good trade.

I just went into Best Buy for giggles, and they did have the Pre Plus. I couldn't find the Pixi, if they even had it. There were no displays, or ads for it anywhere. Had I not gone there specially to see if it was there, I would have had no idea it was there, it had just launched, or what it could do.

the iPhone was on display when you walk in the door, and ads everywhere.

I have the Sprint Pre, so I wasn't looking to buy it, but I wanted to confirm some stories that it wasn't being pushed very hard.

I just went into Best Buy for giggles, and they did have the Pre Plus. I couldn't find the Pixi, if they even had it. There were no displays, or ads for it anywhere. Had I not gone there specially to see if it was there, I would have had no idea it was there, it had just launched, or what it could do.

the iPhone was on display when you walk in the door, and ads everywhere.

I have the Sprint Pre, so I wasn't looking to buy it, but I wanted to confirm some stories that it wasn't being pushed very hard.

Welcome from a Sprint user here! You will find that PreCentral and it's forums are the best out there for info on your Pre. And in my humble opinion after using many platforms..Palms WebOS is the best there is. There is no "perfect" platform out there...but this is very close and gets better everyday...

Yeah I really like the centre button too zullnero. I'm glad I'm not alone, and you succinctly put in words what I couldn't say.

To me, it's actually more work to not have a centre button.

Verizon users won't know what they're missing ;)

I agree. I actually wish the center button did more, like a trackball that clicked. I am not a huge fan of the "hold Orange (Gray for vzw) button and drag around to move cursor" approach, I wish I could trackball to the desired location. But otherwise, best phone ever!

wow now I have to deal with verizon customers in the forums now..

To our new brothers and sisters from verizon, get a TOUCHSTONE! They rock. Why nicer (and cheaper) than "Power Mat" as it changes the functions of certain things on the phone. Looks nice on the night stand or desk!

Oh and patches, Preware etc are great too!

Another missed opportunity/marketing blunder by Palm.

The folks at Palm just don't get it.

Don't they want to SELL phones?

Then why on Earth would you release a phone on Verizon and make your first major expansion on a second U.S. carrier and not release your next major software update on the same day?


Wild guess here. Perhaps it's not READY! Is your name really Morons, or were you ironically pointing a finger?

Welcome Verizon people! Definitely need to get a Touchstone charger for you car, the only way to drive. Check out all of the creative ways Pre owners have mounted TS in their cars:


Verizon doesn't even have them as a header on their front page. You have to dig to even find it. This should go well...

Very few Verizon users replying to this post? A bad sign?

They probably dont know the Pre is on Verizon now.

I was in my local Verizon store checking out the new Pre and there was a man that just bought a Pre and I told him about precentral.net and Preware and he's gonna check it out.

I have been lurking over the past 2 weeks, planning my Verizon Palm Pre Plus purchase for Launch Day. IT IS SUPER!! There was only 1 other guy there 1st thing purchasing Pre. I had phoned yesterday and VZW indicated they had 80 Pre's and 50 Pixi's. They had a nice display and 1 each Pre and Pixi to check out. The gal who did our checkout seemed to know a LITTLE about the phone, liked it, and indicated that advertising and marketing should get into high gear soon.
Thanks for your help BEFORE purchase and now that I am using the phone. Love it!

Many don't know about this site yet.

Proposed theory on why Verizon has not been actively marketing the Pre: Verizon does not want to negate the publicity and free marketing that it will receive for apple's imminent announcement (many predict this Wednesday, alongside the announcement of the iSlate, or whatever it'll be called) of iphone's new carrier - Verizon. Why would Verizon waste money on marketing the Pre when no one will be listening just 48 hours from now?

I highly doubt it, why would Verizon be badmouthing the idont phone if they were getting the idont in a few months, JMO.

got my pre plus today! I am absolutely loving it. so glad to be a part of this awesome community.

funny how Verizon doesn't give a rats ass about the pre though...they spent all their marketing force on putting up the Droid (which I had for 2 months)

Apple is making a lot of news. Just announced earnings. Doubled Iphone sales from same quarter last year. That's pretty impressive considering how many darn phones they already sell. not to mention rumors that the iphone will come to verizon later this year a long with other carriers possibly i think all have stolen a lot of thunder Palm Pre plus may have gotten. Not sure just a hunch.

Just got my Pre Plus and LOVE it. Have been a Palm girl for a LONG time and switched to Blackberry reluctantly a bit over a year ago (sick of Palm's stale os (at the time)). The last year has been HELL and I'm happy to be home again!!

The lack of ads is indeed off-putting but those who have been waiting (like myself) KNOW about today.

hey im a verizon user and i have to say.... dang. WHY COULDNT I HAVE THIS 6 MOS AGO???! haha ok i said it for the last time! wow this thing beats my 755 by a loong ways. loving it, now to get it tweaked to how i want it... had a 2 person line in this small city, wonder how many places sold out today or had a line waiting for the store to open. i'll say it again... cant wait to love this phone!

Still waiting to play with mine. After being at the store for almost two hours the rep sent me home with mine stuck at the Palm Profile sign-in screen. I don't have any data service yet so I can't use it until then. He said the number port from AT&T is the problem. I'm dying here.

I feel your pain, when I switched over from Verizon to Sprint, I had the same problem.

It turned out to be a bad Pre Plus. I was on the phone with Verizon Tech Support and Palm Tech Support at the same time for about 2 hours and neither could figure it out. I took it back to the Verizon store and they gave me another Pre Plus that activated just fine. Now I'm installing apps and patches like a champ. LOVE MY PRE!!!

Just to be clear chris champion, pre plus = more ram, more memory, but SAME processor. Which means same apps but more of them at a time (and more of them on the phone). Welcome Verizon users! Glad to see you were able to resist the lure of the ެ

I got my Pre Plus earlier today and I have to say that I'm extremely impressed with it.

The Verizon Wireless store (O&O) I went to only had one Pre Plus and one Pixi Plus on display, but people were trying them constantly. All of the salespeople seemed impressed with both devices.

I was a Palm (and Handspring) user years ago when only PDA's were made. It's good to be back. :-)

with the lack of advertizing itt will be interesting to see sales numbers.


Hey guys! Assassin Creed 3D action game,from (GameLoft)..just just hit the App Catalog,now,today.Checkit out,my true gamers..it's HOT!

It's been a long strange road, but I finally made it. I slipped out of work today to go to the nearest Verizon store to pick up my new Pre Plus! WOOHOOOO!! I couldn't wait to get it home to get it all set up, but guess what? No need to wait until I go home. This synergy thing is pretty freakin sweet. I'm a long time fan of Palm and am so excited to finally have something on Verizon worth throwing in the towel on AT&T(iPhone) for. So thanks for all the "welcomes" - I'm happy to be here!

I have a pre on sprint. If I got an unlocked pre plus, my sprint sym card should work in it fine right? And my extended battery should fit fine?

sprint doesn't have sim cards.. What are you talking about? The pre plus is locked on verizon right now

haha shows what I kno. But unlocked pre plus was reported $599 in the previous post. No way to take that to sprint and continue my sprint plan with the plus?

No unlocked Pre's have been released. Please learn the difference between a non-subsidy phone and an unlocked phone before you make a $599 mistake. If you don't receive VZ service, the Pre is a digital organize and not a phone.

thats why im double checking, thanks!

Welcome Verizon users. I am a bit jealous as I have been with Sprint since June 6 2009 after switching from Verizon.

I am going to the Verizon store right now, and if I like the Palm Pre Plus then I will pay the fees to break the Sprint contract and switch back to Verizon. My wife wants a Pixi Plus, and I want the Pre Plus. isn't it nice to have options?

What will do when Sprint gets the Pre II?

he will switch back...lol he doesn't care about $.... Switching back to verizon is going to cost himabout 40 to 50 more a month....

WELCOME!WELCOME!WELCOME! to our brothers and sisters from Verizone, you gone luuuuuuuuv this! pre nation . get that touch stone, invizasheild and get that preware a rockn to shut up the ipunks when they come a knockn. :) howz that video recorder goin ? can't wait to get that bad boy installed and just wait till 1.4 drops hoohooooo!..........PRE NATION!

Just got my pre plus from local Best Buy in NJ. They didn't know the release date was today and had to ask some verizon people to confirm!!! It was a slow process because the sales guys didn't seem to know the activation process. I was edging out the door to the local verizon store when they got the "ok" to sell it to me. They didn't mention the pixi plus that people have mentioned. They did sell the Pre Plus to me for $150 with instant rebate (they really didn't know the cost off hand until they scanned it!!!) well, it's in my hand and I synced my outlook from work and it works so far. Fonts are beautiful.
The Best buy confusion does suggest this is very low key launch or that my local Best buy is a bit... behind. Their biggest concern was do I want their insurance (over verizons).
(I'm a longtime Palm pda owner and my backup phone is tro 755. So I'm not exactly a big convert. Glad to rest my BB 8830 and put it to pasture!)

I feal all depressed knowing that my palm pre isn't the beezneez anymore

Don't tell your friends the difference. They won't know. Tell them the extra button is the best thing since sliced bread.

Welcome brethren & sistren! There is tons of info here and lots of folks ready & willing to answer your questions. Don't be afraid of homebrew and patching and Preware (oh my!), but do read the instructions carefully. Enjoy!

Welcome VZ buddies who have to pay an additional $40/month to do what we can do for free :-P. You getter better hardware though so we're even lol.

My contract with a similar set-up is $8 more a month on Verizon versus Sprint. Not sure what you're talking about?

Stopped by the VZW store in Englewood, CO. to check out the PrePlus. Spoke with the store manager about the launch. This was 5:00 pm and he said they had sold 12 Pre/Pixi's combined during the day. I asked him about the lack of promotion and he said this was a "soft launch" and that VZW is planning a real launch with more hoopla at a later date but he could not specify when. Not sure I believe him although I work for a bank and when we open new branches we always do a soft opening about two weeks before the Grand Opening so this has some credibiltiy. Just don't ever remember seeing this strategy for a new phone before.

It sounds like a test. And it is also possible that Palm could not manufacture enough phones for anything more then a "Soft launch". 200,000 of each phone isn't that many for Verizon's customer base. Did Verizon order so few phones out of doubt, or was Palm unable to produce the number of phones needed for a big Verizon launch campaign? Maybe they both agreed a soft launch would be best.

Do you think they're waiting for WebOS 1.4 to come out so they can do the "real luanch" with a phone that has video recording, flash, etc?

That seems to make more sense to me and would fit with what the store manager told you. Just a thought.

Essentially it was a stealth launch. At least verizon's website could have the Pre Plus plastered all over it. That's a minimal cost as opposed to millions of dollars for tv, radio, newspaper advertisement.
That later launch date better be soon. Very pleased with my 24 hr old pre plus so far.


well put!!!!

Hello everyone,

Got my Pre Plus today and really like it so far. It's nice to join you all. Does anyone know if the 1.4 update will help improve the battery life?


i'm convinced that this 'soft launch' is due to the fact that WebOS 1.4 isn't out yet. They probably have commercials that show the 1.4 feature set (video recording/ editing, flash beta, etc) along with the feature the phone already has. They don't want to have to make two sets of ommerrcials, or deal with the burden of explaining why somethings in the commercial aren't available now.


Good theory by Mhunter.
Another theory: Verizon is soft launching and only ordered a limited number because that is all Palm could supply of the new + and Verizon does not want to be in a situation of having shortages.

I think it is a combination of;
a. Verizon is not sold that the Palm phones will be hugely popular
b. Palm has limited manufacturing and can only supply a limited initial amount
c. OS 1.4 is not out yet and those are some pretty cool features that would work well on commercials

All I have to say is this is the best phone I've ever owned. In the past 6 months I've had the Sprint Palm Pre, Sprint HTC Hero, Verizon Blackberry Tour, Verizon Motorola Droid, Verizon Blackberry Storm 2, Verizon Blackberry Curve 2, Verizon Blackberry Storm 1, AT&T Apple iPhone 3GS, and now the Verizon Palm Pre Plus. This by far is the best combination for me. I loved my Sprint Palm Pre, but the Sprint service was just plain horrible where I live. Plus I travel a lot and the Sprint Palm Pre just wasn't keeping up with the traveling. I've never had an issue with Verizon service and now I'm so happy to have IMHO the best smartphone on the market on the best carrier in the US. Yes I know that Verizon costs more and I know that Sprint roams to Verizon for free, but I get a company discount with Verizon and not Sprint so the bill comes out pretty close. Verizon Palm Pre Plus FTW!!!

i dont think u have had that many phones..... but how is the pre plus better on verizon? double ram= more cards open... wow big deal verizon customers arnt bright enough to use them all anyways... and double space on hard drive wow... i dont think its worth paying 30 bucks more a month.... just me tho

Wow, nice attitude. At least we know how to use punctuation and grammar.

Anyway, more phones sold on Verizon means a stronger Palm. How is that a bad thing for you?

Employees can have up to 5 lines and also are allowed to upgrade phones much quicker.

I won't do the iPhone even if it comes to VZW so it is Droid or Pre for me. Not the biggest Google fan either so Pre is in the lead.

how are verizon customers liking there limited unlimited plan?

Us Canadians are getting screwed over for this phone:( We wont be getting it for months, hellz, i just got my Palm Pre like 4 weeks ago...WTF!!!! This should be a world wide release or at least do it in Canada too. Pisses me off!!!

My new (5 days) pre plus is soooo slick. Of course it is my first smart phone so what do I know? Almost one year of searches, reviews, talking with various owners & sales peeps when they were available and a HUGE amount of family pressure to go with the iphone and I think I made the right decision. Had to laugh... Verizon sent me an email with a link for tutorials and the pre plus isn't listed on the link. Oh well... thing is, I do need help and have trouble asking. I've picked up a trick or two here & there but at this pace in two months it will be just a really pretty phone getting limited use. I hope you folks are as helpful steering me to useful info on making it live up to its potential. Thanks in advance and for all the greetings as well.

BTW, the pre plus online price is/was $99 after instant this and online that.... plus of course a new 2 year commit. NO MAIL-IN REBATE, very happy not to have to deal with that. Alohas

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