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What To Expect With AUPT Patches and webOS 1.4 110

by Jason Robitaille Wed, 24 Feb 2010 11:49 am EST

We're all aware webOS 1.4 is coming soon. Ever since CES it's been dangling in front of us, just out of reach. Thankfully, in the time we've been waiting, the fantastic "Auto Update Patch Technology" (AUPT) was released, in both Preware and WebOS Quick Install. The basic idea behind AUPT: you don't need to remove your patches before you update webOS.

However not many people actually know what that will mean when the update happens. Thankfully, by nature of the AUPT scripts' versatility, there many ways to deal with an over-the-air update.

So here's the scenario: you've just updated to 1.4. What now? The most straight-forward way is to go into Preware or WOSQI and go into the patches area and hit the "Update All" button.

For your patches that are available for 1.4, they'll be updated to the current 1.4-equivalent patch on the feed. And for the patches that haven't been updated for 1.4, the update wil install a "dummy" package. "Dummy" packages are just that; they do nothing and contain nothing. The point of "dummy" packages is that when the patch eventually does get ported to 1.4, you see it in the "Available Updates" section. Clever, eh.

Of course, updating patches works fine with the webOS-patches feed, but what about patches not on the feed. Patch files installed via WebOS Quick Install are on the AUPT system, but of course, the process is a bit different.

Open WOSQI after the update and go into the Tweaks section. The version change will be detected and a special Update Helper will popup. All .patch files installed via WOSQI will be removed and reinstalled if it can be successfully reapplied. In addition, any on-feed patches that haven't been updated for 1.4 will be updated as well. Two birds with one stone.

And lest we forget, it's worth noting that you can adjust for OTA updates the manual way. The AUPT scripts are strong enough that after an update, you can simply uninstall each patch via WOSQI or Preware without error, and then reinstall the 1.4 equivalent. Lastly, if you haven't updated to the latest version of Preware, you really ought to.

Currently, it seems that almost 30% of those polled don't trust AUPT. That's really unfortunate, as countless weeks and months were put forward freely by many many developers to make sure everything works well. Thankfully the 1.4 OTA update experience should help assure users for updates after that.


From past experience I have been off the brew patch in anticipation of this significant update. As soon as I Have 1.4 runnin' smooth, back to the brew/patches I go. i'm looking forward to trying all the new patches and such being offered. Thx to all who make this possible!

thank you for not posting a useless 'FIRST' post lol and I know what you mean I cant wait!

I'm glad he didn't post "First" as the first thread...hate those trolls...

You are most certainly welcome! I hate that 'first' shit myself!

Oh, the irony!

I hope it works great. I've got 33 patches installed on my pre. Can't wait for 1.4!

Any progress on something similar for Themes?

Theming is undergoing a full revamp by webos-internals, prethemer, and myself collaboratively. A completely different way of theming than done currently. That's not due for a while however. In the meantime, myself and prethemer are creating a new ipk theme format that increases user flexability, however, at least in initial incarnation, not support ota.

Long story, just uninstall themes before OTA updates. At least it's just 1 themer per device (compared to MANY patch you used to have to uninstall, heh)

Is there any plan for a theme changer like Switcharoo?

Man I hate danglin'...
But soon and very soon, I am just excited for video recording...

I am choosing to trust AUPT, but I'm leery. Honestly it just sounds too good to be true. "No hassle?! C'mon, there's gotta be a little."

So, to clarify: there's nothing we need to do to prepare? We start the OTA update with our patches still installed and they get overwritten? Even multiple file patches? Then we go into either WOSQI or Preware, flip the switch and the patches that are 1.4-compatible get reapplied?

If this goes as seemlessly as promised I might have to find someone to pinch me.

yep, the AUPT files are able to detect overwritten files and adjust accordingly. Believe me when I say there a a LOT of hassle done by Egaudet of WebOS-Internals to make sure everything way as it should be.

And yep, for feed-patches just hit the "Update All' button :)

And as stated in the article, for .patch files installed with WOSQI, ya just need to open up the Tweaks section in it an voila.

Seeing what "The Internals" have helped the society with so far, I'm convinced that if there are still some hassle left to deal with, it will be a minimum of it.

Regarding the poll, there are those of us that never saw it and would opt for not removing the patches before the update.

After "The Internals" have proven to be a real time-saver again, it's time do donate something to keep them going.


Great post and great work, Jason. You guys rock!

Thanks for the post Jason, most of my patches are .patch files tweak for myself and installed with quick install. It feels good knowing that they are safe. By the way I always trusted AUPT

Just make sure the patches aren't installed via aupt-2 and everything will be perfectly fine :)

Oh, and be sure to download the current WebOS Quick Install 3.02

sweeeeeet I can't wait, good job and keep rocking. palm rocks

i have a question...what about things that we have installed patches for that palm has decided to officially support with 1.4? (blink notifications) should we uninstall the patch or will the pre be smart enough to know that it needs to overwrite the patch with the official code? dont want any problems if i can help it, ya know? been waiting too long for this update and would hate to have to visit the doc because of carelessness on my part. Thanks in advance!

I believe for patches like that on the feed will install a dummy patch, which you can just uninstall.

For .patch files installed via WOSQI, they won't be reapplied

thx for the quick reply Jason. :)

Good question - I was wondering the same thing.

Do we uninstall precorder before update?

Neither homebrew nor custom services need to be uninstalled before OTA updates. At the most you'll need to run Emergency Service Enabler post-OTA update

I was just saying because we are getting camcorder and enable LED notice with 1.4

Currently, it seems that a minority don't trust AUPT. That's really unfortunate, as countless weeks and months were put forward freely by many many developers to make sure everything works well.

That skepticism (which is not shared by me) exists because the testing was less public than seeing this work after an actual upgrade. I suspect that when 1.4 comes out and people are able to see that AUPT works, the skepticism will disappear.

Exactly. Personally, I'm a little bit disappointed that the author of this article feels that this is "unfortunate"... Dude - that's life. Do you think Microsoft spends any small amount of time testing Service Packs? ...And does everybody trust THEM out the door? Not a chance. And that is skepticism towards a product that is tested by a huge corporation with large scale funding and many formal documented procedures to ensure that everything goes well. So is skepticism unjustified when it's for a tweak to a free program developed with hacking in mind by a group of people who are doing this as their hobby to ensure that a patch that nobody has seen yet will go smoothly? That perspective is laughable at best.

Now, developers should not take this personal, however... It's just software development. I work in QA and I see this stuff every day. I have seen a fix for a typo break critical functionality that renders a product useless. I think that as long as the users don't have unrealistic expectations and the devs are of the mindset that it's completely understandable if they missed something, we'll all be ok in the end.

Am I going to use the AUPT tweak? Sure - I'm on board, and I'm forever grateful for this development. ...But my expectations are realistic and I plan to verify my functionality right after the updates are done - and if I have to Dr. my phone, so be it.

For the record, AUPT has been literally months in development. It was publicly announced in WebOS-Internals' roadmap and developed in public, open source.

Understood. I'm not "skeptical" per se, but I'm just taking it with a grain of salt. It's nothing personal at all, and it's not a dig or pessimism - I speak from experience and know that there's really nothing that anybody can be 100% sure of. Even if my phone works great after the updates, will I believe that AUPT worked for everybody? Not a chance! There's far too many permutations of stuff on all of the phones out there to think that anybody could possibly test every bit of functionality on every single possible configuration. But everybody's faith in the process will have raised after we see these go well.

That's true, and obviously I am a huge fan of all homebrew developers, especially WebOS Internals and Canuck Software. However, AUPT has never been tested with an actual 1.4 OTA update.

Remember how Preware broke completely for many people after that update to 1.3.5? Because the early-access images are just that--images, not OTA updates--we'll never really know until it happens. "Should work" and "we see absolutely no reason why it won't work" do not necessarily translate to "does work" in the end.

I know it's been tested with other OTA updates, but there is always a slight chance that something different will happen this time around, and I for one would rather uninstall and reinstall a few patches than risk having to Doctor my phone.

Again, I appreciate all of the work that has gone into this, and I sincerely hope that the other 70-75% have zero issues leaving their patches on.

the only way it could fail on 1.4 OTA (compared to testing done with earlier OTA tests) is if the webos version number doesn't increase, which we already know it will...to 1.4, heh. The scripts are public source, see for yourself ;)

Jason - I love you and your work, man, but you're being narrow-minded and obtuse. Unfortunately, that's the same mindset that a lot of young developers fall into early in their careers.

Unless you have a phone that has already been OTA updated to 1.4 and you have tested every possible configuration and Palm has guaranteed you that the OTA update that everybody gets will be the same one that you got, even you cannot be absolutely certain beyond a shadow of a doubt that everything will go smooth. You have to admit that. You hold very high esteem in a lot of eyes here, and I think the only way that people here could trust you more is if you were an actual developer paid by Palm on the 1.4 update. We're not asking you to be 100% certain, and I don't think that you would want that anyway - if something *does* break, wouldn't you have liked to have a little bit of wiggle-room? Because as it stands, you are setting yourself up to lose a lot of rapport if the unknown happens.

Quote: "Should work" and "we see absolutely no reason why it won't work" do not necessarily translate to "does work" in the end.

Exactly. And nobody can ask the developers to get to any point beyond "we see absolutely no reason why it won't work." It would be unreasonable to hold somebody accountable for something that nobody knows yet.

As a programmer, I am naturally a pessimist. Even in code I write and test, I expect it to fail until it gets the first Prod test. 1.4 will be the first prod test for AUPT. I expect confidence will rise after that.

I'm going to trust AUPT and the good people that brought it to us. To prevent redundancy, however, I will review the contents of the update and remove anything being updated that's patched (e.g. if we get LED notification) before downloading it.

Another double post, damnit. Sorry.

Really good info and article. But, what about the 'stuck' patches that don't currently work? I got confused on all the "Hide the Launcher" patches and now my launcher only works when I slide my finger up from the gesture area. I had installed one of the Hide patches, and uninstalled it, but my launcher is still hidden. I also have the "Weather Dashboard" application installed, not sure if it conflicts with this or not.

Stuck patches is almost certainly due to the AUPT-2 bug that's been well documented in the forums and easily fixable


I'm excited to see how the new patch system works! Thrilled I don't have to remove and reinstall anymore, while I didn't mind it, convenience is a delightful thing!
Thanks everyone for the hard work!!!

My solution. I just have avoided patches all together. So no worries for me.

dude, you are really missing out on great ways to tweak/customize your Pre and make it a truly amazing device. Come on in, the water's fine, you'll be ok!

I was like headgamer for a long while. I never installed even one patch on my phone. A few weeks ago I tried a few patches. They were nice and added some needed functionality to the phone; however when I uninstalled one of them, all of my launcher icons bunched together on one of the pages and I couldn't access them.

I also had another problem with the hide app catalog vendors patch which made accessing the app catalog impossible. Luckily I finally found the solution to that one in the forums.

After those headaches I decided to uninstall the remaining patches. For me the benefits of the patches are not worth the possibility of my phone getting so messed up that I have to doctor it.

Thanks so much for the hard work!! Just a question, will I need to uninstall the messages plug in (the ones for chat), I read in one thread that it was not supperted by aupt2

I've got a few patches...not too worried...but I'm not too adept at selecting appropriate patches. I have noticed a couple of issues with homebrew apps (LED Torch for one) that no longer work and I wonder if I have installed 'overlapping' apps which might be 'conflicted'.

Regardless, I hope to see everything work out in the next couple days!

Jason said we don't have to worry about anything.That's good for me.AUPT is trusted!

I'm going to trust AUPT. My patches are current, my Preware is current. (Preware is awesome, as is WOSQI. I use Preware all the time.)

I do, however, have an IPKG Log anytime I try to re-apply the "Hide App Vendors" patch. (Something must have gone wrong at some time, "Reversed or previously applied patch detected"). Haven't had the time to figure out how to clean that up, and I wonder whether that will affect the update to 1.4 (or, be cleaned up by 1.4?).

I heard hide vendors app was buggy

Do we have to REMOVE the IPHONE SPOOF, SQUARIFY THE SCREEN,AD BLOCKER,and our THEME??? I am assuming we have too. Also, will MESSAGE IN LANDSCAPE PATCH INTERFERE with their update if they come out with LANDSCAPE IN MESSAGES?Someone correct me if I am wrong. The people who don't trust Q.I. Need to do their homework and find out the COUNTLESS HOURS and DAYS JASON and HIS TEAM have spent on this!!!! Thanks ya'all for your tireless efforts to make life with our Pre's a real Good experence!!!!!

For the record, the AUPT scripts were authored by Egaudet of WebOS-Internals, and he did an absolutely amazing job on them. You'll need to uninstall the theme, yes. WebOS Quick Install can auto-dect/handle leaving boot theme, ad blocker, squarify screen, etc. on your device at OTA update


Themes are not patches. Themes need to be removed.


Seems I created a bit of a monster when I used the word "Trust" in my poll. When it boils down to it, we trust patch authors very much. We trust that what the patch says it will do, it will. Yes they are open source, but most of us don't possess the knowledge to determine that a patch is doing exactly what it says. So we have to trust them to some extent.

Several people have made the point that Microsoft releases patches every month. They spend countless hours regression testing, bug checking etc. Most big companies don't "trust" that these patches will work on their systems. My company rolls them out is stages. Through OUR Development environment, OUR test environment, finally into OUR production environment. It just makes good sense.

While I do trust Rod and WebOS Internals on some level, (I would definitely buy them all a round if they come to the Chicago area) I can't be blamed if I want to see how things play out for other users first, or how 1.4 interacts with it, or how my specific combination of patches will work. As an IT administrator in my 9-5 I am paid to think pessimistically. What can go wrong? What haven't we thought of that can bite us in the @$$?

I love to be proven wrong in these types of scenarios. I hope 1.4 comes out tomorrow, and every one who does an OTA update hits the "Update All" button in Preware or WebOSQI and things work fine. There is nothing wrong with a healthy bit of skepticism. The skepticism in this is normal. We are being told that the conventional wisdom of "Remove all your patches before you update" has been replaced with a new wisdom of "Don't worry, we got your back".

Agree with the above, grandebob. There's nothing wrong with an excess of caution.

Thanks Dieter, love the palmcast btw!

I can understand peoples' trepidation about AUPT... it can be hard to understand how it works if you aren't a developer who thinks about things like this all the time. It's easy to try and figure it out in your head and have it make no sense and seem like it could never work. Frankly, I very much *AM* a developer who thinks about things like this all of the time and *I* was very much considering uninstalling my patches before 1.4. I only have about 10 patches or installed so it's not a hassle anyway.

I think the one reason people are still a bit cautious is this hasn't been tested in the wild yet... I know full well that Jason and Co. have tested this with the 1.4 beta builds and I know they've put a ton of time and thought into it so chances are real good it'll work as expected, no problems. But until people see it working on real devices with a real OTA update I can understand there being some doubt.

That being said, over the past day or two I've decided to just trust in their work because at the end of the day, no matter what happens I can Dr. my Pre in 20 minutes and be good to go 20 minutes later (counting the time to resynch everything). So the risk is pretty small no matter what, but the benefit is worth it.

My camera recently stopped working. Could one of my patches have caused this? Do you think 1.4 will correct this, or will it hinder the video capabilities? Should I try to fix it before or after 1.4? Btw- I have tried removing battery many times, and for extended amounts of time, to no avail.

I already took off all my patches and left my Pre in DevMode. I can't take the risk of having to Web Dr my Pre because of an error. Perhaps once this round of updates goes by and everyone says that AUPT worked, I'll leave my patches on the next time.

ill trust aupt and will not be removing my patches, only removed the led notifications just in case.

Jason, let me share my concern. It's that Palm's release will expect that my Pre is already in an unpatched condition.

It's not that I don't trust AUPT. It's that I don't trust that Palm's update will play friendly with a patched Pre.

What would make me more comfortable would be if Preware had a "temporarily remove patches" feature (like EPR). Then, after I update my Pre with the latest WebOS, there should be a "reapply" feature that will put back the patches (latest version or dummy, as appropriate).

The other reason I'm concern is that there was some sort of dire warning posted here (by you?) that there was a bug in AUPT. I have no idea if I'm affected by it (I did install, uninstall patches around the time the warning came out). Seems a lot safer to remove all patches, then, right?

So, can you say with certainty that Palm's WebOS release won't choke on a patched phone?

To resolve any fear of this, I just wanna say that wouldn't follow Palm's OTA update format. An OTA update is composed of updated ipks. For example, if the Clock app package is updated, all the currently installed clock files get overwritten by the updated ipk.

The AUPT scripts can detect if any of the files are updated versions.

For example, say you had a patch on the Clock app. Then the OTA update includes an updated Clock app ipk. Then during an uninstall, AUPT prerm script would realize the files are different, and will adjust and cleanly remove the package.

And doing a patch "Update" in Preware/WOSQI is really just a uninstall followed by a reinstall of the current patch package.

Hopefully that clears things up a bit :)

Thanks. But then why (in the past) all the warnings about uninstalling patches before an update (lest we "brick" our phones)?

It sounds like it was always perfectly safe to keep patches installed, no?

I'm leaving my patches installed. How about a follow-up post after the 1.4 update? Everybody list their installed patches & comment on success/ failure after update. Or just a poll so we can see a summary.

I will totally trust aupt, I just want to know about the message plug in's I was one of the people who had to doctor the phone, install the plugins one at a time with restarts in between to make them work, I don't want to remove them if it is not necesary, because it will mean to doctor my phone, and well If it is not necesary, why bother. But if they are not supperted by aupt (I have no idea, I'm not a developer, but I read in a forum something about this) then I will like to know what to do?
Does anyone know?
Thanks again for the great solution you guys gave us!

Can't go through all the posts what happens with patches that are included with updates like LED notifications, and services/programs like Precorder.

The need to still uninstall themes even with AUPT needs to be added and highlighted in the main article lest somebody be very upset.

From skimming the boards there seems to be confusion on this, I bet a lot of people will be thinking that since they installed their theme via preware that it is ok to update without uninstalling and that is apparantly not the case, at least yet, as (as I am reading things) you WILL need to uninstall themes before 1.4

I was wondering if we need to remove the iphone spoof before the uodate.Should I remove the led blinking light patch since the new update will have it already.will it interfere with 1.4 thanks. 1 more question.I have messege in landscape patch enabled,this will also be working in the new update should I remove this patch. Will the scripts interfare with each other? Thanks

thanks dieter I trust no one now

I will leave my patches in,,all 50 of them.I have faith in these guys and worse case is going to the doc,,which is not a big deal at all. If I could put money on this,,I would bet with aupt.

I will leave my patches in,,all 50 of them.I have faith in these guys and worse case is going to the doc,,which is not a big deal at all. If I could put money on this,,I would bet with aupt.

This is exciting.

I have about 50 patches on my Pre, a few of which I installed as .patch files from wosqi because I tweaked them to my personal taste, and I plan on leaving them all on there for the update.

If all goes well, it will be exciting to see aupt at work, and I don't have to mess with removing/reinstalling everything.

If all goes badly, I will get to learn about why it failed, and watch some truly amazing guys go to work getting it all straightened out for us.

Fun either way.

That being said, over the past day or two I've decided to just trust in their work because at the end of the day, no matter what happens I can Dr. my Pre in 20 minutes and be good to go 20 minutes later (counting the time to resynch everything). So the risk is pretty small no matter what, but the benefit is worth it.

Submitted by fzammetti on Wed, 24 Feb.


Can't agree with you more! It's not like we're making a decision that could potentially take a roof away from our families or food off our tables. We're choosing to take the word of a group of people that have done more for all of us, uncompensated for the most part, than our service providers and Palm combined! I do understand pessimism and skepticism completely as it often helps to look at worst case scenario and the what ifs, but a few posts struck a nerve when this pessimism and skepticism come across as negative and condescending. Maybe not the intent behind the comments, but IMO were careless and unnecessary. I don't think Jason, or any of the webos-internals developers, deserve to be patronized for once again trying to make our lives easier...and if they're a little excited about their accomplishments, then good for them...it is not for any of us to try and rain on their parade/piss in their coffee/etc... Remember this AUPT-3 stuff is to, once again, make our lives easier...so we don't have to uninstall and reinstall every single patch...and i currently have 150+ packages installed on my Pre and if for some reason something f's up my phone, i'll visit the doctor and spend the time reinstalling, and if for some reason that doesn't work, i'll go outside, stretch out my arm, and find out if my Pre can fly - then i'll be calling Sprint or Asurian (sp?).

Jason, Rod, Egaudet, et al that contribute to the community...Thank You! OK, soapbox done. Mic passed.

(For the record, i know none of the developers and not the first thing about developing, codes, scripts, etc....i think of a code as what i punch into my garage opener pad and script as the alternate to print)

"It's not like we're making a decision that could potentially take a roof away from our families or food off our tables."

I'm going to have to disagree with you. To some users, their phone is their lively hood. 40 minutes of unanticipated downtime could be disastrous. Granted people like that may be a small portion of the demographic that applies patches/themes/tweaks, but still, your casual attitude about a piece of equipment that many people rely on heavily is, in my opinion, bad.

@grandebob...while I respect ur stance, I wholeheartedly disagree with ur rationale and interpretation...it is not, like you say, a casual attitude, but more of a common sense approach...if the "phone" is ur livelihood and 40 mins of downtime would be disastrous, then maybe patching/tweaking isn't for you...there are plenty of "static" devices that u'd (almost) never have to worry about that issue...but as it is, the patches/tweaks are optional and there is a slight risk/reward factor, which imo is alleviated by the palm-sponsored doctor...have fun w webos, unlock it's capabilities, and be grateful to those who make it possible...bc I sure know I couldn't do what they (jason, rod, and company) do...@grandebob, no disrespect intended...just my humble opinion

I'd also like to add that while my Pre is not my "livelihood," I do feel completely lost without it. And in my profession which has me "changing hats" multiple times every day, I rely quite heavily on my Pre for many things...for the most part it gets me through my days. But having learned my lesson in the past, I try to backup and/or sync my info as much as possible without it detracting from ,or becoming intrusive to, the synergy technology that makes the Pre and Pixi so convenient (and just plain cool).

Should I remove preware before the update or leave it. I was told to remove it or my phone would be fubar! (I'm new!)
True or False?

Can't say I share the optimism over AUPT, though I understand and appreciate the enormous amount of work developers did for this.

I've had issues with AUPT patches just updating inside webOS, so I really wonder how it will work with 1.4. Patches like Hide App Vendors, Roam Only in Device Menu and others just wouldn't update cleanly, and I had to either use WebOS Repair or uninstall patches in a certain order just to make this work.

As much as I like many of the patches, I've reduced what I use to a low number to avoid these issues and all the work reinstalling them when problems arise.

thanks guys. You make this phone fun to have...

So what does this mean? Do I have to do something prior to the update so that my patches are remembered? Or does this mean that I can just leave my patches on my device without removing them...?
I know the article was pretty straight-forward, but I kinda got conflicting explanations out of it. (Of course, I was reading on the fly and I suppose I was skimming through it...)
But, if anyone can explain this in a few sentences, rather than a whole article (for us technologically impaired individuals!) I'd greatly appreciate it!! mahalo..

Jason, what will happen in the case of patches that have not been updated to AUPT-3? I know that a lot of people got caught by the AUPT-2 bug and have patches that won't remove or re-install, and they aren't sure what to do. What's going to happen when those folks hit the 'Update All' button after 1.4? I personally spent several hours last weekend getting all my 56 patches updated to AUPT-3. It was not easy. 'Update All' would not work, as at least 5 or 6 patches would not remove or re-install normally, and thus required use of WebOS repair utility on the specific file involved with that patch. Again, what's going to happen to folks that don't have all their patches properly updated? Thanks.

"So here's the scenario: you've just updated to 1.4. What now? The most straight-forward way is to go into Preware or WOSQI and go into the patches area and hit the "Update All" button."

This probably translated very easily to most of you but here's my question:

Only after I download 1.4 do I go to Preware and go to the patches area.

Am I going to all of the patches that are offered or the page that displays only the ones that I've downloaded?

I've tried doing a trial run and can't find "Update All"
If I tap the menu in the top left I get "Update Feeds"

Is that what I'm doing?

I guess it would help if I knew the difference between Feeds and Patches.

PLEEEEAAAASE someone let me know.


Completely understandable - the documentation or instructions leave a few questions for those who have a hands-off approach and only enjoy the ride (myself included).

Basically, you just let the update happen. When your phone reboots after installing the update, your patches will actually find that the phone is different and won't activate - basically you'll have a patchless phone still. Then, you would just launch PreWare and after updating your feeds, it shows you that main screen that tells you "Package Updates", "Available Applications", "Installed Packages", and "List of Everything". It will tell you next to Updates how many updates you have. As long as that number is greater than 1, once you go to that screen you will see a button at the bottom that says "Update All". Tap it and accept/confirm a few things, and that's all - just reboot and you should have everything working with 1.4.

that sounds great.
thanks alot.
no more questions.

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i trust

does this apply for mytether as well????


can anyone else not see this aupt in preware? i go to list of everything and search and nothing shows up. if im just missing something, could someone let me know? thanks

Wow, webOS-Internals has done a spectacular job on everything they have accomplished. The community owes them a ton. Thanks a lot guys!

I just want to say thank you to all involved in AUPT. Awesome!

@ squeff, Palm changed the way they do OTA updates. Now they only send the needed files. This has allowed for smaller updates, and in my opinion Palm wanted to help Internalz work their magic.

@ econdor. EVERYTHING YOU SAID!!! Thank you!!!

I'm still a little confused, I don't need to do anything? I don't remember what I installed with wosqi or preware, does it matter?

Its here its here its here. NOT KIDDING!!!! I hit update, said I had a 5 mb package, takes 15 min to download. One, kink, its said it is downloading 3.5.1, don't know why (that's what we had before, right). Promise, not a joke, so excited. If I am wrong promise to give update, but its downloading now!!!!

Uh...buddy...you're downloading was an update we got about a month and a half ago or so...
It was a very small update (5mb...sound familiar?)meant to fix some Outlook issues...that's all.
I'm going out on a limb here...but I'm pretty sure that the 1.4 will actually say 1.4...not mistakenly!! Lol...

You gotta keep up with the program, bro! came out almost immediately after 1.3.5...so probably way longer than a month ago... Whenever we got 1.3.5, it came out a little bit afterwards...which is why

Its here its here its here. NOT KIDDING!!!! I hit update, said I had a 5 mb package, takes 15 min to download. One, kink, its said it is downloading 3.5.1, don't know why (that's what we had before, right). Promise, not a joke, so excited. If I am wrong promise to give update, but its downloading now!!!!

Dammit, man. I was hoping for that update.

Should I remove preware before the update or leave it. I was told to remove it or my phone would be fubar! (I'm new!)
True or False?

Jason, I ran the doc to clean my phone up, installed preware and more than 30 patches (thanks for the hard work). I have updated using preware but whenever I run the OTA update it tells me I have application updates available when I don't. I go into my applications and everything is updated with no option to install updates. Any ideas? I'd like to see the nice clean message bestowing all the great features of or better yet 1.4.

so this means you can have preware and patches installed and still update to 1.4 whenever it comes out?


got it!!!!!!!!!!! but wheres flash??

Un-installed my theme

Update discovered.....

Update installing......

Phone Rebooting ..............................(yes it takes a while)

and my launcher is empty, damnit

Might be something with additional pages on my launcher. trying webos quick install first.


Connected to my computer, deleted the current webosdoctor, ran quick install. Quick install updated itself and then downloaded webosdoctor. when i ran quick install and clicked on tweaks, it immediately wanted to update all packages, I did this and then restarted luna and everything was fine.

Now going to run preware to update all my shizzle

um I tried to do the webos doctor thing and my phone was been completely reset, even sending it back to webos 1.2, how the heck did this happen?

dont RUN webosdoctor, just have it in the dir where webosquickinstall is ran from

in fact, quick intstall will download it for you. did you even bother to read the instructions or the warning that webosdoctor gave you?

I have one patch that refuses to be updated or removed in Preware ("Improved filenames" for Camera) which means that I can't Update All as it always gets stuck on this.

I think the problem was from a previous update and this patch got caught in the crossfire. Anyone have suggestions for how to get this patch off my phone? I've posted in the patch's official forum, to no avail.

I don't want to come here to say "I told you so" - but... well... I told you so. Here's how my update experience went:
1. being as 1.4 was going to have LED notifications built-in, I completely removed this patch
2. downloaded 1.4 and installed
3. phone rebooted, launched PreWare. I received errors about not being able to update certain feeds, but I continued anyway. I've never seen these errors before.
4. I went to the "Updates" section and saw the few patches and a few apps that I expected would need updated.
5. I selected "Update All" and watched it start downloading.
6. I received multiple errors downloading the ipkgs and had to restart PreWare each time, attempting to update the feeds each time. Now, if I received the error about updating the feeds, I closed PreWare and restarted it to try again - I received this issue multiple times, but eventually got one that didn't fail while updating.
7. ...but THEN I got more errors when updating my patches. So I restarted PreWare again and again and again. Strangely, when I re-launched PreWare each time, the updates that had the errors no longer showed up in the Updates list.
8. eventually, I said "screw it" and ran the EPR to hopefully wipe out anything that went awry with these questionable installations.
9. then I found the patches that I wanted to install and installed them all separately.

Does this sound ANYTHING LIKE a smooth AUPT updating process? Hardly. Jason, all I'm saying is what I was saying up above: it's just plain not smart for you to come in here with an obtuse attitude that everything was going to go smoothly. While nothing major happened here at all, it wasn't smooth like you were so certain it would be, and I would call this one Skeptics: 1, AUPT: 0.

WHY??? What are you trying to accomplish? I find your skepticism to be straight-up BS. When you look for sh*t you usually find sh*t! And the funny thing is I had almost 100 patches applied and between running WOSQI and Preware my Pre is updated and all patched up...and ...no problem! Yea I got the error messages too, and yea I had to use Preware to re-install a few patches, but this was my understanding since the AUPT-3 "auto-updates" were for the webos-internals feeds...and there are a number of different feeds (which also are AUPT-3 "compliant" but......it's explained in the article above and i believe in the AUPT-3 Intro post by rwhitby). From what I saw, most of the errors were for patches from different feeds or for patches that are now obsolete (e.g: LED blink notifications).

Bottom line is that this was smooth and hassle-free. It took a little time, which had to be expected...especially with close to 100 patches. And Jason, keep up the confident attitude...you've earned it!!

After replay, the call on the field has been overturned...and the AUPT-3 faithful go crazy!! AUPT: 1, Skeptics: 0

Why? I'm not personally upset or anything here - I'm just trying to prevent people from having unrealistic expectations that are coming from being misguided by the devs. What I encountered is exactly what I expected to encounter - but it's a far cry from the rosy picture of smooth sailing that was painted.

Like I said - to me, this was pretty painless. But it certainly wasn't the 'anybody-can-do-it' process that everybody was trying to make it seem like. Perhaps it just struck a nerve - I have worked with lots of young devs where their favorite phrase is 'should work' and it ends up costing everybody time and money because they were too unrealistically over confident.

Again, I am forever grateful for the work that has been done here. And honestly, when I heard that Jason was doing all of this without even a phone in his hands, I almost bought him one myself. Their work here was a huuuuuge factor in my decision on which phone to buy. ...I just don't wanna be here letting people tell fairytales.

I am having the identical situation trying to update preware installed patches as rubyji after the 1.4 update. I hit the "Update All" button but kept getting IPKG error messages and nothing updates.So I tried to update a couple of them manually and get the same errors. Is there anything that can be done as a workaround so I won't need to run the EPR or am I stuck? Right now the patches have disappeared I can't get them to update.

ok. I was worried that this would happen, so I waited until 1.4 came out before putting preware on my new phone. I had preware & patches on another pre, but this one is straigh outta the box.

my question= is preware working successfully with patches & 1.4?
not auto updating patches, but just installing them... Is it working or not?

Happy for those of you that have had a good experience with the update to webos 1.4 and AUPT. Unfortunately I'm not one of those making a smooth transition.

Not only did my patches not carryover but in running the EPR patch I found my Pre only got errors in trying to install any patch of any kind. So in short, I had a newly updated Pre running webOS 1.4 with NO PATCHES installed and yet with Preware I could install no patches without getting the ipk error message.

Needless to say I'm running webOS doctor for my second time. I'd like to note that I'm not bitter about the unsuccessful transfer of my patches as it was likely something buggy in my phone from who knows when, given all the patching I've done over the past 7+ months. I really appreciate all the work of the webOS internals crew and Jason Robitaille. In some odd way I'm looking forward to a fresh start via webOS doctor. Can't wait to get 1.4 running with my favorite homebrew tweaks!

opening preware freezes my pre. too many card/memory critical WTF? this is anything but smooth, guys

I have a similar situation as mjrei - but mine is a total brick, cannot boot at all. Fortunately I did back up all my good stuff but was hoping to not have to redo all the patches that Palm has not yet included. Here's hoping the doctor is in...

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