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What kind of webOS device do you want next? [poll] 113

by Derek Kessler Sat, 31 Jul 2010 3:18 pm EDT

HP printer

HP's been making a lot of noise about building an ecosystem of webOS device. They've talked about tablets and netbooks and printers, oh, and maybe some phones too. But they haven't really laid any public concrete plans as to what is coming next. We have a sneaking suspicion that the overwhelming response to this question is going to be "OMG new smartphone now!", but we thought we'd ask anyway. So, here goes...


Any device will be a sign of advancement of webos. Right? Renders wouldbe nice at this point.

Replace Pre! would be a good start

lets finish what we start first and make webos the best operating system with FLASH!!!

So flash is good and all but that's not the most important thing for WebOS. I hope the first thing they take care of when making the next device is HARDWARE. That would include build quality. People wouldn't be begging for a Pre replacement if Palm got it right the first time. Like I've said before, HP needs to release at least 3 phones with different specs to satisfy the market trends. Basically: smaller phone with slideout portrait keyboard, medium phone with landscape slideout keyboard, and larger phone with touchscreen only. Flash will be a great feature when it comes out but more importantly WebOS needs to have better battery life and handle multitasking better. The last thing that WebOS needs is more apps. Luckily Palm has laid the foundation for developers to create apps and games easily and even faster and easier for devs to transfer apps from the Apple store.

I'd vote twice if I could. Not only do I want a new smartphone but I'd also like a webos tablet with an hdmi out, flash, hulu plus, and a good ereader app.

webOS wall hehe.

So...what should I vote for a PDA? - Is it a phoneless smartphone or an ultra-small tablet (smaller than a DVD-case)? - Aw the choices, the choices...Then again. Who's ever heard of such a stupid idea as a Palm PDA? ;)

new smartphone so I can also laugh at the iphone4 with it

That is the same reason I want a new smart-phone as well. Real multi-tasking is the reason a lot of my friends with iphones would put them away when I pulled out my palm to show off.

Desktop computer PLEASE! I'm glad that more people than me want one! I hope Palm hears me!


No Flash, no MS Office compatible suite. Compared to Windows and OSX, the number of desktop useful webOS apps isn't even a rounding error.

What would you possibly do with a webOS desktop and in what way would it be better than a PC or Mac or even a Linux desktop?

Of all the ways HP could be spending its webOS development time, a desktop version would be the most useless.

+1 banker. i also see no point in a desktop/laptop/netbook when we have other options out there such as Windows, Apple, and as you said even Linux

I don't want one I want a whole line of items to come out. I want atleast two new phones, and get rid of stupid phones like the pixi that are underpowered and good for nothing, now that Palm is on the big three I want to make sure that they release the phones on the big three no more exclusives.

I want the Palm Pad, WebOS laptop that the screen can swivel and turn into a tablet PC and the WebOS printer, I want to see HP pull out all the stops and blow Apple and Droid out of the water. This is the only way that WebOS will get what it deserves RESPECT!!!!

I want a webOS device that'll make the friggin' fanboys shut the hell up.

Smartphone!!! Majority really want's a Smartphone for the latest WebOS version. Just add a 'lil toughness on its hardware I will be extremely happy- 200% satisfied. Go WebOS!!!

I voted for a smartphone, printer, and of course the toaster.

but seriously. a pre2 or something. i do like the form factor, just need a bigger screen. 3.5"? not a fan of the huge screens out there (4+). i think the iphone screen is just the right size for me.

and hp is really good with printers. hope a new line of webos enabled printers come out. printing a PDF right from the phone. woot.

and waking up to freshly made toasts/bagels... all programmed from your phone lmao. haha.

of course some new phone hardware, but would really like to see convertible... heck, maybe just throw webos on the lenovo s10-3t and we'd have something!

How is Toaster not getting more votes?? Imagine webOS trailblazing a new undiscovered path into the world of Toasting computing. Now that is a future that I can get excited about!

and a webOS based food printer/toaster combo... I'd like to be able to slide a picture of a nice toasty english muffin off my pre and have the toaster feed the printer for buttering.

I want a webOS smartphone so i can stop squinting at my Pre, have more of the cool apps that i crave...when the does the porting start? I want everything that the sheep and the robots have, but webOS makes it a thousand better with REAL multitasking. I want it now!!! I agree with the post above we deserve respect for coming up with the innovations that quietly dominate the industry.

It would also be extremely awesome on a TV. Think about it. You could simulate a whole lot of the gestures with something similar to a wiimote. Not sure how well it'd work, but you could flip back and forth between a browser and a movie or two with ease.

People should think about like this: This is a lightweight and modular linux distro with a wicked simple and intuitive interface. Linux can play video pretty well, in fact, there are a lot of very nice Linux media center configurations out there. The dumb TV should go the way of the dodo and I shouldn't have to run cables from a PC into it to do something that it really should be able to do out of the box in one unit. webOS also can run 3d games. I know I'd drop bank for a TV that can actually be something far more than just a TV reliant on me paying 40 bucks a month for cable or buying some 400 dollar game console or hooking my PC up to it.

+1 with link cabilities to a webos phone or tablet. There could be pretty cool games and applications built for the tv that use the phone/tablet as a controller.

Well...I'm extremely happy with my Evo and Android 2.2....BUT I really like the look and feel of webOS and would love to be able to use it on a regular basis. That, plus the fact that I'd die before I use an iPad or Windows tablet, plus the fact that having an Android tablet AND an Android phone is sorta dumb makes me really want to see a webOS tablet.

That said, I think adding more smartphones would be a great way to push developers into building up the amount of available apps, thus benefiting the entire webOS ecosystem:)

I'm really excited about WebOS being developed into other devices besides smartphones. But, I stick to a new smartphone for sure.

The upcoming BlackBerry 9800 to me is what the construction of the Palm Pre should've been like. If anything, I only have complaints about the hardware feeling plasticky. But seen the recent design route HP has taken with their laptop materials, I wouldn't doubt the smartphones being designed under that philosophy either.

So long story short. HP & Palm, a new smartphone would be appreciated.

Couldn't agree more. That BB 9870 is a work-of-art!

At this point I'd settle for the Pre Plus on Sprint.

This waiting is really dragging on...

I voted anything...the more prolific the OS,regardless the hardware; the more apps, developers, and lifespan of what I truly believe is the most elegant of the "mobile" operating systems. I have an iPhone too, and it seems clunky and counterintuitive compared to my Pre. The Pre is truly one-handable, while the iPhone requires two for many tasks! But their hardware is kick ass!

Phone please. It's always with us and arguably the most important device used throughout the day. Tablets still seem like luxery device, I still need to see how WebOS looks on a netbook with a mouse and keyboard before I'm convinced of that, and desktop/printers don't make any sense to me.

Phone please. It's always with us and arguably the most important device used throughout the day. Tablets still seem like luxery device, I still need to see how WebOS looks on a netbook with a mouse and keyboard before I'm convinced of that, and desktop/printers don't make any sense to me.

Is this printer in the photo printing a sneak peak of the new webOS smartphone?!?! ;)

They do have Palm written on the back and it looks like webOS on the screen. Wonder if that pic is from HP or something PreCentral made up.

OMG... Why didn't I notice that? I' m blowing the pix up now and getting out the magnifying glass ...and the drool towel!

they need a dual release of the new Palm Pre2 and Palm Pad. That would get lots of hype forsure. World release as well. I'm not waiting 3 months after USA. Version 2.0 to be released same time just like IOS4 did.

There will be so much to talk about If they do a dual release.

also they need to announce some type of store. HP Store. So I have one place to go and get my stuff.

they need a dual release of the new Palm Pre2 and Palm Pad. That would get lots of hype forsure. World release as well. I'm not waiting 3 months after USA. Version 2.0 to be released same time just like IOS4 did.

There will be so much to talk about If they do a dual release.

also they need to announce some type of store. HP Store. So I have one place to go and get my stuff.

Smartphone then Toaster.

I want the toaster to come with movable type heating coils so I can have all my twitter, RSS news feeds burned into my two morning slices. Front and back toast printing prefered.

I would love to see a netbook or pad type device. I just hope that you can make it sync with the Pre (or whatever other palm devices you have)

Im a heavy user of my Pre in my business, but when I get home I really want a full keyboard and large screen. It would be fantastic if I could manipulate all my data from different sized input devices.

naw, top that. New Pre, new webOS slate & capabilities to print to an HP webOS printer. Bye-bye desktops...

naw, top that. New Pre, new webOS slate & capabilities to print to an HP webOS printer. Bye-bye desktops...

especially if your data is saved in the cloud.

i just want web os 1.45 in the usa is that to much to ask for. ill have 2.2 on my evo before that happens

Doubt EVO will go 2.2 with most Evo owners doing the 12 month upgrade in 2011. And EVO being a Sprint-only device, I don't see any motivation for Google. Heck, their own G1 is still at 1.6. There you go. Good luck.

The fact is, 2.2 has already been leaked and applied to many EVOs. Sprint has announced the official release will start on august 3rd.

"Sprint will begin sending update notifications to users in waves beginning Tuesday, Aug. 3 and the upgrade should be available for all HTC EVO 4G users by the middle of August."


I am loving my now updated 2.2 EVO. The Pre is better at Bluetooth and switching applications, but that is SO INCONSEQUENTIAL to the benefits that the EVO has over the Pre. Their is no latency with this phone like the Pre. The apps are fantastic. The hardware does not fall apart. While I thought I would miss the physical keyboard, the onscreen keyboard applications are fantastic. They practically read your mind and complete all the words while you type.

Palm needs to bump memory, processor, if they want to stay in this game. Based on the exodus of their top talent, I think the writing is on the wall.

Ummm...Evo just got it.

Finally android delivered an upgrade. I never understood why froyo didn't come onboard at launch. Might have goosed some of the trial guys into staying. Thanks for the update.

Froyo was released after the EVO and many of the recent Android devices hit the market. Other devices coming to the market are already being tested by the carriers and will likely not launch with Froyo because of that. I suspect those devices that are early enough in their pre-release life will launch with Froyo.

>>Initial release 21 October 2008 (2008-10-21)
Latest stable release 2.2 (Froyo) / 20 May 2010; 2 months ago (2010-05-20)

Nothing wrong with your dates, you've just left out some important info. FroYo's source was released on 6/23/10. The EVO and many other devices were either already released or very late in their pre-release life.

All of your dates refer to non-final releases of FroYo. I don't think the full consumer base of any smartphone (not talking about us tech-geek types) would want to purchase a device that used pre-final-build versions of the OS.

Since software and hardware are done by different parties, a reasonable gap is to be expected in product updates. That's a good or bad thing depending on your point of view. There are pros and cons to the Apple/Palm approach as well. In the end, the consumer gets more choices and that, in my book, is a win.

Just voted Smartphone & Tablet (I really could use both right now) but are they listening? Are they going to give us something to look forward to, are they afraid to say "2011" or are they going to drop something new and big on us with a big "Boo! Ha! Ha!". Either way the lack of concrete news is frustrating to say the least.

The other day the bus was pretty late. I got tired of waiting and decided to start walking. Fifteen minutes later and halfway to the train station the bus zooms by me fast, like it was late. I was kind of expecting that but I understood they had no way to tell me what the hold-up was.

Also, is it selfish of me to expect a discount coupon on the next hardware for existing, dedicated and patient Palm users?

everybody wants a smartphone and its pretty obvious they had no plans of releasing one this year smh

Pretty obvious based on.... What exactly?

why is there no choice for a brick? With enough overclocking, we could make those ourselves! :-)

they need a dual release of the new Palm Pre2 and Palm Pad. That would get lots of hype forsure. World release as well. I'm not waiting 3 months after USA. Version 2.0 to be released same time just like IOS4 did.

There will be so much to talk about If they do a dual release.

also they need to announce some type of store. HP Store. So I have one place to go and get my stuff.

A 7ish inch WebOS tablet is all I really want.

NO...if we get a tablet the same time as the phone it has to be at least 10". I guarantee Rim, and Android are doing the same. we should have a 10.3"

A new smartphone please! More Apps and PalmOS's calendar! With Bluetooth/WiFi/USB synch. It's a great OS but uptake has been too slow and they removed the BEST of Palm's old OS

it would be great if the PalmPad was your phone as well. have a earphone jack and bluetooth abilities then i am SET. a Pre2 would be nice too

Whoever voted for anything other than a phone is a dufus. This is PRE Central for crap's sake.

nice pic on the printer. looks like it might be a slider, a little wider and the back looks matte, could it be the Pre 2?????

3 phones, veritcal and horizontal sliders and a touch only. touch screen only phone with at least a 4" screen. Ill probably take the touch only or horizontal slider

could they get their hands on the hummingbird you think or will samsung not let those go?

Toaster? Seriously? NOT funny.

I want a webos media player, a webos DSLR camera, a webos pc keyboard so that when windows starts to f***^ I can look down to a webos screen on my keyboard and do something else while I wait.

I have also long dremt about DLSR with an operating system that has at least some amount of openness.

But the new Pre should come with police radar detector and walkie-talkie built-in.

OK, here it is.....
I want a WebOS phone and WebOS Tablet that work together wirelessly like on AVATAR. When you swipe a card to the left it will wirlessly swipe that application over to my tablet and visa versa.

toaster with a touchstone.

maybe the toaster can be the touchstone. golden brown toast as you charge it.

Honestly, I've been happy with the hardware on my Pre. What I've most wanted on it hasn't been new hardware, but software, especially a more complete office suite than Scratch and better options for an RDP client than running an outdated PalmOS one through Classic.

Give me both of those, though, and the thing I'd want most in terms of hardware would be a new tablet, something the size of, say, the Kindle 2. A "PalmPad" doesn't need to be the size of an iPad to be useful, and one of the things that's caused me to hold off on an iPad is the size (Apple's restricted ecosystem is a whole other issue).

Give me a PalmPad I can throw in a pocket like my Kindle 2, with and an office suite and RDP client, and I've got a perfect replacement for my netbook - all the software I need in a form factor big enough to use easily but small enough to be easily carried.

It's a sad day for me but I think it has come time to switch to the EVO. I've supported the Pre from day one and I've convinced many friends to buy it, but every time I see those friends they fill me in on all the issues they are having with it. The screen is way too small to do anything cool with it and it's just too darn slow even though I have it running at 800 MgHz. HP isn't giving me any thing to keep me my inrerest in Palm so HTC here I come...

Pancho... It is a very sad day for you indeed.
Thanks for hanging in there and suffering soo long with webOS.
It sounds like you are making a sound decision. Why wait to see what HP Palm releases before buying the Evo? There is no way it will be better than Evo.

Buyers remorse... never.

Good Luck with The Evo!

A sad day is when you stand around the stagnant swamp hoping the growing decay stench will start to smell better. Sorry but I'm also not feeling like Pre is going anywhere. I still have mine, it does a lot of what I want it to do, but it is getting long in the tooth.

And I've been down this road with Helio, holding on to the belief that something good was going to happen, and then an Ocean 2 that was 18 months late to the part and was a failure. I fear it will be the same with HP. I work in the tech industry, the supposed phone Palm was supposed to release should have been out already. By the time it hits the market, if it ever does, it will seem out of date on day one. And it will be 12-16 months before HP has a new phone out. It takes time to cook these things and HP is a corporation, there is nothing but red tape to bringing a product to market not to mention the delays the acquisition adds to the mix.

EVO and Epic are looking mighty tempting. Like Mulder, I want to believe, but the silence from HP is making it hard.

its a phone.
If the pre is sooo painful... make the jump now. Dont go down that road again....especially if your logic compares HP and Helio.

My pre is still more than taking care of my needs. It does a great job of texting, emails, and making phone calls. I will survive.

I will wait... then make my choice.

Make sure you stick around and let us know How your Evo is doing....
like every other Evo owner who keeps an eye on this site... waitng for the news of the next webOS device to drop... and let the buyers remorse sink in.

Its a 1 to 2 year contract.... sign it already.

Most EVO buyers do not have buyer's remorse. Also, there are a few of us, myself included, that stick around precentral.net (really webOS central) and many other tech sites because we are interested in tech.

most LOL!
In the meanwhile... you and others like you will get your rocks off rubbing evo hardware in our face. I respect your decision to tune into one of the best tech sites around . I do not respect your need to put down pre any chance you get.
The next line of webOS products will be sick. I will sign into my PALM PROFILE and transfer over all of my apps to those new devices.... and be happy as hell that i waited.

here is the big difference.... You felt the need to jump. You now feel the need to put down the pre. your options are now limited.
I have chosen to wait. "If" the next webOS line of devices suck( and i am really stretching here), i will go buy what ever flavor of the week droid is available at the time.... and still have a better, newer droid phone than the evo ( imo).

Yes, most, as in majority. I don't think there is a product in existence where 100% of the buyers are 100% satisfied, so yes, "most".

I was going to comment on the rest of your rant, but since I don't participate in general pre (or any device) bashing, I figured you weren't really speaking to me.

i stand corrected ... you are not a basher. You are a traitor ;-) j/k

You dont bash.. but yo do defend/support your new choice android on this site....
you do keep it respectful.... so you are right, not speaking to you.

Dont buy too many android apps... because you will be switching back to webOS sooner than you think ;-)

LOL. Nah, not a traitor at all. I have no loyalty to any company; I'm a consumer. Companies need to earn my cash as I own them nothing.

Also, I don't "defend" android here, I simply try to correct what I see as miss-information. I do the same when people saw the wrong things about webOS. I do it because I hate it when I come across bad information when I'm researching a product for purchase, so if I know something factual, I share it. Hopefully it helps others. It's for the benefit of potential consumers and not for the companies. Let them market their own dang products (well...unless they want to pay me to defend them). ;-)

Dont buy too many android apps... because you will be switching back to webOS sooner than you think ;-)

Hey, you never know. ;-) All I can say is that HP will have to earn my money just as any other company would. When my contract is up, I'll re-evaluate my needs and see what's available to meet them. Maybe the EVO will still fit. Maybe the super new Andorid/iOS/webOS device or whatever. What it won't be is something based on a feeling that I must support a particular company.

good for you.

I think the "feeling to support a company" is being directed at me... So let me explain my "support" for palm/ webOS.
I like options. I love the options webOS provides to me.
when things were getting really dark around here... I started to get worried about the survival of palm and webOS. All of the sudden, the comments/ put downs that I used to read on this site on a daily basis since july 09 and blow off... Really started to piss me off.
I chose to support a struggling company... Palm, to do my part to help it succeed. I posted on this site, facebook, all over... Supporting pre and webOS. Did I think it would make a difference.... Didn't care. I was doing my part to support it..
I didn't want to lose webOS.
what I find ubsurd

It wasn't directed at you, but I hear what you're saying.

As long as the droid-of-the-week buyers come here, looking for validataion, I'll know it's just good hardware with substandard o/s and UI. They have to come here, because a week after they buy, something better in the droid family keeps them from getting validated in the tiny insecure droid community. And they have to come in here constantly to see was evolutionary things are here or coming,so they can make that transition back to an evolutionary o/s.

To clarify, it has nothing to do with validation, I'm still using my Pre. I really liked the evolutionary features of the Pre when it came out, but a lack of $$ and an acquisition have stalled the development. In the meantime, the "substandard OS/UI" is making some serious headway and getting planted on nice hardware with lots of custom software goodness.

In the meantime, Pre's development is stagnant. There are big gaps in what I need and I see them on other vendor phones. Voice dialing. Camera/video setting controls. Voice recorder. Skype integration. VPN client. Couple that with the fear and uncertainty about what HP is going to do, and you have a recipe for mass exodus.

I'm sticking with my Pre for now but the clock is ticking. I want to know what HP is going to do. I want to believe. The track record isn't promising; 1.4.5 still has us holding our breath. And flash is still nothing more than just a promise. I think the record is enough to give most people pause. Except for the Loyalista Fanaticas.

I think you are a year away from seeing anything new in hardware from HP. You might see what Palm seems to have had in the pipe prior to the acquisition, but at this point, my bet is it will be out of date IF they bring it to market.

I really want Palm/HP to succeed. They just aren't doing a lot to convince me they will. Please Palm/HP, knock my socks off. The phone revolution continues yet all I see is you on the sidelines.

I love coming on here just to bash kool-aid drinking Pre fans who bash anybody that has anything negative to say about their beloved WebOS device. I gave Palm EVERY opportunity to earn and keep my business. All I got was broken promises and a phone with some nice features that could not keep up with the processor and memory included.

Android is growing exponentially now. Where TV ads would promote a companys Iphone app, they now promote both the Iphone and the Android app.

I don't wish anything ill on Palm, but right now they are getting beat badly in the marketplace.

You tried. When HP energizes the WebOS platform all your recruits will let you know how cool it is. The nine months of envy you'll experience will just fly by as you work up to your next upgrade from the droid of the week. Don't worry, HP will take great care of the Palm faithful, we'll be fine and we won't pick on you.

New phone with a snapdragon processor or hummingbird processor; clocked at least at 800Mhz stock. SD card slot, at least 5 Megapixel camera, dual LED flash, and a front-facing camera.

I was going to vote toaster but I believe that palm needs more of a market share, not before they branch out, but before they branch out that far.

New phone with a snapdragon processor or hummingbird processor; clocked at least at 800Mhz stock. SD card slot, at least 5 Megapixel camera, dual LED flash, and a front-facing camera.

Something exactly like the Samsung Epic 4g.

Oh, wait that'll be out in 3 weeks! Go me!

I first want a new smartphone, then I want both a tablet and a netbook, so I guess that means I want a webOS net-vertible, if that's what it's still called.

Or, wild as this may be, a webOS netbook with identical screens on either side of the lid.

i like it when people leave. makes the wait shorter WHEN the new unit comes out PLUS less people on the carrier so it doesnt bog down

I want webOS on a CareBot.
Checkout Gecko Systems.com..WOW!
HP go partner with this Sprint connected device!
watch the video..

give me a new webOS smartphone..... Then give me a tablet for christmas.... And I will forgive the long ass wait for new news ;-)

2Ghz processor
ARM Preps 2-GHz, Multicore Chips for Smartphones

2Gb DDR2 mem
Micron Introduces 2-Gigabit Low-Power DDR2 Memory for Smartphones and Tablet PCs

Im ok with carrying a 12 volt Battery...
Odyssey PC2250 Battery
PHCA - 5 seconds
CCA at 0

Tablet all the way. The Pre is an awesome phone as is. Maybe the Pre2 or what ever might be faster with more storage, but the form factor is great. Give me something NEW.

Just the fact that there has to be a poll like this scares the crap out of me ... Why is HP dragging it's darn feet. Makes me worried that they are going in a completely different direction than Palm would have been had they the financial strength to continue independently.

Why not...... and this would blow your mind...... have a tablet that you can dock your new hp pre phone to and be able to use sprints network on your tablet? Holy crap......

flash please!

I want a smartphone that can be docked to a desktop keyboard and screen so that you can use it as a desktop computer. Can you imagine it working like a smartphone when it's not docked then into a full blown desktop computer when docked?

webOS protective cup. also, webOS prophylactics made with flexible display material.

I would most definitely want a new smartphone. Honestly, the only reason I have a Pixi is because Sprint was offering them for free. And I didn't upgrade because I want a horizontal slider. As much as I love WebOS, I will give away my device soon and get an Epic if HPPalm doesn't reveal detailed news, with specs and date, on a new device soon.

While most would like a Pre2, I would prefer an all new design, a horizontal slider, called the HP Bridge. It could be marketed based around something like: bridging Palm WebOS with HP's quality hardware, destined to take you on a journey worth experiencing. Call me if utilize this idea, I want a royalty or some type of compensation!

Why only these kind of devices?

Why not...
.- In a CAR (for the radio, a/c, rest of stuff!)
.- In a BOAT (lot of systems to control!)
.- Motorhome
.- DVD player
.- Main panel of a domotic home
.- (I have more ideas. Just ask!)

Man go back to the old Treo form factor with a powerful processor and a lot of storage, Web os is the best operating system hands down, but the design of the phones and limited apps is what is killing palm/hp.. Fix that and you got a winner. No sliders and please dont make an all touch screen phone, they SUCK!!!!

Some people want a slab and others want something with a physical kbd. I say make both and cover your bases.

SPAM!? I dont't like SPAM!......

i want a toothbrush with webos and a touchstone. think of the possibilities!!

and how about a webos powered universal tv remote?

and dont forget the webos socks, paper towel dispenser, and steak knife.

i have plenty of ideas if anyone's interested.

I'll have a toaster soon enough if I keep overclocking. ;) Seriously, like everyone else... New hardware please. I just can't wait! I need it bad, but I'm not going to Android unless all else fails.

I want to see a car dash and a fridge dash.

But whatever happens, it needs to happen soon. I just found out that Android has a web app that I can use to develop Android apps. This is enticing to me. I don't know how to code, but I know how to design and I know how to use "pull down" logic. WebOS is falling behind in this regard, and my patience is fading.

you sir, FAIL. have u ever heard of Project Ares? the little website that allows one to make programs for webos from your browser? NO? that's why you fail. palm had that way before android stole the idea and is now doing it too.

again, sir, fail.


If you're gonna say Android stole it, then you must admit that Palm stole it as well since the concept of using a web app to build software (especially web-based software) has been around for quite some time. I've used one or two over the years (not just in the mobile space).

Both companies "adopted" it for their platform. As a developer, that stuff is only good for prototyping rather than producing final products.

All you people arguing about WebOS is better than Android, or visa versa are just sad to me. It's a phone. Not that important in the great scheme of things. You get angry at each other over what? Because someone has a better phone than you?

I'm a Pre owner and have been for a year. I think it's awesome and when the new hardware comes out I'll be very excited to see what HPalm comes up with. I've also helped my cousins and a couple friends root their Android devices (Hero, Moment, and an Evo) and I have to tell you that Android is awesome too.

I've said before that I'm not switching from my Pre for quite a while. It suites my wants and needs perfectly. Everyone should look at their device and decide, does this suit my purposes? If it does great shut up and be happy, if not, find something that does. If that means jumping ship from WebOS to Droid go for it.

I'm just happy there are serious competitors for IOS out there. I've always been a big fan of the open source community and I'm glad it has carried over to the phone world.

On the webOS Toaster, what's the gesture to eject the toast? A swipe up?

Yes. Wavy bar is the darkness settings. Re-toast is a back swipe or down swipe. Remember, never use a fork to dislodge a piece of toast unless you're in airplane mode.

lmao at toaster with airplane mode. i wanna play need for speed while waiting on my toast.

I don't just want any smartphone. I want a PrEVO. I want a phone with all of the horsepower and sexiness of the evo with the elegance of the webOS operating system. Toss in a separate GPU just for kicks and giggles and start getting some developer support and I might think about dumping my two-month-old evo and Android to go back to Palm and WebOS.