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What's New in webOS 1.3.1 118

by Dieter Bohn Sun, 15 Nov 2009 10:41 pm EST

What's new in webOS 1.3.1? In a nutshell, Yahoo Synergy, tweaks to the messaging app (forwarding!), adjustments to PIN settings, some improvement to the music player, some performance improvements (but nothing that will blow your mind), and some underpinnings for things like the Facebook app and the ability the change default apps.

What's not new? Most of the rest of the OS, including Media Sync not working with iTunes 9.0.2.

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Yahoo in Synergy

The biggest feature in webOS 1.3.1 is that Yahoo has been added to Synergy, meaning that you can now sync your contacts, calendar, email, and IM buddies list from the service. YahooIM also now works in webOS for everybody (instead of the strangely lucky few). I'm no longer a heavy Yahoo user so I can't comment extensively on it, but I did hook up my old account and it seems to work. The ability to switch between SMS and multiple types of IM in the same threaded message view is as grand as it ever was.

As an aside, at this point we are in serious need to a unified Synergy preferences app. Adding and managing accounts is spread across Contacts, Calendars, Email, Tasks, and Messaging. More granular control is necessary - I want contacts from three of them, just IM on some of them, just email from another, and so on. A feature I'd like to see Palm steal from Google is more control over which contacts are pulled in from Facebook (and I'll add LinkedIn): the ability to only sync contacts that are already present in your address book. Palm's given us the tools to suck in a huge amount of data from the cloud, now we need tools to better manage that information.

User Interface Features

Tapping on a text message or IM pops up a menu to allow you to forward, copy text, or delete a single message. Hooray? Hooray!

In the music player, when you hold your finger down on the fast forward or rewind button, a 'scrubber' pops up so you can drag it along to the part of the song or podcast you're looking for. Glad to see this finally arrive.

In the category of often-request features, there are improvements to the PIN behavior. You can now set your PIN to be any arbitrary length (I stopped at 20 digits). More importantly, there is now a "Lock After" feature you can set anywhere from "Screen turns off" to 30 minutes.

There are now placeholder images for flash elements on web pages instead of big blank spaces. If those flash elements are YouTube videos, there is a nice preview image that you can click on to view the video in the YouTube app. (This blogger is pleased that he no longer will need to manually insert a YouTube link on every YouTube video). Full Flash support, as we reported yesterday, will come in "early 2010."

webOS 1.3.1 does not fix iTunes Sync. Make of that what you will.

Under the Hood

Palm has also told me that the 'underpinnings' necessary for the Facebook app are also in 1.3.1. That app is not included on the device by default (a mistake, in my opinion), but once you have a device that's been updated to 1.3.1, you can get it from the App Catalog. A full review of the Facebook app can be found here.

Speaking of the App Catalog, it now filters apps so only the apps that are compatible with the Pixi appear there. If you have apps backed up to your Palm Account (i.e. if you're switching), they will re-download, even if they're not Pixi compatible - see Derek's post for more on this. Not Pixi compatible as of this writing: the Classic PalmOS emulator.

One thing I'm excited to see is a new option in the Launcher called "Default Apps" that, while grayed out now, someday will allow you to choose which apps handle the following:

  • Phone Numbers (Hello Improved Google Voice Integration!)
  • Addresses (Defaults to Google Maps, theoretically you could send them to Sprint Nav)
  • Email Addresses (Somebody write me a real Gmail client posthaste)
  • Web Links (Hi Apple, Palm's cracking the door open for alternative browsers like Opera Mini.)

The same screen also lets you set the default app for a large array of file extensions, opening the door for alternative music players, video players, document editors, etc.

Besides the ability to download the Facebook app, there are no new apps in webOS 1.3.1 and only a smattering of inconsequential changes beyond the above mentioned items - at least that I can find. 'Orange' + Tap on an icon still gives you the option to delete 3rd party apps, but now it also shows you the size.

Bluetooth (on the Pixi at least) appears to have received a bunch of fixes as well. On the Pre I've never been able to get A2DP Bluetooth stereo to work with my car stereo (AVRCP controls worked fine). The Pixi pulls it off without a hitch.

With a couple exceptions, speed isn't significantly improved (more on that in our full review). There are a raft of other much-desired features missing here as well, but still and all, it's webOS and I'm rather fond of it.



YAY no more iTunes syncing!! Maybe we will get our own media sync software!

Speak for yourself. I want iTunes syncing. I don't want top have a different media sync software and I'm not going to install one. For me this is a make or break. I will sadly leave the Pre for an iPhone if there is no iTunes sync by the time my contract is up.

Please stop being selfish and think of those of us who run OSX. It's ok it you don't like iTunes, no one is making you use it, but please be considerate of those who need it.

I don't want top have a different media sync software and I'm not going to install one.

please be considerate of those who need it

You are contradicting yourself. You don't want to install a different software, but yet you need iTunes? You don't need iTunes, you just don't want to use anything else, as you said yourself.

"Those who need it" are those who choose to be shackled by the whims of the Apple product line. I snark, but it's true. That's their business model, it sorta works, and it's their prerogative, but the need for third party syncing is on Apple, not Palm.

So no hard feelings because I understand the allure of the Apple experience, but exclusivity to the occasional point of abuse is part and parcel if you want that to be seamless. I'm glad to see the battle's ending, but it was still nice to see Palm take a crack at it.

(Don't mean to sound harsh. I love my Apple brethren.)

You can still sync your pre with iTunes, just get an older version of itunes. I saw this coming, and just never opt to update at every startup. Simple fix.

I couldn't agree more. I hate people who act like syncing with iTunes is such a bad thing and they thing everyone should drop it, but i also hate people who act like every time apple comes out with a stupid update palms needs to come out with a fix right away.

If you're that stupid to update itunes every time they come out with an update (which basically they're updating it to break the palm sync) then you deserve to sit on the sidelines crying like a little baby. As for the people who trash talk and say it's a waste for palm to sync with itunes, have fun with your stupid other media syncs and leave the others alone who don't want to follow your foot steps.

It's that simple.

What I hear you saying is, "I'm going to let Apple tell me what kind of phone I can use. If Apple wants to say, 'You can only use the iPhone,' then I will obey."

And when you say, "Please be considerate of those who need it," you are saying this to the wrong person. You need to direct that statement at Apple, who is the one and only entity that keeps breaking iTunes sync with 3rd party devices.

Sorry to be harsh, but you should have thought about that before shackling yourself to itunes. Every other media device under the sun is perfectly content to behave as a mass storage device, or even MTP (I personally don't like the latter). You just put your stuff in folders however you'd like to organize it, and drag it to the device. Repeat for whatever computers / devices you own, with whatever mix of stuff on each. Is that so difficult?

Personally, I would never buy compressed music in an ever-changing format either. I'd much rather have the original stuff, uncompressed, to re-encode as needed in the future. I'd pay for FLAC. Never for mp3, aac, wma, whatever.

There is a program I use called DoubleTwist that has so far worked for me without a problem. movies, video clips, music, etc.

SCREW Itunes.

DoubleTwist is a great solution and will work from now until forever with all of your music. including iTunes store purchases. If you are familiar with using iTunes, you shouldnt have a problem using Twist

I've also found that Windows Media Player and several free media players on Ubuntu (and Windows) will sync flawlessly (just select "USB", not "Media"). I buy most of my music DRM-free from Amazon and have a big problem with Apple's "business" model. What business do they have in dictating that you have to buy their player/phone???

If iTiunes synch was that important then (a) perhaps you should have purchased an iPhone and (b) don't upgrade your version of iTunes and the synch will work fine.

I don't believe that the latest version has much to offer the non-iDevice owner anyway.

iTunes is the Windows 3.1/Window 95 of a generation that is clueless on file systems and the basics of computer ownership. OWNERSHIP. take ownership of your electronic devices.

Click File > Save ummmmmm - ahhhhhhh - where did it go; where did it go? (say that in the voice of Goliath of Davey and Goliath fame).

On a Pre with 1.3.1 the app catalog does not show a Facebook application.

Probably because it's not in the App Catalog yet. Just having 1.3.1 doesn't mean that Palm has made the app available to all.

We still can't change that damn DA-DOING sound?

Not without homebrew.

I'm not savvy enough to mess with homebrew apps and themes, but I've been complaining about not having the ability to set different alert sounds for different functions. Why can't palm add this functionality. Even my crappy old Katana let me choose what kind of sound was played when I received a text message.

Homebrew is not as hard as you think or even as hard as other phones. If you follow the guides provided here on precentral.net and other sites like webOS internals you should be able to do it with very little knowledge of what your doing. Also it is just a one time thing that needs to be done to install certain apps that can then get you the apps and patches you desire. Also remember too that you can't really brick a Pre since you can always you webOS doctor and several other services to re-flash the phone with stock webOS.

Even if homebrew isn't as hard as I imagine, I don't really think it is something I should have to use. Palm should incorporate the options. I don't want to have to "remove all tweaks" every time there is an update. It seems like it would be just as annoying to have to install and uninstall all of the homebrew apps every time there is a new update. It would be much more efficient if Palm were to incorporate the homebrew features.

I had homebrew on my Pre within 10 min. with NO problem. MY issue was a java thing on my MAC.

TRUST ME when I say there are patches you can be using on your phone that you will find yourself asking why Palm has not added this stuff already.

I'm not sure what DA-DOING sound you're referring to, because I've disabled all system sounds.

You could do the same if you don't like the system sounds. I never have liked them on any phone.

Yay! And when is webOS 1.3.1 available? It will update the Pre too, right? Or is this just an update for the Pixi?

There is an article posted just prior to this, which gives details regarding the 1.3.1 update and expected days/dates. http://www.precentral.net/webos-131-hit-sunday

the "default apps" news makes me think webos is heading in the right direction. hopefully we'll see more soon :)

We still can't change that damn DA-DOING sound?

You mean to tell me that after almost half a year, we're STILL stuck with that same da-doing alert for EVERYTHING????

i'm not and have not had that sound since after the first month. get with the program

LOL Yeah get with it....... the homebrew stuff is not hard at all PPL

What about the CALENDAR.

Some very nice additions! Can't wait for the update!

With the new 'lock after' option, I'll be able to re-enable my PIN. Lock at same time of screen blank was quite annoying. Thank you!

Default apps are definitely going to be a great thing! Thanks for doing the right thing, Palm. You rock!

I'm hoping for some improvements in synergy with google calendar and contacts soon, too.

How about manually editing carrier settings, apn's?

How hard is it to enable different sounds for different alerts? Do i have to reach for my phone everytime? Emails I consider less important that Texts.

It is inexcusable that they have not added this feature yet. Make sure you keep complaining with me, and maybe they will fix this.


Agreed, between the App limit issue and that damm sound I can't change, I'm gonna go nuts!

The Moto CLIQ looks tempting.... If it comes out on Sprint this Summer, I might give Android a "look see"

Come on, Palm, incorporate these homebrew patches into webOS and fix the App limit issue, and we'll all be happy campers. :-)

I really hate to say this, because I love my Pre, but any update, IMO, that doesn't include the abolition of the app install limit is a complete and total FAIL, because it doesn't help anything to have the ability to set default apps if you can't install new apps on the damn phone.

I don't complain about things like video recording and the lack of Flash, because those were never part of the phone, but when you advertise a phone as being 8GB, and don't state a separate "app space" limit, the user (me, in this case) has every reason to believe that all user-addressable space can be used for applications.

Palm needs to get on the ball with this. The next update, if this article is accurate, isn't really 1.3. It's more like 1.2.2.

The only thing that keeps this update from being insulting is that it's free.

Actually, 1.3.1 is correct. The convention is rollout.release.build - the difference is as follows:

*Rollouts are huge obvious changes to the entire way the device works - or phases of new functionality (I'm actually thinking the use of the GPU will be this)
*Releases include new features, but not big enough to substantiate a new rollout
*Builds are just bug fixes

Okay. I can see how the inclusion of Yahoo in Synergy justifies terming this as a release, then. Everything else just screams "build", though, doesn't it?

I guess I'm just a little ticked because this is the first time I've felt short-changed by a Pre update. Being able to forward texts is nice and all, but it's really old news, when patches are taken into account.

Not just Yahoo Synergy, but the framework for the browser to support Flash and other stuff is pretty big. Unfortunately, there are many things behind the scenes in 1.3 that aren't very visible. But Palm is doing what they said they would do, steadily work towards their plan.

It is unfortunate that the App Limit fix didn't make it in this release.

+1 Why isn't the app limit a priority?

Install the homebrew app terminal and mvapp and that will fix your problem. It's so quick and easy to use.

In the terminal you type:

mvapp bulkmv

Then you type Y [enter} until you have enough space.

Your problem might be your E-mail, so you might want to move those too by typing: mvapp le

For more information visit: http://www.webos-internals.org/wiki/Solution_to_App_Catalog_Installation...

The inherit problem of making the user adjust the app limit is that the average user won't make special changes to their phone to enhance basic functionality. And since the average user represents the highest potential for making money for any cell phone company, restricting the app limit means that the apps will not sell as well which means developers will have less interest in developing for WebOS.

Like it or not, that is why Apple is successful. Sheeple don't have to think, they just have to buy. And they do.

I totally agree, installing a homebrew app, simple as it may be, is NOT the right answer.

It's akin to if you bought a car, and it wouldn't go above 30MPH, and you're car friend buddy said "hey, all you have to do is install this new fuel injector". To your buddy that may be the simplest thing in the world, but to me, someone who doesn't know much about cars and doesn't care to, its a ridiculous answer. The car should perform at a level I expected it to when I bought it.

This app limit is a big problem and needs to be resolved sooner than later. I understand it's not an easy technical problem to fix, not to do it properly anyway in the sense that it's safe and reliable and automatic for an end user, but it's got to be addressed (and in fact I know it's being worked on... but I'm dismayed to not see it in 1.3.1 too).

get MVAPP from preware you can fix your app space limit


I don't remember the last time I looked at what new apps are out because I can't ******* instal them

I think I might understand some of the hold-up with this, and if true, it's a lack of creative thought that is causing the problem. Two days ago I had to replace my phone at the Sprint store because the touch screen stopped working. It took about an hour for the Palm Profile to re-download everything onto my phone, and that's with the app limit that already exists. The problem with keeping everything up in the cloud is that 8GB would be a HUGE amount of data to store and then re-download when a phone needed it. Part of the Sprint policy is that they want to make sure your phone is up an running before they let you leave the store, so you can see why this could be a problem. There are a few solutions for this problem:

1) Bring Apps out of the cloud. This works really well for the iPhone (I know, I know, bad word). If Palm is forced to make a media sync app, then this should be part of the solution. It would take a matter of minutes to get the phone back up and running, as opposed to hours (or days if there were no app limits).

2) Allow for a partial restore with the option to re-download apps as part of a full restore later when I'm home.

3) Make the App store responsible for Apps. It shouldn't be that hard for the app store to keep track of the apps I have purchased (downloaded) and allow me the option of putting those back on my phone at any time from a single menu. Have a separate menu somewhere that shows every app I have purchased with an option to re-download those individual apps by checking them off in the list and pressing a download button. If it works like the update app, it'll download the apps as it can (perhaps over the course of several days, if necessary, as we use our phones in between).

Perhaps there's an even more creative solution to these, but I would imagine this is part of why there's an app limit in the first place. That being said, Palm will never be taken seriously as we move into the future with a huge limit on their phones like this.

Good additions, thanks palm! I'm still waiting for better Facebook integration and controls like that of the HTC Hero.

Hey Palm, can we also rev up this Cortex 8 processor soon? Thanks.

How does updating the Pre work with Homebrew apps/patches installed?

I'm assuming that Palm's OS updates will undo most (if not all) patches that have been done, but, will having homebrewed stuff installed totally b0rk the WebOS Update install?

I've only had my Pre for a few weeks and I REALLY love the thing. There's a few things about it that just simply *HAD* to go (Da-Doing!) so I put some patches in.



Remove your theme, then remove your patches. Homebrew is fine.

The problem is that the update is just that, an update. It does not replace every file our your Pre's OS. If a patch touches 10 files, and the update overwrites 5 of those files with new versions they you will potentially (and most likely) be screwed.

So best bet is to remove theme and patches.

You should undo ALL tweaks, but the Homebrew applications will be fine.

I've upgraded with homebrew apps with no problem.


Default apps? Totally unexpected, and totally awesome. :D Complainers be damned.

unkle I give...just give me a real date..Oct09 yea right..


Dieter...you forgot the link to the full facebook review

No raise on App space?!


I know that everyone hates iTunes, but I am not one of them. Although it is a bit of a resource hog, it is still one of the best media organizers out there. I have tried them all and I keep coming back to iTunes. I do use Banshee on Ubuntu though. I will miss the iTunes syncing because it is the only application that truly synchronizes the Pre to your music library. I use several play lists that change hourly and iTunes handles it perfectly. The final reason I stay tethered to iTunes is because I have some AirPort Express devices I want to keep using. I certainly hope that Palm ups the arms race and finds a workaround.

This is great. Two things that get to me is the fact I can't watch youtube videos with the slow internet & googlemaps needs more options like: Streetview, sms or email info, recent history, and other options that other mobile phones have. Still they are doing a great job.

I'd like better Google Maps too, but that is a google issue, not Palm. The Google Maps application is updated over the air and may get more updates whenever the big G sees fit. Last time these updates didn't even show up as an update to the app. They just magically appeared.


With Android picking up steam (e.g., the release of the Droid), I wouldn't count on Google making a lot of updates to the WebOS version of Google Maps. I think any further big improvements are going to have to happen with the aid of homebrew patches and mashups. It's not really in Google's interests to make a lot of improvements, since Google Maps is part of what makes the new version of Android such a big deal (IMO).

I agree that we will see slow development in the area of Google Maps, but that is more a reaction to market share. Android just adds a bit more reason for delay onto the heaps. Google has always been about getting it's software (Read: Ads) out to as many eyeballs as possible. I think we'll see the newer Navigation Google Maps on other OS's...but probably not WebOS for some time.

You can look at the Google Maps versions from iPhone and even WinMo to see the rather stark differences.


Apparently adding Yahoo to Synergy will hopefully fix the authentication issue between Yahoomail and the Pre mail.
I continue to still get these authentication error warning on my Pre, the it doesn't connect to the email servers for updates. Hopefully this will be fixed.

Seriously... by the end of the year I hope that they plan on getting all the big stuff done... which includes major functionality in...

1. Use of the GPU
2. Video Recording

at least those 2 things... PLEASE!!!

Excellent, that's a real nice update, and it appears they are listening to the wants of us out here on the tubes. Can't wait to play with the new update.

Even with the unrealistic expectations of a lot of the customer.. I mean come on enabling gpu access is as simple as uncommenting a line of code right :-)

I understand that a lot of work must go into routing the GPU unit into the OS use but also we are playing catch up with a lot of phones that are out right now. Video recording is on pretty much every phone out right now, and the Pre is especially laggy in a lot of areas that will more than likely speed up as soon as the GPU is put into play. The sooner they catch up the big stuff the sooner Sales go up and more money comes in to upgrade the smaller items like Yahoo Synergy and A not-so-great facebook app.

No, but allowing custom sounds for different notifications is simple -- the homebrew guys can do it.

Allowing more apps to be installed is as simple as resizing a partition....

Should I go on?

So how do you resize a partition on a Pre that a user is using and has full of media? It really is simple, until it isn't. I'm annoyed that it isn't fixed, but it is a major change as far as rolling out and updating phones.

I don't even understand why there's a partition in the first place. Partitions like this haven't made sense for over 30 years (thanks Windows)! Internal memory should be one logical volume, esp since, at it's core, WebOS is Linux.

It has been explained why there's a partition for the apps. If it was in the user partition, then the source code of the apps would be available to anyone who plugs the phone into a computer. Plus you also run the risk then of someone deleting or moving files for apps that shouldn't be. So they put the apps in a separate partition which is invisible to the user to protect the developers and their IP, and to keep people from breaking shit. It makes perfect sense.

I agree w/ this 100% but make the Partition able to resize itself when more room is needed. But I totally agree that it should be on a sep. partition.

Do we know if this update incorporates PUSH mail for Yahoo!?

Yahoo! mail already pushes.

I don't feel this is correct. Can someone else confirm PUSH is already supported via IMAP on the Pre? I personally know it has never worked for me and in several videos on the Pixi it was mentioned PUSH was coming.

Yes, it is currently supported. I have used it myself. However, it does have some issues.

It's a function of IMAP known as IMAP Idle. RIM owns the Push technology, but it's basically the same as Push.

IMAP Idle is currently supported on the Pre and has since day one. As long as the IMAP server you're connecting to supports IMAP Idle, your emails will automatically get pushed to your phone. If your IMAP server does not support IMAP Idle, you'll have to set an interval to have your Pre check for new email.

Do a search on PreCentral for IMAP Idle, you'll get a couple stories talking about it more in-depth.

Thank God for Yahoo! sync. That being said, ever since I re-flashed my phone with WebOSDoctor my Yahoo has been totally hosed. I have checked the forums, but can find no solution. In terms of granular control of what gets imported from where, I don't really need this but I could certainly see why people would want this (especially big users of social networking sites). What I really just want is for my contacts and calendars to not be separate. I want my Yahoo! address book and and my Outlook address book (and calendars) to be the same. In the past, my Treos took care of this for me, syncing back and forth happily. That was nice :).

I would still like to see voice commands for the phone and dialing.

Good to see SMS forwarding is in. I have never forwarded a txt in my life, but at least people will stop complaining.

Voice recording and dialing please. What about message notification light (w/o homebrew)? App limit? C'mon Palm!

I am feeling like part of the prison population in Natural Born Killers where the tension is slowly building and everyone is about to riot.......Seriously.

I am GLAD they are not including Facebook as a default app. I feel that my privacy would be damaged just seeing that icon on my phone.

I am SO glad they are fixing the PIN lock timeout. My exchange server requires a PIN and having to enter it every single freaking time the screen blanked is incredibly irritating.

AMEN. It's about time.

I agree - this drives me nuts as well, so I'm happy to be getting it, too.

...But it makes me wonder: how are they deciding which things to change/fix? I've never even heard about people disliking this, but everywhere you turn somebody wants the LED notifications supported by Palm. Did they choose the PIN fix because it was easier? Probably not - the LED notifications functionality is only commented out... Did they choose the PIN fix because it was more requested? Obviously not...

Perhaps the LED notifications can hurt something else and their QA team hasn't yet gone through it thoroughly... I dunno.

There are loads of people who want the PIN problems fixed, I for one. I don't want to have to enter my PIN every time I use my Pre. There are several forum entries on the PIN problem and even a patch that turns off the PIN requirement entirely. As for support, I imagine that this was fixed quickly because of the business use implications.

Looks like a nice update!

To all those who are not happy with the update. Please buy a phone that makes you happy move to the appropriate forum to complain about that phone. :-)

"That app is not included on the device by default (a mistake, in my opinion), but once you have a device that's been updated to 1.3.1, you can get it from the App Catalog."

that' the way it should be IMHO. do not distribute applications I really do not want to have and must see how I can get rid of it, if they would distributing it automatically.

"A full review of the Facebook app can be found here." (Where?)

I love Yahoo and welcome the addition with open arms. If this update does not fix the app limit I will be extremely frustrated. Actually I've been trying to stay away from Homebrew but after reading these features I think I will try it soon.

some nice features but I'm just about done with palm. i'm not steering anyone to get a pre or pixi because without tweaking it it is crap! Get with it Palm. don't make the home brewers fix your inadequacies. 90% of users don't knowhow to tweak their Pre or Pixi. They are stuck with a phone that doesn't work as every basic phone on the market works (ring tone, app limits, etc...).

Yay, text message forwarding!! Finally, people will stop bitching about the lack of the most ridiculous feature ever. Who the hell forwards text messages anyway?

I wish all the people who are bitching that "their" particular feature isn't included would just get rid of their pre and stfu already.

Anyway, glad to see another update from palm, another step in the right direction.

Asking for features is how you get them added. I wish you would stfu already. Tard.

Where is the link to the Facebook app review??? It states "A full review of the Facebook app can be found here", but "here" isn't a link. :-(

I should have lookd through all of today's posts first... http://www.precentral.net/review-facebook-app-webos

who even uses yahoo anymore? google all the way baby!

the facebook app seems pretty pointless IMO. x.facebook.com does everything that the app will plus more and doesn't eat up any HD space.

does anyone know when the app store is coming out of beta?

Discussed in this article the other day.


Iam also really happy they are not including the facebook app. I don't need anything else installed that I won't use. The app limit really is a big deal and needs to be fixed now. I can't spend any money on apps until I can actually install them.

I honestly couldn't care less about video, but I really want visual voicemail. I love webos and want to support palm over google, but no visual voicemail will drive me to android at some point

Why is there so much opposition to using homebrew apps? If you've got a computer it's almost a no-brainer. And once Preware is on the phone everything can be done from the phone. HB apps GREATLY increase the usability and functionality of the phone, and very often have become offered later in the app catalog. Don't give me the "average users can't do it" excuse

webOS internals / homebrew FTW!

agreed on the "average users" rant. i consider myself fairly well versed in the realm of computing, and it was as easy as : Download, developer mode, plug in, download x2, done. granted, i did have some reservations about using it (worrying about bricking my phone and such), but its all good now

You cannot brick a Pre by using homebrew. You can always use the webOS Doctor to recover your phone to factory condition.

-- Rod

+1 +1 +1 :-D

I am also glad that the facebook app will come 'optional'. I agree with the previous poster... I do not want to have to be looking for a way or a patch to either delete or hide the app that I do not want. +1

however... As of this writing I have 58! patches installed (maybe there people out there with more, but...) and it is a pain in the azz to have to uninstall and reinstall everything every time! If the homebrew guys can make those patches and palm can't than palm should throw some $ their way and make some patches native...

Dieter!! No mention of the app limit being updated? Does that mean it hasn't changed, or that you can't tell if it's changed?

I agree with the others. Without an update to fix the lag, then all other updates are worthless. PALM FIX THE LAG!!!!!!!!

@rc46 dude don't be so harsh on people. When someone drops 200 hundy on a phone they expect the PIM to perfom at least as well as its previous OS phones or as well as Palm has advertised. I am unhappy with this update myself. Of course I will welcome the new additions seeing as I use Yahoo to keep in contact with a couple friends. But consider this, now everyone will have all their yahoo contacts in their contact via synergy. What now? We still can not select who we want to sync. I have a couple hundred facebook contacts that I have for mafia wars, why would I want them in my contacts list? My calendar does not sync properly, the app limit is utter bull crap, lack of options on camera, no video, poor tasks, poor gmail integration, no file transfer or printing via bluetooth not to mention the speed and poor build quality of the phone. I have a launch Pre and the power button has taken a crap on me. The list goes on.

I do not want to come off as a compaliner, but it is hard to not voice an opinion. I LOVE The Pre. I think WebOS will be great. But we are talking a long time off.

I have yet to use the Contacts app built into the phone, and I don't see why anyone would with universal search.

Some nice improvements coming, but where's the video recording that should have been present on day 1 (and I don't care that the iPhone 3G didn't have Palm's new phone should have BEAT its year old competition, not just matched it)?

Palm seems to be operating under the belief that they have plenty of time to add features when in fact their competitors are leaving them behind.

The Droid may not be perfect, but it's damn strong competion and it offered a number of out-of-the-box features that the Pre should have had too (expandable memory being #1 in my book).

I really like my phone, but if Sprint offered the Droid I would be seriously tempted.

@bankerdanny - I agree with what you said. I touched a DROID and the keyboard seemed crapped, there is no space between the keys. Might take some getting use to. I am looking at the Hero myself.

Still no wi-fi proxy support? Really? Come on Palm..

you get the award for most obscure missing feature complaint

these fuckers over at Palm need to quit working on useless features such as Yahoo and come out with what the phone needs...

faster UI
better battery life
recorded phone call capability

and most of all the other things that older palm devices do already.

god damn i am sick and tire of palm leaving this phone without so many capabilities my fucking palm centro had....

I will cuss as much as I like so dont even fucking bother to tell me not to cuss...

Just making the Nokia N900 look that much better. (Although, the N900 has no MMS capability currently)

I cant believe Palm is this far behind.

STupid ass Palm can't even make the GPU run. SCREW PALM


-yeah i was really upset when those sneaky little apple people tricked me into 'updating' to a newer version of iTunes...
HOWEVER, my brother found me a website that contains OLDER
versions of iTunes that work so I downloaded 8.1 or something again, now i can continue to plug my pre in and sync my itunes.


Palm has already lost if this is the way they are going to play the game. The shocking lack of basic features and the lack of progress in WebOS will put them on the back shelf quickly.

I agree... I am already considering selling my Pre because this phone needs so much more improvement just to be as functional as my Centro.

Hey fuck faces at Palm.... get your head out of the sand.

I am sick and tired of waiting for things that should have been included from day 1.

You're mad that you bought a phone that features were missing from day one are still not there? if the features weren't there from day one why did you buy the phone??!?? I agree if feels like this stuff is moving along so slow but its only been out for 5 months... the Pre is very much so still a first gen device.. That being said i think palm is doing a good job rolling out updates continuously.. IMO you want something more fully baked get an iPhone because the Pre aint there yet.

P.S. i still love my pre

Whats up with the virtual keyboard? I really want the patch back!

The new upgrade is so good. I definitely ready for the next upgrade. I always love the changes.
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