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What size do you want for a webOS tablet? 98

by Derek Kessler Mon, 06 Sep 2010 12:39 pm EDT

webOS tablet size?

We here in Republic of webOS are looking with envy at our frienemies in Applestan and Androidia. It’s not their operating systems that are the object of our desire, though there are some features we’d like to copy. No, it’s the tablets that have drawn our eye. While Applestans may only have the iPad to play with, that certainly hasn’t stopped the 10-inch tablet from being a success.

Meanwhile, Androidians have to cope with a new tablet a week, from the 5-inch Dell Streak to the 7-inch Samsung Galaxy Tab to the just-announced ten inches of Toshiba Folio 100 (really, guys, Folio?). All this tablety fun has us longing for our own big screen webOS action here in the Republic, and thankfully HP has at least let us know that we can expect to see that mythical webOS tablet early in 2011.

Next year is still a ways off and while we’re sure it’ll be here before we know it, there’s still the question of how will the PalmPad/Hurricane/whatever look when it arrives. So we are asking you, of citizens of the Republic of webOS: what size screen do you want on your webOS tablet?


omg ... 3rd! (lot harder than 1st! LOL)

Why do people have to say, "1st"? It's so stupid. It reminds me of Elemetary school kids. Anyway, what Palm/HP should do is release two sized tablets, one the is 6 or 7 inches and another that is 9 or 10 inches. Then they can cover most their bases.

I'm with you! What's the big F'ing deal?!?!?! Get a life, for crying out loud.

wait a sec... I'm first? Who dumped the first two (this is just wrong!)

You're a super special type of challenged aren't you.

more like a special kind of dumb

When I saw the iPad in the flesh for the first time I found that it at 10 inches didn't seem that large, I had thought 7" or so would be the sweet spot but I think I'd rather have the 10". 7" would be more portable but I'd see my primary uses being web browsing and watching videos so both those would be nicer to have more size. I have little interest in eReading on a tablet since I already have an eInk based reader and am very happy with it for my eReading requirements.

I believe your comment on eink is right on. I think what Palm should do is create a reader app that mimics the same lighting and background as an eink document. I think if they did this, more people would find it easier to read on an AMOLED screen.

I don't think you could really emulate an e-ink screen since the whole point is that it uses reflected rather than emitted light.

I'm partial to Applestani... :)

9" if I only could pick one. multiple sizes if possible. Does HP's "scale" actually work to scale devices?

I think the galaxy size is too small.. its like have a slightly bigger phone, go for the 9-10" range..

I just want 1.4.5 for VERIZON!

I'd like a tablet about the size of a compact smartphone, and if it had phone functions, I'd buy two!

Honestly, the slate and "how big display" discussions are getting a bit stale. Ditto the "minimum specs" declarations by customers for the upcoming phone.

iPad size. With a higher resolution than the iPad.

After playing with the iPad I think it's a bit too big. 7 to 8 inch I think is the sweet spot. I'm thinking portability and gaming.

I think 8" or 8.5" would be a great size

That's what she said.

** Couldn't resist as much as I wanted to. I could probably do three more of these right now in these comments alone but then I am just being irritating, plus I need to leave.

I'm with you. In the car we have DVD-player that size, and it feels very nice - except for beeing a bit thick.

Ipad size with better pixel density....but only reason to buy a tab for me is a writing/drawing capability. If HP can pull off a dual Capacitive/Resistive screen I'll get one in a heart beat.

Gotta be 10". 7" feels almost iterative when compared to avg smartphone screen size (assuming Palm IS going bigger with the next device).

I've been waiting for years for devices like this to come out and I've always thought that the size of a steno pad would be perfect. 6" x 9"


How big do I want my WebOS tablet? I won't buy one with less than 128 Gb of memristors. ;-)

I want one that will work well as a drawing pad with the supposed Wacom pen.

multiple users have multiple purposes. Multiple sizes seems a better option.

How about 4.3 inches, give it a solid sliding physical keyboard, gorilla glass, 1+ ghz processesor, 32GB internal ram with an SD slot, ability to do Flash, and while they are at it might as well put a phone radio in it (preferably Sprint 4G).


I'm okay with the size of this tablet being 4". It's a tablet! you can't have non-integer numbers for your screen size!

Couldn't agree more!!! I didn't think it would happen but I'm finally starting to get anxious! My wife cracked the screen on her Pre and took it back to BestBuy to get a replacement on the insurance plan. They promptly told her they don't do Pre's anymore so she had to choose another phone. Well she comes home with the Epic and I now have hardware/butta smooth UI envy!!! :(

The only positive thing about this is that after playin with the Epic I can confidently say that Android is DEFINITELY not for me. Webos is much better IMHO!

I'm jealous too. Damn, Pre vs Epic. Epic wins hands down.

So you don't know what RAM is. Great!

(What you mean is cheap storage. "Flash". NAND.)

You're right. Just meant 32gb onboard storage with also having an SD slot. 2GB of RAM would do fine for me ;-).

I honestly cannot figure out what possible use I'd have for a webOS tablet that wouldn't be better served by a Windows 7 tablet. And I'm a huge webOS fanboy.

Well, if you've got your eye on pricing or size, webOS could run very well on much cheaper hardware that could also be packed into a tighter space. Additionally, one could make the argument that webOS is simply better suited to the tablet form factor in terms of navigation and interaction. Otherwise I'd have to agree with you.

What do you do with a tablet? This is a serious question looking for a serious answer. I have a fast desktop at home with a 24" monitor that I use for media consumption, long e-mails, web research, and work on spreadsheets. For everything else I have a smartphone. I have a laptop that I have yet to bring to my new office at school (I'm a grad student) because my phone does everything it can do with nearly equal efficiency. So really, what is a tablet used for? The gadget nerd in me wants to be excited about these things, but I'm just not seeing how I would use one. Is it really just for when I'm at home and want to read or watch something, and the other available screens just aren't exactly where I want them? Somebody sell me on tablets, please.

am not gonna say that you need one I just like the post and is true why the need of one but am on a road trip of 13 hours of more every 2 times at month and I'm never at home. And I have a netbok for that and it gets really boring because laptops and netbooks get hot you have to use those cooling lap things and they die too quick so tablets do come in handy but not that much they are good to show of and my phone does alot but my eyes get watery after a while of use and something bigger could help but is not a good reason to jump to a tablet

I don't want a huge monster phone and I don't want a tablet, but seriously, if we're going to have a tablet anyway...go big or go home.

i don't have any desire to have a tablet of any kind.

That's my "problem", too :)

I work in construction and I refused to switch to that bs iden network is too slow and all my blue prints are sent by pdf I read them on my pre when am on the road and 7 inches will be cool plus web OS and a resistance screen I'll get that over any other tablet not a big 10 in because is gonna look really dumb carring that thing around

Give 10" or something like it.

Bring it out worldwide with a lower price then the Ipad and it can compete with the "AppleMania"

We dont have WebOS Phones or whatever here in the Netherlands :@ so i have a Android phone.

I would like to have a WebOS TABLET. But it will fail if HP doesnt bring it out Worldwide.

Give it Tegra 2 or equivelant (or Faster :D).
Get a Faster browser (or as speedy as the Android one).

I don't want a WebOS tablet. If I'm going to buy something the size of a tablet (i.e., iPad sized or larger) then it better have a full-fledged PC OS on it. That means either Linux (not Android, but real Linux), OSX, or Windows. As good as WebOS is, there are a limited number of apps. Something that size should function as a portable PC, not an oversized smartphone.

I just want 1.4.5 to come to verizon.
and a palm pad that does not require a contract.

HP should start thinking about a web OS emulator or full web Os on their touchsmart pc now that would be cool

Based on the most recent comments, it would be nice to see a point-counterpoint on "To Tablet or not to Tablet?" cost, redundancy, fragmentation, and developer confusion vs vast screen real estate, rapid/functional multitasking, and badassery.

I actually do love the look of the new samsung tablet. It looks a lot more portable. BUT, if there's one thing I learned from the pre launch, people will always think bigger is better. I own an iPad and it is a bit cumbersome. I think the samsung tablet will be much better suited to travel or bring with me anywhere.

From a usability standpoint, 7"....from a standpoint of I want webos to succeed, I say 10".

yeah portable and danm it looks nice but price will be a let down if is more than 400 that's a netbook price

yes 7 in am sold and flash support

Whichever size keeps the device cheap and easy to carry.

That would be the smartphone that you (probably) already have.

I want portability. If it is iPad size I will not be touching it.

Derek, I think the correct name is People's Republic of Apple ;-)

Apple would never be a Republic, more like a dictatorship

Ever heard of China, a.k.a. The PRC? I think the politicians there take lessons from Steve Jobs :)

Democratic People's Republic of Apple... just like their (north) Korean brethren... they are the true realization of the democratic dream.

I also currently moved to the commonwealth of virginia. I assure you... in downtown richmond, wealth is not common.

i want a 10" tablet...I want a 3.7"-4" phone. those sizes are perfect to keep in competition with the big boys. why would you go smaller. we are not in competition with kindle, we are in that with apple and android. we have the BEST OS out there and everyone wants better hardware. DO NOT GO SMALLER...DONT. you will cut your foot off.

I have and other palm addicts have been waiting forever. Release the phone on the big 3 networks and on HP. have the webos tablet available with a limited edition exclusive Beats/Heartbeats bling design. and the regular webos edition with the hpalm logo. but above all the aesthetics, MAKE IT WORK,MAKE IT AFFORDABLE AND MAKE STEVE JOBS FAINT WITH ENVY. ooh envy edition :)


WebOS walls FTW!

oh dear lord...

I have the iPad and a 10" screen is too big to easily carry around. The resolution is also extremely low (132ppi) and text is usually fuzzy. I'd be happy to get a smaller and sharper PalmPad instead.

About 8.5'' with a 16x9 high DPI screen.

Why 16x9? WHY?! I do not understand this current obsession with throwing away pixels for the purpose of having slightly smaller black bars while watching widescreen videos.

agreed. Although the Samsung Galaxy Tab seems great, I see the form factor getting annoying quickly when doing anything besides eReading... particularly with apps designed for not-so-narrow screens.

Who cares about Tablets and wat-ever-lets... Give me new hardware!!!!!

I'd rather have the 10" screen like the iPad but with a smaller bezel, and 16x9 with a high DPI as thegodfaza listed.

I don't mind the bezel, as webos will need it for gestures.

I'd like to see a 7 inch tablet where the entire bezel is a gesture area, but the bottom bezel is the only one that activates, triggered by the screen orientation.

7 inches with a high-rez screen would be a great compromise.
but make sure to har multible connectors instaid of one multi connector.
ex: a microusb for connecting to a computer or charger, a seperate hdmi out, and a full-size usb for connection other periphirals like memorysticks and the like.
take a lesson from ipad and galaxy tab. you're not able to put a memory stick in them and view or listen to the content via hdmi at the same time.
i'd sooooooo love to have a tablet running web-os but some hardware decisions really add or detract from it's useabillity.
it not all about screen size and processor- though i wouldn't mind finaly seing a real manufacturer push the tegra2 chip. not just hopefull indies...
sorry for my poor english ;-)

This was difficult. Mainly because I still don't have a concept for using such a device (be it based on iOS, Android or (best) webOS).
I do have my phone with data.
I do have my Macbook Pro. If I hadn't, I'd like the tablet to be something like 10" as to have a mobile device I can read papers on (university).
However, for small time browsing on the couch 7" may be even better. Little bit more compact and suited for my hands. The iPad is heavy. And big.

I went with 10".

edit: I'm only going to buy *one* device. If at all. So while choice is nice, I'd argue that it comes down to develope above concept. Well. Dunno *shrug*

I want no 16:9 Tablet, rather 4:3. IT was a good choice from apple to have no wide-screen tablet.

It should be like a book (resolution-wise) and more than 600 pixle at the small side.Doesn`t matter for me if it is DinA4 or A5. (A5 screenonly=10,1 inch)


I am really disappointed right now because i happen to love WEBOs. And, i just don't think that HP is doing enough to keep us interested in a new Palm device. The mobile market is still wide open to ever maturing smartphones. you give me a 3.7 t0 4" phone and then i have no need for a pad. I have used the Ipad and it completely sucks for desktop/laptop type stuff. I dont think you can ever get away from a physical keyboard when you need to do some serious work. Virtuals, no matter how large, arent much better than what u get on a well-designed smatphone.

size 1.4.5 would be nice. stinks having a nudered phone not running the latest os. cant focus on anything except that now...no tablet, no printer, no toaster...

continued...And, if you don't get WEBOS on your smartphone, then you are stuck with Android! Need i say more about my disappointment with HPalm. My point is this, why is HP and Palm trying to sell us on these pads when so many people love to pocket, hold, use their smartphones for most everything? How silly will u look trying to shoot pics or take videos with your 10" WEBospad? i don't know about yall, but i like the discretion and privacy of my smartphone. I have the abilty to view and do almost anything without making my interests public knowledge. Im just saying smartphones are what we want, so stop wasting our time with pads...

We don't talk about a phone here. This is not for the same purpose so 10 inches for me is a logical and comfortable size to read, type letters, view videos and navigate on Internet.

I think the pages should at least be the size of real paper (8.5 by 11), so a tablet ought to be big enough to render a page that size. I think the next phone ought to have at least one size at the 5" mark. Bigger is always better.

perfect the smaller one first and make it right, like with landscape for email without having to put all the homebrew stuff back on.
keep the keyboard and also have a useable virtual keyboard that really works well.
the Apple is what it is because it works well!
I love the web OS as a user and would love to continue being a webos smart phone user.
I have a netbook (win7), an iTouch, and Android phone in the family, and my favorite is the Pre, even with ots problems and a little too small and too slow. Get it right, HP, AND THEN GIVE US CHOICE. Don't abandon the smartphone and improvements for the webOS at the smartphone level.

perfect the smaller one first and make it right, like with landscape for email without having to put all the homebrew stuff back on.
keep the keyboard and also have a useable virtual keyboard that really works well.
the Apple is what it is because it works well!
I love the web OS as a user and would love to continue being a webos smart phone user.
I have a netbook (win7), an iTouch, and Android phone in the family, and my favorite is the Pre, even with ots problems and a little too small and too slow. Get it right, HP, AND THEN GIVE US CHOICE. Don't abandon the smartphone and improvements for the webOS at the smartphone level.

I would prefer a 10" tablet from H/Palm. 7" is like carrying around a slightly bigger Pre. 10" or go home.

I wouldn't say slightly bigger. Have you ever put an EVO next to a Pre? It dwarfs the dang thing.

7 inches is more than enoug for a tablet device.

I prefer an eBook reader size Palm tablet. The screen should be as big as the iPad or a little bigger.

It'll be 7 inches for sure. You gotta figure that the nook is a 7 inch tablet for docking purposes. HP wants scale, so not making te PalmPad 7inches would kill the scalability of the device.

Think 7 inch PalmPad with Nook App, on board.

After thinking about this a little more... I want everything I wanted above, but I want the screen to be 8.6 inches. Why 8.6? So when I fold it in half, then in half again it is 4.3 inch form factor phone. :P

I googled the Samsung which is 7" diagonal right? Saw a pic of held in 1 (male) hand which would be great especially with a Swype-enabled virtual keypad that is either portrait or landscape. So my pref is the max size that can be held in 1 female hand comfortably, with touchstone and built-in fold-out stand for hands-free desktop/laptop use. Also screen should have as small of a bezel as possible to still allow gestures on both long and short edge.

I'm honestly not sure.. I see the ipad, And i think it's to square, and i see the Samsung tab, and it's to wide..

I want something in between...

I've got big hands, so for me a 7" diagonal screen with a 16 x 9 aspect ratio would be the perfect size for a phone. Put webOS 2 on it for touchpad goodness, and it's a winner all around.

Viewable screen size = 8.5" x 11"

This way it can be a viable tool for all manners of computing.

Students would be able to see their documents, text books etc. in actual size without all that zooming or sliding. People with less than ideal vision could use it too.

I just don't see the point of tablets...like a previous comment mentioned...i got my desktop for working and school...i got my phone for calling texting and mobile computing...a tablet would be so cumberson to carry around. The only place I could use it would be in the house. If you need to use it in the house why not use a laptop or desktop with a 20+ inch monitor?? Seriously....u need a gigantic man purse to carry around the ipad. My personal opinion is steve jobs can put a piece of his own feces on the market, slap on an apple logo and it will sell like steamy hot cakes.

Why's it need to be a full on tablet? They had some interesting tech with the Foleo, why not release a $99 dumb tablet that docks with the next gen Pre and uses its brains for everything?

8.5"x11.0" viewable.

Bigger is not necessarily better for a tablet with complex multitasking gestures like webOS has. Have you tried swiping your finger across a 10 inch screen? Not as easy to do as you can with a Pre. You've got to basically establish the gesture system to be similar to what you're doing with your other platforms for familiarity. Which means you've got to track the minimum length of the gesture to a percentage of the width of the screen (or else create a bigger gesture area, which means more screen is gobbled up). The reason for that being that if you make the gestures as short as they are on the Pre, if you opened that gesture api up for, say, jot-esque style writing or other custom gestures, the OS would have a tough time telling which gesture was which (and stuff that you didn't want to happen would happen).

Besides, 10" is big for a netbook. 7"x5" is just about right, if it's also got a gesture area. Find something that is that size, and pick it up, pretend it's a reader or tablet or whatever. You'll see what I'm saying. You can hold it easily without wobble in one hand while using the other for gestures. 10", if it's built solidly, will wobble on you with one hand if you've got smaller hands.

why not just the bottom left or right corner about an inch or so, the gesture area for your thumb? That way you can swipe left or right and scroll up and down (page up and down?)


You may be on to something. I would only buy a tablet if it was that cheap. It would be nice to hook up to the phone because then I would have access to all of my apps and data. HPalm bring back the Foleo idea.

Only Question.

How do they want to update this??? i already hear problems with verizon not updating to 1.4.5 How will it be on the Tablets???

will they build a suite just like itunes or something (hopefully it doesnt suck as itunes if they do)

Do a follow up poll. 16:9 or 4:3? I thought Apple messed it up when they went with 4:3. My camera takes 16:9 photos. My screen at work and at home and my tv are all 16:9. I don't want 4:3 anymore.

The 10" is definitely the right size. Anything smaller is just a gloryfied smartphone. A tablet should be a smartphone companion, not a replacement.

I want a tablet because the majority of my computer use on a daily basis, at home, is websurfing, social netwroking, video streaming, etc. All things my pre, imo does better and more seamlessly than my pc, and I can do it wherever I am, in bed, on the couch, in the kitchen while cooking, on the toilet. I will still have use for my pc, anytime I'm working, drafting in autocad, working in photoshop, any type of heavy activity that requires and desk and mouse and keyboard. But right now that's not too often. A tablet would also be great for travel, something my wife and I do every weekend, we can hook up to mobile hotspot on our pres and pay bills, or budget, look up placed to eat, directions, etc as we often do on our pres now.

I would be happy with anything from 7- 10'' but nothing smaller or bigger.

10" and should be called "PALMreader"

7" would suit me fine. I to like portability. The size of the iPad might be good for larger Man-size hands but I have seen women have a little difficulty in typing and holding as they were shopping for a Grandmother. I like the multiple windows of WebOS. I have a Bookeen ereader that is 6" and find the size about right and inch would be better.

I say Go big or go home..

What will be the price?