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Where are they now: Peter Skillman joins Nokia 12

by Dieter Bohn Tue, 14 Sep 2010 11:09 am EDT

Right now Nokia is hosting all sorts of bloggers and media at Nokia World, showing off their latest wares - check out Matt Miller's coverage at our sister-site Nokia Experts.

Nokia is widely thought (at least to people statesite) to be in dire need of a complete reboot and many expect Meego, their linux-based operating system, to be the new high-end. We've even seen some webOS-esque elements to Meego.

Looks like that in addition to a brand new CEO, Nokia is bringing somebody on with plenty of experience rebooting a smartphone company with a new linux Operating System: longtime Palm designer Peter Skillman. We felt the sting when Skillman left Palm, and now as the VP Meego Ux and Services at Nokia, we expect him to bring some much needed elegance (dare we say sanity) to the Nokia user experience. Game on, everybody.

Source: LinkedIn; via Engadget; Thanks Charles!


Hope H/P sent somebody to help them with cloud syncing and video calling. I hope so with all the people they have been buying.

Best of luck to him, hopefully he can really help Nokia turn their fortunes around. It does seem a bit like jumping onto a sinking ship though (I am aware that Nokia isn't likely to disappear any time soon but their mind share in North America is pretty bad and I wouldn't be surprised if it slips elsewhere).

The last five-year analysis of wireless platforms that I saw, Symbian/MeeGo maintains it's number one position through 2014.

... It sounded like you were referring to Palm.

I'm hoping that's a stock picture from the Palm days, because I'd hate to see him working for Nokia with his Palm business cards in his pocket!

I haven't seen a person with a nokia phone in 9 years.

You really need to leave the house more often.

HP has sued former CEO Mark Hurd to block him from taking a job as co-president of Oracle because he won't be able to perform his job without exposing HP secrets. Will the same be true here? If not, what may that mean?

Companies have to accept the freedom of choice too or pay for it. People aren't slaves. So if you get fired from a job, you have to find another one, simple?!
If you learned secrets, well you left and produced some too...the company has it's share of the mind.

I find it kinda wacky to keep someone away from another company. If you want to do that. You have to pay for the time.

People only have their time for sale.

It's not that they "keep someone away from another company." All these executives--when they accept their position--sign exclusivity/no compete clauses. This is not uncommon even below the executive level. My brother was in sales & had to sign one--they didn't want him taking his customers away from them to his new company, especially when he knew the exact costs, etc of the original company.

Executives have much more insider knowledge than my brother had as a simple Regional Sales Manager. The clauses, however, aren't forever. they may be only a year or I have heard of some up to 5 years. They sign their own contracts to get the big bucks. Just a matter whether HP Palm wants to pursue the issue, unless he got a release somehow.

^I know Mike5, I was just expressing my view on things.

isn't this the guy who did the zen stone thing, and basically gave us the sucky hardware that held the pre back?

If so...