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Where's webOS 2.2.4 for the Veer? 55

by Derek Kessler Thu, 19 Jan 2012 6:02 pm EST

The update to webOS 2.2.4 landed for the Pre 2 and Pre3 a month ago. It brought a few minor updates for the Pre3, but also enabled messaging sharing and Skype calling for the Pre 2. That brings two of the three webOS 2.x devices up to the latest version, but somebody's still missing out on the party: HP Veer owners.

The Veer shipped in May 2011 with webOS 2.1.2 and has not seen an update since. Not getting Messaging sharing with the TouchPad wouldn't be a huge deal if it weren't for two things. First, we were promised an update for the Veer, and (second) that update was supposed to enable Touch-to-Share for the little Veer, finally taking advantage of that communication coil embedded in its back.

Now, we understand that the Veer was never a big seller for HP, despite their advertising efforts. Even at its low pricing it was a difficult pitch compared to similarly-priced (or cheaper) smartphones from other manufacturers. But there are certainly more Veer phones in the hands of users than the never-available-through-carriers Pre3, no?

We have no doubt that HP was working on webOS 2.2.x for the Veer when the phone shipped. Sure, the Veer was never a flagship phone, but you'd think that Rubinstein's primary phone would get some official love. Hmmm, HP?


HP should do a 180, introduce a slab 4.3 inch Pre 4

HP promising an update doesn't mean very much. I'll bet the carriers have put it on the back burner and will never get around to it. If they aren't going to sell anymore phones from HP then they would just as soon nudge Veer owners a new smartphone if they are so antsy for new features. It's not as if the Veer has any great following.

... and where is Ruby now adays anyway?

Probably on a beach in Mexico. Same place where he was before Palm.

And with a bigger bank account despite his failure.

I think you mean 'for' his failure (havent execs been getting paid to fail lately?).

I think he was the only one at the company who wanted the Veer. Now that he's out of the picture no one is showing it any love. Will be funny if it gets a 2.2.5 or 2.3 though.

I'm guessing that he's not using a Veer as his daily driver anymore. It never made any sense that an executive in his 50's would be using a Veer on a daily basis - if only for the screen size. Him pulling one out was clearly a transparent PR stunt.

Very odd that the never-released in the US Pre3 got an OTA while the officially supported Veer has not.

Why odd? The Pre3 was not tied to any carrier, so HP could release updates for it as they like. The Veer is (at least for the majority of people) tied to AT&T, who is supposed to approve the update, but it's a long way down on their list of things to do...

That is exactly what happened to Pre-/+ and Pixi owners.

Coming soon!

A few people bought Veers on eBay got them with 2.2.3 or 2.2.4. Some clever forum users figured out a way to force the update. I have 2.2.4 running on my Veer.

There's a lengthy thread on this in the forums: http://forums.webosnation.com/hp-veer/305499-webos-2-2-3-already-there-v...

Last I checked, if your Veer didn't come with 2.2.3/2.2.4, you had to pirate the updater. Not a good look.

Pirating a free thing? Now I've heard everything.

youlle get the doj all over your ****

I really have to wonder how many Veers are in users hands. I have yet to see any in the wild, I haven't even seen any at webOS meetups (and I've been to about 4-5 since the Veer was released).

I still see Pre- & Pre+ in the wild, as well as the occasional Pixi; but never the Veer. I honestly think all the people using Veers are here on webOS Nation.

we have 2 at the house

I love how when someone wonders how many devices there are out there, people always chime in that they have one or two as if that sheds any light, at all, on the issue. It seems, to me, that only a simpleton would think that the fact that they have a couple of Veers would suggest that the Veer is any more or less popular.

It reminds me of how the orange car guy would always mention that his launch Pre never experienced the Oreo effect. Or how his TouchPad didn't develop cracks along the speakers.

Because people are obviously making up these flaws.

Yeah. I love that guy! For like a year, whenever someone would post a hardware issue, the guy would jump into every thread and say "I've had no problems with my launch day Pre." I'll bet when people are looking at pictures of the sunken cruise ship he says "I went on a cruise last year and everything was fine."

Now don't take offense, but I think we need to go back to school here. Have you ever had any math classes? Here's what I got from it...

1 + 1 = 2...which is > 1

1,111,111,111 + 1 = 1,111,111,112...which is > 1,111,111,111

In both cases, the addition of 1 resulted in a change, in an increase. Now let's assume these numbers represent the number of Veers in our universe...maybe just our planet, our data on the smartphone status on other planets is a little sketchy at the moment.

Now, in the first equation, the addition of 1 is significant...in fact, it's a 100% increase...that's a "wow"!

In the second equation, the addition of 1...or in OldSchoolVWlover's house, 2, is not significant...in fact it's a...uh...well, I didn't get that far in math, but it isn't a "Wow!" However, it IS an increase.

The point is, you are oversimplifying the contributions of a few individuals. You are saying it doesn't matter or count. But it does count, if we count, just not very much in the whole universe of Veers on this planet. So don't malign the (albeit) small contributions of some of our members. What they convey might not make a noticeable difference, but it is a difference.

Tomorrow...imaginary numbers and why they are our friends! ;)

The veer is too small and stealthy to be seen with the naked eye in the wild. You must be a trained spotter to see it!

what do the carriers have to do with it? I got it OTA on my Sprintified Pre2. Sprint didn't block it.

Uh, Sprint has to approve all updates for the original Sprint Pre.

Your Franken Pre 2, on the other hand, behaves just like a network-unlocked Pre 2 (if I recall correctly?) and that's why you got the OTA update?

(Actually, now I try to recall and can't remember a thing about how it worked! It was one of those edge-cases-upon-edge-cases things.)

Why do we ignore the fact that the relatively popular Pre-2 on VZW, that's still being sold (as of last week) by the way, is still on 2.1.0. Can anyone here pull strings at VZW (yeah, right)?

This is a burden of being a VZ customer, lets not act like this is a big surprise. To sign a smartphone contract with VZ is a willingness to pay for premium and receive regular or less.

But then I don't understand. If both Verizon and AT&T has declared the Pre 2 and Veer as EOL, why would they care if HP released an update without their authorization? And it's not like HP would have anymore phones for them to sell...

There's a contract between the carriers and HP about how updates are to be handled and approved by the carriers. The carriers sold the phones, and they have to support them. So no update goes out without going through carrier approval, and neither Verizon nor AT&T are going to be too interested in spending time approving updates for dead products from a dead phone manufacturer.

No such contract or restrictions exist for the US market-Pre3's, since the phones themselves officially don't exist.

That's exactly my point. To the carriers the products are dead, what worse can possibly happen to HP even if they put out that unauthorized update? The carriers couldn't even possibly be bothered to sue them or anything.

There is a cost associated with the approval process. How do you get approval to spend money on a dead product?

Unauthorized update -> i.e. bypassing the stupid carrier approval process that should never have existed in the first place, a.k.a. f**k the carrier.

What worse can happen? HP pissed of their resellers and carriers already anyways.

Don't think you even bothered reading what I said. All you and inertia1 are interested in is say "webOS is dead" whenever you have a chance.

And if the update bricks the phone or causes some other malfunction, where is the user going to take the phone to? The local HP Store? That's why the carriers have to approve the updates - they are the ones that have to do the tech support and they would rather not have to do any so they don't release updates unless they really have to. If you think HP really cares that much, either, then you're going to be disappointed.

What a silly argument. You can't bypass the carrier approval process unless you've got some sort of agreement upfront. Are you really asking what's the worse that can happen if HP violates whatever contracts they have in place with the few carriers that they do? Do you remember what happened when HP shutdown webOS hardware production without first fulfilling their agreements with suppliers?

Hint: The answer is has a dollar sign, at least 7 figures before the decimal point and showed up as a red entry in their accounting books.

My wife and I both enjoy our Veers, but still want the touch to share. This is a terrific phone. I was worried it was to small but have found it is perfect. I use the Hot Spot capability to link my TouchPad to the phone, but would like to save the added data rates.
HP missed the boat with what they had. They needed to focus on the enterprise level, not the Lady Gaga group.

Bring on the update.

Plus many of the Pre3's sold were EU SIM-free unlocked phones :)

Pre3 rocks,

Veer rolls,

and everyone without one

is missing out!

(and save me the "Android phones work better...." 'cause they don't. I have a Droid 3 because of the medical apps, and it is a PITA to use compared to my Pre3 and TouchPad, especially since I could care less about Netflix)

Wouldn't the Droid 3 work better by definition simply by virtue of having the apps you need to use?

BBooDoc is saying that he uses the Droid 3 solely for his medical apps. He uses the Pre3/Veer (wasn't quite clear what he is saying he has) for everything else.

My AT&T Veer is just great. BUT, I'd sure like a few bug updates. I don't know all that 2.2.4 does, but I want it! Thanks Derek for bringing this up.

HP could easily get away with forcing an update for their AT&T users.

AT&T violated the contract with the Pre3 by refusing to release it.

If AT&T tried to sue HP or pursue any sort of legal action, HP could just as easily countersue AT&T for violating its Pre3 contract.

AT&T seriously fucked over HP, breaking a contract and breaking the law. HP has more than enough wiggle room to force update the AT&T veer.

So you claim that AT&T was contractually obligated to release the Pre 3 and didn't? That's news. I guess you are an insider with respect to the HP/AT&T relationship.

You're quite judgmental.

For one, one of my relatives works pretty high-up in HP. Not anything to do with WebOS, but apparently within some of the inner circle there was talk about suing AT&T for a breach of contract.

Of course AT&T was contractually obligated to release the phone. AT&T signed a contract with HP to sell their phones. A carrier can't just say "Oh, we don't feel like selling this phone even though we signed a contract to sell it."

Contrary to popular belief, those piles of AT&T branded Pre3's weren't owned by AT&T, they were owned by HP. AT&T signed a contract in which HP would produce X number of phones, and AT&T would sell those X number of phones. By not purchasing those phones outright, AT&T was contractually obligated to sell them for HP.

Think about it this way. HP wasted X dollars building X number of phones that AT&T signed a contract to sell. By not selling them, this shafted HP. No intelligent company would sign a contract in which this was allowed to happen.

You don't seem to have any idea how the business world works.

hack the **** out of that veer and put 2.2.4 on that SOB

What about the 2.2.4 update for VZW Pre 2?

love my Panda Veer
plain vanilla
works great
very reliable, providing you understand WebOs
had a Sprint Pre which I loved
this little phone plays in another league
I use my Veer as my main phone and use it pretty hard
I would love seeing an update if only to allow for TTS as promised & I would love it if it could pair with my Touchpad, particularly for GPS in addition to file sharing
the Veer remains one of the most innovative smartphones yet released
it deserves an update, but HP needs to get it right & my phone works fine now

I like the format and it looks cute especially in the small case I have. There are some minor issues, but it is not a bad phone, just a less popular format. So it can use a bit of love from HP. 2.2.4 would be nice by now.

The Veer is my main phone since May11 and I couldn't live without it anymore. Everytime I grab another phone (like my Pre-) I just think "man, this thing is **** huuuuge" :-)

Talking about AT&T authorization - most Veers in Europe were sold off contract and are not tied to a carrier, so if it's just a carrier authorization thing, why haven't our phones been updated?

Show some love HP - gimme 2.2.4 :D

Before you even think of Veer, you better get that update to Verizon Pre 2 owners first! Their's more of us than of you.

True. And more importantly, we were first.

As a Veer owner, I personally love the phone. It has worked great for me, but I would certainly welcome any updates. I was not able to get my hands on a TouchPad (sad face), so TtS is not a huge issue for me. If they chose to release and update, I would definitely entertain searching for one of the few remaining TouchPads that for sale.

I want this update :(

I'm a Veer owner and I just love it's small form factor. It fits in any of my pockets without me even noticing it. I bought it expecting to eventually get an update supporting touch-to-share, so would really love for HP to get an update to us Veer lovers. I'm willing to sign waivers, if necessary, so that the carriers don't have to worry about supporting us. PLEASE HP!!!

Just found the following web site on updating Veer to 2.2.3 or 2.2.4


+1 Veer coming to my house soon(in transit from Cali). I was going to hang on to my Pre- until the bitter end.....I did enjoy having unlimited data due to a CDMA SNAFU with BellMo, but ended up losing it. Looking around in kijiji, I found that the price difference between a Pre-(used and new) was too close to that of a brand new Veer, and really for $110 (with a Touchstone), I couldn't pass it up. My contract ends in August, I can't get a brand new 4G phone for that price and I've lived with webOS for this long, I'm pretty sure it will suit my needs.

I should have switched to AT&T and would have had a choice of Veer or Pre 3. ...sigh...
Frankenpre here I come.