In which Derek tells his boss to eat a whole raw onion and he eats a whole raw onion | webOS Nation

In which Derek tells his boss to eat a whole raw onion and he eats a whole raw onion 9

by Derek Kessler Sat, 10 Nov 2012 9:40 pm EST

Earlier today, my boss, Kevin "CrackBerry Kevin" Michaluk asked the world, "What's the best food to eat to make your moustache grow faster? Liver and Onions?"

To which I, in my eternal snarkiness, flatly responded, "Raw onions, a dash of garlic."

And, Kevin, being the nutcase that he is… ate a whole raw onion.

In Kevin's defense, this was for a good cause, even if it was a horrible idea. I promised Kevin a $50 contribution to his Movember campaign, and because I'm a man of my word, a $50 contribution was made. All for facial hair and raising awareness of men's health issues.

Just know, in this relationship, Derek wears the pants. The evil, evil pants.

In which Derek tells his boss to eat a whole onion and he eats a whole onion


Thanks for the donation Derek. You sir, are evil, but a man of your word.

So... I also did buy a bulb of garlic today... for another $50, I'll eat that tomorrow. 

Deal? :)

You're too crazy for me to make dare bets on anymore.

Darn it! I'm half way through and my eyes, mouth, nose and belly want to run away from me! ... Naa-a... I'm just kidding Kevin. Good luck with that! ;-)


Don't get e-coli poisoning because you didn't wash the damn thing...

LOL You don't have to wash an onion, but you DO have to peel the outer layer off. I started laughing when he bit into it without peeling first. I take it Kevin doesn't cook with them too often. :-)~ Great job though! Very cool of you to go to those lengths for donations! Awesome job =]


I haven't watched the video, watching the twitter conversation was epic though, I was like no way he's really gonna actually eat a damn onion.... then he asked red or white.... LOL

Eating a whole onion raw: crazy and antisocial.
Eating an onion without peeling it: FAIL!

Garlic will keep the vampires away and an onion will keep everyone else away. : p I hope you have a stomach of steel Kevin.