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White Veer available for one cent (with contract), Verizon Pixi Plus $39.99 (without) 86

by Tim Stiffler-Dean Sat, 04 Jun 2011 10:09 pm EDT

If you're still looking out for an amazing deal on a HP Veer (as if the $49.99 without contract wasn't sweet enough for you), then Amazon has made it even more enticing to purchase a white one (if you're into contracts). How so? They're offering it for just one penny (that's $0.01) with free shipping. The black version is still coming in at $49.99 on Amazon.

Typically, a price drop like this is a sign that the phone isn't selling well, but even then it usually doesn’t come for months. So it's hard to read anything into this, except that perhaps Amazon, AT&T, and/or HP are feeling particularly generous. The key to the success of HP's webOS plan is adoption, which requires getting product in customers' hands. It's much easier to do that when the product is offered for ridiculously cheap.

Something else is ridiculously cheap again today: the historically occasionally cheap Verizon Pixi Plus. The original tiny webOS phone is back on DailySteals, with an off-contract price of just $39.99. The deal is good through midnight tonight, so if you're looking for a device for baseline Mojo replacement, development, or just a really fancy paperweight, here's your chance.

Source: Amazon, DailySteals; Thanks rothoof and lpable to the tips!



Hey, uh, Tim... I think you mean available for "one cent", not "on cent"

That was Derek failing, actually. *shame*

south african in the house?


Ever since HP promised to "make things right" I've been waiting to see if HP would make good on a rebate or a hardware exchange for us legacy users. But now HP is practically giving away their premier smartphone for 1 cent to anyone.

It would be really ridiculous if HP were to now to offer a free (worth 1 cent) Veer to "make things right".

That's nice but has nothing to do with this article.

Yes, stay on topic! This is a WebOS only Friendly site. Any talk of any other phones or negative opinions of WebOS is not welcome here.

Go to an iphone site if you ant to talk iPhone, but this site is for Positive talk of HP/Palm/WebOS only.

So we can't express our honest opinions? (Now I'm about to get dog piled by minuses). And when I mean that I mean constructive criticism and not bashing.

What part of what you wrote was "constructive"?

Forget constructive, these clowns should start with 'relevant'.

Otherwise moderators will delete threads. It used to be that someone would close a thread or merge, now they go outright and delete those threads. These comments are the only way now a days, one can say anything freely

Dude, why come here if you want to say negative stuff? There is nothing negative to say about WebOS or HP. They have delivered time after time. In the coming months they will be #1 plus!

This site is for Supporting HP and WebOS, not ripping them as they begin their march to take down Android and Apple. Get on the bus or stay behind. We need to support HP here so that they give us tips and stuff, who do you think "anonymous" is? It's HP. Now say some positive stuff please or go to Engadget and say whatever you want.


People have a crazy idea about support. A lot of the people who have been chased away from the forums have paid good money to own WebOS devices (in my case, both a Pixi and a Pre) and have purchased apps. THAT is supporting WebOS, but we're too "negative". I even own an HP priinter and laptop.

Meanwhile, "Jay" is still using a Centro and has never financially supported WebOS or HP in any way, shape, or form, but he's cheered and endlessly thanked because he cheerleads.

If I was a business owner, I'd rather have the "support" of the former because even if that person expresses a negative opinion, they did it legitimately based off their purchase of my goods. i can then learn from that, and improve my product knowing that they'll likely buy again once I address their concerns. Anybody can talk "support". I've supported Palm financially for several years now. Moreso than any other phone manufacturer. Why shouldn't I be entitled to both positive AND negative thoughts on their products?



As a CUSTOMER of Palm dating back to the mid 90's, I agree with your statements 100%. It's funny who gets labeled as "trolls" here.

Exactly! Why can't we say something negative BUT true facts about webOS from time to time. All OS have their own problems. Not any one of them are perfect. We have iOS and their no flash support, webOS with their phantom touches and gestures, and Android with their own various problems.


sorry people are giving you negative comment, they dont understand that you are being sarcastic

That has a lot to do with people slamming devices/services that they've never used and/or behaving like spoiled little kids with the patience of a mayfly. Constructive criticism should be welcomed, especially if the goal is to try to solve problems while also behaving like an adult.

WRONG. This site is for discussing WebOS and related topics in whatever light you want. The forums - on the other hand - are for mindless cheerleading and making up outright lies about other platforms. That's great. They're welcome to it.

This front page - for now - still welcomes open expression and free speech. God bless Derek for always supporting that.

>>and making up outright lies about other platforms.

THAT's the part that gets me.

It does no good whatsoever for users of WebOS to believe, through misinformation, inaccuracies of competing product.

It totally takes the pressure off of WebOS to improve.

While I don't like your namesake, I do like your comments! Made me smile.

I dont understand why people on here cant understand your sarcasm.

"Any talk of any other phones or negative opinions of WebOS is not welcome here."

that's funny considering there is an article about IOS 5 appearing on precentral this very day. Clearly the people running the site feel talk of other phones is not welcome.

and he even took a jab at both hp and apple "HP’s not the only one that does ambiguous seasonal launch timeframes." Clearly the guy running the site thinks it's ok to say something negative.

If it wasn't for Derek's level headed, well balanced approach to and discussion of webos this site would be atrocious. Bless him. I want honest talk. I don't want just to hear the good.

Spammers have gotten dumber and dumber. Where is the massive list of cheap or free phones? Plus you even forgot to put in the URL with your referral code embedded in it!

Both colors are free online at Best Buy...on contract of course.

I think it's funny that a really long conversation that included people praising Derek for allowing people to talk freely, whether positive or negative, in this comments area has been deleted, presumably by Derek.

"Typically, a price drop like this is a sign that the phone isn't selling well, but even then it usually doesn’t come for month. "

Huh??? Which month?

Imma fail.

My guess is that it's selling so well they lowered the price to keep it Hot, ya know?

Anyone know what day it is today? June 6? It rings a bell for some reason....

"Typically, a price drop like this is a sign that the phone isn't selling well, but even then it usually doesn’t come for month[s]."


"So it's hard to read anything into this, except that perhaps Amazon, AT&T, and/or HP are feeling particularly generous."

Uhm...OK. All those companies are feeling generous all at once huh? Interesting.

For whatever it's worth: slightly more than 1 hour after this blog post:

(Veer @ Amazon)
"List Price: $399.99
Price: $349.99"

So, no longer $0.01.

ON-contract pricing, not off.

Would help if I read ;) Whoops

With WWDC today, it's making me really sad that this is the headline at PC. Fingers crossed for something soon.

I think HP will have sold some Veers.

I've read on here from at least 3 or 4 people that they went and bought one.

Take care,


Yep; up to 5 now!

Rubenstein and his 2 9 year olds
Apotheker (his wife has the iphone..)


Wow, we are really moving now!

I bet devs are making a fortune selling all 5 of their apps to these guys!

I guess we should all wait a couple of weeks after the TouchPad and Pre3 are launched to see how low the price will go.

How long after release will the Pre3 be $0?! Anyone want to place some bets?!

Take care,


That is if we ever see it released in the us.....

It looks like they will be, all the rumors and pictures of product displays etc are good indications.

And at least HP are starting to market the veer now. I hope they do well for the TouchPad and Pre3, so that some people know that they are available.

The bigger question I dont have the answer for is... will they be on Sprint?

I'm more interested in another pricing error with Amazon. No-contract Pre3 for price of contract Pre3!

Man, after 2 o'clock and this is still the best webOS news of the day? I guess us Sprint users will give until 8pm eastern to see if we get any miracle news on our anniversary. Fingers crossed so hard they're starting to hurt.

This is HP making it right to us. We now have a mini phone available for free on a new carrier for us to try out.

This is huge news!

Take care,


metro both the pre -and + failed to gain any real momentum at release. After hp bought out palm they then released a pre 2 that took 4 months for it to debut in the u.s. Anybody that isn't into palm or checking this site periodically didn't even the know th pre 2 existed. If thats any indication of its sales. Now lets move ahead to now. For some reason after having 3 failed launches with the pre line they felt the need to make their flagship a pre 3. Do you really think any u.s. carrier is going to want to stand behind this phone after all of the bad history the pre line has had? And people wonder why we have not heard of any carriers or release dates. Thats probably because they do not have any. Dont get me wrong. I hope i am wrong but thats the way i see it right now. My two years are up and im tired of my 12th pre already. I dont think i could wait any longer.......

Pre stands for pre-historic ;-)

Is anyone else checking in on WWDC right now? icloud is free, Great new notifications on iOS (Kinda stolen from webOS), Picking-up where you left off from one device to another... all kinds of awesome stuff.

Does anyone else have a feeling that HP is watching this stuff and thinking what do we do now...

...Wait, I mean, HP is probably laughing right now saying that when we launch in the coming months people will not even know what iphone/ipad is...

#1 plus 1!

Yeah, I've been following it.

The ecosystem looks really nice. The 'push' of items from the cloud to other devices is good feature.

Making me look at Mac and iOS a bit closer, until now I've definitely not wanted to get an iPhone. I wonder what Ice Cream Sandwich will do for Android. Music beta on my wife's NS4G is nice.

At least with webOS we'll be able to 'Touch to Share' webpage URLs.

Take care,


lmao. Well you know can share urls to dropbox that way. That way you will have like and idropbox cloud syncing right?


Yes, I know you can do that.

I am also not impressed with the TTS functionality right now. Hence my sarcasm.

Take care,


Just use Neato!

(No, I am not the developer.)

Neato! is actually quite good.

But I think you are missing the point of my comment!

I thought the Touch-to-Share was within same profile only? Person-A's profile must on the phone *and* the tablet, maybe I mis-heard that. I sure hope I did. It would be great to be able to share a URL from my Pre3 (when I get it) with someone with a Touchpad. I wish touch to share was available between different people with HP webOS phones.

Makes me think fondly of the old days of PalmOS beaming to share files/apps/contacts.

I believe it just has to be paired and doesnt have to be the same profile.


I think after IOS 5 HP/Palm will really have a facepalm. They need to get a product on the market STAT. I wonder if you will be able to sync your music with itunes wirelessly while you sleep.
I like cat and mouse itunes sync games

Yes they do.

But I am sure they'll still be #1 plus one in a the coming months plus one (or two, or three, or...)

Take care,


$40 for Pixi Plus? For those wanting to get a smartphone for cheap, one of these activated on PagePlus Wireless will get you started for very little money. With this phone, you could get by at a rate of $10.50 for three months if you don't talk a lot and use wifi for your data.

Yeah the $40 for a Pixi Plus is super cheap! I'm wondering though, can we get it for offline/WIFI use only or does it need to be activated on Verizon in order for it to work?

Also, would we be able to sign in on our Palm profiles (to access our paid apps) without it signing off or affecting our other webOS phones?

Doesn't have to be activated, thanks to Palm/HP's activation by-pass utility:

Search for "Running the Activation-Bypass Tool"

Have fun!

If you want to use the App Catalog, install the "firstuse" patch from preware.

You can use it without carrier activation.

You can only have one profile on one phone.

check in the forums. there is a way to bypass the activation. you then have to install preware on it and install the first use app. that would let you create a new profile and allow you access to the app catalog. Here is the link


Any carrier/vendor trying to sell a Pixi, Pre or Pre Plus ought to be ashamed of themselves. webOS 1.4.5 is dead. HP themselves have moved on to 2.x and 3.0.

Deliberating selling something that is obsolete... oh wait... nevermind... that's the norm... but it's very sad because most people will NOT know that there are no webOS updates forthcoming for those devices.

From a still happy AT&T Pre Plus (overclocked) customer who is waiting patiently for Pre 3... so I can finally see the Adobe Flash sites that I can only see only laptop.

In technology, old is not the same as useless. I still use a Centro sometimes. It makes phone calls, does text messaging, and keeps track of my calendar. Everything I need except the occasional web browsing. A Pixi will do the same. Still very useful.

Yes... I too have purchased something obsolete after the fact, but I knew going in to it what the pros/cons would be; however, the average Joe-consumer is not being told up front in any of the advertisements for these discounted phones that... Guess what? we forgot to mention that all those features you've been hearing about on TV about webOS... will not apply to your phone... Adobe Flash, being able to use Skype, an ever growing app repository/catalog... that's not for you.

Average Joe-consumer will not know about precentral.net/homebrew/overclocking... so they will have slower Pre-/Pre+/Pixi/Pixi+. HP will start their 'Everybody On' commercials for webOS and then those less savvy consumers who bought the discounted phones will be saying WTF? Just like in those Best Buy commercials (smile).

Now, I love webOS and I am one of the Palm fanatics that have been monitoring (stalking) the precentral.net site ever since I first saw postings on Treocentral in 2009. I have my AT&T overclocked/homebrew patched Pre Plus and am anxiously awaiting the AT&T Pre 3. A friend of mine has Sprint Centro and was waiting for Sprint Pre device lower cost, but I've told her to wait... because I can imagine that Pre- becoming a frisbee being flung at my head if I had not told her that these are end of line phones and no software upgrades are forthcoming.

Now, if vendors indicated in item description that no software upgrades will be available with those phones... WYSIWYG... then that's different, consumers would be going into it with eyes wide open. Unfortunately, I haven't seen that in any of the descriptions.

These days, when people want an updated OS they just buy a new phone with their upgrade credit. They've been trained to do that with Android.

I think that has always been the case.

Especially when there was more differentiation across phones.

I would buy phones as soon as they were available just to get new features, either hardware or software.

This was before the days of OTA updates, when a phone came loaded with an OS and that was that. If you wanted to upgrade, you bought a new phone. Simple.


I thought these days, when people want an updated OS they just wait and save their upgrade credit for the coming months. They've been trained to do that with webOS.

Selling with no contract is not bad. The customer is only out the (minimal) cost of the device.

Any other Sprint users out there get the email about the HTC EVO devices coming? The subject line starts with a big "IT'S ON:". All I could think was "Everybody On" and then got frustrated that it was just about the EVO 3D and Flyer, the other products I've been eyeing in the event an updated webOS device doesn't come soon.

Don't muddy the waters on me Sprint, and HP, hurry up. You know, hurry, but do it right at the same time.

Although if they are training us that they prices will drop off in a hurry like this, there may be no need for me to hurry at launch. Well, other than this original Pre I have with pieces missing out of it.

Yep, just wait a few weeks after the Pre3 and Touchpad launch and pick them up for a bargain!

Although, who knows when they will be launched (soon by the looks of it) and if they'll have many apps etc!

Yeah Right! Wait a few weeks and you will be waiting a lot longer because TouchPad and Pre3 will be SOLD OUT and you will have to wait for them to be able to keep up with the demand!

Look at how Fast Veer is selling out. If it wasn't selling it would be FREE, but look, it's A PENNY, so obviously it is popular and everyone is making money on it!

Wowzers Dude!

You are so right!

The TouchPad and Pre3 will be sold out so quickly they'll have to deep discount them just to keep up with the demand.

I forgot that the price of HP/Palm products is the inverse of the regular demand curve.

The Pre- must have not been selling at all to maintain it's high price tag for as long as it did... yet the Veer must be sold out completely to get down to just one cent!

This will rewrite economics text books!

ROFL. Dude! Stop! You are killing me. My sides are hurting. Funny Stuff!

I'm now 60% sure I'm dumping webOS and moving to Android. 6 months ago I was 95% sure I was getting a Pre3.

The big flip flop there just comes from support. I KNOW Google is constantly updating their OS. I KNOW manufacturers are constantly creating new and powerful hardware.

So far HPalm's methodology is move slow. Fight your fights when your competition is at their prime and you are at your weakest.

Then make sure to fade into obscurity by not releasing new things and alienating your user base.

Then when you decide to release, time it again so you'll probably release around when your most powerful competition will release. Also release stuff that's not as powerful.

Sigh. Why do you do this to yourself HPalm? I don't get it.

HAHAHAHA Wasn't this phone $100 three weeks ago?

The lesson we can all take away from this is, when the pre 3 is released sometime in November/December. Just wait 3-4 weeks for the price to drop.

Please take you sarcasm somewhere else. It's not welcome here, this is a positive site.

Don't come crying to us when you can't get a Touchpad or Pre3 for months after their release because the demand is so high and HP can't keep up with it.

We have Lady Gaga on our side Buddy-Boy!

sorry My furrer Lady Gaga signed with Google.

HP: "Everybody On [Hold]"

GlennBeck i will like to know what you are smoking. all this postive talk is really getting old already. It is nice to think that would be the case with the tp and pre 3 but in all reality hp is following the same path of the old palm for some reason.

I think everyone would like to know what [the real] Glenn Beck has been smoking!

I think the failure of webOS is due to the Chinese. I think Rubenstein is actually Chinese, and he was planted in the US to finally take over Palm and sell it to HP, who are secretly owned by the Chinese. They are suppressing webOS because it is so awesome, and they fear the power of PIM functionality. Which is why it has been removed. They don't want people to be able to organize their lives so effectively. They want us to rely on their brainwashing companies, Apple and Google.

Has anyone seen Rubenstein's birth certificate?

I love it that someone gave me a negative vote for this!

This is satire about Glenn Beck's paranoia and Donald Trump's stupidity.

Get a sense of humor! :)

how convenient my pre+ broke last night, pixi plus and terrible battery life again here i come!! lol

My pre minus is on its last thread. If my phone breaks before any webos options are available for Sprint, then HP lost me to Android.
... The HTC EVO 3D does come out this month!

Hey I posted this once on a different article, so I hope you'll forgive me. If any of you lucky folks got multiple Veers for cheap and want to share (without the hassles of eBay) then consider contacting me at ben.kellie@ymail.com

I am very interested in buying one (or two) of these for myself and my girlfriend. If I can only get one, it is for her. She has constant "Too many cards" warnings on her Pixi and I fear her defecting to iOS if I can't get a good fix.

We can discuss price, but I'm just looking for a fair deal. Somewhere in the range of $60 to $80.

Thanks, Ben

these web os phones will sell less then windows 7 phones android has taken over. maybe if and when say HTC OR LG make a web os phone they might have a chance palm should have licensed this out long ago 3 underpowered phones with little carrier support don't have much chance at all.Palm sold out to hp now even the Palm name is gone kinda sad good luck web os fans i left over a year ago glad i did still no phones in a form factor that i like.

Remove the bloody physical keyboard and make a keyboard-less phone... thats the key to success :P

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