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White Pre3 and audio Touchstone make debut on eBay 90

by Derek Kessler Sun, 13 Nov 2011 3:24 pm EST

A few months back we told you about a new FCC filing for a Touchstone charger that sported Bluetooth for audio-out. Today, it’s on eBay, with a new bracket-like shape and 3.5mm audio-out port on the back. It's part of a packaged deal with a rare black Verizon HP Pre3, a pair of Pre3 batteries, international charger, and extra headphones. It’s quite the package of rarities, and the seller is asking $700 for the privilege.

While the main spread photo and description show a black Pre3, the rest of the photos show something different – a white Pre3, heretofore unannounced, but something we mused about way back in May after the white HP Veer came out. Since then we’ve also seen the white TouchPad, so why not a white Pre3, right? We contacted the seller and confirmed that the white Pre3 is not part of the auction (the black Verizon Pre3 is a sealed box item), though we’ve got to admit we’d love to have our hands on one. And the audio Touchstone too, for that matter. More photos after the break.

Source: eBay; Thanks to skeets000 and wjdornjr for the tips!


Oh HP, HP... You were sooo stupid for killing a masterpiece like this.

Where can I get that leather case for Pre 3?

...you can get any of the Blackberry Torch (9800) ones, it fits perfectly, although a little tight at first (nothing too-tight, just... tight :))

Tried & tested,

He's right, the crackberry case fits it really well EXCEPT... The case pivots, and can turn up side down (I know, poor design) and your beautiful phone can fall out when you are running across as street jaywalking. Which mine did. And my phone hit the pavement really hard. I fixed the case by glueing it in place so it cannot pivot anymore.

I hate you HP.

I would have bought this maybe a couple months ago.

I definitely would've bought this a few months ago - no questions asked!

(well, only if it had a virtual keyboard)

I need that case!!!

stuff like this makes me hate HP. they could've at least released these great products, that seem to have obviously been ready, before dumping webOS. at least they would've gotten a slight return on their investment.

Of course you are assuming that HP isn't being run by a bunch of special ed drop outs. I cannot think of a single thing that they've done in a year that makes any sense from my point of view.

Agreed, seeing stuff like this makes me hate HP more for how they handled everything. I would purchased a few of those touchstones, another Pre3, & atleast 2 TouchPad Go's! :)

Maybe you can ask the seller to borrow the audio dock just the review the thing and send it back. Just for the sake of the community.

They COULD have had I not bought it immediately after this posted >:)

So where is the review?

that **** is hotttt

Did that touchstone come from HP? Is it the only one that came out or will we be seeing more of those?

It amazes me how the new WebOS HP stuff is now debuting on Ebay and/or Craigslist. (Unlocked Pre 2, 64 Gig Touchpad, now White Pre3) You can't find these items in any stores or major online retailers. Only on Ebay. SMDH.

read carefully. Does the auction say the Pre3 is white? Or is implied through a pciture?

It just barely implies most of what Derek wrote.

"We contacted the seller and confirmed that the white Pre3 is not part of the auction (the black Verizon Pre3 is a sealed box item)"

...yeah, why bother & read, better let's get straight to the comments.

Sign of the times, everyone has an opinion, before even informing himself on the topic.

Did you happen to ask him about the round object at the lower right corner of the Pre 3 box and below the car charger?

It looks like a lense to magnify something underneath, perhaps a label?

I was actually wondering if it might be a prototype TouchStone with a clear glass/plastic enclosure.

This is a hot device, I can't believe that some company could not be interested! Even HP could have invested on these phone!!!
HP you suck big time, the Pre3 would be a top seller in the USA. The Pre3 had to be released before the Veer. While the other companies released bigger screen devices, HP strategy was to get something smaller to the market, something that people did not want!!!

this is the stuff we want Meg! Turn this thing around and it will sell. This is heart breaking!

I actually think thats ugly but i envy the the Touchstone and the fact that he has an extra battery though...

The pigment in that white paint is made from crushed unicorn horns.


Dude, I'm gonna be laughing about that for days!

A Touchstone made to fit the back of the Pre 3 so you don't have to listen to it bong all the time. *sigh*

Some factory in China has these Touchstones. They just need to start putting them up on Cellphoneshop.net or one of the other clearinghouses.

Pop the trim ring off your Touchstone (you can just run your fingernail under it and work it around) and the Pre3 holds much better. Not quite as strong as a Pre on a Touchstone, but good enough that I've driven around with one on my dash that way.

Debating whether this Touchstone is useful. Bluetooth sound quality is not so great, typically. But convenient....

I don't care about the color of my phone, but god i want that Touchstone thingy! :D

Beautiful devices . . If only HP would have released these products, retailers would have purchased them now . . The white Pre 3. The new unicorn of webos products

Hp, a company of morons...I would have moved Heaven and Earth to gain a set up like that on Sprint....


usually one period works



I'd like to buy one, but HP once told me that the #phonestoobig

Wow... That touchstone is terribly awesome. How did HP think this kind of stuff wouldn't sell? Where else do you find stuff like that? Just tears me apart...

Even after I've abandoned my Pre Plus and bought an iPhone 4 (right after HP announced that webOS devices will be discontinued) I still linger for the Pre 3.

I've gotten used to cables but I still can't understand why the iPhone can't have a touchstone.

I'm still bewildered by the fact that HP abandoned such wonderful technology when it had the financial power to bring webOS to grater market share.

Even now there are no systems quite like synergy, no way to share images and links as magically as between the Pre 3 and the Touchpad (who should have been released together particularly for that reason).

How can so much amassing technology go to waste? Well sadly I think the retardness of HP might just kill webOS for good, I'm more willing to bet on Apple to take features like these and integrate them in IOS, like they did with part of the notifications system (which was design by the same guy that designed webOS's).

Too bad, I've been with Palm since the Treo 600, I couldn't last 6 months with HP.

I hate what this company has turned into. This is just an example of how even a few dumb people can destroy something as great and as big as HP.

I will not judge you for jumping ship from Palm to Apple after HP officially signed the death certificate of Palm instead of breathing life into the decade long or more of innovation company.
I as many others blame HP for buying Palm and not leaving the deal for a bigger person, then approving sub-par hardware for their big time full mobile division first batch out of the oven, excluding Pre 2. Eventually as a true fan of Palm's innovation in software I blame HP for killing the whole line of hardware before even releasing the main star of the show the Pre3 which should have driven the sales of the other siblings. I would have expected that an AT&T customer who gets the Pre3 would buy himself a TouchPad to complement his/her experience, while buy his/her spouse a veer to fit the female or the compact needs of a woman/man.
Now instead of waiting for iOS to catch up on webOS great multitasking abilities, you should have opted for Android IMHO especially now the version 4.0 a.k.a. webOS 3.0 ... um, I mean ice cream sandwich, which is redesigned by Matias Duarte the same designer who designed the card system of webOS. [I think you got him confused with someone else in Apple.]
As far of you missing the wireless charging technology, let me draw your attention to the battery giants trials in after market inductive charging: DuraCell got myGrid and EveReady got PowerMat. Both solutions got two part inductor [back or batch]/charger combination. The two products have multiple backs or batches for the top end smart phones of other OS's like Blackberry and Android.

At the end let's hope that the webOS finds a new home in a truly innovating company that give him a good family of capable hardware phones and tablets that really forces Apple to abandon their monorail and join the multi-track train of webOS and Android.

Thanks for the info re: Pre to iPhone.
My contract is up next month and my Pre+ is gasping on its last breath these last few weeks.
I've been seriously contemplating a 4s. Most anyone who's had Android complains constantly about having to hard reboot the device often, etc. just seems too unstable. My switch from Palm is/was a really hard decision because i have a lot of history with them but i can't stand to watch HP kill webOS anymore. It will always be the most elegant multi-tasking OS.

get a Pre 3 on eBay- cheaper than an iPhone and once you have it the wireless provider will support it ( at least AT&T is). I got mine for under $200 which is what I would have had to pay for a good smartphone with contract anyway. Yeah, there are a few things that need to be ironed out and a few apps that need updating badly but as the market grows in Europe that should work itself out.

Long live WebOS!

Palm was awful at getting it's products sold in other countries, getting a Pre was difficult in Romania so I had to buy something else until it became available as my Treo 750 was nearing the end of it's life.

I chose HTC Hero and had enough of Android to last me for a life time. Maybe the latest software update is better, who knows, but IOS was (and probably will be) far more Palm like, as both companies share some common values. Like Palm, Apple relies on usability and accessibility rather then tech specs, and just like Palm, it's focused on simplicity.

Plus, I like to see my device get support and attention from online communities, iPhones come out once every one or so years, and to date there are online 5 models. Android rolls out a device every two months. I hate that chaotic tech spec war, especially when tech specs mean so little to me if the phone performs well.

The USB cable is white.

Wow, seriously? What a clunky touchstone! Is that early 90s? Wouldn't even want to have something like that on my desk if they gave them away for free!

Not that I'm misunderstood: I do love my Pre3 and my classic touchstone, but this new touchstone is just ugly.

Yea, they should have just found a way to stuff bluetooth, the audio jack and stronger magnets into the classic touchstone; even if that meant increasing it a few mm in height or diameter.

This reminds me of my old Palm charging docks.


Where can we buy those touchstones? You should make a final run for all of those who purchased the Pre 3. If you want, maybe even make a confirmed list. I would purchase 3 (Home, Office, Bedroom).


Count me in!

Every single one of you "I hate you, HP!!! I'll never buy another thing from you again! Boo hoo hoo hooooooo" types will be the first to pre-order if Meg Whitman makes a switcharoo and puts out a Touchpad 2.

The only reason why she "doesn't know what to do" is because there are NO buyers, so HP's fate and WebOS' is intertwined until the bitter end. Don't get why people here don't get that.

I agree. They want to unload WEBos, but no one wants it. HP mishandled it so badly that they killed the market before they had a buyer. sucks to be them.

They will not build phones again. They would be open to liscensing, but they killed it. (See above). I doubt they will use it in tablets, but that remains to be seen. Probably did too much damage for that segment to recover too.

Yours makes a bit of sense; much damage has been done and the handling just raises more questions than it answers. I cant see there being absolutely no market though - after all there are lots of crappy (Pandigital, Coby, etc.) tablets out there. And from what I've read they're actually being sold. The question is, are they willing to play in the $199 range?

Of course no one hates HP because they horribly mismanaged Palm over the past year and basically drove webOS into the ground. And that wouldn't have anything to do with their current struggles to sell it either!

of course NOT, you should know by now that in jerrydan's opinion HP did better than anyone else on this planet could for webOS this last year (I mean, he always argues that marketing was great, product placement was great, management was great, decision making was great, developer relationships were great, customer support & relationships were great, hardware was great (with the only omissions being the lack of the on-screen keyboard, and the lack of a high-end slab phone in the webOS family, but not like that would affect anyone's buying decisions), hardware release cycles were very quick and were addressing precisely all the consumers' woes and gripes (and were NOT barely reheated Pre- devices, up until the pointless Veer, not at all), product releases/webOS relaunch(es) and prior-to-release marketing buildups were simply epic, pricing was spot-on (competitive and not delusional at all, especially for TP), advertisements were great and ubiquitous, communication to everyone (inside and out the company) was great, demonstrated/communicated strategic vision wasn't fuzzy, unfocused and all over the place, upper management never said anything silly and confusing about their plans & strategy regarding webOS, and most significantly, they have spent hundreds of millions on shipping unfinished, ill-placed products through every unprepared and unaware channel they could only think of. Oh, with exception of carriers, and phones that people actually WOULD buy, ie Pre 3).

...and then, that silly webOS "thingy", it just FAILED, because it was sooo bad, and they "could not sell devices for a profit". So simple!

HP...you SUCK big time! Why not bring the white worldphone Prē3 to Sprint!? Now all my family and I are using Android phones, me and others have the Photon since it is a worldphone. We all miss our beloved webOS but stupid HP and that doucheb@g Idiotheker don't care about the greatness of webOS...IDIOTS!!!!

Every time I see a post like this it's like taking punch in the gut.

Yes, like showing a thirsty person in a desert a glass of water and telling them it's unavailable.

I currently own a 32 gig TP, white Veer which I really like(were is my TTS HP?) and a Pre 3. I am lusting over the white Pre and the new touchstone. Hope more come out of the wood work like the white 64 gig TP's. FWIW if you look carefully the included black Pre 3 is a Verizon mmodel.

I have an original Pre on Sprint and a TouchPad. I still love webOS, but I have to take issue with some who post on this discussion board. I am getting tired of reading "I want this and I would have bought that, I was waitng for this, they should have done that". Maybe if all of these woulda shoulda coulda folks had actually bought the products when they were available, HP would still be producing them. while HP did drop the ball, lack of sales is due in part to those who are now complaining they can'gt get a touchpad for $99.

I would like to agree with you, but keep in mind that the TouchPad and Veer were cancelled just days or weeks after they were first announced, and the Pre 3 was NEVER released in the US. This new touchstone was also never released and just barely even hinted at.

We never had a chance to buy "the products when they were available". That's why we want them now. It's not that we waited too long, it's that HP bizarrely quit just at it was getting started.

too late... i'm very happy with my Samsung Galaxy S2.

All of these comments say the same thing: there's leagues of people who desire webOS products.

Had HP gotten their head out of their *** and released these products on all four national US carriers, they'd probably be doing good business.

They would have had the whole bit in hardware and software, like Apple, but without the antiquated iOS experience and strict Apple ecosystem lock in.

HP~~ wake up, please.

All of these comments say the same thing: there's at least 60 people with an opinion on webOS products. You're on a webOS forum, and not all of the comments are positive. The new uncertainty that HP created will kill webOS prospects in the long run. If it comes back, it'll take years of nursing it back to life. And I'm right here with you. OG Sprint pre to sprintified pre plus to sprintified pre 2 with 2 touchpad in the house. I bleed webOS but I'm a cynic.

"I bleed webOS but I'm a cynic."
I think you are just being realistic.

I want that Touchstone!

son of a **** ..where was this **** and who has it?

I have it now,shipping my way this morning. Thanks precentral!

Dear Meg and HP Team,

Please sell the following bundles:

HP Pre3 with Touchpad and 2 year contract:
$299 with 16GB TP
$349 with 32GB TP

HP Veer with Touchpad and 2 year contract:
$149 with 16GB TP
$199 with 32GB TP

Continue to sell HP Desktops with Touchpad
$149 32GB TP with any HP Desktop

MEGA HP WebOS Bundle:
HP Pre3, Touchpad, and WebOS enabled, bluetooth Printer and 2 year mobile contract (Sold at Sprint, Verizon, & AT&T):
$399 with 16GB TP and mid-line, bluetooth printer
$499 with 32GB TP and mid-line, bluetooth printer

Thanks! Meg and HP Team, I know you are reading this blog!!! Can't wait to place an order asap!!

I want this for Christmas. Santa says that he will deliver if HP delivers and helps out his elves!

Something like this was really needed. Once webOS is in people's hands they will change their minds.

After using the TouchPad for a few months, I ordered an unlocked Pre2. As I'm on T-Mobile, I'd sacrifice 3G for the excellent webOS experience.

While I'd be happy to see webOS continue in any way, I hope that if HP does decide to keep it that phones will eventually factor into their strategy.

PreCentral Team,

Can you get a Verizon Pre3 to work on Sprint, since the Verizon Pre3 has CDMA?

In terms of design, I think the audio accessory is ugly. Would've been better if it was a derived from the Touchstone look. Oh well, it's all awash anyway.

Just when we think things in the webOS world couldn't get any worse, now we see yet another phone we can't have. What will be next, a webOS slab phone showing up on Ebay?

The ended of listing !

All, just received an email from TigerDirect.com!

HP touchpad, 32GB, $299.

Buy an HP desktop or laptop, and receive a $150 rebate, making the HP touchpad $149.99!!

Happy hunting!

Price on Tigerdirect.com is still showing $499 versus the email advertisement of $299.

Here is a link to the rebate:

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HP I am disappoint.

Man, that touchstone is FUGLY. I really really want one though. I'd love to have that feature on my TP-TS.

Touchstone Gadgets, Yay! I've been waiting for this since the first announcements of Touchstones back in 2009. Ok, this one is not the prettiest choice, remembers me of some ugly car mount I had back in the late 90s for my first nokia. But hey - it's a Touchstone! Plus - we're not going to see it in Shops.

Oh, BTW. I! Need! That! Leathercase!

I'm Sad... =( Why HP!?!?

that is one sweet setup (sans the white). Love the touchstone and case and of course the Pre3!

Why didn't you just release this first HP!!!!

Just ordered a new 15-in Dell laptop for my work. My current desktop is an iMac and my netbook ASUS. I will never buy anything HP again. I still haven't decided whether I'm going with iPhone or Android after my verizon contract is up in December. I love the iPhone software much better, but the lack of LTE in the 4S might be a dealbreaker.

...geez, you don't sound like particularly faithful HP's customer from the list of the hardware supplied, do you think there is a chance that if you don't own anything they make, and you will "never, ever" buy anything else from them, there's a chance they might not notice the difference?

Have you considered some "negative" purchase, I don't know, like for example, buying -5 HP servers, as a way of making them notice?

My first ever laptop was HP and I bought it in 2003. Also bought a Compaq desktop after the merger. Replaced that with the current iMac in 2008. So as you can see I was a prior HP customer. So drop your smart@$$ remarks will you.

I would have gladly gone the Pre 3 way if I was given the opportunity. And, to be honest, it's not all Leo's fault. Not only Leo but also the HP Board is completely incompetent.


Don't know why everyone thinks that touchstone is ugly, it's rather gorgeous.

I just think it's because people are more or less mad that they can't have one... :'(

And it's 500x better looking than that boring hockey-puck anyway...

My only comment is "MINE!" Stop staring at my stuff...heh.

Would love that Touchstone in my Car...

Honestly. As soon as I saw the Touchstone in '09, my first thought was, "If it had a BT receiver, it'd be even more wireless."

Always wanted one for the living room. (Got the BT in the car all sorted.)

The Pre 3 case is here!!!!! Check out this link from PDAir:

Finally, a fitted flip case for our phones!!! I, for one, am estatically happy!!!!

BTW, Piel Frama said they would make one if someone will relinquish their phone for 3 days so they can make a model- any volunteers?

Why in the world would a company develop and launch an accessory for a dead product? That makes less sense than HP's bungling of... no wait, nothing makes less sense than that... lol