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Whitman: HP's new smartphone won't come in 2013 25

by Ryan St. Andrie Thu, 04 Oct 2012 7:10 pm EDT

Whitman: HP's new smartphone won't come in 2013

In her Fox Business Network interview last month HP CEO Meg Whitman all but confirmed that HP would in fact be stepping back into the smartphone market all the while inferring that said smartphone may already be in the pipeline. Despite owning their own mobile operating system - our beloved webOS - nobody assumed that HP would even conceive the thought of giving webOS another go after their floundering attempt the first time around. Instead, the speculation instantly pointed to Microsoft's upcoming Windows Phone 8 operating system, a thought that makes a lot of since given HP and Microsoft's long standing relationship and HP's plans to make Windows 8 tablets in the near future. Then out of nowhere a GLBenchmark log containing a 'bender' device manufactured by 'hp' running Android 4.0.4 hit the interwebs. Of course, those sorts of logs can be easily faked, but it certainly kicked into high gear the speculating about HP's supposed upcoming return to smartphones.

Fast forward to this week's HP analyst day. During the meeting, Whitman reportedly admitted that her prior comments in regards to HP entering the smartphone market had created a bit of a ruckus. She then went on to state: "We don't have any plans to introduce a smartphone in 2013, but we've got to start thinking about what is our unique play, how do we capture this element of the personal computing market?"

So 2013 won't be the year of the return of the HP smartphone. It'll be the year that they think about the return of the HP smartphone. HP's PC business is continuing to falter, and even in spite of their denials of this becoming the "post-PC era", the company knows that mobile is going to have to be a part of their future. They even created a new business unit just for mobile devices like tablets and smartphones (despite already having one that they're spinning off).

The mobile device market is rapidly growing. Things have advanced a long way in the past year, and there's no telling how far forward we'll have moved in mobility by the time 2014 hits and HP's maybe ready to put out a new smartphone. No matter what the operating system HP's new smartphone is destined to run, they'd be well adviced not to take too long before the market gets too far away from them. Also, you know, consider using webOS. It'll cost lots of money regardless of what path HP takes, might as well try a unique one (again). Nudge nudge, wink wink.


Probably a safe move. Nobody knows what WP8 will do in the marketplace so why put your name out again on a dud (IF it's a dud). HP will do well with the Windows 8 tablet since that's all there will be from MS, no risk there. If the Metro UI catches on with the general buying public and IT managers, I suspect HP will be back in the smartphone business. If Open webOS gains traction, we might just see a Phoenix rising. Either way, HP is going to wait it out with the goings on at Microsoft, RIM and Open webOS.

There's a few points this makes me ponder.

Will we be seeing a return to the trusty iPaq name I wonder? I say trusty as I remember the very cool Compaq iPaq rather than the near invisible range of HP iPaqs

It's strange to think that it's feasible to bring a webOS phone to market before HP look to bring their unknown OS device out.

I think that they'll go with WPx as MS won't be letting things slip (again) now they've sniffed the possibility of muscling in on the Apple/Android monopoly. It'd make sense especially as it'd offer a contiguous computing system, something business wants, especially with the software that'll come included.

*Begins pedantry*

Wouldn't that then be a duopoly rather than a monopoly? ;)

Maybe it makes sense to wait a little longer.... give time for WebOS to maybe be further tweaked and optizmied. And, also let some more of the negative air around it recede.

As much as I dislike the events that have unfolded with Palm and WebOS since the original Pre, and as much as I dislike what HP did, if they were to release a new WebOS phone in 2014, I'd buy it.

In order for HP to make a real play in mobile the following would be great:
- Super smooth operation of the software and UI
- A few big name developers on board with whatever is the latest apps at that time
- Quality hardware with more than adequate power and memory
- Superior features that must be equivalent or better than most everyone else. (ie don't offer 720p if everyone is doing 1080p. Or, offer a 5MP camera, when everyone else has 8MP. you get the idea)
- Offer 2 models, 1 with qwerty and 1 without
- Launch on multiple carriers

Anything short of this, and HP is going to have a really hard time competing with the likes of Apple, HTC, and Samsung.

I'm a bit agitated at this news, but maybe its best. I mean releasing barely open scourced software that isn't ready to be pushed into the market is bad. So I think I'd rather wait

I am more confused than ever about HP's consumer path. They jump on the Windows 8 bandwagon, but chintzed on the screen resolution, guarantying that their tablet will be non-standard. Now, they decide to get back in the phone game in 2014, but don't let anyone know what OS it will use.

HP will get slaughtered in the market in a race to the bottom if they go Android, and most Windows 8 tablet sales will eventually be subsumed by Microsoft. WebOS had a shot, but by Ms. Whitman not restarting WebOS development immediately after her hire, she blew her chance to compete. They might as well just leave the tablet and smartphone markets altogether, and sell off their consumer PC and printer divisions, while they still have some value. That would allow them to focus on business systems and services, which is the only things they seem to do competently...

At least in the meantime, HP should release a WebOS skin for Android--this would help them build a user base again without having to release a phone (which if it shows success, then it would be easier for HP to market their first new relaunched phone/tablet to carriers).

Never had faith in HP. It's been a poorly run company for a very very very long time. But the fact that she basically said they wouldn't be making phone hardware then now they "need to begin thinking" about doing it just makes me all the more certain that they don't have a plan.

Then again, i never thought they should have bought webos, never though webos was capable of addressing their problems with is shit like nobody buys printers any more and there are better computers. They never should have bought compaq, Didn't like Meg. Hell people will hate it but i honestly thought, following ibm was much smarter then continueing to flounder in the pc space. At least considering how uninteresting their product is and would continue to be. It's not like i had any faith they'd all of a sudden start making "cool" products. That's never been HP. So i never saw a turnaround coming just by making computers.

All that being said, i read the Steve Jobs book and one of the salient points in it was about HP, and how historically their strength has been their ability to change industries; going from basically transistors to , computers, and calculators, and then printers, then storage. So what's next? who knows? Can they adapt and change. My take was as bad as it was for webos, Leo's plan was the closest thing HP had to taking the needed adaptation. It was bold, possibly poorly thought out. But i've always seen Meg's plan as continue with business as usual. To not adapt. And from my perspective it was doomed to fail eventually. Not because they gutted and killed webos. But rather because for a long time it has been a poorly run company, That's bloated, with mediocre products, in stagnant or declining markets and that won't change what it's doing.

Leo didn't have a plan. Mark Hurd had a plan, but the board wanted him out. Leo historically has been clueless about hardware. The HP roadmap, similar to Pre WebOS, was a generation or two ahead of the market acceptance, while having gaping holds in basic functionality. Leo lacked the ability to meld all the technologies that HP bought or had on hand already. He just pushed forward with the arrogant mandate that he could advertise something into a success.

If HP does make another phone, it will be W8 for proper integration into existing IT and enterprise assets. But it wont happen. HP is on the outside looking in. Their best people are gone or moving out. HP is on the defensive, trying to keep their brand alive long enough to transition into enterprise software services. But would you trust your company with their wreckless history and no loyalty to customers. No me.

W'da hell!! Have you seen the new SGNexus specs, Meg?!
I'll buy that and port Open weOS anytime (when ready of course)! Like the Elite-Pad though. In fact, I'd buy that and port Open webOS to it also.

..and here's another one ready to rape webOS with an ugly phone.

JFC Meg... why bother in 2014?

The unique proposition was offered... webOS everywhere. Get webOS onto the phones. Onto the tablets. Onto devices. ONTO DESKTOP PCS. Suddenly you're not controlled by Microsoft anymore.

Nah, go ahead. Plan on selling 100k smartphones in Africa or something. You can compete with Nokia and their "Well, people in countries that don't know any better still buy our phones" strategy with the Asha!

anger is like a hot coal that you are trying to throw at someone.

just let it go

I think this is a great move! When the Pre2 was released, it was already out dated. Meg said they are going to do it right this time. I'm getting the galaxy note 2, it reminds me of the good 'ol days of my Treo 755p with the stylis. Lol if Meg really wants to do it right, taking extra time to come up with a great phone, rather than good phone is the way to go! I want to stay with webOS until then, but I need the extra apps & my Pre2 isn't leaving a good taste in my mouth the more I use it...

My ATT contract renews in 2014, so this could work for me - IF Meg goes with webOS (not bloody likely!)
Although my Pre+ met its' demise in a fall, I still have my trusty TP and I'm hoping for a future webOS device to replace the Lumia

At this point, does anyone really care about an HP smartphone as it would likely be a Windows or Android phone?

The only people who should care are HP stock holders(slash/dummies) employees, and Upper Management. I'm pretty sure there s something to this new fangled mobile computing platform you STUPID FUCKS! God i hope that displays for a few hours...

2014!!! I doubt there would be HP at 2014 at this free fall!

Meg Whitman don't really know what the hell she's doing as Chair(wo)man of HP! How do I know this? Because she hasn't resigned! If she had a clue, she would have done it several months ago!

BRING BACK JON RUBINSTEIN!!! And let the webOS begin!

I liked my webos phone the cards were an elegant way to switch between apps. Really that is the only thing it did better than android and ios in my opinion. Universal seaarch was awsome too. Would nice if they were able to port those into an android build.

Just Great....

Now I've gotta hold out another year+ with this Galaxy S3.

yeah because the S3 is such a terrible phone....

How could Meg not know the "ruckus" that her comment made? If she considers the WebOS Nation an ally in all of this, she may want to start realizing our passion too....

I realise this isn't OEM hardware but this still seems like good news. We've been wait to hear the words "webos working on new hardware" forever and here it is.

When it's ready, I for one would pay a hundred bucks or so over purchase cost of the unit itself, in order to have a functioning, optimized webos running on this hardware. I know there are other people out there who agree, so I'm a little surprised why there isn't more commentary in this thread.

Am I missing something that should make me less optimistic?

I think they are further along than they let on. Check out HPInfolab.com's new login page. It pictures a smartphone that I don't recognize running something other than WebOS.

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