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Whitman: No changes to HP’s announced strategy, but no commitments either 92

by Derek Kessler Thu, 22 Sep 2011 5:33 pm EDT

On today’s HP conference call following her appointment as HP CEO, Meg Whitman laid out her plans for HP, and on the surface it sounded almost like she was reading something that predecessor Leo Apotheker could have written. Her remarks were brief and to the point, but in summation: HP is going to continue to consider their options regarding a spin-off of the PC-building Personal Systems Group, the $10 billion acquisition of Autonomy is going to go through as planned and should close by the end of the year (it’s likely too late to call it off at this point), and HP is going to continue to consider how best to extract value from owning webOS.

On the surface, that sounds pretty much exactly like where we were at the start of the day – no changes in vision here, as Executive Chairman Ray Lane noted, Whitman was brought on as CEO due to execution, not strategy. We’re hopeless optimists here, so we’re taking note of the careful wording that Whitman used: “considering.”

Based on the market reaction to HP’s plan to split off the PSG, it’s clear that the shareholders didn’t like the decision. Whitman was purposefully careful in the words she used, hedging that HP is going to continue to evaluate to possibility of spinning off their computer building arm, but might decide against it. It’s been noted that the likes of Lenovo and Dell have been jumping all over HP’s business contracts in the wake of the uncertainty from Apotheker’s pronouncement about HP splitting itself.

Of course, Whitman can’t immediately come out and reverse course from HP’s announced strategy (we saw how well that worked when Apotheker did the same thing). There’s still chivalry between executives (unless Larry Ellison is involved), and even though Lane has admitted that Apotheker was not “the right guy to run this business,” that’s about as hard of language you’re going to get out of any leader at HP about the past year.

We’re reading between the lines here, sure, but where there’s change, there’s hope. Whitman underscored her commitment to HP’s hardware business, both the consumer and enterprise arms, and even though webOS didn’t come up outside of saying that things haven’t changed today from yesterday, we’re eternal optimists. And curmudgeons. It’s a conflicted existence (much like webOS’).

Regardless, Whitman said that the best thing they can do is to come to a quick decision on the spin-off, saying that this will not age like "fine wine." She said the decision will be influence by whether or not they believe the hardware business (which Lane said could carry the HP brand) could perform better for customers and shareholders on its own than within HP, and of course on how the shareholders feel about that decision (see: HPQ stock price). So while nothing but the person at the top has changed today, we're expect that we'll see more change coming down the pike in the short term. Buckle up, folks.


New boss the same as the old one. As much as we'd like to hope for a reconsideration of their webOS position, it would cost them entirely too much to reverse field again.

The best we can hope for is that they will actively work to make the platform attractive to potential partners... or actually sell out (not just license) to someone who cares.

or speak up!

webOS users, comment positively on this page and make your voice heard!


So WebOS is still dead . . .

Yep. Will remain so as far as being in any sort of consumer-friendly phones and tablets people around here would care about.

People, give her a chance! I've been an HP reseller partner for almost eleven years now, along with my marketing position with Coca-Cola Enterprises from 1990 until 2001, I've seen a lot of changes with these two big world leaders.

With so many changes at the top of these two companies, you wonder how they still remained number one in their respective industries. The one thing that HP got out of Apotheker was, how to build a software portfolio and make it very lucrative to the company and shareholders. FACT!

All I heard from Lane today is that, quote; "we have a $120B hardware business that we care dearly about.", and that's saying something. I don't see the hardware business going anywhere.

You never know the kind of vision a company leader possesses until you see what direction they lead you. Whitman may see something in the hardware business that Apotheker couldn't see.

Lane is the problem not the solution. He cares dearly about putting Oracle out of business and he will run HP into the ground to do it.

Servers, fat margin printers, networking & storage he cares about.

Consumer PC, desktops, tablets, etc - he couldn't care less.

He is a cancer in that company and somehow in a very short time he has weaseled his way into controlling it.

If Hewett or Packard were still alive that dude wouldn't get past security at HP.

What you heard today was lip service.

Do you expect that Lane, or any of the BOD would freely admit that they are incompetent and should not have the positions that they hold?

They clearly KNOW they screwed up, and, still defend their actions just because they are still in power and can do so.

The answer is: "The very next day after they announced it, the stock dropped almost 25%"

The Question is: "How good was the decision to stop WebOS hardware development and sell off the PSG seen by the investment community?"

It doesnt get any simpler than that, folks, but, still, they persist.

I think you're confusing things. Dumping webOS was easily the right move for them.

Wanting to spin off, or sell, or **** with the PSG altogether was the bad move.

Im NOT confusing anything.

Both, the PSG and the WebOS decision so soon after the TP launch and right on the eve of 2 more product launches were questioned by Wall Street and tech analysts themselves.

Heck, even the Class Action Lawsuits are based, almost verbatim, on HP's direction to make WebOS an integral part of their future business since the beginning of the year, and in the face of that, pretty much trashing that overnight, implying that HP misled the investors for that period of time.

Its YOU who are "confused", Im afraid!

Yes, dead. Most customers are on WebOS1, which is incomplete. WebOS2 is somewhat complete, but has few customers. WebOS 3 is missing some of the most important hardware management elements. WebOS 4, nobody needs, nobody wants and the hardware line is already a lame duck before they even showcase the concept. And a year has been wasted and we have four unfinished generations.

Dead. Worse fracturing than Android. Nice job Leo, Apple and Google confederates in the management ranks could/would not have hurt HP this bad.

"Why won't my arms move?"
"You've been mostly dead all day."

I'm hoping for Miracle Meg!

Lol, The Princess Bride.

Let me say first that I DO NOT feel bad for Leo getting fired. He will make 35 million in salary and bonuses for his 10 month employment.

What does piss me off is they're using Leo as a scapegoat as if he's the sole cause of their stocks taking a nose dive. If they fired Leo because of this, then why are they still staying on the same "path" that Leo created?

Unless they decide to change the company's direction his firing was nothing more than a way of trying to put all the blame on him and hopefully stabilize HP's value in the eyes of the investors.

They were talking about keeping webOS on the inside if that made the most sense. I was wondering if that meant like take it off the market and use it only within the company or producing hardware in house?

That investor call was a joke.

The HP BOD are, sad to say, absolutely clueless!

They actually admitted that their board has changed over the past 8 months, and are very proud of their actions!!!!

Im afraid unless Meg does an "about face" really quickly, the other shoe will drop, not just on WebOS, but, on HP as a whole.

More careful words could have been chosen to hint at a reversal of policy, but, I dont believe that is in the cards. This BOD is on an ego trip, sad to say, and they cant admit when they have screwed up, thats why they appointed someone who has as much credibility to lose as the rest of them do: MW

The decision made by Leo damaged HP forever. The idiot scared everyone with "tablet effect is real" comment.

No one wants to take on Android/Apple/Microsoft.

Yeah, that was super dumb. It would be like putting your car up for sale and then slashing the tires while showing it to prospective buyers.

Strangely, the tablet effect argument would strengthen the case for webOS but, then, HP had already decided they didn't want to be in HW at all, so it didn't help the webOS situation at all.

As another commenter said, we might see HP reverse the PSG spinoff OR, if the PSG spinoff goes forward, webOS SW might go with it since it seems unlikely that the new software-only HP could make money off webOS from a licensing-only model.

Its stupid to believe that software only works. We don't have to look any further than Apple. The issue is with management. They are not smart enough to take on Apple/Google/Microsoft. webOS in its current condition is not an answer, but it has POTENTIAL. Some hardy guy need to be in-charge and whip the webOS team. That would do it. But HP will not reverse the decision. Which is sad.

You know, i get downranked enough for saying HP should have dumped webOS. But it's only because i agree with you that HP isn't smart enough to know what to do with it.

If i had any confidence in HP's leadership, i'd say sure, go for it and make the proper investments. But this isn't the right company for it. And there's no one walking through that door that would have the single mindedness and leadership it takes to make it work. Too many chefs at the top.

It's too bad they didn't just give Palm some access to resources and tell them to have fun with it. You do your thing and we'll stick to our thing kind of deal.

Old news, new team.

Time will tell as they say...

nice article.
Its never too late to back out of an acquisition until the final hour. They might have committed to pay a penalty if stockholders do not approve, you would have to look into that.

I believe other blogs said that it's very difficult to back out of Autonomy because of English laws. I don't know if that is true or not. If webOS stays within HP or HP spinoff it is stay with PSG.

Reportedly, the Autonomy shreholders hare having second thoughts about coming under HP's ownership, given the events of the past month.

Just sayin...

as a Californian i just can't get past her politics in her last run for office. She tried to buy the office and her political stances i hate.

this was brilliant http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WEPlZYp5-Pk

Bad move for HP. Should have hired someone else.

oh and this one too http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vSLoTJySZmg

well at least she won't be running a state.

Picture Meg being successful in the California Governor race, and at her acceptance speech she says, "sure California is in the crapper, but we are going to stay the course!".

Not exactly the type of thing stock holders want to hear. I can't wait to see the slide tomorrow.

i'm just glad i don't have to picture Meg successful in the California Governor's race. She was a rather poor candidate as was her buddy former HP moron CEO Carly Fiorina. Trend here hp?

You want a real horror show of the mind :)

Meg and Carly co-CEO's! Just like RIM!

i think you probably need to have working knowledge of these guys to really know who the best person is but i just think hearing some of their illogical and poorly thought out ideas as campaigners they aren't exactly the sharpest knives in the drawer.

and that is a horror story.

i mean there has to be a decent brain within HP doesn't there? This is typical in America. since i was talking politics, this is just like politics: same round robin of fools taking jobs and no new blood. I bet some smart guy at hp is getting passed over.

Seriously I just wish HTC, Sony anyone just buys webOS, I just don't trust HP anymore. HP made a big deal about there scale and how they sell 3 pc every second etc. Now you can't leverage any of that and clearly they are not doubling down so what's the point having webOS. Sell it, for cheap if you have to. The more webOS stays at the hands of HP the worse it gets for any hope of webOS coming back.

Upside to this announcement ... they actually met the new CEO beforehand.

Leo's epitaph ... I sold more Touchpads than anyone expected. lol

Here something to consider: Apple CEO Gil Amelio was essentially Apple's Leo... Utterly useless and presided over one of the worst financial moments of Apple's history. HOWEVER... Gill DID at least do the one thing that actually SAVED Apple: he bought NeXT.

Leo may prove to be one of the worst CEOs of HP's history... but he may have "pulled a Gil" by firesale'ing the Touchpad. Only time will tell...

HP's stock has been increasing because of rumors to Leo's demise as CEO of HP. We believe that he was the cause to webOS and Personal System Group's destruction and with him gone things can go back to the way they were.

You can quote me, put money on this, or whatever, if the business strategy goes unchanged, the stock will fall. I guarantee you stockholders are not going to be impressed with this, business partners are going to roll their eyes then proceed with Dell (or whoever), and customers are going to shake their fists in anger. GG!

I know she has to say all the everything is alright stuff. And we aren't changing anything. Problem with that is this is not what the market or stockholders wanted. Yes they wanted Leo's head on a platter. They got that. But what they really wanted was a change in course. They didn't get that today. Black Friday is coming tomorrow. To right this ship its going to take a wholesale BOD change.

If anything it is entertaining.:)

Wholesale BOD change is right! We've been blaming Leo for bad decisions, but I now wonder if the BOD is the source of these decisions.

All I heard today was, "We think our strategies are great, they just haven't been communicated well." Time will tell, but the market seems to be screaming at the top if its lungs, "CHANGE YOUR STRATEGY!"

"We're eternal optimists"

Ha! More like blind fanbois.

Let the thumbs down commence!

A blind fanboi would be blind to the problems in the product or company he/she is a fan of. That is not the case here, we are looking at a bad situation, and since we have NO way to change things, we can only hope for a better tomorrow with the new leadership change.

What I and others HOPE for is not the same as what we expect. Most will probably expect the worst and hope for the best. Is that being blind?

Coming here every day and reading more and more stories about "X is thinking about buying webOS", especially when they were clearly grasping at straws, the only conclusion you can draw is that they're blind fanbois.

No, that is the sound of despair and looking for ANY possible good news. Again, expecting and wishful thinking are two very different things. Trying to keep people from sinking into a mode of everything being negative is also the job of an admin.

So, hope springs eternal, and when you have nothing solid that is positive, then even positive rumors are welcome.

"Positive" rumors that they make up are "welcome"?

No sir...no fanbois around here.

Neo Apothecker isn't taking this lying down.

As I mentioned commenting on one of the other articles, why should we expect a change of course? Whitman came to the HP BOD as 1 of 5 that Leo pushed through. She was there the entire time Leo was, knew the strategy, and, I presume, in agreement as the Board approved the long term strategy announced by Leo.

What I don't understand and I don't think the investment community understands, is how HP can "spin-off of the PC-building Personal Systems Group," and yet, "Whitman underscored her commitment to HP’s hardware business."

Are you spinning it off or are you supporting it??? You can't do both. At least, not effectively. Investors won't spend money on a company that can't communicate what it is doing, much less one that actually doesn't know what it is doing.

I think the more accurate way to say it is the market didn't like the way HP announced the decision to spin off PSG, not necessarily that they didn't like the decision. Also, the market may have thought HP was overpaying for Autonomy, but that's not the same of disapproving of the overall strategy of getting out of the low margin hardware game. that said, i hope they keep psg and revive webos... i just want a replacement for my damn pixi!

Maybe, but I don't think it was just the way HP announced the spin off. Why do I say that? Because it has been a while (month or two?) since the announcement. If they simply didn't like the way it was communicated or if Wall St wasn't bothered by it once they figured out the wisdom of it, the stock would have bounced back--at least somewhat.

I am not saying the market was right--though long term it usually is--and I do think part of the problem was and IS the way it is being presented, as I said above. BUT, by now, it is more than just a communication problem. BUT, as a previous HP stockholder, for me, the primary reason I sold my small investment 6-7 months ago was the leadership of this company. The BOD, the CEO--Leo--they just seemed to not have discipline, were sending mixed messages and were running in circles, chasing their own tail. Sad to see webOS caught up in this.

I don't really care about HP anymore, put webOS in another company's hands.

or better yet, opensource it!

The BOD is totally clueless and naive. If you want to sell the PC sector or wanted to spin it off, you don't want to tell the whole world about it until it finalized. By doing so it will hurt the company to gain the gov't and/or big corporated contracts. NOBODY want to buy any death PC.

For WebOS, it's too late to reverse the TouchPad and its devices due to breach of trust among the carriers and developers... beside most of the experienced HW engineers and logistical staff members are probably not coming back and many of them might have found jobs in the next couple months.

PLease please please someone make great webOS devices and soon. I mean Jeez. Apple and Android OSs are not near as good, the just have more ppl working on them, thinking about them. I want it to be revived...

But this news does make me pause about the pre2 upgrade...

The demise of webOS has been predicated time and again by many and it is truly amazing that it is still breathing. Every time it seems like it is not going to make it, it just turns another page. Let's see how the next chapter plays out...

Meg Whitman looks like one of those twin girls from "The Shining," grown up to middle-age. And slightly creepier.

Here's the thing I don't get. Apple conquered by making a device that consumers loved, and then used that as a platform to move into the corporate side. Now we have pAd everywhere in business as well as for personal use.

To the consumer, HP IS printers and computers. Spinning that off feels to the guy on the street like HP is giving up their core business.

WIth their presence already established in the enterprise, why do they not believe their PSG arm to be an advantage? Having tried others, I swore years ago I would only buy HP printers. That trust was a base to leverage, not destroy.

They didn't have to be 'cool' or flashy, they just had to build high quality hardware in the mobile space for a great OS. Why was that so hard to see? They have millions available to establish a mobile presence by breaking even in their initial offerings: the market is there.

Perhaps they were just so scared to fail, or end up being less than dominant, that they failed. Too much ego on the line.

Meg can hardly claim a software background. Ebay was simply a bartering website, not an operating system. Having your company sell stuff online doesn't equate to tech expertise.

I don't think investors are going to agree that the best man for this job is a woman who happened to be assisting the worse guy for the job until two days ago.....

I think the only option then is PSG spun off with webOS. PSG can continue their PC webOS emulator which might keep some developers aboard, make a touchpad 2 series with better specs and performance and value pricing. No one is going to buy a 40 billion dollar PSG. The cost is too high and there are big rivals like Dell and Lenovo that have PSG's capabilities. At best, the rivals would poach a key HP personnel. PSG needs webOS to differentiate themselves from other clone. HP and PSG can share the patents that still have value or share patents with others for a fee (those patentsat least is still worth something from Palm). Smartphones would not be the focus of PSG but they can work on building that marketshare slowly.

There better be some changes with the "strategy" laid out by Leo. Otherwise why blow another $30+ million on the guy. Plus, if no changes then it further validates the ineptitude of the Board's (in)actions since the Hurdgate.

This is like when Star Trek was initially cancelled - time to round up the troops and change HP's perception of webOS.


webOS fans need to follow these kind of leads - and make those like Meg and gang, see the errors of their way.

Have you noticed?? All of you Guys, are great!!, pls keep supporting WebOS, Post comments, and send mail to CEO, (external.ceo-communication@hp.com).

From Mexico to Singapur I can tell you there are a lot of guys like me, carrying everyday my TX, my pre- and luckly my TouchPad, I can not see the world without Palm/WebOS products, it would be a very bored world I can tell you that.

Think about it, just be patient, as a member of this great community I will be fighting to the end, with HP or Other better company, I suppose there should be a couple of guys preparing financial reports to convince the Board for one or another option, Yesterday I was chatting with the Palm Support guys and sent congratulations to PSG team and expressed my desire of having the Stupid Leo out of HP. Thank's to all of you!!

Translation of Meg: "I have no idea what I'm doing yet, or what HP needs. I'll let you know in a few months. In the meantime, keep yourselves busy trying to understand why the board would pick someone like me."

Yeah. But isn't that sort of what you'd want from a new CEO? I'd like to see someone who as at least relatively intelligent actually do her own homework and figure out what the best move is. Both her previous business experience and (albeit failed) political experience both suggest that she has some ability to figure out what consumers are looking for. Given how much the board at HP seems to hate each other, in that 9 of 13 didn't even want to interview the guy they were hiring as CEO, who knows how much time and effort they spent deciding whether Leo's Kill HP plan was any good before going along with it.

OH MY! HP Can you please stop looking at WebOS in the past and look at what people want right now! We want WebOS. Can't you see that everyone with a WebOS device or doesn't have one yet wants one! The pre3, the beautiful white HP TouchPad, new WebOS devices. Like a WebOS device like an ipod touch.

Did anyone actually think the former CEO made the decision to kill webos by himself? From what I read she supports killing webos devices also. I don't get why HP or Palm could make such a poor product and expect it to sell. The WebOs software is what killed it. If they polished it and better hardware design then it would have had a chance.

As was reported, Leo the Lion was hired without being seen .. ah ... interviewed. And the reason given, was because of so much infighting amongst the directors, that they took the "least of the undesireables", or something to that effect.

The Board was disjointed, but there were 5 new faces AFTER Leo was hired. Suffice to say, his game (or lack of it), caught up to him.

leo is just the fall guy... the board are the idiots and they are the ones that need to go.

This is actually what I think.

I agree

Very much so..

I think she should open source webOS as a publicity stunt, but make google the default browser and collect from them like Mozilla does. I think we have all come to the conclusion that the glory days are over.

meg will be the puppet for ray lane and the board. she is just their to execute the will of the board. at least thats the way i read it.

Y'know what's gonna happen? They'll spin off the hardware businss and decide to license webOS. And who do you think will be the first/only company to be a webOS licensee? The newly spun off hardware company.

Better than nothing!

Awesome article at CNN: Is HP's board the worst ever?


Those wanting to hear Meg Whitman and Ray Lane talk about their plans for HP can "enjoy" a Bloomberg interview on it at http://www.bloomberg.com/video/75957614/

According to Ray Lane the WebOS devices continue to be dead, but the future of the software part of WebOS is still to be decided so everything can happen. Sadly that is just the same as in the Apotheker disaster period.

Dear WebOs , Its been fun, in fact real fun, but Meg won't do squat. Time to move on for this fan.......

Can they please sell the palm brand and webOS to someone who has a vision? Palm has been absorbed in a really big company before, at 3com, and they came out of it and had their best time ahead.

Nobody has the guts to take such a risk in buying what's left of Palm. Especially if you are a public US company. The investors would drive your stock down for such a perceived strategic blunder.

HP have given themselves a chance to reverse decisions made previously - if only because a new person can say the decision made by the old person was wrong.

It really depends on whether Whitman they have the courage to do it - or whether they truely do believe spinning off the HW unit and scrapping webOS hardware was the correct strategy.

All I've heard from Todd Bradley suggests he'd be willing to give webOS hardware another chance if he was allowed to make that decision himself. If anything, the firesale of the Touchpad has shown that there is demand for non apple tablets if the price is correct - I'm not saying you need to sell at a loss but you can tweak the model to get the price down i.e. push a 7" tablet instead of a 10" one which would have a cheaper display and smaller battery etc.

Take a serious look at where we are: 1 year after acquiring Palm, HP STILL has NO idea what they want to do with webos!

I wish I could be share your optimism, but I just don't see any signs of hope. We are being forced to watch the most painful and drawn out death of an awesome mobile platform :(

The HP board is simply hoping that Whitman will more positively execute their suicide strategy.

Damn straight!

Ray Lane is behind all of this. He has taken over the company on 9mos. Knows zero about HW.

Wants to put Larry Ellison in the poor house.

He will run HP into the ground on this quest.

Get that crazy fossil out of the place and real change will happen (for the better).

Meg is just a turbo button (he hopes) to running this crazy idea forward.

He is a cancer in that company. Leo and now Meg are his puppets.

The board is still a joke and he is just sad.

Apollo Domain
Measurement & Test

It's become a long history of abandoning what made HP special... a distributed set of teams that acted like business owners over the long haul. Invent? LOL. The new company motto should be "Easy Money. If it's hard or will take a few years to mature, run away."

Why would anyone invest or do business with this outfit?

Market Cap is now down to 2002 levels.

Day 1: can webOS, switch to Windows Phone 7 but keep all the IP from the Palm acquisition in your pocket, you will need it. Next, start working very closely with Microsoft on Windows 8 to roll out the Touchpad rev 2 with Windows 8 on it. Don't throw away the good albeit slow work done over the last 2 years.

It could work.

I don't think they want to build any more tablets in Apple's space no matter the OS. That was pretty clear.

Im sure the first thing Meg is going to do is go out for a nice 2 hour MEET YOUR NEW CEO lunch in which her and all the board cronies will waste an entire day at some 100 dollar entree restaraunt, then she will probably take a few vacations, maybe sit in on some training classes, that could suck up about 6 months of time. then for the following few months she can make a few speeches and appearances before finally HPs stock is worth about 30% less than today, then they will fire her (not before giving her some ridiculous severance package) and then hire another dolt.

I bet she has an awesome lunch though. damn if only i made that much :(

I dont know why you are being downgraded. You are telling the truth as far as I can tell. She'll probably make some rash decisions in the first 6 months, and say something silly in the media too.

The only way to get through to these people on the board is to sell off your stock. It might hurt for the short term, but then come back at $5-$12 a share once they pull their heads out.

HPQ is sliding again. I wouldn't touch this stock with Meg's ****.

dont fu/kc up.

From everything I've read, the board believes that the problem was not that Leo was making STUPID decisions, it was that he didn't communicate them well. Apparently, he wasn't really the ones making the stupid decisions, they were. Guess what HP board of directors? You're wrong. We, your customers and stock holders, were pissed about the decisions that were being made and infuriated about how they were told to us.

I kinda feel bad for Leo now. It looks like they just threw him under the bus to try to make up for their own incompentence. I expect that the value of HP will continue dropping, and they will be bought out within 5-10 years, possibly in chunks. Rahul was smart to get out when he did.

Well said.

Don't short change Larry Ellison. He's exactly the kind of guy with enough guts to buy WebOS and take it to the next level.

Guys, I'm sorry. I've been a super-dedicated member of this community for more than two years. I've saved my free Sprint premier upgrade until I lost it waiting for new WebOS hardware, and now, this is the final straw. They have already laid off a substantial percentage of the WEB OS global business unit. That is only the beginning too. Where do you think all those engineers are going to go? Why, to Web OS's competitors of course. They'll take their insider knowledge of WEB OS, and the road map that HP had for it, and pass that right along. Also, they are just going to be too behind their competition to compete. Almost every other mobile platform has the cloud strengths in music and media that would have set webos apart. WP7 has copied the cards metaphor for multi-tasking, and will also have touch to share. Meanwhile, IOS is getting multitasking gestures that bear some similarity to those in Web OS. Unfortunately, the writing is on the wall.

I'm sorry to say that I'm finally just done. I love WebOS, and did not want to use anything else. However, I feel like many of us dedicated Web OS users are like battered spouses. We keep taking the abuse, again and again, and still keep hoping that in spite of everything that has already happened, everything will somehow be different next time. I've finally realized it's not going to happen. I recognize all the joy Web OS and this community have brought me. Still, it's tiem for me to move on. Thanks for the memories everyone, but good bye.

As much as I would love to see HP bounce back, it won't happen when ignorant, incompetent people are running it. The writing has been on the wall for way too long.

The only thing that would save WebOS right now, would be to open source it. Therein lies it's true value and potential. Just like google did with Android, the hardware guys jumped onto it, and it is now continually improving and evolving.

It won't happen overnight, but it will happen. Releasing WebOS out into the wild, will build it's exposure and value infinitely. Thanks to Leos culling of the Touchpad, there are already many users who have tasted WebOS and loved it. It would only be a matter of time before WebOS becomes more mainstream.

I wish I was running HP and knew what was the right thing to do.