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Whitman on webOS: "It was good, and we didn't even get a chance." 112

by Derek Kessler Fri, 02 Dec 2011 5:08 pm EST

HP CEO Meg Whitman is at it again, pounding the pavement for webOS. While we’re still waiting for HP to announce its decision regarding our favorite operating system, Whitman can’t seem to stop talking about it, or at least she can’t seem to stop getting asked about what HP plans to do with it. Recently she was in front of a meeting of HP employees where the subject of webOS came up. According to webOSFrance, Whitman reportedly told the ~1,000-person crowd that “webOS is a terrific operating system,” and followed that “It is a shame what happened with the tablets and webOS, because for version 1.0 of those tablet and software, it was good. And we didn't even get a chance to get to version 2.0 and version 3.0.”

Whitman also admitted that supporting their own OS is an expensive proposition, but that HP is “working on some innovative solutions that I think are gonna be quite positive.” We’ve still got several days to go before her latest two week decision deadline is up, but all indications seem to be that HP plans to keep webOS and go big by doing so.



“It is a shame what happened with the tablets and webOS..."

Well if nothing else she is right about that!

who needs soap operas!? we've got a real live thing right here! :)

(I dont support striking women, or anyone for that matter, but it is time for a stern beat down of the uppper crust of HP management that is pushing the stick down and the throttle open as HP's death spiral takes a faster and faster run at the ground destroying the brand, employee jobs, customer support, shareholder equity and the hearts of WebOS supporters.)







SELL IT. (left hand slap, swift kick to rear).


LOL, -2, and no constructive or thoughtful rebuttle? Must be a dead-on bulls eye. Someone out there actually believes HP can, or wants to, do something constructive with WebOS and the market will actually appreciate it?

All the creative people left WebOS. Meg would not know where to take WebOS even if she wanted to make another effort. HP is a commodity broker, not a "invent" specialist. But if the same half dozen people keep hitting thumbs-down, maybe she'll spend a billion to reward that half dozen orthodox supporters.

What the world needs is a betamax with WebOS gui that you can link to your Amiga computer in case you want to record to Syquest disks. That would be something.

lol i agree with you baghdad Bob!!

i jumped ship from webos a LONG time ago, because i was TIRED OF ALL THE BS from palm/hp. trying to root for webos now is like being in a abusive relationship and just saying that when you get abused "they do it out of love" how many missed deadlines, broken promises do people need?! i just find it baffling how people can sit there and make these random connections to something you know realisticly will not happen.

the drama is funny though. it is like a car crash on the highway, even the people on the other side are slowing down.... i hope that webos might do something well in the future, but you all know it can't be in HP's clumsy hands.

"trying to root for webos now is like being in a abusive relationship and just saying that when you get abused "they do it out of love."

Quote of the year.

True...Loving Webos is like loving your kid, but having the share custody with your scumbag ex-wife.

The funny thing is the forum faithful are on the verge of setting themselves up for colossal disappointment again by brushing off all the old excuses from 2010. "Just wait till HP throws a ton of money behind WebOS, they'll show all those Phandroids and iPhans!" It's like watching a sick lab experiment.

"it was good and we didn't even give it a chance...'

That's the most honest response anyone has said from the HP camp about webOS in a long time.....

Except that's not what she said. "We didn't get a chance for version 2 or 3". That sounds like she's placing the blame on the customers.

Or on her predecessor which is the standard CEO MO. Of course, since Ms. Whitman was brought onto the board by Leo Apotheker and the board signed off on his disastrous webOS-killing policies, her blame shifting rings a little hollow here.

i think it is just a statement of a disappointment. Reading this as asserting blame on anyone, leo or users or the market or whatever i think is a leap of a conclusion done just to fit the side of the fence someone wants to be on.

I read it as "it's a shame they didn't get to do a second and third version." No more.

I think about the same thing each time I use my pre3. It's really a shame they didn't release them here in US.

I'm not sure if this is good news or bad news. I know I'll never trust HP again. Ever.

If HP does not keep webOS, who knows what would happen to it.

Then Keep It Going. Will Ya ?

webOS is a great system and multi tasked which others cannot equal,HP need to get it going again and prove the doubters wrong,come on meg go for it.

You gotta have a better image of Meg than the ebay staff shirt.

We've got a few, but we've gotta cycle them around to keep it fresh.

do ya have one with Meg telling the governor's election coverage media here in California that she was completely unaware that her housekeeper of over a decade was an undocumented alien?

that's why, I'll buy more webOS products when Meg drives to my house in Pasadena, CA to personally sell them to me. Then I will believe.

I'll say again - she's TIMMAH! grown up and in drag.

Thank you for making my work uniform reek of coffee after spitting it out in laughter after reading you post! Lol

I do not know what to think...does anybody speaks "Whitman"???

hahaha, it's like the movie "Airplane", "excuse me, stewardess, I peak Jive"

Good one :)


Maybe they will double down and get us something new in the coming weeks?

Everybody stand back! I'm going to hold my breath while we wait!!!

someone get ready to catch jeffa00 after he turns blue and passes out of hypoxia.

Exacree, Meg. It's what we been harpin' about. Make it so!

I am a 100% consumer and know nothing about programming and app building. But I would love to see HP go all WebOS: computers, printers, tablets, phones, TVs, cameras, security equipment, surround sound, etc, etc. I would love a competitor to windows and apple. At the same time I have no clue of the costs or complexities, but man I beat it would be cool to have a house I could run off of my phone or tablet from anywhere, that would not break the bank. WebOS would turn into an all in one operating system so the consumer could learn how to operate just one system that could do everything in the home.

My phone could turn off/on tv, I could turn security on/off with my tablet. It would just be nice to see WebOS 5 or 10 years from now on all my household electronics in a version 5,6,7 or 8. No telling where it could go. Car electronics, DVD player, etc,etc.

Just a basic consumer trying to stay positive and wish the best for a wonderful wonderful operating system called WebOS.

this was what was supposed to happen

none of this is what happened

I so wanted to build my webOS carputer. =*(

They've got until my Pre2 and my TouchPad become a pain in the **** to keep using. If they don't have something compelling by then, I'm done. And I'm not holding my breath...

I sure hope HP can push webOS to its full potential. I bought a Windows Phone off ebay to give it a shot before succumbing to iUgh, and while it has some potential, picking up my Pre2 feels like coming home. WP7 is pretty, but working inside webOS is so FAST. The perfect blend of enterprise and customization makes it second to none. All we need are the big name apps. Netflix, for one. Will anyone use it on a phone? Rarely, but it's a huge marketing item. You always see it on commercials for the other platforms. No one can realize webOS's greatness if they don't try it, and they have to be lured in with the shinys.

...Netflix, for one. Will anyone use it on a phone?...

Yes. It works surprisingly well over 3G. We use it very often (on the elliptical), kids use it in the car on long trips, etc.

I use Netflix all the time on my Photon 4G and Touchpad CM7.

I use netflix and slingbox with my webOS touchpad... takes a cheap app called splashtop! Heck I even get full office and zune music services on my webOS tablet...

webOS is definitely one way HP can go to future proof themselves. Of course here's the problem. webOS can also destroy HP. I think Meg realizes this and this is why it's such a hard decision.

If HP is to have any chance with webOS, they will have to go full scale webOS and have great success or massive failure.

The advantage of going webOS is they have a foothold in consumer electronics in the way things are apparently going. Devices. webOS is a potential laden, but rough mobile OS. If they can really clean up the performance and start putting out phones, tablets, printers, etc all using webOS and interfacing and having other companies buy into it too, then they can be a major tech player instead of one slowly slipping from the top.

The disadvantage of going webOS is they'll need to lose a **** load of money on webOS before it can even remotely become successful. They'll have to pretty much lose a lot of money on every device sold (aside from printers) just to get the user base up. This isn't even counting the amount of money it would cost to fix webOS. This can easily ruin the company. And I'm pretty sure HP's going to have to partner up with other companies, at least in the beginning.

Me? I hope HP keeps it and is smart about it. But if they're not going to be smart about it this time, they should just let webOS die. As time goes on, webOS is more and more in trouble and more and more of a liability.

Android is starting to take cues from webOS. In a year or two, Android will have ALL the advantages of webOS in addition to all the advantages of Android.

What companies are starting to realize is it's better to build on top of Android than have a new OS. 3rd party app compatibility and all.

Wouldn't it be wild if the flow chart looks like this in five years: Palm - Palm Failing - HP buys Palm - HP kills Palm - HP revives Palm - HP goes All In with Palm WebOS - HP fails on huge gamble - Precentral fans torn between sadness and satisfaction of revenge

Go big or go home.

I want WebOS on my Samsung TV please for Christmas. LOL.... I love my TV and running Netflix and HuLu right on the TV, but WebOS on my tv would be 100 x better

"terrific" means what ? bad or great ? For me great :)

"[W]e didn't even get a chance"? More like, "We didn't give it a chance."

I've begun to give up on webOS, which saddens me.

I have been a longtime Palm user (treo755p, centro, 800w) and had the first Pre-. I currently have a Touchpad and Pre3.

I am losing hope, I had used a Nexus S for awhile and have an iPad and Honeycomb tablet and while I prefer webOS for lots of things, the lack of support for common apps like Google Maps (bing maps isn't as good sorry), Facebook, foursquare and Twitter makes staying with webOS a hard proposition. That's not even mentioning the countless other apps that just aren't available AT ALL on webOS.

As a Phone the Pre3 has subpar call quality and a pretty horrible camera for this day and age. It's running a 2 year old OS which isn't being updated and with that said the best thing about the Touchpad for me is that it's connected to my Pre3 and I can text from it while surfing the web. If HP keeps webOS and tries to make it work on new hardware as a tablet OS but stops making phones what is the point?

I am sad to have to go webOS, but I just can't imagine waiting another year for new webOS hardware to drop. I am going to try Windows Phone 7.5 (Mango) now... and then basically make my final decision on what OS I am going to go with for the long haul.

ditto story here.
just can't wait any longer.
my pre+ is on life support and i can upgrade in 3 days.
webOS will always be theOS but i'm tired of holding out hope.
i've short-listed a galaxy nexus and possibly the iphone4s. some hints of webOS in ICS.
it pains me to have to look at either but HP has left me with no options.

I am with kingtxag on this one. As a novice, but big Palm pilot, WebOS fan, nothing compares to it to me. I have been considering getting a Iphone 4s only because I think that Siri is the only thing that can make up what lacks in everything else to me.

My Sprint Pre kept messing up on me, so I took it back to Sprint. They replaced it with no questions asked, and now I have a fresh, new, Pre phone with no bugs. I get to start over with no scratches, glitches or anything. Who has 2 thumbs pointed at themselves and is excited? Me that's who. Nothing compares to WebOS. I love my tablet. I will not be leaving anytime soon. WebOS forever.


When one is trying to sell one's used automobile, one often speaks of the sheer brilliance of the item for sale, all the while, keeping in the back of one's mind, the very fact that one is trying like the dickens to unload the albatross from around one's own neck.

Mere puffery! Good day, sir! I said, Good day!

This had better be the last of the hold ups.

bring It back I want a touchpad go To go with my touchpad!

I'm hoping for the best and preparing for the worst. I've been using CM7 for the past two days on my TouchPad. I definitely prefer webOS over Android. I would just like to have the variety of apps that are available for Android or iOS on webOS and for a company to continue to support the hardware and community. I would also like a new webOS phone on Sprint if that is not too much to ask. I don't care if HP makes it or Samsung, or HTC as long as it is good quality hardware with webOS on it.

netflix... Did I hear someone mention netflix?

IMHO the single make it or break it item on the tablet side is a netflix client. Every other freaking tab out there has one and HP ought to strongly encourage the development effort.

Ok, Ok, if your one of those apple guys you may argue flash support is more important... Hahahahahaha


I've received a few negatives before, but I'll say it again. I am happy about Meg Whitman being the CEO of HP.

I think she is attacking this strange situation the right way & I think we will soon be hearing her say WebOS is Game on.

That's a strange sentiment. If you look at how loudly and how widely HP launched the TouchPad, you would think it's the other way around - they got a chance and the majority of customers and reviewers decided WebOS wasn't good at all.

They certainly changed their tune when the Touchpad went on a firesale. You now have a market for webOS tablets. You have a lot of people that wanted a Touchpad, and who have friends and relatives who bought a Touchpad and are recommending it. Now, the fact that it was dirt cheap no doubt increased its perceived quality in people's eyes, but deciding to cancel all development altogether instead of going back to the drawing board, like Samsung did with its Galaxy Tab 10.1 after the iPad 2 launch, isn't giving webOS much of a chance.

I don't know anyone with a touchpad. I sold all the ones i got on firesale. I feel sorry for the poor saps that actually bought them for more than firesale prices.

HP would be nuts to continue forward with webOS.

Then, what the heck are you doing here? I understand the First Amendment protects a person's right to be a moron but, don't you have better things to do with your time?

Anyway, you should have kept one of your Touchpads...you'd see how great a tablet it really is, and why so many people would recommend it if a company decides to go forward to market WebOS.

As for me, I only started seeing Touchpads after the firesale.

how seriously can you take reviews though? look at how Consumer Reports recommended people NOT to buy the Iphone4 because the talking issue. Or how Consumer Reports recommended people not to buy any Toyotas because of the faulty pedal issue.

The fact is, those companies still sold but loads w/ the right price, advertising & strategy.

Isn't there a difference in "a few reviews" saying no vs "the majority of the reviews" saying no?

The reviewers were mostly looking at webOS 3.01, not the update that came out a month later that made it twice as fast, nor did they look at the 3.04 version which had further speed enhancements.

The reviewers really only complained about two things, the speed and the apps. The speed has been addressed. The number of apps has not, but it can be addressed by putting tablets in the hands of consumers. HP already knows how to do that. They did it by accident with the fire sale. It's just a question of whether they are willing to spend the money to do it.

I just bought another touchpad and I thought it was defective - it was sluggish, slow, laggy.

Then I realized it was running 3.0.0!!

IF they had launched with 3.0.2 or 3.0.4 we would have had better choices.

embarrasing when the store demo lags, creashes and freezes.

Well, from the sound of it, it looks like HP is keeping webOS. Meg is talking about "innovative solutions" that she thinks will be "quite positive". It remains to be seen if the solutions are innovative or positive, and we should know in less than two weeks, but if those solutions are mainly putting webOS on printers, I will be disappoint.

innovative solutions means hp is keeping part of webos but other partners are sharing the cost and risk. Hp doesn't care much about phones and has burned its carrier bridges so someone picked up webos phones. Hp will keep tablets (maybe made by other companies) and magic printers. That's my guess. Now give webos engineers (the remaining ones) a raise for the torment they've endured and tell them to fix the bugs, improve browser, and speed up everything.

If that's the case, that's fine for me. I'd prefer a company that has built a reputation with carriers and consumers to continue webOS on phones.

Please, oh please, may this nightmare of a trainwreck of a #1+ freak show




Meg should look at what Lou did with IBM about 10 years ago. He took over a company that was in dire straits due to ineffective maangement in the prior years. In his memoirs Lou recounts that one of the very first things he had to do when becoming CEO of IBM was to decide if the split the company up or keep it together. As he recounts it, it was a bet-the-company decision.

HP's position with webOS is not as dire, imho, although Palm GBU plus the personal systems group might come close. I'm with Meg. The "right" decision is required, not the "right now" decision.

I'm still holding on to my Sprint Pre- I will most likely get a iphone in the next few weeks, but if by some magic the end up getting back in the phone business, there is a very good chance that I will get one next time I am eligible for an upgrade.

what do the WebOS workers do everyday while waiting for word from Whitman? Could they please update the Pre3?

They work on their resumes and search Monster.com

It's already been stated that the Pre 3 isn't being updated.

Dearest Meg. Did I mention that as a native Californian that I voted for ya in the last gubernatorial election? Und now, once again I cast my vote for you to please bring webOS software and hardware back.

Don't call it a comeback!

There is a huge opportunity for HP here, IF (and I do emphasize "if") they are serious and do go "all in" with WebOS.

They can be the number 2 or 3 OS for mobile devices (tablets and smartphones), IF they partner with the right hardware designers and manufacturers, along with investing heavily in acquiring the very best software engineers that are graduating now (or have already graduated and are jobless).

Being #2 or #3 in a market that will continue to grow exponen tially for the next 10 years can do HP very, very well.

IMO, of course.

I'll be very happy to see webOS continue in a meaningful way. However, I wonder how much it pace it can gain without mobile phones as part of the equation?

EVERYBODY tweet her to keep WebOS going !!!!

no everybody tweet her to keep WebOS going on phones! And we'll buy your other WebOS devices! And even promote them.

+1.2 Billion!

This sounds suspiciously like they are making a plan. It's been a long time since that happened.

i'm so tired of this, about two years of reading this site, and 80% of it, webos has been in limbo or just unsure of its future.

so frustrating.

GO GO Meg! Bring us back new devices for the best mobile OS of the World.

The pseudo experts that believe there can only be "2" mobile operating systems are really funny. Long live webOS

And again, I now own a HTC EVO Shift and it SUCKS!!! Maybe ICS is (much)better, but I'll definitely go back to webOS if given the chance.

interestingly, from the original article, people applauded when she mentioned webOS so she had to pause. One will wish that management would hear the enthusiasm of its staff for product, though we all know that Wall Street will write the future of webOS.

"Whitman also admitted that supporting their own OS is an expensive proposition"

They at least own Tru64, HP-UX,NonStop OS, and MPE/iX. What's wrong with one more?

I'd love it if they could partner with TiVo, or Motorola, DirectTV or who ever. I think webOS would make a nice TV menu interface.

its more like triple down now. Hope they learn from what they did wrong and do the right thing.

No Meg, YOU didn't give it a chance, WE were nothing to do with it. You were on the Board at the time and therefore presumably party to the decision.

It didn't get a chance, despite one of your senior managers said sometime in early summer 'this is a marathon, not a sprint'...

Sound exactly like the supposed webOS 2 update. I won't deny nor agree of anything until I SEE it happen.

Funny, I'm pretty sure I've seen webOS 3.0 somewhere. Oh, yeah, on this very tablet. Maybe someone oughta tell Meg.

don't be an azz. That's not what she meant, and you know it.

She should bring back the TouchPad, so everyone will like her.

Because everyone likes TouchPads. I like her and I like TouchPads.

"HP plans to keep webOS and go big by doing so."

What are you basing this statement on? I haven't seen nor heard anything concrete that says HP is going to keep webOS in the consumer market. If you have actual information to the contrary please share, otherwise don't make wild statements like this.

wild statements and fleeting glimpses of hope at the end of a tunnel I had twice thought collapsed completely, killing all inside, is all we have. I demand wilder statements! Speculate on the Pre4! Lets get a pre4 design contest rolling! I heard from my aunt's friend's grandma's sister's dog watcher that Nintendo is looking to buy webos! discuss.

The comment where she said its too much for them to handle their own operating system makes me think that in some way they are going to either sell it or open source it in some way. Maybe not the whole thing. But still own copyright on it but open a lot of it up for others to clean up. I mean we alreasy to a pretty good job without their help with preware.

Why are they always talking tablets??!! What about phones!! Don`t get me wrong I like tablets but hp will never sell webos just on tablets,printers and computers alone. They need phones to sell webos and it`s a shame that they don`t see that.

I fully agree. I think they made a wrong turn at tablet road a while back. Don't get me wrong, I love my TouchPad, but I love my Pre3's better, and I use them much more.

... because they've screwed up even worse with the phones. even before they canceled the Pre3 on the eve of carrier release, they missed so many deadlines with the other phones they were developing (including the famous ~4" slab that was nearly ready for production) that the carriers got fed up and told HP they weren't interested any more. Internally the phones were a bigger disaster than the touchpad.

With the tablets, they can just produce a new one and sell it. sure, maybe a retailer here or there will take a pass (best buy?), but not many.

But with phones, like it or not you can't produce a major smartphone without cooperation with the at least one of the 4 US carriers. Sprint was done with Palm a long time ago (and all their eggs are in the iPhone 4s basket), and they've now burned their bridges with Verizon and AT&T too. What's left, launch a phone comeback on T-Mobile? Not too likely.

C'mon Meg. Pull the trigger. Go big. Treat it like the existential battle for the future of HP that it is. Leo's idiotcy made the lift much harder, but not impossible. Reclaim HP's legacy of innovation. Invent.

this is the best news thus far - they are seriously laying blame on Leo esp and Rubenstein which I totally agree.

Let's hope they are planning a big comeback maybe with some new HW partners!?!!

I for one have been waiting a long time. In our house two out of three Pre's have turned Android.

Just when I think "man it's over" I read this. If they do make a come back, that will be something to read about down the road.

Exciting !

"...but all indications seem to be that HP plans to keep webOS and go big by doing so."

So far from what will happen. HP will not make another webOS tablet. As she said, "...we didn't even get a chance to get to version 2.0 and version 3.0.”

This says it's game over on the phone and tablet front. So they may keep it and a small development team for printers or something else back end.

Remember, for the first time HP internal IT now supports Android and iPhones on their network. In the past (pre Palm purchase) they only supported blackberry and windows phones.

You guys realize she wasn't talk webOS version 3, but a second and third GEN tablet!!!? right?

If HP keeps WebOS, the only way I'll trust them is if they make phones QUICKLY, tablets QUICKLY, and continues development of WebOS. It's falling behind every hour of every day. They have had a lot of time to develop new concepts, and if need be they need to pay someone like HTC or Samsung to design the hardware. Maybe thats the innovate way of continuing WebOS.

Honestly, I am ready to jump all in WebOS. But only if HP really commits.

Good news if this is correct.

first order of business for HP should be phones
webOS was designed for phones
it would be better for HP to bundle a Touchpad with a Veer
but only after they get TTS to work on the Veer!

Comments from Meg aside, it's over. They have no real vision - something like Apple has - and anyone who qualified as one is gone. The teams are likely hit weekly by departures. HP's BOD isn't concerned with anything except immediate profitability - and in that climate you can't innovate.

What you all are looking for is a turnaround akin to an Apple-like renewal, and the culture/people/leadership isn't there. Meg isn't enough like Jobs to pull anything off like what you want.

I agree with @Bagdhad Bob, I love precentral! Even after switching to Android, androidcentral just doesn't have the soul of precentral. Too many device announcements can't be helped and a re a good thing, but it's just not as in depth.

I also love my evo3d, but sorely miss the gestures, multitasking ease and touchstone goodness.

I hope to see future webOS hardware that gains some traction. If there were new hardware and webOS could find a way to use android's apps, I would be a happy man.

Webos-internals should buy webos.I'm sure if all the die-hard webos fans and users donated we could pull it off.

I like webOS much,
I have installed android, but I don't use it

It just occurred to me that perhaps Meg was part of a minority on the HP board that voted to keep webOS and was outnumbered. Its not like they needed a unanimous vote when they made the stupid decision to ax webOS, right?

Please consider one thing, folks...the original story came from WebOS France. That means that Meg, who speaks English, was quoted by a French source, who translated it into their native language. That article was then translated back to English by someone.

Can you see how something could get lost in translation? I wouldn't be parsing every word said as if it were testimony in a grand jury trial. Better to wait for the official decision in a little over a week...

I am flummoxed by all this. Yesterday, I did some backups, and I synced everything with google and I still can't figure out how to export calendar and contacts internally to the USB drive and then copy it to my computer and to box.net (a cool opportunity to make a little app). Today, I installed a3 android in parallel ...thusly I prove it runs and could run this great machine if webOS goes to the dogs. I sure hope not ...I predict, if there is a rejuvenation, the app list will swell from hundreds to thousands overnight (or sooner). Make it so !!

Dear Mrs. Whitman,
There are two simple ways to resolve the situation.1. Which is keeping the WEBOS and getting the permission from Microsoft who you consider as your close business partner in-order to customise windows 8 with WEBOS features and patents. And 2. You all at HP needs to learn to listen and comprehend the request of the consumers demand. I thing incorporating WEBOS into windows 8 will quickly help HP regain its glory while crushing the competitors such as Andriod, IOS, and RIM.


It "WAS good" but not it IS good. says a lot right there. Bye bye la.

I'd love for HP to pull off bringing back Web OS, but in order to do so they would need to:

1) Make the announcement of their intention of doing so.

2) Get the right people back to grow the user base.

3) Get the bigger names to develop for the product line.

4) MOST IMPORTANTLY... Do all of this without raising too much of a profile.

It will take YEARS for this to be made right, and HP may not have that much time.

Palm worked on "Nova" for YEARS and kept a low profile in doing so. Now, people are expecting new phones, etc., like magic.

Notice how Apple doesn't say ANYTHING about the release date of the rumored iPhone 5?

HP: Take note.

When you have a product which can SHIP within days of an announcement, you will be heading in the right direction.