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by Derek Kessler Mon, 12 Apr 2010 1:22 pm EDT

Palm Pre and Pixi

It was a hypothetical question we floated a few months back for a Round Table session, but recently it seems that our hypotheticals are moving more towards the realm of reality. Our friends over at Engadget beat us to the punch on this one, and put together a fantastic list and summary of the companies thought to be considering a bid for purchasing Palm, but we thought it’s something that we should ask to our more targeted webOS audience: who do you think should buy Palm? Poll after the break, as are those comments in which you so want to sound off.




Motorola seems like an intriguing choice, but they have such a history of turning piles of gold into piles of crap.

Yes the touchstone must survive no matter what happens!!!!!

Between multitasking, universal search, synergy messaging, and the touchstone charger there is a lot about Palm that every manufacturer should be clamoring for. It would be a shame to see all these great innovations die on the vine.

I feel that if one of the computer makers buys it (HP, Lenovo, ect) it'll continue as something closer to the Palm we have now, then if someone like HTC buys it. I figure HTC will scrap most of the US operations, maybe keep on key talent, and put senseUI all over everything.

I agree. Something about a computer maker taking over Palm makes a lot of sense. Smartphones are thought to be headed towards replacing the need for laptops, and what OS can replace laptop features better than WebOS? Couple that with a company already making laptops, that understands what users need from them and how they use them, and they could make a device carrying WebOS that truly hits the nail on the head for mobile computing users. It seems like a logical next step in the development of WebOS, as well as mobile computing in general.

The one problem with a pc Maker is that they would then be competing with Microsoft in the mobile department while relying on the on the pc department.

I agree 100%. WebOS is the next step in mobile computing. I can just imagine a tablet with WebOS.

Reading your email listening to Pandora, you get an instant message from a friend with a link to a site. You tap on the link and as the card/page loads you go back to your email and tap send. Swipe back to the website and see an interesting link that you open in another card. You tap on the notification area to pause Pandora to focus on what you are reading. Once you are finished with that you start up NFS Underground and play that for while.

Just thinking about makes me happy!

I wish I had a tablet with webOS. Hell even if it was just a hack I would pay a ton of money for it. webOS has been tied down to a tiny screen and weak hardware, I would love to see such an awesome OS unleashed to it's full potential.

amen brother!!! preach on!



Lenovo. Look at what they did with the Thinkpad line. They bought it what, 5 years ag or so and only a year or two ago did they even stop branding them as IBM. Same great quality, same great design, same great Thinkpad. I definitely want to see WebOS continue and while Lenovo is not completely removed from the cellphone game they seem the most likely to let that happen.

I really don't think you would have to worry about Sense anymore if HTC were to buy into Palm.

Sense was a way for HTC to individualize the third party OS they were running on their hardware. It was a way for them to say, "Hey, we have a unique user experience that WinMO and Android don't have on other devices."

With WebOS, they wouldn't need to since they would own the platform.

If these two WERE to merge (and I hope hope hope they do,) I think Palm would be responsible for the OS and the current HTC would be supplying the hardware. I just hope it happens soon so that we have the EVO 4G running WebOS... that would be amazzzzzing.

My thought too. Especially HP or Dell.

HP already has a notepad ready, one would think they could quickly adapt webOS to run on it.

Apple is still vulnerable on the notepad side. A well done competitor offering a superior OS like webOS, upgradeable memory, a relaceable battery, and a couple USB ports could easily compete with the iPad. The only issue would be the big app lead that Apple has, but HP or Dell's deep pockets could encourage key iPad developers to port their software over.

Dell of course wants to get into the phone business and webOS gives them a OS option not subject to the whims of Google and superior to what I have read about WinMo7.

that`s entirely true. A computer maker could also accelerate the WebOS-pad development. MY favourtite woult be Lenovo. Don`t know exactly what they have done with IBM thinkpads, but at least it`s a hight performance Notebook. And the name would fit: Thinkpad. Maybe a T-Pad...Oh that should be impossible (telecom) They will figute s.th. out.


If HTC buy it they might stick Sense all over it, which I hate. It looks like its a great skin, but it only works really well because it was over WinMo, and anything was better than that.

Nokia, with hardware similar to the n900, now that would rock.

A computer maker would make a lot of sense to me because I believe WebOS is the next step in computing. I think WebOS can bridge the gap between laptops and mobile phones, at least better than the iPad.

After playing with my step-son's iPad the last few days, I have to agree. I think a webOS enabled iPad would be a better product. Whenever I use an iPhone or iPad I try to flick the application off the screen or gesture to the previous application. Right now webOS needs more work. It needs to include functionality the old Treos's had, like real universal search and task management. It needs applications that the iPad has like iPages. After using the iPad I really believe that the webOS would be a better solution.

The problem is that the best product doesn't always win or even continue as a product. It's sad to say but it is true, just look at Windows, Outlook/Exchange, Lotus Notes, ... There have been better operating systems that use less memory and better email programs and application environments in the past that are no longer products.

Nintendo or Sony would be intriguing, as would RIM, but of the two realistic buyers, HTC and lenovo, Lenovo is definitely the better choice. HTC will either scrap WebOS, or slap Sense all over it (which makes no sense at all).

I was leaning towards HTC, for the most part. In reality, how that would effect WebOS with HTC already having 2 other OS's to manage? I'm not really sure. Maybe they'd incorporate it, maybe they'd scrap it. The latter makes me mildly hesitant. Their hardware with our OS would certainly be a game-changer, no question.

I went with Lenovo, because while they mostly make PCs, I think that gives them a little variety in possiblities with WebOS. Someone in an earlier thread mentioned a tablet with WebOS on it, and that's a pretty cool idea. Iron out any possible issues still lingering in WebOS, slap it in a top-notice piece of hardware and I think they have a good chance of succeeding where Palm hasn't been able to.

I tell my friend today (who I sold on the Pre in July 09) "Palm is putting it's self for sale" He says ya they're going bankrupt from having to replace all these phones! I couldn't help but laugh even though I have suffered through 6 replacements now and he's on #3 We need a phone built like a tank, and not a mattel tank either!

If they would redesign their case to include the concept of the halves cross supporting each other ( see Sprint's hard case ...
... ) then they would definitely get longer life out of the physical hardware.

The linked case is the best one I've seen for completely removing the possibility of the Oreo problem.

this whole failure problem is a non-story. As someone who has worked in wireless, I can tell you that there are poor souls out there who have had 4,5,6 replacements of just about every device a carrier sells. If this was a huge problem there'd be a huge stink.

My guess is that palms failure rate is on par with other manufacturers. I have a pre, my girlfriend and three friends also, none have been replaced.

my Rumor was replaced once. Bug in the system not the phone, the replacement was the same.
My MotoQ9c was replaced once, Treo 700Wx once, HTC Diamond once, replacement was the same, Pre 5th or 6th I've lost track myselI love WebOS but am over the Pre. I've "sold" a number of Pixis but never a Pre. The failure rate can't be on par.

I just got my first replacement in today. I dropped it a few (dozen) too many times, and the screen cracked.

But out of this, it kind of made my Pre really shine. Without the touchscreen, I managed to get onto Facebook Beta, write a status update that my touchscreen was out of comission, type in my girlfriend's name in Universal Search, call her and tell her that I wasn't ignoring her all day but my screen broke.

Can the iPhone do that?

RedHat. They are actually making money at Linux and I'd like to see them leverage into the consumer market.

I tell my friend today (who I sold on the Pre in July 09) "Palm is putting it's self for sale" He says ya they're going bankrupt from having to replace all these phones! I couldn't help but laugh even though I have suffered through 6 replacements now and he's on #3 We need a phone built like a tank, and not a mattel tank either!

Not any Chinese companies for sure. Keep this great US institution in the US. my vote is for RIM

Uh... RIM is Canadian...

I actually think the US-centric (not to say arrogant) attitude of Palm actually is part of the failure. The Chinese companies have proven to have a way better worldly view/approach!

LOL!!! you DO know that RIM is Canadian, yes??

ooops, I didn't know Canada was not part of the US. I am cool with Canadian companies too. Just don't hand it over to the Chinese.

You didn't know Canada was not part of the U.S.? Yikes.

No one! I'm still pulling for Palm to stay independent. I know it a pipe dream, buy, hey!!!

Sadly buying rumurs will help the palm stock but not the palm products (palm pre and pixi). I hope w C-40 palm gets some stock stability.

I frankly think palm should not sell it, but collaborate with a computer maker and make tablets as well as phones. Like sell 20% of itself to a PC maker.

That's what I've been thinking too. Sell some of Palm but do not give up controlling rights...maintain 51% control of the company. This would be the only way of ensuring webos is not BASTARDIZE!

although i do agree, i think the hardware has been second in line to kill palm behind marketing. i'm a dev, and am on my 5th pre. now, as hard as it is to wait to get a new device and have to xfer everything over for the common user, imagine how compounded suckiness it is to have to change phone while trying to make apps... ...and change again ...and change again ...and change again ...and change again. yeah, it's that annoying.

Major problem with the hardware is the sliding mechanism. Palm pixi does not have hardware problems. What palm need to do, is make exactly two same devices for palm pre-2. One with keyboard, one without. Basically it would be like supporting two devices for the cost of one.

I think they should get the virtual keyboard out, so they could beta test it, if they make a keyboard less palm pre version.

I agree. i really hope palm can pullout of this mess on their own but if they were left with no other choices, i think the best alternative would be for precentral to buy palm. (a man can dream can't he?)

we would all have to donate to make that happen, lol

Why do so many posters think HTC would scrap WebOS? Then what are they buying?
Patents? They would be paying a VERY large premium to get an entire company to just get the patents, and then the cost of winding down the company they just bought would cost maybe $100 million more on top of the purchase price.....does not make sense.

It is a large premium... but one that is 100% worthwhile. HTC has impinged on Apple's patents, as have other companies, as has Apple on other companies patents. HTC is being picked on because they don't have the countersuit power of other companies because they lack the patent portfolio. A loss could cost far more than buying Palm would when you consider damages plus the cost of lawyers (the biggest expense) as well as have a huge effect on what HTC can do in the future. Buying Palm might be HTC's only defense and Palm coming on the market at this time is a dream come true for HTC.

Palm should remain independent or should fight to the death because they still have a chance of brilliance that they should not give up on.

i agree HTC have to many commitments with other companys, lenovo is a better choice as they dont have the same bagage as HTC. I can see them working more towards the development of WebOS

Ohhhh yesssss! Tablets, e-readers, and MP-3 players, oh my! Sony could come out with an iPod killer with WebOS on a sliver of hardware. Sweeet!

Sorry, Sony is more disfunctional than even Motorola. They have totally squandered the incredible brand recognition and reputation for innovation and quality that they created in the 80's.

Aquisition by Sony would be a death sentence for Palm.

I hope nobody does, but it seems like that boat has sailed. Of the ones left either an amrican company to keep things over here, but If not them I would want to see Sony buy them. Sony makes great hardware, they haven't had any success with android or winmo and seem like they would be more inclined to let the current people at palm take care of business and it would give palm a nearly unlimited budget as well as access to all of sony's assets (camera, playstation, media content, ect.) Also sony's main problem these past couple years has been software, can you imagine webos on Sony tablets, mp3 players, e-readers, and a future psp? Pure sweetness.

When I saw Sony, I was a little confused why they were in the list. But you've just made a strong case for them, and that's completely legitimate. PSP (or something similar) with WebOS would be epic. WebOS already has the capacity for playing high-quality 3D games. Strap it into some gaming hardware and you've got the world at your fingertips.

This makes me a sad sad panda. After having the pre, despite it's lack of oomph, I can't see myself using any other mobile device. WebOs simply rocks. If they get bought out I hope whoever does so simply gets some faster devices out to market along with some stellar marketing campaign.

-Sad Panda

If HTC can manage to keep WebOS alive while still managing their WP7 and Android commitments, I'm all for them buying up Palm. I like HTC as a company and think their hardware plus Palm's software could be fantastic. Over time they could become a serious force to be reckoned with.

But whether or not they can manage three OSes might be a big "if." Perhaps they could pick up Palm for the patent portfolio and otherwise let Palm just operate as a relatively independent branch for the time being, slowly merging their efforts over time?

Oooo... y'know, now that I think about it Lenovo might be okay as well in terms of adding value to the hardware. But can anyone speak to how compatible the "DNA" of the two companies would be? How much would they embrace the boys in Sunnyvale maintaining relative control over the software while merging other interests?

Another story I read today is that Intel might want to buy Palm. That would be interesting to say the least.

intel buying palm would be real interesting. Imagine a pentium mobile chip running webos. Intel can reach out to it's partners and get some good hardware. Marketing would be easy. I'm all for this.

I agree with southbaypalm and would like to extend his quote to "whoever will continue to support webOS and market it to profitable platform"!

My personal favorite is still Sony-Ericsson:
- PSP is struggling, WebOS has games that compete better with iPhone I guess.
- They just started with Android and maybe it's easier for them to turn that team in a webOS team than e.g. HTC which most likely are very familiar with Android already.
- Their Android (X10) overlay looks better than Sense UI. I can think of something like that integrated into webOS.

this would also benice. Sony has a good ecosystem with the playstation network. They can compete with apple bringing games and contents to a mobile device. All they have todo is create a music store, maybe a desktop application to sync all contents and marry that with a webos device. Sony makes good hardware and if they can get webos to a great phone hardware, it will give tough competition to apple.

Not too sure about Sony. If they put their feet into webOS, homebrew community will probably be dead, look what they did to the fat PS3s:


Sony's traditionally a control freak. Also remember Memory Stick?

Everyone keeps talking about HTC. I'm with the few who think that would probably not be good.

As we all know, Palm has a multitude of patents. My view here is HTC buys up Palm for the cheap price and with that comes all of the patents. They have no need for the rest of the company, and so it is dissolved. HTC is known for their Android products right now, why would they need a new operating system? My vote goes to Lenovo, in hopes that they (or any other computer manufacturer, Red Hat is intriguing but I don't see that happening) keep Palm, their staff, and WebOS as it is and just inject more funds into the company to get it back to the powerhouse it used to be.

If, however, HTC does buy them out and wants to create the hardware and use WebOS while retaining the Palm styling, employees and brand name -- I'm all for it.

While I love HTC hardware, from a business standpoint once I heard that Lenovo was looking to get into the market they make the most sense to me. They make great quality laptops and they have no established, legacy phone OS. I believe HTC will be making Android, Win Mobile 6 and Win Phone 7 for a few years to come at least. So I just don't see them being interested. Nokia could do with a newer OS, but I would prefer Lenovo as they don't have legacy phone OS's to support. The only reason I could see RIM or Apple buying would be to kill it.

Frankly at this point I don't know if Palm can survive on their own. They don't seem to be able to move fast enough to keep up with the changing market due to their current limited resources. Plus I would like to see better manufacturing quality in the hardware.

I can already see where this one is going. Everyone here will exploit the polls just like they did with the March Madness poll and vote NOBODY.

ummm.... you obviously havent voted cause 50% of the votes think HTC is the buyer of choice.

Blablabla sorry dude. That was the community. Poll was bullet proof. Storing ip and cookie. You would always have to change your ip and delete the cookies. Changing ip would take at least 20 secondes.So just do some math 3 * 20 = 1 min 60 min = 1 hour 24 hours = 1 day 3 days = poll duration. Means: 1 min = 3 votes / 60 min = 180 votes / 1 day = 4320 votes / 3 days = 12960 votes. Uuuuh okay sorry you are right. It was me... the other 7000 was another hacker. But his mac lastet only one and a half day.

No seriously. It was the community. We have great support here. Palm (even struggeling) still FTW!!!

You are the perfect example of a fan boy. Palm has NOT lived to it's expectations. Palm is dying out. Palm is about to be put up for sale, and yet you still cling on to it like the Gospel. Claim a poll to be legit, when even members of your own "community" publicly stated they were working on script to swing a poll one way.

Seriously, you make fan boys look like harsh critics.

I seriuosly don't understand your point!? What differents does a poll make? It's just a representation of oppinions. Can't you believe that some people like small companies because of what they do? I was once at apples side. When everybody thought that this company would go down. But what you will have to see that theses Companies do almost everything to survive. They are working faster and better then the big ones. They don't have time to relax on their inovations like apples now does.That's why the smallest companys are often the companys with the best software there. Otherwise a small company wouldn't even be recognized.

Caricortao sucks massive cock. he is so happy that Palm is up for sale that he is sucking his own cock. that's gross.

You're both tools.

Read the article in the link below my comment.

Palm is looking at all of its options, including trying to license their web os platform, then look for additional operating capital, and finally, if all else fails, looking for a buyer. I believe the ideal situation for Palm (and all of us who love web os) would be to license their superior platform/operating system. If that happens, they would become the new "android," and we can have the Web OS platform that we all love so much and also buy the QUALITY hardware of our choice.


For me PALM has to stay independend. That's the only way to keep WebOS alive!! As a dev it's sad to see the company burning. Really had much fun with this platform. I will stay at it's side as long as it lives. Bringing some new apps in the summer :). Even so Palm might be dead till then we still have the webos internals with preware. So what up?

DELL. They have a ton of money to spare and want to step into the mobile world of phones. What other way to start than with a rock solid OS like webOS. All they need to do is put in the dough for good no, great hardware and you're golden.

dude... you're gettin a Dell w/webOS

Someone that isn't a mobile phone manufacturer and that would leave Palm alone and let them do their thing with WebOS, etc.

would really like to see them stay as independent as possible. i dont like th idea of htc buying them because webOS doesnt need a skin or make over. we need faster processor, more apps, better advertising and more support in the stores (verizon). apple would never do anything with the os and will htc be willing to piss off microsoft and google to keep webOS on phones? doesnt make sense. google would just scrap the os as well. they have too much invensted in android (boo!!!) plus they have a history of fragmented versions of the os out on all the devices. it is much simpler to use platform that is consistent across all devices. nintendo might be cool. think of using the pre or pixi to play wii or editing your mii from your phone and it is automatically changed next time you turn the wii on.
sony would be a good pick as they always make solid devices and it has been sad that they dont really have a presence in the us. same for nokia. from what i understand they have kickass hardware but out us carriers dont subsidize them. with palm and nokia together they already have an in with the top three.
whoever buys PLEASE keep webOS and further its development. i love the os. i try to use gestures on every phone now!!! ha ha. keep at least one model that has a vertical keyboard. there is too big a base of users who love palm for this specifically. get better marketing and if sales people in store try and direct customer already interested in the devices to another handset, fire them! also, keep it as open as it is now. the homebrew community is a big plus for palm and webOS. one of the biggest things i can brag about my phone is that at any given time i have over 80 modifications on it, that i cant brick it because palm provides webOS doctor and they accept that people are taking thier own time and money to make improvements on an os in its infancy. i love homebrew. the single best patch i wouldnt want to loose is delete from notification.
and the tweak unibrow, i am a sad penguin!

I'm a big fan of HTC, mostly because of their relationship with Google. I would love to see HTC and Palm meld to create a diamond farting smartphone wonder. I would be sad if they bought Palm only for the 'patent portfolio' to keep Apple at bay, but if it meant a win against Apple I would be all for it.

A year ago, I could see where MS could buy palm, and have it work out positively for all parties...not so much now.

I do see how either HTC or Lenovo could buy Palm now, and have it work out positively for all parties. Although, I think if we are rooting for the survival of WebOS (which I am) you have to believe that the likelyhood of a Palm-HTC deal working out well for WebOS is probably less than 20%. They have to see Palm as a safe harbor against Apple right now from a patent perspective. The chances of them hanging up on SenseUI has to be pretty slim, so I would predict that they would shelve WebOS. Maybe they would do the right thing and sell the rights to it to the community, or make it public domain. I doubt it though.

So, if it has to be a sale right now, and I had to pick between Lenovo (who has nothing to start with) and HTC, I pick Lenovo. Better chances of WebOS surviving there.

My top pick would still be: NONE OF THE ABOVE!!!!

I would have no problem if they licensed their software as a way to take the pressure off hardware production as long as Palm would still be in the business of maintaining the software.

I think it would also be nice for Palm to still eventually release one premium device under their name devoid of any exclusivity to a carrier like the Nexus One.

HTC is like the Borg. Resistance is Futile!! You will assimilate the Sense UI...

If Palm must be sold, it is essential that everything happens as quickly as possible, because all this is going only to harm Palm. Please HTC put your hand in your pocket buy Palm, bring the Pre Plus in Europe (upgrade Pre owners to the Plus in UK), and announce THE BEAST that webOS deserve. I mean I can't imagine WebOS to die like that.

To Me makes a lot of sense for HTC to buy Palm, simply because HTC does good hardware and Palm does excellent software, match made in heaven....

please please Jon be honest tell us pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


Since many have already said what I'm thinking, I'll just repeat it. Out of the 2 front runners, Lenovo would probably be the one most likely to keep Palm mostly intact. So I'd vote for them, although I would much rather the company stay independent, or at least with a US company. It always sucks to see a company lose it's independence to stay alive.

I'm hoping they at least hold off until they've rolled the Pre Plus to more services before they get deep into a sale. Who knows? Maybe the release on AT&T and a few more of the European networks will be able to get them close enough to profitably that they can last until the new phones come.

Since we're listing off our dream-happenings, I vote google. Specifically, for reasons that I know would never happen.

I know if google really bought it, they would devour the patents and scrap webOS.

The reason I vote google, is because i would love to see an android/webOS mashup. I'm relatively certain that would crush all other smartphones for years to come.

Is this buyout thing for sure? What happened to their stand against selling out, and their profitability plan? Come on, Palm! Whoever buys Palm out, it won't be good for my hopes of a new Palm phone!

here's an ideal how about casio as a buyer? I caried the casio Gz one boulder for 2 years with no problems, it was rugged and stood up to aduse. A rugged smart phone would be amazing! Not to mention I miss my phone being waterproof!!

I know this might sound crazy to some people, but I actually bought the pre because of its hardware. I really liked the small slider form factor, and the vertical keyboard. as long as someone maintains production of somethign in the pre form-factor, I will be happy.

in the end, though, I hope palm can stay independent. I would really like to see them succeed.

I would like to see what Lenovo would do for it. A WebOS Tablet?

If HTC is wise, then they would actually put more effort into WebOS than Android/WinMo... cause WebOS is so much better.

I think Palm should be purchased by Asurion Protection Services, LLC. They are the only ones who are actually moving these phones.


NINTENDO! They have the money to promote the virtues of Palm/WebOS they way they should have been. They will certainly be colliding with Apple/iPhone as it continues to approach a gaming device. Finally Nintendo itself seems to want to broaden the audience of their DS (case in point DSi and DSXL) with the addition of cameras and photo/music player capability. WebOS could bring to the DS all the PIM/Social Network functionality and a whole new world of app possibilities. It's a match made in Heaven. Who wants to play head to head New Super Mario Bros. on their new DSPre while we talk on the phone!

I'd much prefer them to stay independent, and I think it's only really a problem because they're a publicly traded company. Take away the public shares and all this worrying about unprofitable quarters would (mostly) go away.

That said, if they had to be bought, I think Lenovo would be a good fit. Palm and Lenovo seem to be on similar wavelengths when it comes to hardware, putting most of their effort into usability rather than "adding fins" to make it look shinier than last years models. True, Lenovo could be strong armed by Microsoft, as could any PC manufacturer, but I think the days of Redmond dictating what a PC manufacturer can and cannot do are largely over, with only the promise of some light subsidies from Microsoft hanging in the balance.

I also think that it's important that they not be bought by a company that currently makes mobile phones unless that company is willing to drop their entire current phone division (with the exception of support people to continue to support their existing users) to be replaced by Palm. Otherwise it could mean the real end of Palm, something I think we'd all like to avoid.

lenovo can eat me, they took the think pad and made it the stink pad. seriously, the pre-load and force you to use such bloated shitty software just to run the box. NO THANKS. HTC all the way. I can see them ramping up with webOS. They tried to make their own OS overlay, and it's not great (sense), so now they can pump out quality hardware with the best OS on the market. I think they can start to be a power house the in the end to end model in the mobile computing market.

Anyone but Apple. They will buy Palm for the patents and sue everyone. All while keeping their "revolutionary" OS the same.

I'm pulling for HTC , not only do they make great hardware butwhenever they put their touch software like an OS they seem to only make the expirience more enjoyable. I'm curious to see what they could do with webOS, not that webOS needs a makeover but it would stil be col to see .

whoever will continue to support webOS and the TOUCHSTONE!

Funny... Palm's hiring investors to give them options. I think every option has already been explored in these forums - all they need to do is load up Precentral.net and save some money.

Here's an interesting strategy: INTEL


I'm going HTC on this one too. The scuttlebutt has been for a long time that they've been toying with the idea of creating their own mobile OS. If they acquire Palm, it's a ready-made OS with a small but established user base that they can easily put up against other manufacturer's offerings with nothing more than a large advertising push.

Ideally, I'd like for Palm to stay independent, but as we keep hearing about cash flow problems, that might not be a reality, so let's take a look at the list:

Apple - Boo! Apple would buy Palm to kill Palm (and leverage their patents to sue more people
Dell - Dell just started on the Android bandwagon. I don't see them jumping onto WebOS. With their main strategy being quantity over quality, I can't say I appreciate this angle anyways.
Google - I thought that this would be a good fit rather than Google leveraging ChromeOS, but now that it looks like Google's committed themselves to ChromeOS, I don't see this happening
HP - This actually looks like a good fit. While HP has primarily been in the Windows space, they haven't made much of themselves since smartphones took over from handhelds. WebOS would give them a fresh product with instant marketshare in the smartphone space.
HTC - At the end of the day, HTC is in the manufacturing space, not the OS space and they've continued to commit themselves to Android and Windows, can't see them adding a third lineup for WebOS (they're not Samsung after all). On the other hand, having Palm would mean that they could countersue Apple, so I wouldn't discount this completely.
Lenovo - While Lenovo doesn't have a smartphone presence in the U.S., they do have one in China, so I would expect them to leverage those phones in the U.S. rather than taking on a whole new OS & device.
Microsoft - Boo again. While Microsoft is in the Linux space to a small degree, they would never admit their OS is inferior. WebOS would fall by the wayside.
Motorola - Motorola's committed themselves to Android. I don't see them branching out to WebOS
Nokia - Nokia's committed to MeeGo. I don't see them branching out to WebOS
RIM - RIM would rather extend BlackBerryOS than use another OS. You won't see them buying Palm
Sony - This also gets my vote. Sony's been floundering for a while on a direction to take. They've branched into Windows Mobile and Android since Nokia took over Symbian, but they haven't had a successful product yet. Sony once considered buying PalmSource so that they could have control over the OS, so this wouldn't be a stretch to consider.

My vote here is HTC, but only if webOS lives on. I like the idea of a company that has mobile experience, and can move quickly to innovate. Seems like HTC is the only one that fits that bill.

HBO/Cinemax. Then we can watch all that content on our Pre phones for free, even the naughty stuff....

Anyone that won't sideline WebOS. Give it to a company that has a past of its own mobile os (eg: Nokia,RIM,Microsoft etc.), and os development might get a bit biased. I would say give it to a company that is new to the smartphone business while keeping the Palm team intact.

Nobody preferably but if anyone htc

Since JR mentioned earlier they weren't selling I'm confused with all the talk. And as Reuters already mentioned LICENSING deals, thats my expectation!!!

Think. If WebOS IS licensed then we will see a HTC w/ WebOS, maybe a Nokia w/ WebOS, or a Sony w/ WebOS, or DELL/HP/Lenovo Tablet w/ WebOS, or even Motorola w/ WebOS.

Possibilities and Form Factors will be endless.
So lets keep dreaming and talking less of SELLING and more of LICENSING!!!

I voted Sony. Could you imagine this OS on the PS3 or the next PS4.

I'm still voting for Donald Trump to buy it. HaHa That is one big TV Spot every week! I can just picture it now... the "Your Fired" phone. LOL

This might be heresy to the Linux fans, but if things have to change, I could see HTC being a good thing. What if, instead of slapping Touch on everything, they took the WebOS interface and made it into the new Touch? Throw that over Android, and you might get the best of both worlds. Don't get me wrong -- I'd rather see WebOS stay WebOS, not WebUI, but it's not the worst thing that could happen. Sure beats buying the patents and dropping the rest.

The other good(ish) option is to have another player (Lenovo, Intel, Dairy Queen) come in and buy Palm as a way to become a top-tier entrant to the smart phone world.

Lenovo is best, they don't make phones sos they won't screw up Palm's webOS and their awesome device and software design but they might help out in the marketing and cash flow departments

Why doesn't Palm simply farm out the hardware to other companies and concentrate on the OS side. Imagine WebOS on a solid Android-like device hardware wise.

Palm could simply license the OS and let companies put it on their devices. Win win for everyone.

information refresh:

HTC was the one produce Treo 600 650
HTC produced a table windows mobile few years before.

I would be so grateful should htc buy palm
I hope the announcement could be before the launching of ipad in canada. Because if it is true, i'll wait for a 9" palmpad with webos inside. Htc have the 100% ability to produce that dream device within 10 months. With their high end form factor + fantastic WebOS. Iphonefanboy will definitely switch to Palm


apple should buy because that would mean iPhone OS with webOS which would be my dream.

I wonder if Asus wants to get into the game.

I love the Donald Trump idea. He should buy Palm right now and have whoever wins The Celebrity Apprentice run it. Probably Cindi Lauper or Brett Michaels from Poison.

plenty of room in the HTC EVO forums of Androidforums/Phandroid if you guys want to come over. Other Precentral users are already there :) You guys are welcome to join anytime

Hp, Lenovo or dell. I just don't trust HTC or other handset maker when it comes to advancing webOS.

Amazon for their next generation Kindle...
They should create a tablet based upon webOS and keep Palms Phonebusiness alive as it is. With their acquisition of this new York (New Jersey?) based Touchscreencompany they have shown that they seriously want to compete in the tablet/eReader business...

Ok i know this has been stated before but i don't care i am saying it anyways...

I love the Pre and Pixi phones... Now palm being sold may not be all bad think about it... If some one like HTC were to buy Palm think about the HD 2 with WebOS? how cool would that be? One of 2 things will happen Some one will buy palm like HTC or another com. Maybe change it some but keep the core of WebOS intact and keep on developing WebOS and WebOS devices with better hardware... Or they will buy it just for the patents and dump it all together... I hope that would not happen but i think enough people like WebOS and it can only get better with time so i think who ever will buy it will not kill it off... Too much potential for WebOS to just kill it off...

I think the two companies with the most to gain from the purchase of Palm would be HTC and Sony Ericsson. There is no doubt that both companies would benefit from having the WebOS running on their great hardware. The true benefit to both would be having a true identity in the smartphone realm that sets them apart from others in a market that is becoming very crowed with the ME TOO sect.

I still honestly think Palm mgmt. is doing this for legal formalities that need to be followed in the defense against prospective lawsuits from short-term disgruntled shareholders who may claim that mgmt. ignored some legitimate buy-offers for Palm when PALM was trading near its bottom in the market. Whereas those offers perhaps appeared to be ridiculously low to the current mgmt. given that the mgmt. is already working on some business recovery plan for Palm and based on that business plan Palm' future as an independent company may look much brighter than those buy-offers would lead to.So to evaluate such options, Palm was forced to request GS to evaluate those buy-offer options on a fee basis.

o we just have to find out from Palm mgmt. discretely or otherwise whether they have stopped working their day-to-day business work after issuing such an up-for-sale notice. Will Palm stop the launch of Pre+/Pixi+ phones with SFR at the end of the month ? Whether Sprint and Verizon, O2, Bell-Canada, and the Mexican company, all have stopped selling any Palm products ? Why such abruptly everything is coming to an end when it seemed Palm had $590million plus to take Palm through another 5 to 7 quarters. That was plenty of time for Palm to correct its marketing plan and launch new products to speed up things. This time they are not starting from the scratch, they already have webOS which is being tested out in the world every second perhaps.

Also it is to be understood that the intrinsic value of Palm is not in the number of unsold Palmphones, or in the webOS user manuals and webOS codes, but the intrinsic value of Palm lies in the collective consciousness of Palm's management/design & development teams. And if those teams get split in the buying process of Palm, Inc. a prospective buyer will get nothing.

May be it is Palm's desire "NOT TO GET A BUYER". Tat's why we see such an elaborate process.

Well, if GS can find a solution where a 'perfect-business-marriage' is possible, then I don't know what will happen. And that solution is such a company that also listens to GS and another of Palm's good advisor , RBC. And that company is RIM.

Don't ask me more, i have no answers.

I think the two companies with the most to gain from the purchase of Palm would be HTC and Sony Ericsson. There is no doubt that both companies would benefit from having the WebOS running on their great hardware. The true benefit to both would be having a true identity in the smartphone realm that sets them apart from others in a market that is becoming very crowed with the ME TOO sect.

Alliance with HP (not a buyout) whereby HP would inject cash and the two companies would collaborate to bring out new phones, pad-type devices, etc. WebOS has great potential; Palm just needs some help to compete with the big deep pockets in a very hot and competitive market.

That would last for a few months until Microsoft and Google start offering the best versions of their OS to HTC's competitors like Motorola and Samsung. Then HTC would be pressured to kill webOS which they have no incentive to promote over Android or Windows.

If HTC buys Palm the best chance you have of webOS living on is in SenseUI.

If HTC bought Palm. They would continue on supporting Android, Windows and others but will add WebOS as an operating system on thier hardware.


The word and reviews will start to get out comparing these operating systems all running the same hardware and WebOS will DOMINATE.

If HTC bought Palm. They would continue on supporting Android, Windows and others but will add WebOS as an operating system on thier hardware.


The word and reviews will start to get out comparing these operating systems all running the same hardware and WebOS will DOMINATE.

The announcement of the new Microsoft line of phones makes Palm all the more attractive to handset manufacturers that want to be more than just a manufacturer of a handset using someones OS. (HTC, Lenovo) or a Computer manufacturer that would like to get into the smart phone category as well as the tablet PC category (HP, Dell, Lenovo).

I am intimately familiar with Sony and none of you would be happy with what became of Palm and WebOS if Sony bought it.

A little OT, but this is funny http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=opTfPmN0YEM

RE: Microsoft phone

I'd like for RIM to realize how much Blackberry OS sucks and implement webOS on their devices. webOS was built for keyboard devices.

If not RIM then I think Amazon would be smart to consider webOS for future Kindle devices. webOS would be phenomenal on a tablet sized device.

HTC buying Palm would be nice solely to save the Android and Windows Phone world from Apple's evil patent litigation. I have a feeling that HTC's support of webOS would only be temporary before getting pressure from Google and Microsoft to drop webOS entirely. Those two companies could easily pressure HTC into killing webOS.

no one!! That my point.

I believe Palm will be fine even if they are bought by HTC or any other investment firm. Strong points for Palm?

1) They still hold about 6% if the smartphone market share (Yes it is more than Android).

2) WebOS with some tweaks for enterprise users has the potential to be the enterprise smartphone that the iphone was thought to be but failed. (RIM is still strong in that segment even after so many years of iphone).

3)Patents and patents and patents. Apple sued HTC for patents infringement and got Google to not have multi-touch on the nexus one like the iphone. But they did not or rather COULD not sue Palm since there are as much if not more of palms patents that apple has infringed. Remember Palm is the granddaddy of the smartphone.

They have about 2100 apps in the app catalog and another 700 in home-brew and web-distribution apps. This is building up at a good pace with their developer conference around the corner.
I know that this is much lees than what apple or android has. But how many apps does a person download on an average? About 20. App store size does not mean that all apps are quality apps.

The best part is I can get a palm pre for free on Verizon, buy a $50 extended battery and over-clock it to 720 MHz. FYI there is also an 800Mhz option. This is not just a phone its a micro laptop.

What the engineering team at Palm has achieved is quite amazing considering they went from the archaic treo pro, centro and palmOS to the pre and webOS. Nobody expected that from palm and even though it was a touch screen like the iphone the OS was quite refreshing with the gestures and the cards interface.

Whatever happens Palm and Web OS will be alright. Go play some NFS on your pre.

Palm is seeking the highest price bidder. But according to his recent gesture of showing his patent property. HTC is probably the one Palm try to attract.

on the side of HTC, he propably need Palm's patent property also. Because IP is whhat they need to grow or compete in this market sustantially. I think once they have bought it, they will produce some webos smartphone to test the potential intrinst value of palm beside its patent property. If Ron does well with the better resources, no reason for HTC to dump it.
However, if Ron make 2nd mistakes again, webos will die slowly because business is business.

I'd like to change my vote to cisco.

Nice choice. That's who I'm gonna go with as well.

Hope like hell apple doesn't get them. Guess I don't care who does as long as regular updates happen and webOS lives on.
If apple got them it would be a "p" In front of everything... a pPad? lol.

What about Oracle? they just bought Sun. Or Amazon, they already have the kindle device.

Just rebrand the "Palm" name...

I think what truly hurt Palm the most is that people are still thinking current Palms to be similar to PalmOS devices.... their own fault in-fact. Palm kept PalmOS rolling at a time when iPhone and BlackBerry were taking off, leaving the 'web' features of PalmOS in the dust... no to mention the absolute crap hardware Palm has been serving up since the late 90's.

They must (or *should have*) rolled out a flagship device that you would want to see on "Will it blend?"... as far as current Palm models go, I have to fear opening my Pre at the wrong angle to break it... forget blending it.


Apple = No way, if they buy Palm it would be only for the patents, webOS would be dead.
Dell = They have proved that they prefer Android.
Google = They could be interested in the brand as for selling their own Android devices (succesors of Nexus One); webOS would be dead in favor of Android.
HP = They might be interested, they want to be a rival of Apple in the tablet market and the only OS that can really compete the iPad is webOS.
HTC = If I were they I would be really interested on Palm; by one hand, with the patents Palm has they could shout up Apple and their silly demands; in the other hand, they would own their own OS so no more pay to Microsoft for licenses and no more personalization of a free OS (Android).
Lenovo = They could enter to the smartphone market with almost no invesment.
Microsoft = Why would they be interested on Palm?
Motorola = No interest on Palm.
Nokia = Not interested, they are already supporting 2 OS, Meego and symbian.
RIM = They could use webOS to modernize BB OS.

Having read two articles about how an LG acquisition might play out, I'm surprised that they were not one of the companies listed as a choice.

I find it funny that people assume HTC is going to slap SenseUI on top of webOS. SenseUI is a way to differentiate HTC devices from "normal" devices. If HTC OWNS webOS, they're not gonna slap SenseUI on it. They'd just modify webOS directly. Whether or not that's a good thing is debatable but the HTC team has a pretty good design sense so I imagine they wouldn't change too much since a lot of webOS is streamlined already. They'd probably just tinker with the look and feel a little.

My vote actually would be Google buying it and dropping Android to promote webOS instead. That way webOS will become "free", available on all carriers, and growing like crazy (and probably eventually rule the mobile world). But as we all know, this is as likely as Apple buying Palm and dropping the iPhoneOS for it. So I won't even mention those scenarios.

So my "believable" scenario votes would go
1) Palm licensing webOS for "free" (at first cuz who's gonna want to make a webOS phone when Android has more momentum and is "free"?). Then ignoring hardware while having their team update webOS AND build apps. I mean the Facebook app is pretty awesome now (be almost perfect once they get notifications up). If the Palm team designs like 20 of the most useful apps of that quality... People won't complain about the lack of apps. Once it gets enough momentum, start charging for webOS, but they need to get webOS devices out there. The issue with this is I don't think Palm can afford to license it for "free". They need the money (otherwise they wouldn't be asking for money now!) so they'd HAVE to charge for webOS, but like I said before, if makers have to choose between paying for an awesome but struggling OS or one that's kicking some ass for free... you know what they'd pick.

2) HTC buying it and making splitting their priorities 25% winmo7, 25% android, 50% webOS.

3) Nokia buying it and dropping Symbian/Maemo for webOS. They're so big in Europe that if they keep a fair amount of users, then webOS can grow fast.

4) RIM buying it and replacing their OS with webOS. Though I doubt this will happen since people love their Blackberries for their speed but webOS isn't the "quickest" phone out there. Even the iPhone is slow comparatively.

If nokia will buy Palm, there will be higher chances that WebOS will survive, because Nokia needs a new OS to replace their touch symbian.

HTC should buy palm. Htc is the only reason Andriod has survived. They make awesome phones (hardware wise). I love my pre, but like i think palm should done a better job with hardware. and also if htc does buy palm, maybe we can get a palm pre with a snapdragon processor. Plus htc sense.

Not gonna lie, the only thing i really like about my Pre so far is Web Os. Otherwise this is my third actual piece of hardware i'm on. Anyway, As a previous Blackberry user, their hardware is actually pretty top notch and their software could use a pick me up. (As long as they don't use that sure click crap from the storm) I really think if RIM bought Palm they have the most innovative and toughest Smart Phones on the market.