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Why Enyo? HP's Kevin Schaaf explains why [video] 8

by Derek Kessler Wed, 30 Jan 2013 3:22 pm EST

Why Enyo? HP's Kevin Schaaf explains why

It's one thing to convince a developer that they should make an app for a specific platform isn't usually a hard affair. There are obvious reasons to develop apps for iOS or Android, and the most obvious of those is the fact that there are lots and lots of potential users. But convincing a developer which framework they should use? That's a different matter. Realistically they could use the platform-native framework, but if you're wanting to target multiple platforms (iOS, Android, Windows Phone, webOS, and web browsers on all devices) by just developing one app, there are only a few options worth considering.

One of those is a favorite of the webOS crowd: Enyo. Now up to version 2.0 and evolving, expanding, and building out in open source, Enyo's JavaScript component scheme allows developers to create modular components to build rich cross platform applications that… you know what? HP's Kevin Schaaf recently got up on the stage at the dotJS JavaScript conference in France and explained all of this a lot better than we ever could. Watch the video after the break and be convinced.

Source: The Enyo Blog



This presentation is really awesome! :)

This was an awesome presentation and makes sense to me why to use enyo 2.0, but I'm no dev. And Ares 2.0 does not help since it is buggy and not server based. Has anyone with an ios or android phone noticed an increase in enyo apps because we clear have not in the app catalog?

We have a few new Enyo apps in the App Catalogue including the recent released Top Watch which is made with Enyo 2. And there are some Enyo 2 apps in Git so they will be coming for webOS.

Wow ! That was Great!!!! I hope developers see that this is the way of the future of creating great app across platforms. Webos is the Best.


See more of Kevin and Enyo at apps-world Feb 7th-8th


Also check out Mark Bessy's latest webcast on ARES, it is really coming together


I have not looked at Enyo in detail yet, but it looks very similar to Dojo and their dijit widgets and layout widgets....combines a widget class with template, logic, life-cycle, and DOM rendering.