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Why I Overclock my Palm Pre (its easier than you think) [video] 89

by Robert Werlinger Mon, 23 Aug 2010 2:21 pm EDT

Palm will of course tell you otherwise, but I that think if you have a little bit of time and inclination that you should absolutely go ahead and overclock your Pre and/or install a custom kernel into your Pixi.  More people would jump in and do it, but overclocking has a bit of a stigma to it that stems from the PC world where you have to be fairly knowledgeable about what you're doing or you run the real risk of damaging your hardware beyond repair.  

As the video just after the break demonstrates, it's no more difficult than installing a patch from Preware, the performance enhancements are vast, and the risk of damaging your phone is low.  

I do have a confession make first: I held off until after the webOS 1.4.5 update to hit Sprint before installing my first custom kernel, and I have to say that it's a shame I hadn't done it sooner.  To describe the performance improvements as drastic on my Sprint Pre would be an understatement. The annoying and all too frequent "too many cards" error is completely gone, the sluggish email app is about 85% less frustrating to use, and all of those PDK the latest update made available perform great.  Yes, it'll technically void your warranty, but this is how webOS should have performed from the beginning.

Sincerely folks, give it a shot.

Those new to the idea of "homebrew" should first check out our excellent getting started with homebrew guide, and those interested in learning more about the tools used in overclocking should check out these threads in the forums:


FWIW, I just overclock mine to 720mz. It gives a nice little boost to the Pre's responsiveness, and makes me a little more comfortable than 800mhz. Lots of folks use 800mhz, so I'm not saying that's a bad idea. But for the more conservative users, you might just try 720.

Ive ran mine at 1,005 for quite a while now and only times I get my temp warning is running it as a hotspot, and usually only on the charger as well. but I have hit the temp warning a few times with the hotspot alone, but other than that its fine. I think the battery life is actually about the same as when it was completely stock. MUCH faster as well.

only one I had a problem with was blackbird. my phone wont even boot running 1.2



I LOVE UBER! I was able to install it on 3 separate Sprint Pres (friends I've convinced that were starting to doubt my long, annoying, sales pitch), and this has stopped them from leaving webOS!

"Why I over clocked My Palm Pre"..........

Cuz the hardware is ancient
Cuz my I keep getting "Too Many Cards"
Cuz My friend's Treo 750 pulled up web pages faster
Cuz the phone heats up nice and warms my hands.
Cuz Every other phone runs faster.

No more "Too many Cards" errors when there are no cards open with uber kernel!
Been running Uber kernel for about a month now and so far I haven't seen any disadvantages.

Great Article! (fellow Sprint Pre user)

I have been overclocking for a while now, and can't see using my phone with out it.

I am now able to run any PDK/3D app without having to reboot my phone or do anything funny/resetting.

It has been made extremely easy by our great homebrew developers. They also take great precaution before releasing anything to make sure it is as safe as possible for the average user.

I also imagine by this point that many of you are no longer in a "warranty" active status... so really there isn't much else to loose.

I say go for it!

New life for my Pre! I run 800Mhz pretty much 24/7 now. The WebOS homebrew community is spectacular! I would agree with the article -- it is very easy and safe to overclock using this simple method.

Coming over from Windows Mobile 6.1, where I had trouble even getting apps to work, I was really surprised how easy it was to overclock (and feel relatively safe doing it to my beloved Pre Plus).
I love the Uberkernel/Govnah combo! I run Screen State with 250MHz (screen off) and 800MHz (screen on) and it's been a great balance of battery life and speed.

when I run 800 and mobile hotspot plus charging my phone gets really hot. Will the testing kernels do it?

Uberkernel/Govnah allow you to set up temperature warnings and even turn off overclocking at a certain degree (like 45 degrees I think). Running 800Mhz on my Pre Plus while charging on a touchstone does get pretty hot sometimes, but I've found sliding out the keyboard gives it enough surface area to dissipate heat when charging. Otherwise, I have never had a problem with overheating.

The Govnah regulates the Proc speed on a touchstone to 500mhz because of potential heat issues.

To test the theory, leave Govnah running and put it on your touchstone... you should see the speed drop to 500.

How badly does overclocking affect your battery life?

I notice almost no decline in battery life. Even so, it's completely worth any hit for the speed. Govna also lets you change on the fly depending on your needs.

I agree. Run uber at 800mhz. My old overclock got overwritten when the 1.4.5 patch came out. I completely forgot how almost unusable the stock Pre is when you are a 'power user'. Constant stutters, pauses and sluggishness. Night and day with the overclock.

Still, I can't wait any more. Unless a miracle announcement comes out in the next few weeks, its Epic 4g for me next.

I'm with you. Trying to wait a bit for any exciting news on new webos hardware (new phone). Something better come soon cuz the epic is one intriguing phone. Like i said int he bottom posts, my gf has teh captivate and it's pretty amazing phone.

The moment new hardware is announced, this is happening. Until then, I don't want to do anything that might shorten the devices life, stable or no.
But assuming a new phone is headed our way, I look forward to the day when my sprint pre gets a bit zippier :-)

I jump back and forth between Uber at 1Ghz and SR71 at 1.2. Pretty much makes me love this phone all over again.

I also did not install any custom kernels until after 1.4.5 finally hit. I had been wanting to, but did not want to deal with the question mark of whether or not to remove it, so I waited. I installed Govnah and Uberkernel over the weekend, and I was very surprised and impressed with the improvement. Like the article says -- the email client is much, much nicer. No more waiting 5 seconds for an email to start rendering when you open it up (unless you open one from a notification, before it has downloaded the message body, but that is just a fact of life).

I just stumbled upon Uber a couple of days ago. Super easy and nice to have overclocking back after I lost the patch to the update.

I've been running 800MHz or about a month now maybe a bit more.
So far everything has improved. From random reboots to running smoother in general, to being able to run more apps without that lag delay we all hate. I've had almost no issues with the phone, period.

You owe it to yourself to run the overclocking patch.

Hah. I have been over clocking for months. It's the only thing that's kept me with my Pre waiting for new HPalm hardware. I would've bought an EVO 4G on launch day if these patches didn't exist. I've been running mine at 1 GHz for a while now and it is blazing fast. The toll on the battery is depressing but I don't mind because it's better than having to use an Android device or iPhone or, God forbid, Blackberry.

It seems that most people who use uber/govnah and run the 250/800 screenstate don't have the same battery issues that I have. For instance, I'm @ 22% at 3:00PM after very light use today. I also have a 1350mah battery instead of the standard 1150. Even with that potential caveat, the uber/govnah combo is still well worth it! Love it!

I waited until after 1.4.5 too! And it is a shame!!! I loved UK then I tried F105 OMG!!!! It is like a whole new phone! Kind of like I got a free Upgrade! I love it

F105 IS Amazing...I have only one problem. When I updated I went back to default Palm Kernel so I could update to 1.4.5 without a problem. Now i'm at 1.4.5 and I can't install F105!..It it because it's incompatible with the version?
Anyways, overclocking works. It's a must for the pre and it doesn't risk doing much harm if you are using one of the stable kernels (uber is the one i'm using now) but that F105 is the one i REALLY miss and want. Things were blazing fast and battery life was surprisingly good.

I had the exact same problem I had been running fl05 for about a month and then with the update to 1.4.5 It wouldnt re-install. The problem is that there is a 1.4.5 testing feed that you have to add manually to your feeds. I had to do a little searching to find the url. I would put it on here but some people seem to think its some sort of test of skill to find things out. Google 1.4.5 webos testing feed and that should get you there...

Thx for the info. And yeah i'll get to it hen im done working. I know it won't be a problem, should be close to the older testing feeds. I appreciate the info. Peace

P.S. I don't understand it either, the not giving the link to testing feeds. I know not everyone is able to understand tweaking in this phone and if they know this, they shouldnt try it.
Anyways...here I come F105!!!

Update: Just checked prewares new site and it has a link to all feeds including testing. Now that makes sense.

I've stuck to screenstate 250/600.

Doesn't negatively impact battery life enough to notice, haven't had any heat issues, and the 100mhz speed increase is noticeable enough.

How are you getting 250/600? I am only seeing profiles for 500/800, Fixed 800, Fixed 720, Fixed 600, UberKernel Default, and Palm Default in Govnah.... Nevermind, figured it out; choose "Advanced Settings" under profile and set the max/min then it lets you save as a new profile.

In Govnah, pick profile and go into Advanced Settings. If you're feeling extra handy, you can go to pref menu and turn on manual entry. But that's more trouble than it's worth IMO.

I have been on sr 71 for a few weeks now and i have no overheating issues. Its very very fast especially after a nice phone reset. I also never see the too many cards error but if you go buck wild with all the pdk apps it tends to slow a bit. we just need that extra ram.

I am so glad for this article! I've been avoiding overclocking (fearing possible hardware damage) even though I find myself complaining everyday about the speed of my Pre. This article put my mind at ease and now that I'm running at 800MHz, it's like I have a new phone!

Just installed Preware on my Sprint Pre and overclocked it 3 days ago. Loving it so far.

Unfortunately, will go for the EVO or Epic as soon as I have the Funds.

I do this myself, but the problem I have with recommending this to everyone is that other people won't know what to do when a webOS update comes. What do you all tell friends that are less tech-savvy?

Just go back to preware and install the Palm Kernel which is in the Recovery group on the Kernels category. It's that simple and easy.

You mean, install that after the update or before the update?

Before the OS update... although so far I haven't heard of an OS update killing a phone that left the modified kernel installed

Just show them what you can do and the difference. Tell them to read. There is lots of information for the not-so-tech-savy people. You just have to open your mind and let the webos power come to you.

When webOS updates, open Preware and update the patch. It's AUPT just like most of the other patches. It's as simple as that.

The answer to your questions have been explicitly addressed in the forums. There was an article a few weeks ago when rumors that 1.4.5 would soon come to the U.S. I'm still waiting for the Verizon to release the update. Until then, I'm running 500/720 Conservative. I've experienced increased performance, increased battery life and more stability (500/800 Screenstate resulted in 2+ crashes daily for me).

I want to try the 1ghz where can I get it?

I replied a bit back to someones F105 quote. They exist in the testing feeds. Look for info on it.

I just do screenstate 500/800, F102A. Runs great.

I had to remove F102A found it was depleting my battery like a bitch. The sceen was off most of the day from 8 am to 6 pm and I had 14% batt. That made no fricking sense so I removed it. using uber for now, need time to see how it works.

Well, that's not unusual...? The Pre drains about 10% an hour and that was 10 hours. If you're going to leave your phone alone most of the day, turn off the cell data. But personally, I don't have battery issues with it and UK/Govnah with F102 settings caused a lot of lag and luna lockups for me, so I switched back to F102A.

I haven't had that problem wiht such little use of the phone. I mean I think I used it once during that time. So that means phone screen is off all day. I don't know, today I cahnged some setting lieks email notifications to check each hour not everytime they arrive and such, see how it goes from there.

Using Govnah and preware is great! And I agree it's SOO easy. I've just been having a problem with saving the settings...every time I reboot my phone I have to go into Govnah and turn the oclock back on...am I doing something wrong? Thanks for all of those out there putting in the long hours to make this a possibility!! (the speed enhancement and getting rid of the "TMC" errors has made me love my original pre & webOS even more!!)

I had the same problem, i.e., that the profile selected in Govnah wasn't the one being used after restarting the Pre. I saw a hint somewhere to uninstall then reinstall Uberkernel (leaving Govnah installed). It's a pain, but it worked. I was using Screenstate 500/800. Then I uninstalled both (not important why), and started over some days later. This time I wanted to create a new profile based on Screenstate 500/800 but using 720 rather than 800. I created and saved the profile, but same problem as before after restarting. So I uninstalled and reinstalled Uberkernel, and now that profile is active when I restart. There may be an easier way around this problem, but I don't know what it is.

.... I have 6 batteries, all are not created equal. 2 flat out suck, they last a couple hrs, helpful when needed. 1 that lasts most of the day, then hits high 40s in percent and turns off. Three that have a nice even discharge through usage.

if your battery is draining really fast, try changing your email settings, I actually change mine throughout the day, before I go to bed I flip em to manual, depending on where I am and what kinda signal (tower or wifi) I have I set to either 'as items arrive' or hourly, if I'm in an area that is less than 3bars(and no wifi) I set em to manual.
I would go through 3 batteries a day when I had the centro, so using 2 with the pre I would say with a 'good' battery, it should last all day for most people.

if you overclock, install 'jstop' it will help out noticeably. Turn off notifications .

I wouldn't mind a new webos phone. I am trying to wait to see if any news come in on phones since there is already a webos tablet coming soon.
I say this cuz im intrigued by the epic 4g. My gf has the captivate and it's a pretty, pretty phone and works like a charm.
I don't know, I'll learn from my past mistakes and wait a bit to see if anything new appears on the horizon.

I've never run my Pre+ beyond 800. But I agree with everything else you said. Well, except my kb still sucks. Even with the patch fix, some of my keys aren't very reliable. But I'm otherwise very pleased with my phone.

For reference, what are the two frequencies on the standard Pre for screen off/on?

Stock is 500MHz all the time, doesn't matter if the screen is off or on. If you use a screenstate setting, you can choose to underclock the phone when the screen is off to improve battery life (when you presumably don't need the speed boost).

Three words: just do it. Its simple, its safe and it turns an unresponsive and laggy phone into a smooth webOS experience.

I HAVE A PROBLEM. I had to remove the uberkernel because my data was randomly dropping, i.e. I could make a call but no internet. This only happened when overclocking I think, but after resetting to stock Palm kernel, I have yet to have the issue (2-3 weeks).

Anyone else hear of this?

does anyone know why they call or named ot "govnah"? I don't get the reference. Did the program leave and then come back?


yes I know it's arnold, but I don't make the connection btetween him and the program

Arnold is the "govnah" of California. Also ties in with "uber"kernel and other uber themed items from the WebOSinternals braintrust.

In addition to the Schwarzenegger reference, devices called governors were installed on stream engines to control the speed.

does anyone know why they call or named ot "govnah"? I don't get the reference. Did the program leave and then come back?

It's like you wrote this article for me... I have been wondering if I should overclock and I guess I will

Prior to the 1.4.5 release I could only open 3-7 applications maximum. Sometimes one wouldn't open at all after a heavy application. Since 1.4.5 I can open between 20-23 at one time. With heavier applications running I get approximately 10 applications before I receive any error message. With normal use this problem has been resolved. Overall, the performance has vastly improved.

Thanks for this article! I had no idea that overclocking was so easy. I'm running 500/800 and I can barely believe how much faster and more responsive the phone is now. Kudos!

Very easy to install & set-up. I'm running 250/800 first to see if it helps or hurts my battery. Works great with the faster card app too!

started to overclock my phone the 2nd week of ownership. couple this with the "faster card animation" patch and the "wrap pages" patch and your launch will feel zippy.

As usual, no conversation about Pixi and the referenced kernel.

Anyone wanna shed some light for the minority of us?


Palm/ HP should cut Precentral.com a check for all the awesome work!

if it weren't for you guys I wouldn't have learned about this or other homebrews and I'd probably have an EVO. Kudos to precentral..

Overclocking is a must! I didn't want to overclock at first cause I thought that I would mess up my phone but once I realized that insurance would cover any damage I went ahead and took the risk. IT HAS BEEN THE BEST THING I DID TO MY PRE. My phone works better than before. I have yet to get a "to many card error" like I did before I overclocked. It runs faster and does not get any hotter than it did before I clocked. I have fallen in love with my Pre 4 times over. Once when I first got it. Then I soon got bored with it and fell out of love only to fall in love again when I started adding patches. Then I fell out of love again only to fall back when I overclocked. Only to get bored again and fall out of love, falling back in love once again when I decided to add themes. So within a year I have fallen in love over and over again with my cute little buddy (he's my lil' bromance). I hate to let him go but I will drop him in a hot minute when his new Pre 2 friend comes along (hopefully by Xmas). What can I say, I like variety and new things. All said and done, I am a WebOS FAITHFUL. I refuse to switch to Android or anything else that Sprint carries now that I have experience WebOS. The only thing that would make me think about switching would be the iphone. But since I am a loyal Sprint customer I don't have to worry about having to choose between Palm and Apple. I will also add, that as much as I hated the keyboard and the small size of the phone in the beginning, I have gotten so fast on this keyboard that I can out type all my Android and iphone friends on my Pre. I can type a whole novel in text messages to my Android friend and she is getting tired of keeping up with me cause her fingers hurt from her virtual keyboard. She then tried keeping up with me using her voice recognition and almost every text message she sent read like a unknown language. I also have gotten very use to the small petite size of the Pre because I am a guy and have to easily be able to put my phone in my front pocket and sit down. With the Pre I sometimes forget that the phone is in my pocket cause it is so small and I cant feel it. Unlike my Android friends who look like they are smuggling Acme bricks in their pockets. So in closing, I have one thing to say......WHATUP PALM!

*blushes* that's a pre in your pocket? Hehe

Just made the leap, installed Preware,UberKernel & Govnah all in very short order. I am literally blown away by the improved performance. Running Screenstate 500/800. This is the way my Pre should have been out of the box June 09 !!! CPU temp is pretty steady and no downsides so far. Thanks for the article Robert, I probably would not have tried it otherwise.

Highly recommend!! I started off with Uber and soon jumped to the ghz kernel (105).

I literally forgot about the TMC error until I read this post.

Do it and don't look back! I've doctored my phone a few times and each time I'md reminded how slow the stock, underclocked, kernel is.

My phone absolutely flies now!! The only time it heats up is when I turn it into a hotspot (when my daughter is bored in the car and wants to surf the internet - on her itouch!! haha)

The thunderchief kernal is where its at. I got my pre moving at 1.005ghz

There are some good links above. Don't forget about WebOS Repair Utility. That is an awesome app. You can fix up your Pre back to clean running system without completely doctoring.

Before I do a WebOS update. I remove my CPU Overclock kernal, patches, themes and use WebOS Repair Doctor. Then do my update.

Must haves....
WebOS Quick Install
WebOS Repair Utility
Preware for patches, themes, and CPU kernel, etc

I've been wanting to overclock my Palm Pre for months. Especially after recently playing with the new IPhone and the new HTC EVO 4G that a couple of friends got recently. As everyone else has mentioned over a million times, true webOS users are desperately waiting for NEW HARDWARE!! Till then, this video and guide helped me finally do the much needed overclock on my Palm Pre (Sprint) and the Screenstate 500/800 works great for me so far with Govnah! Just so much snappier!

Therefore, hopefully this tides me over till some new announcements from HP about the new Palm Pre 2 or Palm C40 or whatever the hell they wanna call it. I don't care, but it's time for Palm to start announcing some new details about a new phone in the next few months. I would hate to see Palm lose more webOS users just because it took HP/Palm to long to release a new phone. Out of all of my friends, 4 of us have Palm Pre (or Pre Plus) and so far one has jumped ship to the HTC EVO (Android). SO, come on HP, hire that NEW CEO, Product Launch Mgr, and whatever other employees your need and lets get a crackin! Ok, sorry, just venting..lol


I've been on the fence about overclocking my Pre and just didn't have much time to mess with it, but watched the video and saw how easy it was to try. I already had Preware installed, so figured I'd try Uber with Govnah. Running the Screenstate 500/800 profile. So far, I'm impressed and really haven't noticed the Pre getting any hotter than it did before. Will have to give it more time before I can assess the impact on battery life.

Well unfortunately, both my phone radio and data have turned off intermittently since I did this. Before, never had trouble. In fact, this morning, I could not get it to connect to Sprint until I both set the profile back to Palm Default and actually uninstalled Uber. I love how much faster it is, but I can't afford to have the phone and/or data randomly turning off. So, back to the drawing board for me. :(

I've been wanting to overclock my Palm Pre for a while now and my only hesitation as been my relative ignorance on what I would actually be doing to my phone - I don't really understand the workings of kernel-land. ;) I've caved and installed UberKernel and Govnah, but have some questions.

I might just try the Screenstate 500/800 profile since it seems popular. But currently I tried a custom Screenstate 250/720. To be honest, I only chose that because it seemed a bit more conservative. Is there a good, layman's user guide for what all the different options mean (Screenstate, OnDemand, etc..)?

Thank you for showing me another kernal was available in the video; had been using Uber screenstate 500/800, but now find Delta Dagger's streamlined kernal much more responsive for my govnah of choice anyway. Again thank you webOS Internals!

Wow. I was worried about doing this, but, wow.

Nice work to all involved.

This is wonderful. Thanks all, I should've done this months ago. Lovin it even after half a day.

Interested to see how the battery handles it tho.

This article finally convinced me to 'upgrade' the kernel on my Sprint Palm Pre.

Let me congratulate the developers, WebOS Internals, and Preware. This was *easy*. So easy, in fact, that I was able to do it last night, in the dark, while pushing my infant daughter around the neighborhood in her stroller.

The homebrew community for WebOS is fantastic.

Wow, I was ready to run to android after seeing the speed on the droid x. This was a simple fix.

I overclocked mine just as in the video. I used F102 Delta Digger and used the Profile: Screenstate 500/800...

Well, it shows that my frequency is 800 MHz but somethings still don't feel all that sped up... Like loading photos. Still takes forever for it to display the thumbnails of all of the photos in a folder. Still takes forever to show thumbnails in the list of folders...

On the other hand, I am not sure if my kart in Shrek Kart was supposed to go so fast but it blazed a trail. Maybe it's too fast for that?

Apps do seem to be a bit more responsive when loading, but for the most part don't feel any more responsive while using.

Am I missing something or have too high of expectations?

Great stuff guys, Uber is working great for my phone for a week so far! Big difference! The faster card patch helps too!

The Droid can suck it! Go Web os!!!

This article finally convinced me to overclock my Sprint Pre and all I can say is thank you! Thank you to webOSinternals and the homebrew community for making this happen in a way that is easy and safe as possible. Thank you to Precentral for posting articles like this that help me learn how to get the most out of my phone. It's stuff like this that makes me happy to be on webOS.

Incredible...It's like having a new phone...Great work...donating now!

I've overclocked my Pre... running it on the 500/1000 setting. Was looking forward to enhanced performance, but I've yet to observe a noticeable difference.

Hang on!!! I need a helmet and goggles after the speed increase. Goodbye training wheels.....