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Wi-Fi-only TouchPad Go clears FCC certification, still unlikely to see the light of day 61

by Derek Kessler Thu, 06 Oct 2011 7:49 pm EDT

Most of the time when something passes through the FCC, it’s with the intent to market and sell that product to the public. Not so if you’re HP. No, you go to great lengths to get FCC certification for products you have no intention of selling. Case in point: the Wi-Fi-only TouchPad Go. This not-as-mobile brother of the 7-inch 3G/4G TouchPad Go that cleared the FCC just under a month ago just got cleared itself today, which makes us chuckle. And cry.

If you’re wondering what happened here, it’s highly unlikely that HP intends to restart continued production (though we love a good surprise, and could use one) of the TouchPad line, let alone the smaller Go series they never even announced. The most likely explanation is that whoever is in charge of getting HP products FCC certified neglected to pick up the phone and call the certification lab to tell them to stop. This is the same company that was ready to take legal action against itself because the right hand wasn’t talking to the left, so anything’s possible.



Stupid hp, they should have never been allowed to buy Palm.

Unfortunately, all the other bidders just wanted Palm for it's patents, with no interest in continuing the OS.

HPs board is and was full of idiots. They should have left Hurd in charge. He had a plan for WebOS, and didn't tank the companies stocks by 40+%.


What in the wide, wide world of sports is goin' on here???

Cujo, 10 bonus points for you for the Saddles reference! :)

I believe in mi-ra-cles.

Please. They fired the guy who's job it was to do that, along with everyone else.

They also fired the guy who made the decision to cancel the hardware.

My guess is that they were probably far enough in the process that it would cost HP the same whether the FCC completed the review or not. If that was the case, it probably made sense to at least keep their options open.

What would have made sence was for hp to keep their mouth shut and let all of the products they had in the pipeline to get released and THEN announce that they will not continue making them anymore.

Finally precentral fixes the mobile commenting...just when webos is being killed off...lol. Better late than never! Thx. Posted from my Palm Pixi Plus on the mobile theme.

Yeah, PC had to get FCC approval for the commenting to work correctly. ;)

What the heck are you talking about?!? It's still tremendously busted. You have to put it in Full View to reply to an individual post (like I had to do to type this).

What other "forum" have you ever been on that you can't reply to someone without putting the site view in some special mode??? It's kinda the POINT of a forum...


How about them apples? Kindle Fire....No says I....

They have just lost their mind completely.

That's it, damned...

I mean HP

I agree with iharley. HP laid-off the guy that was supposed to call the FCC, and cancel the application!! HP has No Clue, and has RUINED and Killed the Great Palm name!! "Viva La webOS!!"

Read the test report, the report written by the Taiwanese lab is dated July 19. Basically everything was already done before HP made their announcement.

From everything that i have seen it seems that there are some number of these at HP. Why not throw them out to the online store and see how they do? Good way to test the market and see what happens.

because that would make sense, and HP doesn't make any more of that... Or TouchPad, or Veer's, or pre3's....

It could be HP wants to sell not only webOS and the patents, but the hardware profile. There has to be some value in that.

Some potential Buyer of the hardware side could want to expand on what`s there.

Good thought, but it makes sense and going by recent past events HP doesn't have that :)

COME ON!! Just bring something to market already!

Not gonna happen..

Look, I hope I'm wrong and I'd love to admit that I was but I don't think HP is going to do anything with webOS, or build devices utilizing this awesome OS. I don't think they'll power any printers with it, and I don't htink anyone is going to buy or lease it either.

They had such a beautiful vision but no guts or legs to run a long race and believe me, I used to actually be a pretty good marathon runner, it does take guts and vision to compete at that level... HP dosen't have it anymore.

This sounds pretty interesting. I would connect this with the short appearance of the 219 and 249 USD pricing for HP TP on HPs website last week... The business plan all in all is to get the product to the masses, 1 mio TP 9.7 inch were sold in few weeks time. App developers are now interested in, news apps coming every day and there are more the 1k available for TP. The price 249 and 219 was tested, so I would await a release of 7 inch TP go for 149 to 199 in next few weeks time... The specs on 7 incher were I'd say really good... The question is: will U buy TP Go for 149 USD ?


If you built it, I will buy it.

That all assumes that HP actually has a plan, and its BOD aren't a bunch of regards, which they don't, and they are.

Exactly! The whole board is regarded

but not well.

That's the plan, eh? Odd that they would kick off this ambitious plan by firing most WebOS personnel, stopping every production run and firesaling their product so the market is glutted with uber-cheap prices they can't match.

Also odd that they have a backlog of Touchpads awaiting crack repair through warranty servicing because they were built so cheaply. Doesn't really sound like they're staffed or positioned to launch a new product when they can barely service the one they just sold off.

Oh, then there's the matter of the CEO still having yet to decide what they're going to do with the hardware side of the business that would ostensibly maintain this "plan".

But aside from those few, pesky facts...yeah, I'd say "await" a relaunch in a few weeks time.

no chance, at least not at those price points. IF (and that's a BIG IF) HP decided to produce the TP Go, I'd expect a price-point of $299, not a penny less. Even at that price they'd be losing money, but not too much if what they're trying to do is preserve and enhance the value of webOS itself.


About price point: Lenovo just announce Idea Pad for 199 USD, 7 incher, OK that's 2 Gb memory, 16 G goes for 249... Are they loosing money too ?

I'm pretty sure the compenent pricing on te tablets is dropping by hours, not even days because of the fastly growing volumes..


Can't any of you guys at PreCentral show all these posts to someone at HP? It's obvious that there is interest. It is (like I wrote in my video for that other post) only a matter of placing it in the right pricing range.

Meg Whitman is an idiot who was brought onto the board by Leo and wants to continue with his idiotic plans. Facts and reason aren't going to do much good.

Besides now is the time to inject some of those cool TouchPads in the market due to the iDied with no further noticeable upgrades.

I signed in to say.... WOW... to your comment vanderlaars

Why do u think anyone does something like this: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/6394343/Apple.jpg ?
Yeah, it's one mate from the school days.
It's all about consumption and the last thing consumption is about is "needing" something. It lies in the psychology (like I said in that video) and all those people were made believe they needed/wanted to buy apple products so they do it frenetically.
What does HP need to reach that level with TouchPad and Pre3 and all the other devices that we want? Turn their brand/logotype into something "desirable". They have to invest in image to make people believe they're the best thing ever and print in people's brains that HP is all they want and people will buy no matter how much it costs, no matter the quality.

webOS at hp is as good as dead as they stopepd with devices. It would cost HP to much money to maintain a webOS version for this 7" platform.
I think we can only hope hp can sell webOS.

There is no Santa Claus, Easter Bunny or future webOS device releases. Move on.

I don't care about Santa Claus as I have been buying my own stuff for years but come on!!!! The Easter Bunny is REAL!

Yep, he just shot past me and had an "E" on his chest. He kept going and going...

I guess they had nothing better to do with their time or products. Not as if they'll ever sell em.

Look at the bright side. iPhone 4S preorders have started on all three big carriers with delivery in one week. Your long 10 day national wait for your new smartphone is going to be over soon. Now that's how you launch a smartphone. Thanks, Steve. God Bless.

Announcing a phone and then getting it in the hands of consumers in 10 days is SOOOOO last year. It works if you are merely #1

The new way is to announce the device, wait 6 months, soft launch it, wait 2 weeks, hard launch it, wait 2 weeks, fire sale it.

THAT's the way you do it when you are "better than #1"!

I always respected you for having reasonably unbiased "make sense" opinions, so I am replying to your comment. I have not been back since purchasing an SGS 2. I figured I'd check in and see what's happening; what do I find.... the same old **** LOL, it's the same old garbage, nothing has changed. I held on to my Pre-minus while everyone else in my family bailed out. I'm gone, and probably won't be back.... Good luck with HP and Web-OS!

someone's been using the touchpad go I got a new resolution in my app logs last week

What resolution did you see? I thought the Touchpad Go was also going to have a 1024x768 resolution like it's big brother?

i'm just talking...i did see 480x720 though, i don't know what tha's about

Actually I read somewhere the OEMs already have the parts for this thing.

Does the Wifi only version at least have a GPS in it?

Wild speculation here (at this point, what isn't), but maybe HP's master plan is to sell webos software and offer a whole family of production ready hardware designs to go with it.


Yeah, the largest hardware manufacturer in the world with all of it retail channels can't break even on this hardware so why don't you take a stab at it?

maybe, the tp-go is gonna come with a touchstone printer dock. It might be a detachable screen for their webos printer(s). They already sell a printer kinda like that on their site, only it's not webos.
just my guess.

I said it b4 and I say it again...STUPID IDIOTS Leo and HP!!! There, I said it.

I'd even go as far as to call them retards!

You are right sir!

Meg out Me in. I will listen to the people. I will bring back WebOS!!! Every thumbs up given to me puts us one step closer to WebOS reboot 1.0

Why is this news now? I posted about this back in August.


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I haven't heard anything new in the past week about Amazon and webOS . If Amazon bought webOS it would make sense that they would want a 7 inch tablet to there now proprietary platform. If this is the case, lets hope Amazon doesn't gut it as badly as the Playbook/kindle fire. Everyone has said that the kindle Fire is a stop gap. It would make sense that they would replace it with the Opal. If Amazon does buy webOS, lets hope they leave it intact