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by pbnewbie Tue, 25 Oct 2011 12:52 am EDT
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This app is will now work on Pre3. I have not tested it on other webOS phones.

Version: 0.1.5 - There were some major issues with 0.1.4. I hope this one fixes all those. Let me know in case you face any issues.  Enjoy..!

Version: 0.1.4 - Here is the correct 0.1.3 (coming as 0.1.4). Let me know in case this app freezes your TP or crashes.

Version: 0.1.3 - Fixed a bug that prevented it from running on TouchPad. Let me know in case you see any issues.

Version: 0.1.2 - Brings back Pre3 support. Also changed to code front end to Mojo. Atleast during my tests, this one has not crashed. Let me know how this one works.

Version: 0.1.1 - Some bug fixes, and some layout changes. Now you can also rename a file/folder by right clicking on that file/folder while in view mode.

Version: 0.1.0 - Improved stability. Now you can browse very large files on the TouchPad. Try this if you have a webOS phone (it might work on other smartphones too). Try browsing your touchpad and see if you can view videos/music/photos..

Version: 0.0.9 - With this version you can upload multiple files at once.

Version: 0.0.8 - Added option to create folders during file upload. Just type the folder name and click on "Create Folder" button. Once the folder is created, you can pick that folder from the dropdown and continue with file upload.

Version: 0.0.7 - Added option to upload files to subfolders. Also included upload progress in %. You will be able to see the upload % on the TouchPad.

Version: 0.0.6 - Added option to set password for secure access.

Version: 0.0.5 - Minor bug fixes and added delete functionality. Please note that there is no warning message. Once you click delete, the entire folder/file is deleted.

Version: 0.0.4 - Removed wallpaper from the background when you access your touchpad.

Version: 0.0.3 - Fixed issue with large file browsing. Now you should be able to browse large files. I was able to download a file from TP of size 70MB.

Version: 0.0.2 - Fixed a bug related to upload process. App used to crash while uploading files.

Here is a simple app that can be used to view your touchpad folders without connecting any cables...you can be wirefree! Just run the app on the touchpad and open the ip address,port as given on the touchpad on your computer web browser. That's it. You will be able to view the files/folders that are on present under /media/internal/ folder.

You will also be able to upload files to /media/internal/ folder/subfolders.

Now you can delete files/folders too.

Please note that Internet Explorer will not work fine while uploading images. Please use other available internet browsers like Safari, Chrome, Firefox etc.

Special thanks for @webosdealer for creating this app icon!


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Its free! Enjoy!

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it works for pre3...

have not try to upload anything yet... but it can view picture files on my pre3

file names with chinese characters do not work. It seems like a bug. Thanks

Excellent! I usually use TBFile Transfer on the Touchpad for transfering to/from my PC, but sometimes It's just easier to send something from where I am on the PC. Nice work!

This is great! The simplicity is beautiful, its genius.

One of the top 10 apps of all time for the TP. The potential for control with addition updates could be unlimited. This is a must have application for everyone. From the simple viewing of photos to the transfer of files while on the run with quick connection. A perfect addition would be the integration of editors for advanced users. HP should purchase this app and add to an update for all.

How about this for the Pre2?

Has anyone tried using this and splashtop together.

JUST FYI I tried using this and splashtop together and it worked. If you run this and then splashtop you can upload a file to your touchpad from you pc anywhere there is a WIFI signal.


Thanks for the update. If possible, can you make it multiple uploads?

Just installed and tried on my HP TouchPad, and tried to use with Firefox and Chromium under Ubuntu 11.04. No luck. Assigns the port 1234. Firefox gives the message:
Firefox can't establish a connection to the server at Chromium gives something similar.

Any suggestions?

Just installed and tried on my HP TouchPad, and tried to use with Firefox and Chromium under Ubuntu 11.04. No luck. Assigns the port 1234. Firefox gives the message:
Firefox can't establish a connection to the server at Chromium gives something similar.

Any suggestions?

Can't make connection from ubuntu 11.04
with either firefox or chromium.

Any suggestions? Thanks. Is a great

is your TP and computer on the same network? are there any patches installed on TP?

doesn't work on the pre3 anymore the old version did :-(

- could someone please send me version 0.4 and/or 0.5 (IPK) again?
- that'd be great - LAGatGMXdotNET - thanks everybody

awesome work done..

I'm a newbie, lol, what does it mean when it says "can not open mime file? Thanks

If you can send me an email from the app, it would be easier for me to respond in case you are facing issues with the app.

Thank you for the multiple uploads.

Unable to install version .0.0.9


hi, clicking the download link for the app adds it to the download list as expected, but trying to open it I get 'cannot open mime type'. Is this because I am using the default browser ?



if you are using internet explorer, you might face that issue. Try the latest version 0.1.0 and let me know.

I just downloaded the current version which was released today. When I ran the app, it's just blinking. I can not close the App or even worst, I can not do any function in touchpad including shutdown!

you should be able to restart the device by pressing home button and power button together for about 10 seconds.. not sure why its is getting stuck like that.. normally restarting should fix the problem..

loved the app. Thanks for making the whole wireless experience fantastic.

No issues to speak of. I was listening to music on the TP while surfing and also transfering songs from the TP to my PC without issue.

please make this work for webOS phones too !!

please make this work for webOS phones too !!


Just a quick note - I tried out version 0.0.4 and 0.0.5 and was able to upload movies (600Mb+) and was really pleased so see it worked perfectly - I'm on the latest version now, and I've tried to upload some more and found that the file(s) I've tried didn't transfer properly - video players (normal touchpad and touchplayer) both say there's a problem with the file....

Can you let me know if you've checked the transfer with large video files?



I uploaded a file of size 628 Mb and that worked fine..It was an mp4 file..!

I uploaded a file of size 628 mb and it worked fine..! and I am able to view that file on the Touchpad without any issues..! I uploaded an MP4 file..

I am getting a MIME error after I have downloaded the file and want to open it. Am I doing something wrong? Most likely! I would assume that the file open and then install itself on the download launch page. Anyone have a suggestion?
Happy Thanksgiving to all of you!

Can you send me an email with more details? Click on help in the app menu and send me more details on what type of file it is..

I may not have communicated this issue correctly – so let’s try again: I paste the UR L (http://www.precentral.net/downloads/wifi-touchpad-file-browser) into the TouchPad browser and download the file. Then inside the browser I try to open the downloaded file in the hope that will install the WiFi TouchPad File Browser / Upload app. This is where I get the dialog box saying “Cannot open MIME type” with the two options Ok or Cancel.
I am sure that I either is doing something wrong or more likely I am missing a step. I did a lot of stuff with my Palm Pre (original on Sprint) but have happily forgotten all about it – maybe I need a refresher class or do some reading.
So since I have not been able to open and run the App I do not have your email address – sorry ;-))

do you have preware installed on your touchpad? You need to install that first.. Once you install that, you should be able to search and install this app from Preware.

Funny to read your response since that was exactly what I was thinking. I did it on my original Palm Pre many years ago and I should have done this when I got the TouchPad a couple of weeks ago. Everything is working and I can highly recommend the app – no cables like on the Pre – they way God and some smart engineers wanted it ;-)) If anyone have the same issue feel free to ping me and if I can help then I will.
Thanks for supporting the webOS Nation.

the samething here what did you do to fix it

Awesome mod thank you very very much !

no access from a second TP.

No access from a second TP.

I am working on an addon app to send data between TPs/other webOS devices

I've been trying to install your app, but apparently i'm doing sth wrong...

When I paste the link into the browser, preware opens, but when chosing 'instal' I get an error: 'invalid or missing file parameter'.

Don't know what the prob is here :-(.

Any ideas anyone?


on preware just search for "Wifi". you will get this app.. :)

wow, thank you. I am very glad you made this. It makes things way easier to upload to my touchpad. Thank you :)

Very useful app, thank you.

Brilliant app, very useful

after updating (version 0.1.2) it on my TP with 3.04 it doesn't work anymore.
i think it has to do with changing to Mojo.

{"errorText":"MojoService: no errorCode supplied Cannot find 'utils'","errorCode":-9999,"exception":"Error: Cannot find module 'utils'\n at Function._resolveFilename (module.js:324:11)\n at Functon._load (module.js:270:25)\n at require (module.js:352:19)\n at[object Object].run (server.js:62:12)\n at
/usr/palm/frameworks/mojoservice/version/1.0/javascript/controller_service.js:283:15\n at Future._docall
(/usr/palm/frameworks/foundations/version/1.0javascript/control/future.js:132:17)\n at Future.now
(/usr/palm/frameworks/foundations/version/1.0/javascript/control/future.js:14:15)\n at clazz.runCommand
(/usr/palm/frameworks/mojoservice/version/1.0/javascript/controller_service.js:281:26)\n at clazz._actuallyRun
(/usr/palm/frameworks/mojoservice/version/1.0/javascript/controller_command.js:186:30)\n at Future._maybeDispatch

This is what i've got
Maybe it is helpfull


after updating on 0.1.3 same result

Please install the app using this link : https://www.box.com/shared/static/mbs6nhsmf7d3k3harneh.ipk

Preware will be updated later today. Current version on preware will not work on TouchPad.

It is also running on my pre2 with webOS 2.2.4 :)))

Yes, I can confirm that. I can view and delete files. Uploading files however causes the app to crash (using Chrome/Win7), although the file itself is uploaded to my Pre2.

Now, using latest version 0.1.5 from today, even uploading works fine with pre2 webOS 2.2.4 Chrome/Win7.

pre3 (UK) says that it is running fine, but my browsers cannot pickup the address (aka the 192.etc) on IE9 and chrome dev (17.0.963.6). also the about page in the app says that for 2.1 devices it can only pair to touchpad (or somehting similar), does that include 2.x or just 2.1 and below

you should be able to connect to Pre3 from your browser. but for Pre2 and older devices with webOS

Works on Pre2 with with webOS 2.2.4 :)

Version 0.1.4 was working fine on all my devices but version 0.1.5 (downloaded this morning 0800 (MTN time) doesn't funtion. Is it possible to reload version 0.1.4? Could you send me that file (to compare)? Butch

Well! The error was on this end - in the typing of the IP address. I had typed 1234 when it actually is space after final colon) as it seems to appear in the instructions. Every things work fine now. Even works on the Palm Pre (Sprint) browser running webOS 1.4.5 (but not the application). My apologies and thanks for supporting us. Butch

SO i forgot my password -_- ....

how do i reset it? i tried to uninstall/ reinstall and it didnt work!

anybody try it on the pre2?

I love this App! Works great on my Pre3