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Will the Pre save Sprint? 13

by Jonathan Downer Tue, 03 Feb 2009 12:37 pm EST

Fortune magazine has recently posted a solid article that discusses Sprint and it’s future (big thanks to William for the tip!). You can find the article here.

Personally, I think Fortune has hit the nail on the head. It’s no secret that Sprint has been bleeding customers for the past several years, and has struggled to find its identity in an increasingly saturated and competitive market. For a while, it looked as though Sprint was on the brink of oblivion (and for all we know, they were) but lately things have been looking up! With an aggressive pricing strategy that blows away any of the other major carriers, and a hot new phone coming (the Pre of course), they just might get back on their feet. Its hard to believe that today’s shaky economy could be good for anyone, but with folks looking to save money AND looking for the latest and greatest technology, Sprint might just have the perfect storm brewing. 

What are your thoughts? Will the Pre be enough to save Sprint, or is it going to take more?




The phone is only as good as its network.. Nuff Said

Agreed, good thing sprint has as strong of network as any.

Ha Ha! First poster PWNED!

Seriously though, point me to anything that shows me the network is bad. You are just mad because you kept calling Sprint every day trying to get freebies and they finally fired you. Get over it. Sprint's network crushes AT&T's and is as good or better than VZW's. Don't be sad that you just locked yourself in on a iPhone contract on the worst 3G network. It's ok, only two more years until you can switch.

I couldn't have siad it any better. Best network period. Just didn't have the "cool" phone. Every sprint customer doesn't want to pay for anything. Its crazy.

I couldn't have siad it any better. Best network period. Just didn't have the "cool" phone. Every sprint customer doesn't want to pay for anything. Its crazy.

Implying that Sprints Network isn't good is asinine, I did not want to continue the flame but, sometimes ignorant people need to be put in their place. Sprints Network is basically the same as Verizons, the only exceptions are, Verizon has a bigger Network and Sprint has the Best EVDO Network.

Plus with Sprint you get to roam for free on Verizon's network.

No, the pre isn't going to 'save' Sprint.

The one single complaint I have about Sprint is their customer service. It blows, even for premier customers. We had to try 3 times to get a rebate the last time. Same store, same rep sent it in each time, but corporate never got it. When they finally did, they gave us $50 less than what the rebate was originally supposed to have been for.

Problem is, just about every carrier has lousy customer service. If sprint wants to get 'saved,' they'd better be the first one to land a CDMA iPhone when AT&T's exclusivity agreement when apple is up.

Don't get me wrong, the more I hear about the Pre, the more I like it - but the general populace knows who Palm is, or do they care, anymore. It's all about the iPhone.

To the guy above that has had customer service problems with sprint, try calling retention! They are very interested in keeping customers and will do anything they can to remedy the situation. True sometimes u have to call 3 times to get things right, but every time u call they'll go out of their way to give you something more. To me I'd rather get the extra perks and the cheaper price.

The truth is, I don't think u even care if sprint customer service is good/bad/neutral. You seem to be more interested in humping your precious iphone.

I have always liked sprint's network. This is probably why I am still with them. However, if they don't come out with a cool, affordable phone soon, I may have to jump ship. I think the Pre could save them, but if it is as expensive as the other Palm phones they will go down in flames.

I have been a Sprint user for many years and have never had an issue with service that I did not have when with Verizon or AT&T. in fact I've been with Sprint longer than the other two combined now.

Also, I think the article should read "Will the Pre Save Palm?" I think they have more to lose if the Pre fails.

I do believe the Pre will help a lot but the Pre needs to live up too all its hype and more in order to really help Sprint that much.

I really hope the phone is great and is viewed as a great alternative to the iPhone/Blackberry, but only time will tell.

I hope it does. So much is dependent upon advertising. Palm has no clue how to do that and Sprint commercials don't do anything for me either. Claus was a waste of money IMO - did that even sell one phone? If so, why? So TV time paid for by both companies would do wonders. We all know what sells, but you can still be classy and sell a product. "Pretty" people doing cool things with the Pre (on the Sprint Network) would get more attention than a skinny odd looking Santa working part time as a DJ.