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Win a Jabra SP200 Bluetooth Speakerphone 1068

by Dieter Bohn Tue, 15 Sep 2009 11:35 am EDT

You may have noticed that we recently switched up our comments to require registration - it was a necessary move to kill off dirty spammers. Registering gets you plenty more than just the ability to comment, though, it also lets you post in our forums and, yes, download those sweet sweet Homebrew Apps.

We figured we'd sweeten the pot just a little bit more today with a giveaway. We've got a Jabra SP200 Bluetooth Speakerphone just itching for some real-world use. It's a straight-forward DSP/noise canceling Bluetooth Speakerphone that retails for $59.95 in the Store and has a nice, big volume dial for quick adjustment. We're also fond of the simple on/off switch (instead of having to futz with holding a button down and checking the status light) and it also charges via microUSB, same as the Pre.

So, want it? Leave a comment (just one, or you'll be disqualified) on this post before midnight eastern tonight, Sept 15th. We'll pick one winner at random (We can only ship to the US, sorry).

Not a member? There's no time like the present!


YEA! 1st commentor! :) Pick me, pick me! ;)



This would be very cool to have, if I don't win this I for sure want to win the first touchstone car charger giveaway if ever there is one.

Looks cool.. I'll take it! :)

Yes, looks cool.

Thanks for the opportunity. You guys are awesome. Keep up the good work.

BT speakerphone would be great

This would really help productivity and safety

This would help shenanigans.

Whooooooo hooooooo!!! you ROCK! Pick me!!
- sent from my Palm Pre

Nice :)

They can't pick you because they're going to pick ME! {laughing}

I am the one that will be picked, I can feel it.

Looks like a nice speakerphone! Would love to see how it stacks up to others like the BluAnt Supertooths!!

I want that thing! Does it light up?

Since I just went to court for a ticket for talking on my cell while driving and got nailed with a 500 dollar fine I really could use this speaker. Since the fuzz took all my gadget money. I was on the phone with my wife who was in labor trying to keep her caln till I could get there for all you who are curious. Cop didnt care. Ticketed me anyway and made me sit there while my kid was being born.

This is a silly little comment ...

Am I too late? Come on lucky late post .. Be the one!

Daddy wants one. And for the record.. I'm Daddy.

Posting from my Pre!

Me want it! Can I have it? Please???


I can't even express in words how much I love this site (especially Homebrew.

Thanks, Dieter



I'd like it, though I'd like to know what the battery life is like.

Good speaker i want it.

Give it up!

Cooleo. That would be fun!

Always good to cut down on spammers.

I want one.

Free is like one of my favorite words. Match it with anything and it is almost always better. Like sex is a great thing, but free sex is so much better!


since im here might as well say hello everyone and congratz to whoever wins


Best kind of deal is a free deal.

Thanks for the cool giveaway, Dieter. J

Right here!

Dang missed being 1st. I wake up to this site. I go to bed to this site. I get in trouble at work because of this site.


I would have to say the same and... I like (the change) that you must be a registered user to post.

I've also noticed some SPAM in the forums within the past few days, am I missing a report link?

- All in all this would probably also be a good time to thank the community, thanks!

dirty is relative

Can I Haz?

Hook me up, please!! This site rules.

comment left, patriots one last night!!!!! im surprised no one is crying about the 1.2 update here :0)

Gimmie, gimmie, gimmie!!!!

lol, I thought that Palm had a NEW phone :) glad I re-looked at the photo.

Want! Want!

Pick me.

Ooh baby ooh baby@

I love the pre!

Sounds like a deal. I'll bite.

would love free stuff. thanks


Awesome site, love the Pre, Homebrew and Pixie coverage.

I'd be happy to have this.

Pre All the Way Baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks for the chance to win.
When will last night's palmcast be up?


Palm Pre FTW!

Pick me!! i'm the one!!

Ooh, I like!

This would be nice...hold me over until 1.2...

*random post*

Id like to win this device. Good Luck to everyone and congrats to whoever wins it.

May I please?

Pick me, pick me.

This is the best site ever!!!!!


yay! free stuff! love my pre by the way

It's mine, all mine!

I'd like a free bluetooth thingy!

Yes please ;]

Looks cool

My brand preference is the same for Beer as it is for speaker phones, Free.

Thanks to a new woman in my life, my monthly usage has gone from 90 minutes to 1900 minutes. I need this. :-)

Free is Always Good.....

Haha. This couldn't be easier, could it? :)

So does this speaker clip to your visor?

Great!! I've been looking for one of those...

It looks like a great product. I would love it.

I wanna win!!

Free is my favorite word in the world.

me me me me!!! :)

Sure, why not?

I like how we still got a spam comment in here


i wonder how well these work in jeeps with rag tops. LOTS of road/wind noise.

way to keep the masses happy!

Here's my comment: LOVE the Pre - NEED the speakerphone! Thanks for doing this!

me me!

I have no accessories yet and I drive all day long - I could really use one of these! :D Plus, I promise to give it a review :) GL!

Wow, it's already like Christmas today what with the UPS truck on its way to deliver my Pre, how sweet would it be if I landed this device as well!?!?

Sounds like a sweet deal.

Yes! I love giveaways! pick me!

oooh oooh oooh...pick me!!

Thanks for this :)

The bee bit my bottom! Now my bottoms big!

I love my palm pre!! First post from it! :D

Throwing my name in the hat! :)

I wouldnt mind having this for my wife's car.

> So, want it?

Yep, I do :)

pick me please! thanks precentral!

Great bluetooth to go with the Palm Pre.

I like, I like... And was that spam I seen????

I got 4 friends to switch over to sprint and get the Pre, I also had them bookmark this site so any questions they had, they can find the answer here... Oh yeah, I would like that speaker.

+973 or whatever. Doooode. givitome.

Lady Gaga makes poor fashion choices.

Let's see how lucky i get.

Why not, Ill throw my hat into the mix. It looks cool.

That'd be nice!

I never win at this type of contest


Right Here!!!!

Me, me, me! I'm not a dirty spammer!

The bee bit my bottom! Now my bottoms big!

I want one!

Our state just past legislation on Cell phone use in cars. Mandatory hands free devices to use cell phones and I hate ear pieces. If I don't win, I'm going to have to buy one. Maybe I'll get lucky tonight. :)

go ahead and ship it to me... I'll thank you later...


Looks like a pretty cool Speaker phone!

I like, I like... And was that spam I seen????

This speakerphone seems hot...would love to win it.

Cool, I would actually be able to talk while driving!!!

I sure wish you could give one to every non driving idiot with a cell phone pasted to thier ear...

Thanks for doing all you do...


Yeah, I want it! Who doesn't want free stuff? Wonder if it's meant for use in a car. Click on the store link, and yep, I definately want it!

And if previous comments are any indication, you can't post from your Pre or you'll get multiposted and DQ'd from the running.

Sweet give away, is this something that would be ideal for in-car use so I don't get a $500 ticket while talking on my Pre? Someone needs to put together a voice to text application so we can text while driving too!

Great site!

I would like the speakerphone!

Well, that was a lot of post to scroll through on my pre. Higjlights the need for scroll bars.

alot of comments but its free so what the hell

And a comment it shall be!

I will pay for shipping :-)


My pre must be heard inside my car. Lol

Wee willy wonka...

If it wasn't for PreCentral, I would have likely sent my Pre back.

pick me pick me

Would be perfect for my car.

I love corn on the cob and pea soup.

Here is my comment! Hope I win.

Dis be the best pre site, updates every single day -mad props. Pick me!

It's my lucky day!

*grunt* me want now! *grunt*

Today is my lucky day. I can feel it.

I prefer to keep my teeth white.

If you give it to me I'll run out and buy a Pre tomorrow! I'm already THIS CLOSE to doing that anyway but my wife is asking nicely that I wait until Christmas.

Hmmm....delayed or instant gratification? Always the toughest choice.....

whats the catch, kidding

don't pick me...jk, please please please pick me.



I love lamp.

This comment intentionaly left blank.

This site keeps getting better and better!!!