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Win a Subscription to Slacker Radio Plus! 918

by Dieter Bohn Thu, 11 Feb 2010 1:42 pm EST


Slacker Radio for webOS has finally hit 1.0, bringing the much-needed music search feature to the app. As I mentioned on this week's podcast, I like Slacker a lot - although it's missing a few webOS-specific features like controls in the notification area, the music seems to be a little better suited to my tastes than the alternatives.

Slacker also as a "Radio Plus" option for $4.99 a month that adds unlimited skips, complete lyrics, unlimited direct song requests, and a (Windows only) desktop player. If you're a Slacker fanatic, it's a nice upgrade.

Slacker has provided us with TEN Radio Plus Subscriptions to give away to you, our music loving readers! Seven of them are 3-month subscriptions, three of them are full one-year subscriptions.

To enter: First, you'll need to set up a Free Slacker account for them to upgrade. Second - comment away right here! We'll pick ten winners at random from all the comments made on this post. One comment per person. If you post more than one, we'll know and we'll disqualify all of your entries.  We'll close entries for the contest tomorrow, Friday Feb 12th, at midnight.



Comment for the Win!

Slacker Radio is great, the alternatives are nice but Slacker stands above the rest. I especially like the comedy and talk stations.

Just started using it. Compared to Pandora, one thing is clear. It isn't a requirement to be a dog, resource wise, to stream music.

Awe 'cut me some SLACK' already...

The best things in life are free..

Slacker Account: theCentrico @ gmail . Com

I'm a slacker

good sir I challenge you to a slack-off

I'm a slacker, never did I have a lot of dough?
I'm a slacker, smoking p*t and watchin' videos
I'm a slacker, go whichever way the wind blows
Those just tuning in I'm just letting' you know
That I'm a slacker, every time I take a look around
I'm a slacker, stuck upon my face is a frown
I don't do enough, I just fool around
You all can go to h*ll, how does that sound?

*Asteric means replace it with something nice and cheerful: like butterfly's, or Demtri Martin.

Pick me!

I'd enjoy a subscription, then maybe I'd use it more.

I love slacker! I would love a pro account!

Slacker is way better than Pandora. Premium FTW.

sign me up please.

The real weiners are in the back. Oh I mean winners. Have I won yet? I have to wait too, but im special? Realy though I do love slacker radio, (what does it do again???????)

hey precentral please pick me I just got a new pre and love slacker it whould be most helpful!

R: Holy Slackerness Batman! If the Joker and Riddler succeed in knocking out Slacker radio, we'll all be stuck listening to terrestrial radio!

B: Your propensity to overeact never ceases to amaze me chum, but you're right, they must be stopped or we'll have to putthe FM radio back in the Batmobile.

love slacker. Way better than accuradio

Yea for slacker radio

Enter Me in Please!! Love me some Slacker!

Yes this would be fantastic!! My Slacker account is


aw... Heck... I never win these contests...

Same here!

Roses are red
Violets are Blue
If you are not a Slacker
I pity You

Who Dat?!? Slacker Dat Who

Slackity slack slack, the music comes down the track.
One good song, oh, there's another one...
I'll never be going back (to Pandora)

hope I win :D

I would feel pretty good to win the slacker subscriptions :) love me some slacker.

They call me the Slackerpus... I mean I like Slacker Plus.

I noticed a typo in the article, but I would still love a shot at slacker plus!

alright, so i should win the 1 year free subscription because for three and half years i worked for sprint, was loyal to them even when I was offered jobs elsewhere, and still they fired me two days because they didnt like my sales performance when for the last 6 months the store as a whole has not hit more than 50 percent of the quota, but besides the point, i have always been a palm fan ever since i had the treo 650 and have had every model since up to now that i got the pre, and i got my gf the pixi cause of course she fell in love with palm too. to top all that off, I most have gotten over a hundred people to buy palm products since the launch of the pre, and have always told people how is the place to go to get info on palm and webos! so pretty please, with a cherry on top, give me this free subscription, give me something to smile about since I got fired and am currently looking for a job, nothing would put a smile on my face like some free music....and megan foxx, so either one will be cool!

Slacker with Waffles and OJ - a great way to start your day!

i want free slacker!!!

Slacker >> Pandora!

Slacker bit shifts Pandora? Is that some kind of euphemism?



do too want!

Slackware! I mean, Slacker!

me me

free slacker me....please :)

Do want!

I just lost the game.

Slacker rocks!

great way to get people to download your app to help win the dev prize!! Go Go Slacker Copter!!!

Slacker is awesome!

sounds great, can't wait to try the new app!!

I definitely have been enjoying Slacker, this is a great idea!


Pandora Rules... do i win?

I want me Slacker!

Wahoo FREE!!!!! Come on free give away, pick me pick me!

Gotta love Slacker!

Free Slacker for me!

int Pandora = 0;
int Slacker = 10;
bool iWin;
If (Pandora != Slacker) { iWin = true; }

Slacker has quickly replaced Pandora as my go to music app on the Pre. More variety & better interface.


wow. Didn't know about slacker till it reached webos. But with 1.0 I'm liking it more and more.

I Love Slacker!!!

i need to win lol

Slacker is now my music app of choice for the Pre!

I don't love Slacker, but I most likely will with a subscription!

I just started using Slacker radio when it became available on Pre. I previously used Pandora and had never heard of Slacker. Slacker is way better than Pandora

Slacker's 90's rock station had literally 8 songs I truly forgot I enjoyed out of 10 played. Great logic! excellent Pandora competitor

I'm still trying to figure Slacker Radio out.

I Love Slacker Radio!! Give me a free subscription to Slacker Radio Plus, Please!!

I should win cause tomorrow (2/12) is my Bday :)

I'd like free Slacker!!!

I would like to experience the full potential of Slacker Radio :)

free slacker? so since I am leaving a comment am I still a slacker?

Slacker is cool. A 12-month sub to plus would really cool.

I love slacker but would love the plus even more.. :)

does want

WOot WOot!!! Hook a brotha up!

Slacker FREE pick me, pick me oh pick me!!!

Slacker Radio Plus + Pre Plus = lots of pluses....Love to have the plus

Ooo ooo pick me!

Make me a winner. Well I know a free upgraded slacker account will not make me a true winner, but it is a start. When I am a winner I can then credit PreCentral for helping me become a winner. So...make me a winner already!!

pick me!

I am definitely digging on slacker right now. I have been using both the desktop and pre options.

Slacker Rocks......

I'll probably be an instant loser. =(

I'm ready to slack . . TURBO style!!

I haven't used it much, but I think I would use it more if I were to get a full subscription.

i am a slacker fan

This post is a click winner. Very nice of Slacker though to give away ten free upgrades though.

Don't pick me, I in no way want one of these free upgrades. Not a chance. I mean it, don't give me one. If you give me one I warn you I will use it.

I have not used Slacker, but am willing to try. I use Pandora now, but I like winning things, so here is my post and my commitment to try it.

slacker is much better than pandora, atleast for what i like.

The winner is me!

Slacker is awesome!

Thanks in advance

Search is great add on, when are they going to integrate notifications?

Count me in!

i'll comment for that

me please!


Slacker does seem to run nicer than Pandora ... :-)

I'm no slacker, but I love Slacker radio.

i like it

Slacker owns Pandora!

Slacker radio is very good.

I'd love to win. I use slacker all the time sometimes for 8 hours a day or more! I would love to win either of them so that I can see what slacker plus is like

I like how slacker has seamless transitions.

:D My birthday is tomorrow too!

this is pretty cool
Slacker already one uping Pandora.

Signed up and ready to win.

I would be honored to be chosen!

A Slacker subscription would be nice.

It's great to see new and IMPROVED apps being added. Good music is always good.

I'll take one. Slacker made my move from blackberry to Webos alot better by releasing this app.

slacker=way better than Pandora! Please give it to your favorite poor college student! (that would be me if your wondering)

I've wanted a Plus account... although I already pay a monthly subscription for Sirius-XM --- This makes it hard for me to justify another $5 a month going out to music. After all I already buy CDs/DVDs pay & pay for Sirius.

- But I'll take a free Plus Account any day!

Oh, oh, oh... Pick Me, Pick Me!! I am listening to SlackerRadio right now at work and LOVE IT!

Upgrade me please :)


slacker radio for sexual favors...just sayin.

I love Slacker, I want a free subscription.

this is pretty cool
Slacker already one uping Pandora.

Slacker Radio has become my #1 WebOS app. Enjoying the variety of music right now.


Sign me up!



Slacker for the win!

I've been using Slacker since it appeared in the App Cat, and I also like it much better than Pandora. I was wondering why there was no search functionality - I'm glad the 1.0 revision corrects this. I'm also eagerly awaiting additional webOS features, such as the queuing feature I understand is available on other platforms that lets you continue listening if you travel into a dead zone.

Pandora got me through the day. Now it's Slacker!


I am not a sla..

i've been signed up. Slacker on my pre and my blu-ray player

Free me!

(lame generic comment posted solely for the chance to win)

I'm a slacker, too.

Pick me pick meee

woop! Slacker radio is key

slacker radio has definitely alot more selection!

i love slacker radio

Slackers no Slacker - Just listen

I hope this doesn't make me a slacker...

This is great news! I've been using Slacker on my PC for years now :)
Can't wait to get it on my phone! And, oh yeah, pick me! :)

Comment! Love slacker radio.

I find it hard to beleive but I like it more then Pandora. God knows thier selection is better. I just wish it worked with my Bluetooth headset/carkit controls. Can't skip or pause. Maybe this new version fixes that? Trying it tonight.

i would love to win!!!!!!!!!!!!


Good stuff! I'm in. Slacker rocks!

slacker is my middle name, so of course you'll pick me

Hey guys, uhh I was the one who linked to the Sprint forums a couple weeks ago with info about webOS 1.4, and was given a shout out on here which I have much appreciation for. So, uhh...yeah...pretty please?? ;-)

really enjoying the slacker app although the commercials are a bit annoying

Slacker rules, Pandora Drools!!!!

wow lot of comments... weird :P

I'm commenting. I hope I win.

slacker is the best

I love slacker. Pick me!