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Win a Year of AT&T Navigator from TeleNav! 126

by Dieter Bohn Mon, 24 May 2010 9:40 am EDT


So you have a Palm Pre Plus on AT&T and the GPS is working great, data is coming in while you're on the phone, and you have no problem launching as many apps as you like. What's next? How about a one-year subscription to the AT&T Navigator service from TeleNav?

How to win? Simple: Leave a comment on this post and we'll randomly select three winners. Rules? Yeah: You need to be a US resident and have a Palm Pre Plus on AT&T. You can only enter once (we're watching). We'll close the contest at midnight eastern tomorrow.

Not an AT&T Palm Pre Plus owner? Move along, friend, we'll have another contest for you soon enough. Meanwhile, enjoy a demo of the app in video form, after the break.


Hey there! I would love a year's subscription to AT&T's Telenav for my Palm Pre Plus!

I'd really love some AT&T telenav goodness

Can we enter on behalf of a friend who's on AT&T? I have three friends who are about to upgrade (after much prodding.) Two are Centro users and the other still has a(n ancient) V3 RAZR.

Me want!

I would certainly like to have the opportunity to try AT&T's Telenav for a year! :)

Nice, would love to win a free year of this!

Who wouldn't want a year's subscription? Sign me up for the drawing!


Count me in

I would like free nav please!

I'm loving my new Pre! Telenav would be nice while we are waiting for Navit

I would like at&t nav free for a year. Will it work on my Sprint Pre?

ha ha ha johnnypre, You know we got that for free on sprint..:)

I am loving my new AT&T pre. Only thing I am missing is some nav action. I am loving homebrew apps and precentral! Sign me up!

Tried out Navigator this weekend in St. Louis and would love a year of it.

I would love a year of AT&T Telenav for free.

Please enter me in for a chance to win! The only thing my bf's Sprint plan has over my plan besides price is free navigation. Otherwise I'm sweeter because I have the Plus (as opposed to his Pre "Minus") and the world's fastest 3G coverage! I LOOOOOVE MY PRE PLUS!!!

Lol...correction; my SPRINT PRE is not a pre "minus" as you mentioned. It is called the PALM PRE "ORIGINAL". All the others are duplicates but I still love them tho. WELCOME TO THE GREAT WEBOS.

I have tested out the Navigator app with the free 30 day trial. It's pretty good, and it would be nice having the GPS on my phone full time beyond the 30 day trial. Please sign me up for the contest.

And yes, I have the AT&T version of the Pre Plus.

I'm on Sprint its included for free but thanx.. Lol

Had my AT&T Pre for several days now. Have to say, it was well worth the wait. Would love to make it event better with AT&T Navigator!

No Way!!! I just won one of these!!! Oh wait... nevermind, Im actually on Sprint

I'm confused. As I read the AT&T site, navigator is included. As I follow the purchase path through their website, I don't see any place to add GPS to the order... What am I missing?

From the Pre Plus page:

The Palm

hahaha how about get navigation for free by switching to Sprint. (You also get more with paying less with Sprint)

Sign me up- I've had the Pre since 5/16 and have been loving every minute of it.

I have a sprint 6/6/09 pre. I always love what it is capable of doing. Few weeks ago, I was traveling with my gf to NY in her car. She have an andriod phone with no gps so we was using my pre as gps while listening to music on it at the same time thru conections to her car audio and also, when a call comes in, I can answer it thru my bluetooth while the gps is still on and working. She promised me that she will definately upgrade to a pre as soon as is time for her to upgrade. I don't know if there is any other phone that does that yet other than the palm pres/pixis.

Have had it too since 5/16. Telenav would be a sweet addition.

Please add me to the drawing too. Got the Pre on launch day and am loving it so far (it's a huge upgrade from my old Centro!) :)

Upped from a Treo 680 to the Pre and I love it! A year of AT&T Telenav for free would be great!

In for nav on ATT.

Had Garmin on my 3.5 year old Treo 680 & loved having navigation with me everywhere I go. Would love to have Navigator, even though it should be free on AT&T like Sprint.

Like the others, I'd love to win a free year of AT&T Navit....

I'm in. I bought the Pre on AT&T they day it came out. I don't have TomTom or the like. I'd love to have a year free! If the subscription price had been lower (say half) I may have purchased it.

I moved from ATT to Sprint to get a Pre (and save money). I won!!!! And I get it for more than a year, too! WooHoo!

Had Garmin on my 3.5 year old Treo 680 & loved having navigation with me everywhere I go. Would love to have Navigator, even though it should be free on AT&T like Sprint.

Precentral is the Hottest Palm Pre Site out sux!

Yes, please!! :-)

Pick me please..that would definitely rock!

Telenav rocks!

What a generous offer... Well, I'm certainly interested as well. Thank you!

I made the lightspeed jump to the Pre after 7 years on AT&T with a Nokia 3100(yeah, you read right). GPS for a full year would be awesome.

I would love to have a one year subscription :)

I'm on AT&T and I want in please!

I would be lost with out Pre Central. Now you can show me the way on the road too.

Unfortunately this is the only way you can get "free" telenav on your AT&T phone. Sprint has been rocking with free navigation for years... Oh well...if this is they way I can have same time voice, data, and navigation....sign me up!!!!

Thanks for running these contest guys!

I'm _this_ close to pressing send on my AT&T upgrade order, so please add me to your drawing!

Thanks for the clear, close coverage of Pre. I've been following since about the time of the Sprint launch, and now at last Pre is on AT&T. Had some personal time with one in the local store last week, and I'm stoked!

Count me in!

pre is the only phone closest to my 'dream' phone...with voice guided gps it may become my perfect dream phone!

Palm's Perfect Real Energy (PRE)!

Buying my Pre+ today, and this might cure my one qualm, which is the lack of TomTom software on WebOS. I spent the weekend researching and reading, and now I'm ready to take the plunge. Anyone want a used Treo Pro?

My AT&T Palm Pre,
would be love to see,
a free year of TELENAV for the misses and ME!

Well at this point all the crafty begging techniques have been I'm just posting this in hopes that the randomness works out in my's hopin'!

I have been a Pre owner since September on Sprint.
My wife's company just got them iphones and is supsidizing their at&t accounts including one additional line, no navigator though. I ordered my Pre+ through the wirefly deal, it currently shows out for delivery via the fedex tracking page, I can't wait. I played with one at the local at&t store, much better build quality than the Sprint Pre and seemed much faster as well.

I'm a long time, addicted viewer of this site! Had been waiting for AT&T to pick up the Pre...picked mine up the first day it went on sale.

A year of AT&T Navigator for free would be awesome.

IN! This is a great contest. I miss turn-by-turn directions on my iPhone.

I don't know what would make my pre w/ AT&T any better except maybe a free year of Navigator. pick me! pick me!

me me pick me :P


I'd love to try out TeleNav for a year!

I'm getting my new Pre tomorrow. Since I doubt my old Tom Tom for Palm that I used on my Centro will work, I'd LOVE to have telenav for a year.

I'll give it a try!

Att makes u guys pay for that app? what a rip-off! its included in my Sprint plan. att fail!

I travel a ton and having the Nav would be great! Please enter me to win! Thanks!!

Me want.

AT&T & TeleNav seem to have this thing figured out. I've used TeleNav for years and they're great about updating the maps, traffic, etc. Great app - can I have it for free, please?

that would be awesome. I'd love to try out at&t navigator for a year. Sign me up!

TelNav on my Palm Pre Plus would be brilliant.

PLEASE. A year of TeleNav will make my family happy that I am not getting them lost in DC anymore.

if this isn't already included with the AT&T service, can someone tell me where on the AT&T site it tells you the cost or how to buy it? I'm just not seeing it on the product page or in the order path...

Or is it only available from the phone itself?

Woo, I could definitely use some help navigating.

I just purchased a brand new AT&T Palm Pre last Friday....I absolutely love WebOS. I have been using Palm smartphones since 2003....this is by far Palm's best.

Pre on AT&T and now a chance to win a free year of Navigator. Count me in.

I've been wanting to try this out. Sign me up!

My new AT&T Palm Pre could only get better with a free year of TeleNav!!

Used TeleNav on my old Palm Treo. It was the only GPS that didn't cause my wife and I to get in a fight over following the directions. :)

Navigator would be nice. I bought my Pre on last Wednesday and have been obsessed with it since. :)

Count me In- PreCentral is the best source for all your Pre Needs and these kind of giveaways only make it better!

Would love this! was sad to say I knew more about the palm pre plus than the at&t reps at the store. Thanks PreCentral and community!

Yes please.

Until Navit works well for the US, I would love to have ATT Nav for free.

Just got my Pre from AT&T, AT&T Navigator would be great...

I really need this. Going on long road trip this summer

ME, ME, ME I waited for this phone since it was announced in Jan 09. I was able to upgrade march of 09 but still waited on webos to come to at&t. I'm lovin it, now I just need Navigator!

Would love to have this on my new phone.

Pick me!

Pick me! I hate that AT&T charges for an app that takes the phone to another level. At $10/month it is cheaper to have my garmin updated, I would rather mothball the garmin.

woohoo, free telenav!

woohoo, free telenav!

I'd love free telenav for a year! I was planning on trying to convince my parents to add it to my plan anyway, since I'm living off campus at my college next year and will be driving a lot. A free year would help a lot!

I just got the Pre Plus after waiting years for it to finally come to AT&T, and I thought twice about it several times during the wait, but this phone has definitely ended up being worth it.

Long live webOS

Every year I am with Sprint, I win free Turn-By-Turn Navigation. :)

Used it last night for the first time....... awsome feature to have

Can I enter for someone else? I convinced my mom to get a Palm Pre Plus on AT&T, but I was bummed to learn that they charge $10 a month for the same app I get on Sprint for free. She would love this

$10/month may not sound like much, but after a year you have spent enough to buy a stand-alone GPS. Still, I would love to give it a go for a year, so count me in.

AT&T Navigator saved my sanity more than once this weekend ... I would love to have a free subscription for a year!

Looks pretty great! I'd love to win it for a year.

Is there any way to buy a subscription for 1/2/3 etc years? Basically instead of paying $9.99 a month on my cell bill, pay separately with my CC and pay like $50 or $80 or something for a year? I hate recurring monthly charges, and it feels like a ripoff if I only happen to use it 2 or 3 times one particular month. But in general, I'm pretty sure I would use it dozens or hundreds of times in a year. Granted, it's not as big of a cash cow, even at $80/month, but then wouldn't you be cutting out AT&T which takes a huge chunk I've heard, as much as 50-60%, maybe more?

Hope I'm lucky

I would love to try the AT&T Navigator from TeleNav! I would give a honest review of it too if i were picked. Thanks for the chance!


If it works well it just might replace my old GPS.

Can I haz telenav??

I am the 100th comment!

My first Palm device since my Tungsten E. I was the first purchaser on launch day at our local store and I'm lovin' it! Sign me up for free Telenav!


This would help me win so many driving battles with my wife. Please take the tension out of my relationship!

i love my new pre, and it was worth being #1 at my store on launch day even if i paid thru the nose and now could have one for 1c from amazon! but this would make it a little less painful...
don't touch my pre, though!
palm III-V-tungsten-centro-pre!

went to and upgraded fr Treo 650 for FREE!!! So far, so good. Went to Best Buy and bought a Touchstone for $20 (outlet item)!!! Got a Skinomi screen protector (don't need it yet, as I am using the mfr provided plastic). Also got a rubberized purple hard case. I am set...almost...NEED the Telenav. Yep, you heard me...NEED.

Downloaded free app: Magic 8 ball. "Will I win Telenav?"


I'm just curious: Is the GPS definitely working on the AT@T pre plus even if you don't have Telenav? I mean, we don't have a repeat of the Verizon experience do we? I notice that a couple AT&T pre owners, above, say they want to win this contest so they can have GPS--which in theory they should have without winning this contest. Can any of you AT&T pre owners verify that your GPS works via Google Maps even if you don't subscribe to Telenav? Thanks very much.

Hi, typed from my new ATT Pre Plus and loving it!
Hope I win!

1 year free is better than 30 days!

If i won this subscription, I would def be keeping the palm pre plus. Im still on the fence coming from an iphone 3gs.... :/

Recently converted from iPhone. Can't wait. I'm loving my Pre Plus AT&T.

what a perfect way to celebrate my transition from iphone to webOS!

I own an iPhone and I just bought a Pre Plus to use on my AT&T account. Been waiting for a GSM off contract version of the phone since it came out. I'd love me some Turn by Turn too!

PreCentral is the best. I'm sad that iPhone doesn't really have something comprable (because apple's iPhone OS is a closed ecosystem!)

Long live WebOS!

WOW! Just switched to at&t from Sprint YESTERDAY, and was wondering if I wanted to fork over the $$$$ to get navigation on my Pre, when it was FREE on Sprint! (That is one thing Sprint does right with the "Simply Everything" Plan.) So NOW, I can get it FREE on at&t (for a year), thanks to you guys covering the bill!

Brand new Palm user thanks to AT&T, loving the phone a great deal and this would be icing on the cake! Thanks!

Wow! Thanks for making this available to your readers. I've been a palm user for years (even from the days of the hand-held US Robotics / 3COM). Just upgraded to the Palm Pre Plus and would love to get this for the road. Good luck to all reading.

This device on this carrier is awesome. Hoping to win the year of ATT TeleNav service. The Precentral community is one of the finest user groups on the web!

TTB :)

Consider me commented...

Will this point out the flooded streets here in Nashville?

I want it! (but don't wanna pay for it) :)

Woo Hoo!!! I finally got it!!!! After an excruciatingly long wait following the January 2009 unveiling, I finally have this beauty (AT&T Pre Plus) in my hands. Please no AT&T bashing and "Why didn't I get it on Sprint/Verizon?" questions, yada yada. I'm stuck on an AT&T family plan and couldn't change.

But PHEW, I finally survived the wait. I was going to celebrate the retirement of my trusty Cingular Treo 750 by creating a new login/screen name but someone already took "ePre" :( Oh well, guess I'll stick with my old school name a while longer.

I've been lurking for so long and following all the stories about OS updates, release dates, etc., I haven't even been following any of the how to operate the device stuff, so I getting caught up on that. So far, as expected, it's pretty intuitive though.

Any tips/suggestions about "do this first" would be appreciated.

Thanks, and, oh yeah, I wouldn't mind the free Navigator :)


I am loving the Palm Pre Plus on AT&T!

I got the ATT because I like GSM, and I have been with ATT for 9 years.
I rather have Palm than Apple.

New to Palm. Count me in!

Just ordered my first new Palm in seven years! I'd love to have navigation to go with it when it shows up in a couple days.

I would love a free year of TeleNav for AT&T. I am going to be driving to Dallas, Texas the week after Memorial Day weekend, and would use it bunches while in Dallas. Please pick me...