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Windows Phone 7 launches with a bevy of handsets [the competition] 94

by Derek Kessler Mon, 11 Oct 2010 8:07 pm EDT

Dell Venue Pro

iPhone OS (now iOS) launched on just the iPhone. Android launched on just the G1. webOS launched on just the Pre. While these operating systems all have spread onto multiple devices and show no signs of slowing down. Microsoft, on the other hand, tends to take a different and more aggressive approach to product launches. That was fully evident today with the official unveiling of Windows Phone 7 and its associated hardware. The typography-heavy operating system was present on no fewer than ten new handsets from LG, Samsung, and Dell. Oh, and HTC was there with five (5!) models on hand.

And wow, does all that look nice. We’re particularly jealous of the Dell Venue Pro. And the HTC HD7. And the HTC 7 Pro. The buzz is strong, as Windows Phone 7 is clearly a very strong entrant. Sure, it won’t have copy-paste until next year, and won’t be available in Europe until the end of October, or the USA in early November, but navigation on the demo units was smooth, hardware was solid, and a lot of the apps shown off were pretty darned impressive (especially that gaming magic).

Our pals Phil, Daniel, and George knocked today’s coverage out of New York out of the metaphorical park over at our newly relaunched sister site WPCentral. There you’ll find everything you ever wanted to know (and plenty you didn’t even know you wanted to know) about Windows Phone 7 and all of these fancy-pants handsets. Here’s hoping that after the Palm Pre 2, our friends in Sunnyvale can knock it out of the park with the next handset. Clearly, Microsoft has stepped up to the plate and brought all of their best ammunition.

Oh, and WPCentral already kicked their first post-7 podcast (though their 112th overall). As you’ve likely already surmised, it’s a doozy.



Windows 7 can go kick rocks cause after owning the Touch Pro, I will never own a Windows mobile device again. There new 10 phones could shoot fire out their ends and it wouldn't impress me. I will stick with Palm or Apple.

Funny. Some other knucklehead told me the other day, 'I used Palm OS on the Centro, I will never use Palm crap again!!'

What an idiot.

wait.. i thought people didn't like vertical sliders. shocker.

I can only speak for me, but I am fine with the vertical slider, I just want a bigger screen.

winblows will never appeal to me again after I had the htc mogul.

What competition?


If only 1/4 of the xbox live population buys a win phone for xbox live intergration those subs alone smack webos like a *****.

Add in love from corporation and people moving up from win 6.5 etc and webos again is smacked like a *****.

But if it makes you feel better what competition?

If everybody turns in their zunes and buys two WinPhones, the market share will surely be reported as N/A.

Talk about hyped *****.

Saw the Microsoft Kin2 bundled with Hefty garbage bags! Thought that was awfully convenient.

Let them fools buy a Windows phone and see if they aren't cussing at it every 10 minutes when it freezes up. Maybe they will have an app for that.

I cuss at my overclocked pre a lot. Probably less than wen it was underclocked. I'm open to testing out any other mobile os, but I think win phone 7's os looks better than ios or android.

seriously? Maybe android but I think it looks aweful.

i dont know how much id care for the start (home) page, but ios isnt any better. all the menus in ios has silver everywhere to make it look like safari or itunes, but i think its ugly. i like the animated menus and the rest of the metro style in the apps and hubs in win phone 7

i cuss at my overclocked pre all the time. let's see, just a few times in the past couple of days:

1) a friend asked what the address to a party was. i opened up my email (which took a while), then clicked on the link to the evite which had the address. we waited and waited and waited and waited while it struggled to load the web page. finally someone else came over and gave us the address. i killed the browser since it wasn't gonna happen.

2) needed directions somewhere. i loaded up sprint navigation and put in the address. waited, waited, waited. "cannot find location." so i loaded up google maps. waited, waited, waited, waited, waited. oh it loaded! half way thru this point, my friend got sick of it and loaded up his iphone and figured it out.

3) Data goes out on my phone a lot too. by this i mean suddenly it won't send MMS messages, won't connect to twitter, facebook, the web. i will have full 3g signal too.

4) Finding out that after 7 hours of my phone being off power and usage of about 30 minutes all together (i mean texts, data, phone, games, even the screen being just on) my phone battery is down to 40%.

ugh i can't wait to get a new phone. i was holding out for the next hpalm phone, but if it's just the pre with a faster chip and 512 mb of memory, i might jump ship. i want a 3.5" screen at least.

I don't think you can judge WinMo7 by 6.5 any more than you can judget webOS against PalmOS. They are two completely different systems.

Maybe WinMo7 will suck, but we will all have to wait for the reviews to see. At least MS was smart enough to offer phones that appeal to multiple users and is competitive with the iP, Droid, EVO and Galaxies right now. I wish I could say the same for HPalm.


Yeah that slab slider is pretty sweet.

webOS > Wait, what was the competition's name?

yeah I think it looks and performs horribly from what I've seen. I'll have to actually play with one for myself though.

The one thing I want HPlam to pay attention to is the scale of this launch (10 devices 30 cities, market blast) and come with it. HPlam has a better product in WebOS they just need to make everyone else believe it!

ah, I believe you mean "HPalm"

The GUI looks horrible.. Squares & Cyan color.. I really don't like it.

But gaming capability really interesting, especially if it has special game from xbox live arcade.

For now.. I will keep and eyes on windows 7 phone.. just want to know how good the gaming experience on it.

+1 on this. My first impression is ugh!

The Dell Venue Pro looks great. Wish it were running webOS. Zero chance I would ever own any of these devices, not a fan of WP7, would go Android before WP7.

Is there something wrong with wpcentral ? I cant get on the page

I think the Metro GUI is pretty sweet. Office mobile is a definite plus. But no multitasking, at all, is a deal breaker.

I agree that the Dell looks sweet, too. If only that were new Palm hardware...

Maybe palm can release ten new clones of the original pre to compete. Sorry Web os is awesome but with no real hardware it will look dull compared to the competition. Web os is great put in on a top of the line slab and give it a chance.

I must say I left windows mobile before but now I must return. I feel neglected over here with palm 1 year and half with no new device, and the only thing they have planned is a spec bump. only one new internally developed app smh (facebook). Multi-tasking sucks on webOS sorry to say but with every new update the OS get more buggy. If I could get someone to develop for this platform I might not sound this way. We need to stop lying to ourselves its time to moving along you will see soon enough

Here, let me hold the door for you.

Good luck with multi-tasking on your new Windho's Phone. I do have some complaints with Palm but one of them has NEVER been its ability to multi-task. It is by far the best multi-tasking phone on the market today.

P.S. You won't have to worry about multi-tasking with your new Windho's Phone cause you will have plenty of time to take care of all your other task while you wait for your phone to reset after it freezes up constantly.

what you are talking about are what I am currently experience with my pre. check out the press conference and tell me about any freezing. Let only I could power down power up 5 times in a row with wp7 before the webos could do once. Multi-tasking is a gimmick the only thing in this world that can multi-tasking is a cpu you. Get your head out of a** dude. not to mention they have more apps that I want then we currently have with the pre.
if it wasn't for webosinternals this platform would have died along time ago. watch below to see what the fuss is about

Thank you for the entertaining gibberish. As a special thanks, check this out... Http://

that was one hell of a burn but the fact of the matter is that this thing we call a phone sucks. now provide a link for your childishness

wtf? Stop hating on WP7 it looks dope as hell, the only thing we have that is doesn't is mulittasking which I will miss when I jump ship palm is not doing jack shit so it's time to leave my beloved pre but I'll have to wat until next year becuz sprint is lame, hoping for a slab WP7 considering critics say the keyboard is amazing other that that other better features are sure to come along with apps,

I think it is just typical reaction by people who are webOS diehards when they don't have anything close to compare from a hardware point of view. Nothing wrong with that.

Just the plain and simple fact that there are 10 phones to be running this OS when there are only 4 running webOS after almost 2 years (and many would say just 2 that the pluses are just spec bumps).

WebOS rocks. Heck, it drags you in for three comments in every thread, every single day. That's a great measure for the potential of the o/s. Not sure why you're so hung up on hardware. A cell phone is a cellphone, what makes them notably different is the operating systems, and universally, tech critics are panning Win7. But you! Oh look, shiny case, oooooo sparkly!!!!! You dont even take that enthusiasm to droidcentral over your wife's phone. WebOS is where the future is and you wont leave PC for fear of getting left behind.
We know you Mikey, come out of the closet, you're a Pre Lover. Get cardcore! Tongue a Pixi Mikey, do it, let go boy!

not only are you a troll, but you're a weird stalker troll.

Well susie, lets take a look at the facts.

1) I'm a WebOS enthusiast on a Palm enthusiast site.
2) You're not a fan on Palm phones and on a Palm enthusiast site continuously.
3) I didn't call you out in the last few days for saying that Palm was just a software company now and would never produce hardware again, even while evidence to the contrary mounts.
4) You interupted my dialogue with another person to call me a troll and stalker.

From what I can tell, you're the prototypical troll AND stalker. So I'll defer to you to apply titles and namecalling as you see fit being an expert in both.

like I said're a stalker. btw, thanks for monitoring my post ;)

You stalked me, I replied. Look above. You showed up and grabbed my thread. Surely you must be excited by the new devices and form factors taking shape. Sad you were wrong that Palm would not release new hardware. Are you ever right about anything? What are your interests or strengths. Go have coffee with Kinster02, he'll tell you about his Flash ability (I hope he's talking about his phone). Its just kinda sad when people fixate on that which they dont like. Your presence here is a case of mind over matter. I don't mind, you dont matter.

I would spring for a WP7 phone before I get an Android.

Of course, WebOS > Everyone so a WP7 would be my second choice... I hate Android.

Definitely not, I'd go Android over WP7 in a heartbeat. No multitask + closed source = LOSS

android's multitasking and open source is win?

Compared to the WP7 option, you bet. Even the Pittsburgh Pirates win from time to time.

I had the original Pre with Sprint and switched to At&t to try out Android again with the Samsung Captivate(eBayed it for a Pre Plus). Android's multitasking is nothing to get excited about. I think that WP7 will do well and cut into Android's and Blackberry's market shares.

Hopefully this will make HP-Palm get on the ball and start pushing out some new hardware with next generation specs. Go Palm...

Zune HD interface is similar and decent. Be interesting to see how this works.
I'd go Win7 before Apple's iPhail and any Android device.

That's assuming I don't stick around for a Palm superphone with webOS 2.0 on it. I see myself waiting for that before getting one of these.

I want a dell venue pro lookalike webos device.

those phones are sexy

but why none with a front facing camera

I thought that was strange too! I thought that was one of the "next big things".


I thought they did have front facing cameras just haven't talked about it yet

I gotta say WP7 doesn't suck. It looks sweet as hell and if webOS didn't exist I would be fighting people over one of those phones.

I like my Pre but I REALLY want a 4" slab. Palm. Bring it.

htc pro 7 hell yeah

No front facing camera. What were they thinking?

Front facing cameras sound cool but no one uses them. Probably the least important thing you can have on a phone.

Front facing cameras sound cool but no one uses them. Probably the least important thing you can have on a phone.

They were thinking a tiny fraction of owners will ever use video conferencing, so not including this feature will have zero impact on the number of phones we sell thus keeping the costs down and making the phones more profitable.

That is a UUUGGGGLY phone


Htc hD7 wil kill any palm phone this new palm phone will fale just watch palm pre 2 is a joak just face people

how you spell joke is a joak!

oH N0es!!! tEh Wind0wz 7 phOn3s...

ALL LAUNCHED WITH (GASP!) 1 GHZ CPU's!! What? That's it? ONLY 1Ghz?? These phones SUCK!! They should have lauched with quad-core i7 mini's!!

/sarcastic facepalm

Htc hD7 wil kill any palm phone this new palm phone will fale just watch palm pre 2 is a joak just face people

MS continues their failed strategy for the hand-held market, now phones: encourage several hardware makers to support their OS on the theory that one or more will have a hit platform. However, their one-size-fits-all software solution for these platforms ends up being the thing that sinks all of them.
Is this one any better? Really?

i don't like this phone and i doubt i'll buy a windows 7 phone but i've seen others on gizmodo that look a lot better like the Hd7 and i will admit the demos of the os are a lot better then i expected.

If the HTC HD7 launches on Sprint before a Pre slab does, I'll be going Windows Phone.

Judging by most of the ridiculous comments on here, nobody really has a clue what WP7 is. They just spit out a bunch of nonsense and try to make an opinion on the OS off of one picture.

Like the guy who said the UI is horrible because of the cyan squares. LOL, are you kidding me? They are changeable. That's like someone saying WebOS sucks because they didn't like your background.

If you've ever played with WP7 and the Metro UI you'd smile knowing that someone is trying to innovate and not rip off the iPhone. The reason why I like WebOS is because it feels different, and kudos the MS, WP7 definitely feels different.

Yeah seriously. I feel like people are just automatically dismissing WP7 without actually check it out or just because WM left a bad taste in their mouths.

WP7 is looking really stylish and sleek I think. Let's see what becomes of this holiday season.

I've watched many videos of wp7 and everyone of them it looks just as ugly, so if there's anything not ugly about it they fail to show it off at all. I do give them props for doing something different but I just think it's ugly.

This is PreCentral. Nobody here has a clue about what other non-Palm phones are like. They just blindly hate them.

ummm just cause I own a palm don't mean I'm not a tech fan and pay attention. I have no loyalties to anyone. I've had all the other os out there and imo webos is by far the best. Apps and apis is all it lacks to anything else and 2.0 brings apis which in turn lead to the cool apps that grab attention.

I carry three devices, who the hell are you?

wow!! cool windows phone.. how much it is?

antique diamond ring

wow!! cool windows phone.. how much it is?

did you just advertise in your post? Or is that just some type of joke I don't get? If it's advertisement that's pretty low.

Of yes he did. I would not go to his site w/ my computer, but my Pre is going to post in his comments section w/ PreCentral.Net tag lines much like his on here. :)

I guess this is one good way to make sure you don't sell out of a product which has been a 'major' problem and is causing some players to loose sales, considering how 'close' Android phones are released. (ie: Droids vs. Evo (carrier vs. Carrier), and Evo vs. Epic, (hardware vs. Hardware). This was a very good move on MS's part.

Here's a toast, to our new high speed Pre2, the Puck.

If HPalm doesn't step up and knock it out the park soon. I may have to go WP7. Don't like the bitten fruit or green robot. Hear that HPalm! Love webOS yes, but I'm going to miss out on an upgrade and new phone for 2011. The wife already is saying she wants an Epic, she can't keep waiting.

How refreshing that a company will actually release a product before CES. No grand announcement for the attention whores, but actual sales during holiday season. HP/Palm must not have watched the movie. "Everybody knows you never go full retard".

I'll see you again tonight when I go to bed in my head movies. But this head movie makes my eyes rain!

I just want to say I love love love webOS and it's multi-tasking abilities. However, every week I see competing companies release bigger and badder phones. But we have multitasking. Phones that have thousands upon thousands of apps. But we have multitasking. Phones that use the camera, mic, gyroscope, compass, gps in awesome and interesting ways. Things many of us wish our pre's could do. But we have multitasking. How long will that be enough? Unless Palm releases a super webOS phone, it'll be enough until my contract is up.

And as far as I can tell the Pre2 will not be enough.

I may be going to WP7. It works for me because I have and Xbox360 and a Zune. I love WebOS, but being on my 6th Palm Pre (Sprint), makes it hard to stay.

You have a Zune? So you're the one...

Pro tip: when posting on a website that finds it newsworthy to create an article each time a Palm phone is shown on a television show or movie, one shouldn't make snarky comments about the sales of other products.

Are they releasing a WP7 device on Sprint? I didn't see them listed in the carriers that will have phones.


I see that they are, the HTC 7 Pro, although it will not hit until 2011.

Still, it may be an interesting alternative to the EVO and Epic that I have been considering as a replacement for my Pre.

As far as the multi-tasking goes. I like having it, but as millions of iPhone owners know, it's not necessary for most people.

I'm a palm fan but certainly not blind to see that WP7 is a very nice new platform. Seems they pay Palm kudos in the way they employed the synergy concept and even one upped it. For instance why need a Facebook app when the entire site is synergied into the UI? I'll be waiting for my next Palm phone but WP7 certainly raised the bar on Synergy...

I actually think the phone looks pretty cool. Not enough for me to switch cuz I'll never leave Palm. But the whole interface is different. Its not the usual iPhone or Android phone you see ALL the time. The only thing that bugs me about it is the home screen. Those blue squares with icons are ugly. If they had images like some of the other squares, it might not look as bad. The transitions are nice and phone itself seems fast. I dont think its a bad phone. But like I said, I'm sticking with Palm.

i'm curious about these, may play with one at a store. But really, I use Ubuntu and haven't owned a Windows computer in years. I have to support Windows a little at work, but I don't want a Windows OS on my phone.

sorry about the double.

Ewwwwwwwww!!!!! I've been watching video's and reading reviews all morning about the new Windows 7 mobile and I'm not usually someone to bash and to each their own, but it just looks completely hideous to me. Some of the hardware is okay, but the actual OS looks terrible. All I see is a whole bunch of squares not even centered on the screen. There's just two rows and then a massive black rectangle with an arrow to go to the next page. Also I don't know if it will really be like they show it in the video's but the squares are constantly changing and updating and moving. If that's really what it's gonna be like that's gonna be a battery nightmare.
I can't judge because I haven't personally played with one, but I'm just overall not impressed and even some of the hardware designs just seem ridiculous to me. A couple of the phones look like their so big you might as well try sliding an ipad in your pocket to carry around.
Once again everyone is entitled to their own opinion, so if you like it, I'm not gonna bash you for it, just saying I don't think it's gonna be for me.

Windows in the palm of your hand... yuck.

Check out the HTC website to see the great aps including weights and measures conversion!!!!!

I now know not to take anything you webos fanboys say seriously. You guys are retarded.

Windows 7 OS looks great and some of the hardware looks pretty damn good. I love my Pre, but it's time for an upgrade and the Pre 2 is not a worthy one.

I totally agree with you Webos 2.0 better have some crazy amazing stuff, if not I'm going to jump ship and swim for windows phone 7.