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Wirelessly dig through your TouchPad's files with WiFi File Sharing 56

by Derek Kessler Thu, 01 Mar 2012 8:35 pm EST

Wirelessly dig through your TouchPad's files with WiFi File Sharing

There are a great many things you can do wirelessly with the HP TouchPad - heck you can charge the darned thing without plugging it in. But transferring files from your desktop computer to the tablet has always involved either a giving a song-and-dance performance to appease the cloud syncing gods or just plugging in with a Micro-USB cable. We at webOS Nation do a lot of screencapping, and we've taken to just emailing the shots to ourselves as the fastest and simplest method to get the images back-and-forth.

"The line must be drawn here! This far, no farther!" said homebrew developer ShiftyAxel - he wanted more wireless. So he whipped up a Samba installer for webOS and put together a the cunningly named app WiFi File Sharing. The app, currently available in the webOS Nation Homebrew Gallery, when opened turns your TouchPad into a local network drive accessible by your computer. Simple as that.

Out-of-the-box, WiFi File Sharing is set up to allow access to a newly-created Public folder, though with just a few taps in the Preferences pane you can allow access to the entirety of your USB drive and boot partitions. That's not just browsing access - WiFi File Sharing mounts your TouchPad as a fully-accessible network drive, complete with read and write privileges. All you have to do is have WiFi File Sharing open and in the foreground ("maximized") to maintain the connection. Toss the app away and the connection is automatically terminated.

Ideally your computer should be able to automatically the TouchPad right off the bat after installing and launching, but there's always room for finickiness. This is why we're beginning the migration to tablets as everyday devices - they're just nowhere near as finicky. Anyway, on first launch we couldn't get our Mac to notice that there was a fun new network drive to play with. But directing our file browser to connect to the smb://Touchpad/Public server (Go > Connect to Server… (no password) on a Mac, Start > Computer > Map Network Drive for PC) solved the issue handily.

Now we're wirelessly slinging files back and forth through the ether, and we find ourselves agreeing with ShiftyAxel - this kind of stuff should be included in webOS. Sure, it's a an advanced feature, but it'd be there to supplement the cloud and cabled options. Either way, WiFi File Sharing and Easy Samba are available now through our Homebrew Gallery, webOS Quick Install, and Preware. Go download it. Now.

WiFi File Sharing


Works great on my TP. Running Win 7 64bit on PC.

FYI. I know it won't work with my pre- but it shows up as an option in preware anyway?

You KNOW it won't? So long as you have Enyo (via HP Maps update or WebOS Internals IPK), all indication is that it should.

Derek's off his game tonight. First saying that Novacom has long since been open source, and now giving the impression that this application is Touchpad-only. The top post in the thread for this application includes a screenshot from a Pre3.

FWIW, he didn't say that Novacom has long since been open source, he said that it, "though not yet open source is readily availabile "

No, he did (just ask Rod Whitby... we BOTH commented about it on that article). He just went back and changed it without acknowledging the error. Originally, the article said something to the effect of "We though Novacom was open sourced long ago" with the same link in the text.

The app is built to be as device-agnostic as possible. It'll only work on 2.x or higher though due to it needing a node.js service. I think it's something of a shame that the focus seems to be on the Touchpad where homebrew is concerned- the only place to properly post a release thread for a homebrew app is the 'Touchpad Homebrew' forum.
Also it shows up for all devices because there's no setting for it in the app submission form and I haven't quite deciphered the package control file yet.

Unplug your Pre- from your laptop before you begin.

Downloaded it to my pre3 on way home from work and to TP when I got home. Works great. 

This is a fantastic Homebrew addition! Elegant solution. Reminds me of wireless sync with my old Treos and Visors. I am getting old. This stuff doesn't. Great way to transfer music and ringtones and movies and documents.

It does not seem to be working for me - any suggestions?. I can open up the preferences and the about but not the WiFi file sharing drop list???

really cool. I've been looking for a good wireless method to transfer mostly music files to my tp. I just wonder about the security of the device if your using it on public WiFi hotspots.

It would be like any other node or resource on a network - PC, HDD, etc. Share only your Public folder or control the others w/ read-only privileges. But why would you even run the app while on a public network anyway?

really cool. I've been looking for a good wireless method to transfer mostly music files to my tp. I just wonder about the security of the device if your using it on public WiFi hotspots.

Not working on my Pre 2 and Win7
App installed on Palm, no problem
I open the app
No way to see device from my Win7 PC

Any suggestions?


Same here, but not working with my TouchPad and Win7. App works fine. Windows can't seem to find anything.

I tried mapping the drive as suggested in the article with smb://Touchpad/Public and Windows couldn't find it.

ditto here. I wish, more frequently, we could get, "like I'm five," rundowns of these types of things. Instead, it's off to the forums... to browse 12 pages of posts only to find the person who had the same issue was summarily ignored.

Alternately you could post in the thread and ask for help, as opposed to posting here where I don't get notifications and complaining about it. FYI I'm trying to work through issues with as many people as possible, some via PM so I can keep track of everyone's seperate problems and there's a chance that in the huge flurry of posts resulting from this article some of them may have got lost.
And that's to say nothing of my actively developing the app and adding the features/fixes people have asked for.

How does this compare to the WiFi TouchPad File Browser/Uploader homebrew app (other than being compatible with phones)?

Idk how they compare to each other. But I do know that WiFi TP File Browser also works very well with the Pre3... Just FYI

This app works via network shares, whereas WiFi TP File Browser works via browser. Imo network shares provide a much nicer experience. Also it runs on any webOS device, so long as it has 2.x or higher.

This works on the Pre 3 too (as other people have noted), but even better than the TouchPad, the card doesn't need to remain in the foreground.

(I haven't tried it on a TouchPad so I'm only going by the article.)



wow! Kudos!

Awesome!! thank you so much!! It works great on my Pre 2 (at first i couldn't see a way of starting the wifi app as the icon was nowhere to be seen, but after restarting the phone the icon showed up on the launcher page). It works great on my touchpad (didn't have to restart anything...)

again, thank u!!

ssh + vfs works with a lot less effort. Bonus. End to end authentication and encryption over what is essentially an untrusted network.

A lot less effort than 'open app, open share, get/put files, profit'?

Yup. There is no 'open app' step on the pre/touchpad/whatever.

On your computer, just open the folder pointing to the pre/touchpad and then drag/drop/edit/delete/whatever to your heart's content. It just works. I can't help you if you are using Windows or possibly Mac though. VFS over ssh is natively supported in gnome/nautilus. You just connect once and save that connection for later use. Windows doesn't do any of this stuff intuitively or smartly.

None of the install problems all over this thread. No running insecure protocols on wireless networks. Strong authentication.

Can't get it to work :(. Preferences button is grayed out. Nothing happens with the menu drop down.

Did you install SAMBA?

Not intentionally but there is a dependency when you download it, demanding that Samba be installed too. I thought it was missing but when I went to install it it was already there.

It also works on my pre 2 with 2.2.4 - requires a restart or reboot Luna after installation to see the icon.

Thank you!

This works great on my TP. However, it does not go far enough. I'm a big fan of dlna. I have 3 media servers (WD Worldbook, WD TV Live Hub, and Media Monkey on Win XP). I also have a lot of dlna media renderers (Samsung Smart TV, LG Smart TV upgrader, various WD TV Live Streaming players, and my TP which works as a dlna player). I really want to be able to stream media from my TP as a dlna media server. Right now my TP doesn't show up as a media server, but I can use some of my dlna devices (such as a WD TV Live Streaming player) to look for media that is available as a network share. Thanks to the WiFi file sharing app, my players can find my TP and play media from my TP on my TV. I used to do the same with the media on my WinXP PC until Media Monkey had a recent upgrade which turns my PC into a dlna media server. Now Media Monkey shows up as a "Media server input" on the menu of inputs to my Samsung SmartTV. So I'm wondering if the developer ShiftyAxel would be able to enhance his app by adding the media server functionality just like was done in Media Monkey. There is a great dlna app for the TP called BHome. I use it to play media from my servers on my TP and as a controller to play the same media on various renderers on my network. Perhaps he could consult with Roger Sennert, the dev of BHome, to come up with a solution.

Thanks so much. Works great on my 32GB Touchpad running 3.0.5.

Tried it on my Pre+ running 2.1.0 Things install, a reboot brings the icon up, you can start it up, nothing explodes, but nothing shows up on the network. Close ....

-- stan

This works perfectly and is AWESOME. Homebrew community is amazing.

No Joy here on my TP with Win 7 64. Installed Easy Samba then WiFi file sharing. Restarted Luna after both. WiFi opens, but preferences is greyed out and cannot get anything from drop down.

Note: I have no icon for Easy Samba, and when I touch Launch in the Preware app, it does nothing however it says it is installed. I don't know if this is by design.

just updated an now it works fine. Great work !

It's a nice little app for the Pre3.

My only request would be to make the image of the PDA blink when data is being transferred.

If you are not able to see the touchpad or pre3 on your network, try mapping the drive as \\pre3\public. Don't put the smb: in there. This is what worked for me with Win7. I use the \\pre3\internal after changing the internal folder to browsable. I was able to see the drive in XP without mapping, must be something to do with win7 security.
Thanks Shiftyaxel!

I installed Samba, installed Wifi Sharing, opened wifi sharing, but it didn't show up in Finder

So I followed Go>connect to server>smb://Touchpad/Public

And still no joy.

Using Mac OS 10.6.8

Any suggestions?

Come over to the thread and ask about it, or PM me and I'll try working out what's going on.

Come over to the thread and ask about it, or PM me and I'll try working out what's going on.

just tried this on me Pre3. Worked beautifully! Now my phone's wireless capability feels complete.

More cool and useful features to come! :)

Up and running on my Touch Pad and Pre2 using Win7 64bit PC.
Both installed via Preware (with 3/3 fix).

Works beautifully!!

What a major convenience it is to browse the entire device directories without the use of the USB cable OR transfer to my MediaSync folder and then Internalz-ly move files around.

Total Sweetness!
Thank you ShiftyAxel! (and webOS forums) :)

don't put the smb: just put \\touchpad\public. See the post directly above yours.

<Removed due to me not reading the next post, derp>

Oops, I take it back. On my iMac you do need the smb://touchpad/public. Lots of different solutions depending on the operating system...

Best thing that happened to my Veer the last weeks... Who needs a f°ing magnetic USB-cable?? (which is , by the way, nearly impossible to get in Germany) Great work!!

Very nice! But would be even nicer if Wifi Fileshare would work TP <-> Pre, Pre<->Pre, TP <-> TP as well :)

This feature is in the works, I've figured out the terminal stuff required so it's just a matter of clever programming from here :)

OK so on vista I went to Start > Computer > Map Network Drive for PC and pasted in smb://Touchpad/Public (as its written here) and it cannot find the touchpad. I loaded all software requested in preware and used to be able to connect shared drives.

I am using a vodafone home network router and have made the PC and the Touchpad part of the allowed network in McAfee... anyone help me out?

If you're using windows the network mapping is \\Touchpad\Public, smb://Touchpad/Public is for OSX, as it says in the thread.

Think I'm in trouble here. I did as you said, also update all windows patches, restarted both devices and still no luck and i updated your software

I must be missing something fundamental, as I have now tried this from two different pc's

any ideas?


I really need help with this...

Got it to work!!! Vista issue it seems, tried both of these solutions......

I attempted to map the way it was suggested in a previous post with \\10.0.1.XX\Sharefolder but this did not work as it kept asking for a username and password. It would not authenticate with the server nor would it authenticate with the local box so that was out. I ran across a solution on a site that I can no longer find.
On the vista boxes open registry
windows symbal + r
then regedit and Ok
navigate to the following key
after changing the key (dword value) lmcompatibility to 1 then reboot the machine.

... from here http://www.eggheadcafe.com/community/windows-vista/15/10017324/mapping-n...

I cannot find it in Preware with my Touchpad. Both WiFi File sharing and Samba... Is it really available via Preware?
EDIT: Found it. Have to refresh feeds... :)

I had it going fine ...then had to doctor for another reason ...now I see it in preware but it will not install ...what to try?

The app is going to be a success, who wouldn't like to share the files on their touchpad so easily? This is something my business could use, but first I have to make sure I have the networking put in place. The option I have found on http://www.qccusa.com/solutions/infrastructure-cabling seems to be exactly what I need for that to happen!