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Workaround to fix the Yahoo email 1299 Error 29

by Adam Marks Fri, 19 Aug 2011 11:55 am EDT

It appears as if many webOS users in our forums and around the world are having issues syncing their Yahoo email onto their webOS phones. You try to sync your email and all you get is a yellow triangle saying "Unspecified Error: 1299". Thanks to forum member 27, we have a little workaround that will allow you to get your Yahoo mail back to your webOS phone.

  • From within the email app, swipe down from the top-left and select "Preferences & Accounts"
  • Scroll down to the bottom to the Accounts section and tap on your Yahoo account
  • Scroll down to the "Remove account" button and tap it. This will only remove the Yahoo email account, not your entire Yahoo account if you have contacts, calendar or messaging added as well
  • After it was been removed, tap the "Add Account" button back on the "Preferences & Account" screen
  • Instead of selecting "Yahoo", choose "Email Account" at the top
  • Before inputting any info, tap the "Manual Setup" button
  • Input the data in the manual setup screen as follows:
    • Server Type: IMAP
    • Email Address : (your email address)
    • Incoming Mail Server:
    • Username: (your full email address)
    • Password: (your password)
    • Encryption: SSL
    • Port #: 993
    • Outgoing Mail Server:
    • Use Authentication: ON
    • Username: (your full email address)
    • Password: (your password)
    • Encryption: SSL
    • Port #: 465
  • When you are done, tap on "Sign in"
  • You will be taken to a "Account Settings" screen. Just tap the "Create" button

At this point, you will have a generic email account that will be separate from your official Yahoo account, but it will now pull in your Yahoo email data!

Thanks to 27 in our forums for this tip


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Awesome. Got anything for failure to pull calendar data?

Oh and by the way FIRST!!!!!!!!!!!

+1...I'm eager for a response on this as well, it's amazing with the popularity of Yahoo!, that no one as addressed this problem.

It all started working magically a few days back. I didn't change anything since when I got the "Invalid credentials" error.

Whatever! Not that it matters anymore.

>Whatever! Not that it matters anymore. LOL

Don't worry, this will all be fixed in the next WebOS update.


Thanks as always. Yahoo mail not working was really bugging me.

I didn't realize Yahoo mail still existed.

I have been working with Yahoo over the last 2 weeks with them about a "URL CAPTCHA RESPONSE SYSTEM" error and they have been useless.
Finnaly, I spoke to Palm support yesterday and they told me to do exactly this & it works.

Kudo's on the work around.

Sort of related: For giggles I tried to log into Facebook from my Palm Pre and it won't work. I get: "Service Error. An error occured requesting service palm://com.palm.facebook. Error Message: Service Method Exception: java.lang.NullPointerException"

Hey Everyone,

Please respond in this thread with details on this issue if you have them. I will hopefully get someone to look in to this.


I was still having problems after the above fix so called HP support. They were very helpful and said the issue is with yahoo which from time to time blocks the server being used by palm to connect to yahoo mail. They didn't know if it would be a few days or weeks but had a workaround almost the same as above but without the palm in the server names so

If you check the accounts you will now have yahoo for calendar and contacts with email turned off and a separate email account.

I am having a similar problem not with Yahoo mail but with Yahoo Calendar. I have tried deleting all Yahoo accounts from all services - mail, calendar, contacts and messaging - and reloading them (Tech Support's solution) to no avail. The specific issue is that once reloaded, the Calendar preferences dialog does not allow any Yahoo account to be the choice for the default calendar, and thus will not sych.

This has turned my life upside down as I am very mobile and use the Yahoo calendar synch constantly.

If anyone knows of a fix to this PLEASE post or direct.

Thank you in advance.

Hi guys,
Actually, it's not my solution.
I linked to the source here

Thanks so much, glad to have yahoo email on my pre- again. WebOS 2.1.0 is awesome!

I followed the directions in this tutorial, and I'm now able to receive mail, but I can't send it.

My inbox is loading, but all messages I've composed from my Veer have been stuck in my outbox. I get the little yellow triangle error message as follows:

Outgoing Mail Server
SMTP login credentials rejected
Update your SMTP username or password

I have double-checked that my full email address and password are correctly entered, but I'm still getting this error. Any thoughts?

Thank you sooo much! I could not figure this out for the life of me! This worked :)

Ok so after setting up my Yahoo account manually on my Veer as instructed it pulled only like 10 emails, but then would not pull anymore even if new mail came in. Anyone else still with this issue?

This problem is still not yet fixed by Palm or Yahoo. That sux. The workaround documented here worked for my palm pre 2, but I can get Yahoo IM to work still. Any ideas?

I just got a new phone today and followed the instructions here and it worked, but only for email. I tried to get Yahoo! contacts and IM working, but it won't. Anyone has success with setting up Yahoo! Contacts and IM? If so, please let us all know.

Thank you.

Thanks so much for this tip, I had this problem with yahoo mail on my Veer for some time now but following these instructions finally got me sending and receiving emails again,though only after about 3 tries. I kept getting errors about having the incoming and outgoing server configured wrong even though they were exactly as in the instructions. In the end my configuration was accepted and now I´m back in business! Now I may have to do the same with my Touchpad which is also acting up on yahoo mail ...

Tried the manual set up and still got the below message -
"unable to validate outgoing mail server settings"

Its a time issue for me I get this when my touchpad clock gets messed up. I dont remove the yahoo account. I just change from network time to manual set it and then switch back.

Out does not work but now Incoming works!


Same thing for me. "Cannot validate outgoing server, set up any way?"

Anybody got the cure for this?

Try to configure your outgoing email and replace by It works for me.

thank you, it's work for my veer

Wasn't this supposed to be fixed in a WebOS update or is Yahoo the problem?

...and yes, it's and I had to reboot my HP Veer too

Thank you so much! I just got a pre 2 and it was driving me crazy because I couldn't pull my mail.