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Working in card view / Stacks [update for webOS 2.0] 4

by Adam Marks Mon, 25 Apr 2011 9:37 pm EDT

This tip is only for devices running webOS 2.0 and higher

Pressing the center button/gesture area or swiping up from the Gesture Area in webOS 2.0 will bring you to Card View, just like in webOS 1.0, but there are a variety of differences that you will quickly notice:

  • Gone is "mini-card" view that will zoom out your cards while you rearrange them
  • The biggest change to card view is the introduction of "Stacks"
    • Instead of just viewing one card at at time, you can now stack cards on top of each other, just as you would a hand of playing cards.  
    • If you perform an action that will launch a new card from within an application (e.g. tap a website, open a new emai), the cards will automatically be stacked on top of each other.  
    • You can also manually create a stack (or unstack a card) by press-and-holding on a card for a few seconds (just as you would in card view in webOS 1.0).  At that point, either drag that card in front of or behind an existing card to create a stack,  or drag it beside an existing card to give it its own stack
    • Swiping to the left or right in card view will move from one stack to the next, only fanning out the cards in the stack you are viewing.
    • Closing an app in a stack is the same as it was before. Just throw the specific card from within the stack off the top of the screen
  • Although you may still see the edge of cards on the right or left of the screen when cards are not stacked up, you are no longer able to close a card other than the ones in the current stack in the center of the screen. 
  • Launching a new application in webOS 1.0 would open the app as the last card all the way to the right of your open cards.  In webOS 2.0, launching an app will now open that app just to the right of the app currently in focus. This will help to organize your cards, as rearranging you cards now takes a little longer without the benefit of mini-view and having to move through each set of stacks.
  • Just as you were able to start typing to launch a Universal Search in webOS 1.0, you also start typing on the keyboard while in Card View to initiate a Just Type Search in 2.0.  However, starting in webOS 2.1, you can also tap on the dedicated "Just Type" bar across the top of the screen to bring up the list of your recently entered Just Type searches
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Great tip dude!

My buddy and I are gonna try it rite now man!
Oh, hoh waite, I only have version 1.4.5....
Let me run out to Sprint and get a later model Pre, that should solve it.

Whaaaaaaaaaaaat? you Sprint don't sell no Pre anymo'?.. How come? Not even in "the coming months" dude?..... dzjeeeez maaaaaaan. Godda smoke me a dooby now.

Your friends,

Leo & Ruby

yea, I hear ya. I frankenPre2ed my Sprint Pre (actually, the guys at webOSworld did it for me). But you can consider installing 2.1 on your Pre- (just search the forums for instructions)

I miss the mini view.. :-(
moving from the furthest left to right (or v.v.) card is kinda painful, moving cards even moreso.
I didnt realize I couldnt swipe away adjacent cards anymore, I thought I just kept missing the card:-)
so! I always think I know plenty of how to use webOS on my own, but invaiably I always get something out of these tips. Thanks adam!

Yea..sometimes its easier to just close the app, move to where you want it in your stacks and reopen it instead of moving across all your stacks