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Working with Dashboard Notifications 21

by Adam Marks Tue, 14 Sep 2010 3:01 pm EDT

One of the truly unique aspects of webOS is the Dashboard and the use of Notifications. A dashboard icon may appear if you get an email or text message, or maybe because you have an app like Top Stocks or Sports Live! that provides updates through the dashboard, or you may just have an icon indicating that your phone is attached to a computer that will allow you to enter USB Drive mode. So, there are a few things that you need to know about how to best use those notifications. Keep reading after the break for details

When the dashboard is minimized, you will just see small icons start to appear from the right of the screen. To maximize the dashboard, just click anywhere across the screen in that bottom area, from the black space on the left to the icons on the right (The exact spot of your tap does not matter).

Once maximized, you can see the details of each notification, possibly including the number of notifications that you have stacked up (e.g. count of emails or missed calls or new tweets).  Note that in many cases, you will only be able to see the latest message that has appeared without an ability to scroll through them. 

To act on these notifications, you may be able to do the following:

  1. Stock Notification with Arrows If the notification has left/right arrows, you can move through the listing of information. In the example to the right, Top Stocks allows you to move through a listing of different stock quotes directly in the dashboard
  2. A music player, including apps like Radio Time or Pandora, will allow you to act on the music you are listening to, from pausing to skipping to the next track
  3. Often, notifications may have separate actions for the icon on the left-hand side of the screen versus the notification that takes up the remainder of the screen. Usually, clicking on the icon will bring you to the top-level of an app, whereas clicking on the detail will bring you to the specific section of the app.
    • Notifications For example, here is a sample of notifications for email, missed calls, and text messages
    • If you click on the email icon, you will be taken to your Inbox, whereas if you click on the main body of the notification, you will be brought to the actual email message
    • This works for the same the missed call notification. Clicking the icon will take you to your Call Log (within the Phone app), whereas clicking the detailing notification will actually initiate a call to that person
    • However, for many apps, this does not always work. For the text message notification in the example above, clicking on either the icon or the notification will both take you to the most recently received text message, not your conversations list and leave the notification icon in your dashboard with the prior text message notification showing
    • In addition, other apps follow their own convention. For example, in the app Sports Live!, clicking on the icon will cycle through the scores of your "favorite" teams, while clicking the detail notification will cycle through the details of that specific game.
    • So, as you install new apps, make sure your understand how that app uses the dashboard.
  1. If you want to minimize the notifications back to the dashboard icons, simply perform a Back Swipe or Forward Swipe in the gesture area, or press the center/LCD button.
  2. Finally, if you want to dismiss the notification, either because you don't care to go to the app itself or because you are done with the app, you can simply swipe the notification off the screen to either the right or left, similar to how you swipe to delete items throughout webOS.

So, anyone else have any other suggestions or tips on how best to use the notifications?

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I like the patch that lets you delete an email from the dashboard; with a lot of useless emails it saves having to open the app to do it later. It simply adds a garbage icon onto the right side of the notification.


just installed patch ! Very handy... Now I don't have to go blind in the morning when I delete my mail with the lights out !

Where did you find that patch? I had it before the 1.4.5 but had to remove all patches and reinstall all 40 or so (long story, don't ask). Anyway, I couldn't find it anymore... help please!!

It is in Preware under Delete from Notification!! ;)

AWESOME!! Thank you very much speedygodzilla!!

Notifications I believe will become more interactive as time goes by.... Like the email scroll idea :) Hope Palm is reading this

They already can be quite interactive. Check out my Music Player (Remix) 2.0 Beta homebrew app for an example of interactive dashboards. Developers need to find more opportunities to take advantage of this amazing webOS feature.

agreed. music player remix 2.0 is beautiful UI and i like notification actions. And the icon is cool too. Great job DanPLC!

Don't forget! You can rearrange your notifications the same way you can rearrange cards. Simply hold down the notification until it becomes transparent, then move it above or below other notifications. Comes in handy when you don't want or need to act on a notification, but want to prioritize it for when you act on it later. :)

didn't know that... thanks




When I read this I was thinking that the notifications could be sent to your desktop. The webOS notificaiton systems is very elegant, but wouldn't be great if you could send thos events to your desktop via growl or something like that?

"If you want to minimize the notifications back to the dashboard icons, simply perform a Back Swipe or Forward Swipe in the gesture area, or press the center/LCD button."

You can also tap the screen anywhere above the notifications to minimize them.

True, but that tap will register as an action in the app. so, if you just want to minimize without affecting the app you need to do a forward or back swipe

Actually a forward swipe in Bad Kitty will still refresh your timeline even if you just want to minimize your notifications. I keep forgetting that...

also worth noting you can rearrange the dashboard notifications with a long press and then drag up/down to rearrange. Then when minimized the icon also change order.

I wish you could a) read an entire txt or im message in it's notification, and b) reply to it within that notification, sense those forms of communication are supposed to be faster

Didn't know there were different actions for notification main body text and icons--THANKS, very useful!