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Write for webOS Nation - you, yes you 52

by Derek Kessler Tue, 14 Feb 2012 5:59 pm EST

webOS Nation

You know who you are. You're the one that lives and breathes webOS. You've racked up hundreds of dollars in App Catalog charges, use your TouchPad more than your laptop, roll with your own custom-coded kernel, and have a stash of spare Pre3 phones and TouchPads in safety deposit box for a rainy day. Or you just happen to find webOS fascinating and love using it and just want a chance to write about it on the best webOS blog with the biggest readership and most awesome and engaged community you'll find on this side of open source.

By now you've likely figured out what topic we're introducing here - we're looking for new, exciting, and engaging souls to write for webOS Nation. webOS is obviously near and dear to our hearts here, so it really helps if it's the same to you. We're looking for hardy individuals who love (and sometimes hate) webOS apps, those that can hack through Enyo code like a mutant combination of Bear Grylls and Chuck Norris, or those that know the webOS community better than the back of their own hand. What we're not looking for: columnists, editorialist, or angry badgers.

It's important that you be able to dedicate time to this endeavour. For this to work we need a few dedicated souls who can take the time to write at least a few times a week. We won't lie, the pay won't be good enough for you to quit your day job anytime soon, but for the chance to get paid by writing about something you love, is there anything better? Okay, there's bacon, but this is a very close second.

Here's what to do: send an email to derek@webosnation.com with the title of "writer [your full name here]" as the title. Except, you know, put your full name in the space where the brackets are. Your email should include some information about who you are, what you love about webOS, and a link to your webOS Nation forum profile.

You should also include two plain text samples of your writing about webOS (show some variety if you can, review an app and rewrite one of our awfully-composed news items if you so like). Do not send us attachments, links to Google Docs, or smoke signals. Also, you must be 18 years old or older - we appreciate your enthusiasm, dear youngster, your time will come.

Derek's going to be evaluating these applications personally, and he gets angry when directions aren’t followed. We do appreciate creativity, and there's plenty of space for creativity within these bounds - go out of these pretty wide bounds and we're apt to skip over your application.

Interested? You made it this far into this rambling call for writers, so clearly you are. Follow the guidelines set out above, get your applications in by February 29th, and come a day in the near future you might just find yourself writing for the world's best webOS site in the world.



I guess spelling is not important, check "engaging soles", unless your lookin for some good shoe tread ;-)

Preferably applicants would fit in with the webOS Nation style, minus all of the spelling errors and egregiously incorrect facts.

Hopefully grammar's also not important. If that's the case "your" perfect for the job!


Naaa I'll just write for my own webOS news blog.... coming soon.

In the coming weeks?

Yes. I own webosnews.net and webosgames.net

Good luck.

Thanks, webOS needs more press.

It needs a defibrillator.

awww I can't /; I'm only 13 :/

oh well, same here. (15)
I won't be able to commit though. I just failed at writing iOS app reviews. :P

I'll do it! *the crowd roars*

If you can't find any serious applicants - I will be able to rock some good news information as well as promotion -etc..

That being said.. I am an idiot when it comes to preware, doctoring webos and anything tht has to deal w/ programming ;)

will I be immune to a permaban?

and for the under 18--well,really,everyone--don't let the lack of a title keep you from writing and posting.
oh, and happy birthdat xandros9. You've been here 3 years!


Got me at bacon, wait is it the ready to serve stuff??


I might give it a try

Thanks for this awesome chance!

Yea, Thanks for the chance given to us, I am gonna give a try too :)

I'd really like to see an article addressing design issues in webOS. I'm talking about correct icon sizes for different devices, correct use of widgets and UI elements and maybe a sprinkling of typography and colour theory.

I re-created high-res versions of the App circle background, and the 3D 'graphite' plate for settings icons.... but then my HDD died and I lost them *sobs*. I think that these should be supplied to all developers to get a sense of consistency in icon design.

I say all of this, as when you look at the gulf between the quality of design for iOS, and then look at some apps for webOS... it ain't pretty.

I'd probably give this a shot if I wasn't in the middle of an internship, or a terrible writer. But, I appreciate the opportunity =P

A very intriguing opportunity! Do writers for webOS Nation have free reign to choose their own topics, or do they have a gruff, snarling J. Jonah Jameson type barking out their assignments? (You've already offered to pay us in meat, so I can't help wondering!)

It's a bit of both. I do chomp on a lot of cigars when editing.

I always thought that this website needed more pictures of Spiderman.

I would apply but I don't have 50 meaningful and insightful forum posts. Who's quitting now BTW?

Nobody's quitting - we just want to expand.

I nominate Lyle "Chip" Chipperson!

Is Tim still writing? I have not seen a post from him in a long time.

Been two months now. I'm still around, but no longer writing: http://forums.webosnation.com/site-feedback/309063-message-my-webos-friends.html

No Tim! You were all I had left. Good luck with the culinary gig! I look forward to seeing you on Chopped.

Have you guys considered a weekly webOS column - that answers questions relative to the time & situation with webOS (aside from the podcasts & Mobile Nation round-up).

Questions like:
- What are the barriers of webOS on another phone?
- Can unlocked phones be produced (efficiently) to satisfy the webOS demand?
- How secure is webOS from some of these patent wars going on? Hardware aside.
- Can HP license out the Pre3 to another manufacturer? (R&D has been done + I hear good things about the Pre3 ... still going with my own Pre)
- With open source, what involvement would HP have with apps (and the revenue) ?
- Would HP (in going Open Source) allow input towards some sort of webOS Open Source Committee - that features members of the Homebrew crowd?
- With all the attacks by Apple on Android & the associated products, can webOS "slide" into the picture with one or more manufacturers? - obviously an opinion, predicated on the future potential of webOS.
- How does HP "feel" about the Homebrew gang, aside from the generic stance that would be typical of a company? Is there anything that affects a potential relationship?
- Why are Canadian folks left out in certain webOS scenarios?
- Has HP thought about locking in with a specific field of business for its' tablet market? Apparently, it has great potential for the health field.

Some of these type questions, plus many more I could add, might help give the diehards something to think about - when going forward with their next phone / tablet.

I have Touchpad & a Pre, and so far {knock on wood} ... all is good. Eventually my Pre will crash on me ... then I'll have to scour eBay for an unlocked Pre3. Plus buy another TPad - as a back-up in case mine fails .... a disastrous thought, as it's the perfect tool for my business (real estate).

From above:
What we're not looking for: columnists, editorialist, or angry badgers.

I think he's looking for "stringers": he calls out a possible story, and you write it (you might get to pick an assignment, you might have it handed to you... depends on the week). Write a fact-filled story based on what he's looking for and you're solid. Miss the subject or stray too far from the in-Chief, and you're not paid. Do it too often, and you're gone.

Speculation is easy to generate; we do that on webOSNations forums for Derek for free.

I'm not tossing barbs here; I'm terrible at journalism myself. As they say, "if all you can see is gray, best stick to the sidelines." I'm too far entrenched in relativism and options-based thinking to make a good reporter.

Write for the ... ... self-deluded, self-aggrandizing ... whistling-past-the-graveyard webOSNation? BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA !! Why not just post a job for Titanic Captain?

I hear there's an opening on the Costa Concordia.

Several, above and below the waterline.

mmmm... writing for webosnation... could be interesting...

Do any specific day jobs make you ineligible? Say....HP employee?

Even if you're not involved with webOS in any way, that does qualify as a disqualifying conflict of interest.

I would love to write for u guys. However, The only problem I have is writing

Curse "mama here" for naming me "your full name"!!!

Are topics about how unhappy we have been with Hp and the direction o. Webos allowed? I have a lot to get off my chest you know.....

That would fall under "editorial" and not news.

Derek are we expecting an increase in news before webos is released towards the end of this year? I could be wrong but it seems as though one would struggle to find a few good things to write about each week until webos is open sourced. I feel for you with how slow and depressing news for webos has been. That said this week would seem to contradict me. I hope I am wrong. Don't know if you can tell or not but I spell like a 1st grader. Does webosnation have an editor that can tolerate a writer that can not spell?

Guessing with Tim's departure and the announcement of Open webOS, the "Derek's our webOS guy" thing isn't an actionable position for this site's longevity (there are other writers on their staff right now, of course), compared to "Derek's in charge of webOS", with other writers adding as much as he does.

for my age (13) I think I'm relarively knowledgable about webOS... I kinda wish the "Palm" branding was back.. It's more attractive then the "hp" logo IMO

Derek, is this open to people outside the United States?

Yes, though fluency in English is a must.

just read your post on HP employee as disqualifying. Bummer. Guess you can just delete my email torturesly (sp hic) typed on my TP

just read your post on HP employee as disqualifying. Bummer. Guess you can just delete my email torturesly (sp hic) typed on my TP

sorry guess you only have to tap save once and be a little patient

RE "engaging soles" comment above...

most soles do engage the ground pretty well, though!

and I do hope a good writer or two steps up. It's nice to read about my favorite OS at the end of the day.