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WWYD For a Palm Pre? First Winner! 57

by Dieter Bohn Mon, 01 Jun 2009 9:21 am EDT

Friends, we are only days away from the launch of the Palm Pre.  So the time has finally come to count down to the release date the best way we know how: by announcing the winners of our What Would YOU Do for a Palm Pre? Contest!

We chose our winners based on some rough categories of challenges and among the several dozen entries we received offering to get a tattoo, the man you see at right got the nod. Say hello to Lou, aka hoffman109 in our fourms, who got his first and only tattoo in order to win a Palm Pre from PreCentral.net.

Watch the video above for all the gory action and details (and apologies for the cussing that occurs towards the end, but it is a tattoo parlor, after all).  You can also check the full HD version here.  We'll be announcing the rest of the winners as the week progresses and showing of their crazy antics in video form.

One more shot of Lou's epic tattoo after the break.  Congrats, man! Truly, you deserve this Pre.  Stay tuned - we're announcing a winner every day through Friday!

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Congratulations to the first winner! You deserve it bro.

Wow that's some serious commitment right there! At least with a tattoo of a girls name (not a good idea) you have some hope of the relationship lasting. But this tattoo will be obsolete in 3 years, best case scenario! Ha!

Congrats man!

Congrats dude! But...uhm...wow...

I would have been pissed if I didn't win after doing that.

By the way, couldn't you have just put that money towards buy the phone? Not trying to play monday morning quarterback or whatever..but yeah..how do you explain that to a potential girlfriend. And if you already have one how is it that she is not going to kill you? lol

They are getting more hten just a phone. they are also getting the Touch Stone, Stereo Bluetooth headphones, $150 Amazon Gift cards, and a case. But it would be an awkward story to tell a date. But it looks like he has a baby gate in the background so idk if he has to worry about that one.

WOW! I didn't know they were getting all of that. I'd give my left arm for that kind of setup.

Maybe you'll get a chance in the next contest ;)

Wow, nice tatoo, does it multitask, how is battery life ;)
Good job, you deserve it.

And can you use it one-handed? :)

Oh my goodness....

lmao why would u do that

The Zune guy is back from the dead and raeady to party.

I feel so sorry for you. But congrats on saving yourself a few hundred bucks and a few hours in line. %-)

Pure sweetness! I love this type of stuff!

You should now go back and add a keyboard to that tattoo... :D
'cause Pre ain't nothing without the keyboard! ;)

I don't know what to say. I mean I want the phone really bad, but this... I guess this tells me there are people who want it even more - a whole lot more!

Good luck on winning the phone! :) (and if you don't get it here, go tell Palm what you did, I'm sure they'd give you one)


Wow! Great tattoo. Wear it with pride. You know, the video was nicely shot and put together, too. Kudos. I gotta ask, roughly how much does a tattoo like that cost? (Not to take away from the accomplishment; a stunt like this transcends a simple cost-benefit analysis.) Bravo. Here's hoping it goes viral and generates buzz.

Now can we talk you into getting a matching one with the keyboard extended on the other arm?

Didn't cost me hardly anything, money-wise; the owner thought that it was a fun idea, and totally helped me out. And the artist did a great job. So cost/benifit ratio wise, it was a winner!

As far as getting it in the first place; I though that it was a fun idea too! My wife thinks it's pretty cool, and my 2 year old daughter likes to play around with the green of the keyboard (which itches like CRAZY while it's healing)!

And as far as being dumb for getting it... meh. It'll be a fun story to tell when I get older!


That is a great tattoo, and the story may win you a few beers!

I mainly love the design. Don

ummmm....lost for words here

Got the proportions right and everything. Of course, thirty years from now, having the Pre on your left arm will be the present day equivalent of a Commodore 64 which will be kind of retro but still pretty cool in tech circles.


No way... gotta be a fake...

Lol, great tattoo, but what a TOOL you are.

This is completely not worth it. Why would you ever do such thing for something that will last a year or so max.

And why do such thing for something that is EASILY attainable after the 6th of June.

GET YOUR PRIORITIES STRAIGHT! and Have fun with that Pre...

I'm sure he is a big man and is big enough to make up his own mind. I think he is out of his mind too but it worked. If you disagree, cool but labelling a tool? come on..

More power to him I guess... Although I can't fathom why anybody would make such a boneheaded move by permanently inscribing on a picture of a phone on themselves. I mean really, it's a freakin' phone.

And he wanted it.

what a corporate wet dream - defacing your body with a picture of their product in an *attempt* to "win" one. Kudos to you, sir.

At least you got something out of the expense, unlike Harley fans and other blind corporate lemmings that do this sort of thing. Tell us how you feel about this choice in a couple years....

I'm guessing he had an arrangement with Dieter something along the lines of "If you do it then you've got the Pre..."

I have no idea why someone would do this. I have over 40 hours of tattoos on my body and I can honestly say that I would never dream of doing something like this. I bet in a years time that you regret this, and the bad thing is that when you do, it will be a giant pain to cover-up. All of this for a 200 dollar phone and some accessories.

Maybe this isn't the time to post that Palm just announced the preDecessor. Their killer new second generation webOS phone that puts even the pre to shame.

Wow, that's pretty intense. I hate to say this, but at some point in time it will be just like having a tattoo of an 8-Track tape player on your arm.

What's an 8-track??

You probably weren't born before the 80's or you're not from the states. Here you go: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stereo_8

Totally joking. Pretty sure everyone knows what an 8-track is, because of all the old people saying "back when I was your age we used 8-tracks" etc etc.

It's the most universal symbol of technology changes and nostalgia in general. I was aware. Thanks for getting my back though.

People are very harsh here, I think he did great, well deserved and that's that...

Harsh, yes, because of the triviality of a piece of technology. Tattoos are (sort of) permanent. It's a one-way trip.

I guess most people's reason for getting a tattoo is pretty trivial ("I Love Andy", Dharma Initiative symbol, butterfly tramp stamp right above your bum bum, etc), but this really tops them all. At least his wife is cool with it.

Check the right arm. There's probably a tatoo of a Foleo ;)

LOL, now that's funny right there, no matter who you are, that's FUNNY... Git R' done

Should of tramp stamped that thing.

Poor guy, what's he gonna' do in a few years when the phone is obsolete? :)

I want the Pre as bad as the next person, but I would never do that, that's a bit extreme.

So my left nut wasn't sufficiently impressive? Maybe I should have had it tatooed. How do I get it back?

ive got tons of tattoos, but at least the only one i want removed isnt ugly or bad. i just dont want it anymore. and it will cost me less than 200 bucks. that dude is going to spend a pretty penny removing it because a cover up is out of the question.

well, as for having the balls to ruin yourself. you better get some free shit!

Regardless of how you may feel about getting a tattoo, let alone one of a cell phone, you have to admit the artist did a great job. Nice work.

going to a doctor to get at tattoo removed is EXPENSIVE

find a shop like this.
they got both sides covered, get a bad tattoo. then get it removed!


made Gizmodo -

Get a Palm Pre Tattoo For a Free Pre: Save $199, Lose a Lifetime of Dignity
By Adam Frucci, 3:40 PM on Mon Jun 1 2009, 12,881 views


Don't get me wrong...I love free stuff. But to get a tattoo of something technology related is just plain crazy. In a year there will be talk of a Pre 2 that will be infinitely better than the current one and that tattoo will be even more ridiculous than it is now. I'd rather pay $1000.00 for the thing.

Um . . . I would have used the other background with the orange plant . . . a little more aesthetically pleasing . . . Why would you ever opt for the green phone card interface?

What a complete and total idiot. In ten years people will hardly remember the Pre at all (because it is going another failed iPhone killer). Just think if a week before Sega Saturn came out and you got that tattooed on your arm. Your friends would still be laughing at you all these years later. I give it roughly six months before this guy never wears a sleeveless shirt again. I would recommend scraping together the tiny remaining fragments of dignity and going to get that tat removed, it looks ridiculous.

Wow, indeed. At least it's a product that's coming out. Imagine if the poor sap had gotten a Palm Foleo tattoo.

OK, this guy will probably go down in my mind for the rest of my life as the biggest dork or loser I ever heard of. And I have a tattoo of an egg beater cranking itself on my arm.

I'm the guy who tattooed this on Lou and I want to say congrats!!! And to the haters... don't give the guy a hard time. At least he had the balls to do something just for the fun of it. It'll be a great story later in life. People take life (and tattoos) too seriously anyway.

Congrats again, Lou... glad it worked out for you.

It wins mainly because of the interactive features. But I actually love the design best. Don

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