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WWYD For a Palm Pre? Second Winner 26

by Dieter Bohn Tue, 02 Jun 2009 2:09 pm EDT

Our first category was the necessary Palm Pre Tattoo (since so many people offered to do it).  Next up: risking your job, dignity, and -- we feared -- the possibility of getting charged with contempt of court. Meet Christopher, an actual attorney who dressed up as a gorilla (Ape for Pre, yeah, that's the idea).  He actually went to court to do actual legal work before an actual judge who had no idea what this was all about. Christopher was confident he wouldn't get the cuffs, so we took him at his word and sent him on his mission.

The audio's a little tough to catch in the video, but the gist is the the first judge caught our pal in the hallway and decided, "nuh-uh, not in my courtroom." So Christopher was directed to make his motions and do his work (off camera, sadly, but rules is rules) in "Courtroom One," whose presiding judge was, shall we say, puzzled.

Luckily, no charges were filed against Christopher, except the charge of being awesome.  Verdict: one free Palm Pre for you, sir!





That took some guts.
Some judges would have hauled his butt off to jail.
Congrats, he earned it.


I liked that one. Good job.

He's banana for the Pre! Good think his Monkey business didn't get him cuffed

Niceeeeee you earned it.

better than the tattoo guy

Very well played sir.

Too bad the "camera person" is yapping throughout it, but still.

Good job buddy, well deserved Pre...

I love the music. Is that from Ghostbusters?

Maybe this was the same guy who was camped out in front of the Sprint store since Monday; just a different costume, since he probably lost his job after this. The good news is, now that he has one a Pre, he can give up his post in front of the store.

That was hilarious... And much more creative too!

Prekilla, in my defense, it was absolutely mortifying to tape this since I did not get the luxury of a disguise! haha. I don't think I have ever been so embarrassed, not to mention, the "gorilla" is my fiance! Try explaining that one to my mother, hahaha. Great Job Chris! It came out great, you deserve it! :-)

Hee! I must be true love! You know what lengths he'll go to for a Pre and you're still hanging out with him! Good job behind the camera.

LOL, that was great! Congrats! And great job doing the camera work! And you weren't yapping. I think you have a very pleasant voice. Good luck to you and your fiance! He should let you borrow his Pre anytime you want after doing the camera work for him! ;-)

Great filming these kinds of films are usually head ache inducing but this was great.

Ok, if I ever need a lawyer, I know who NOT to use. :)

You are an excellent attorney, and have a wild sense of humor! Great job! You must have an excellent rapport with the judges. Thoroughly enjoyed the video. You certainly deserved to win!

Shouldn't he have dressed up like a shark?

Great job!

Dieter, Derek,

I am not able to send any PMs - I tried to send Derek one but it didn't go, hence this comment - and I am not able to start a new thread.

Is there something wrong with my account?


Great to see that the people who work in the justice system have a sense of humour :)

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