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X-Server is coming to webOS, bringing along OpenOffice 50

by Jason Robitaille Fri, 09 Apr 2010 9:39 am EDT

The folks have WebOS-Internals have done it again. Today, dtzWill announced in the our forums that they've managed to get an X.Org Server working on the Palm Pre. Basically, this means native Linux X11 applications will be able to run on webOS!

One such example of an X11 application is shown in the above video. OpenOffice could prove a perfect alternative to the seemingly-mythical DocumentsToGo by DataViz. Of course some optimization for usability may be needed, but this is more than we've seen from anyone else in terms of strong productivity and office tools.

Keep in mind, however, that the X-Server is not yet ready for the average user, and thus is still in the WebOS-Internals testings feed.  Rod Whitby has stated:

Just a note to say that we do have a roadmap of being able to install native Debian X11 GUI applications (like OpenOffice) via Preware. But don't hold your breath, cause it looks like we need to write a whole new FUSE filesystem driver to be able to do it. Think weeks to months, rather than days.

So if you're a user with knowledge on the workings of Linux and aren't afraid of getting your hands dirty, it might be worth looking into the vast potentials X11 applications can offer.



What good news for a Friday :-)

This is one of the few remaining holes in webOS that most users would want filled.
I know there are other missing elements, but DocsToGo was a biggie.

mobile firefox!


Hey all. I'm the one that took the video and have OpenOffice running on my Pre. I'd like to point a few things out: First, after making this video I installed the lighter weight Word editor abiword. Editing documents was incredibly quicker in abiword and I plan on making a video to show that soon. Second, By showing OpenOffice actually running on a 500mhz Pre I was basically demonstrating that "if the biggest and most bloated Linux app (short of gimp) runs on the Pre, everything else should be a breeze". Finally, although OpenOffice runs slow I want to reiterate that *not all apps run poorly*. In fact the IM client Pidgin works so well for me I use it over the built in one.

- phil_bw -

AWESOME!!! Thanks so much, Phil! After your post in my thread, I have been waiting for this!!!

Absolutely fantastic news!! What a great achievement yet again!

nice, I'd like to see it run on 800...

Wow, that's so balls. Total kicka$$ news for Friday. WOOOHOOO!!

This is extremely exciting. Take THAT, Dataviz!


gvim should run well. Bonus, forward it to a workstation. Voila. Easy editing of files on WebOS. NICE.

Just wanted to note that phil_bw was the developer who built on top of the foundation of Preware and the X.Org server, and did all the additional work of determining how to run a Debian chroot, how to install the appropriate X11 window manager and configure it to make it useable on a Pre, and how to install OpenOffice and make it pseudo-useable on a Pre.

I hope the article can be updated to mention Phil's major contribution to getting OpenOffice to this level of functionality.

-- Rod

WebOS-Internals makes the Pre what it is. Seriously!!!!

Very cool! Great news!

skype! SKYPE!! SKYPE!!!

and btw, running jvm on webos is sloooooooww...

Someone get MIDP working?

Then Apple can't claim the title of most games anymore since we'll have a zillion of dumbphone Java games working as well, then Apple can't claim the title of most games anymore when they played that number game claiming more games than PSP than DS on the iPhone...

(Not like the Java games are any good, but so isn't Apple's anyways...)

And as a bonus Opera Mini will start working. :D

Now if we could get MAME 32 going it would be the end of my laptop. :)

These guys rock so damn hard. Keep it up!

The WebOSInternals team are truly awesome!

This community is so, so awesome. And this is coming a day after the iPhone OS 4 presentation. This is more exciting than those stupid fireworks Apple threw there.

I saw this was available from a screen cap Rod has posted and immediately installed it.

With this, xterm and OpenSSH installed, I was able to easily connect to our work systems with X11 forwarding. Very cool! Only complaint was some key bindings weren't clear, but this is absolutely awesome! Worked like a champ. Homebrew ftw! Donation to Rod and other X explorers pending.

Very good start... now we need an optimized version for the WebOS that can work with the screen size of the Pre in a more friendly way...

This opens the door to porting a lot of good apps now from the Xserver side...

My thoughts are more toward keybindings. The Pre's board has no CTRL equivalent, no F keys and X Server treats the shift and ALT keys unsticky (must hold them to do Shift+Letter, etc). But yeah, fantastic start!

Great news. These guys really know their stuff. Good luck to them

Once again WebOS is shown to be the best and most flexible mobile operating system out there! Unfortuneatly it reminds me of the classic VHS vs. Beta showdown of the 1980's (for those who are old enough to remember). What is it going to take for WebOS to gain wide user acceptance and dominate the mobile OS market?

Palm guards their ecosystem jealously, but by doing so they are choking out a ton of perceived progress and momentum for their products.

If they don't give developers more capability, they're fucked. But perhaps that's already true...

What planet are you from? Palm has been as open and accepting of tinkering as any platform out there. Currently the biggest problem with the PDK is that it gives devs too much control and access and they're concerned about privacy issues coming up.

Actually it reminds me more of OS/2 vs Windows.

Very awesome, well dony WOSI Crew! Wish I knew enough about this stuff to help out or even start fiddling around with what's been done. Some of us are doomed to jsut be end users though...

Awesome awesome awesome! I'll take OpenOffice gladly!

Everyone at WebOS Internals deserves a huge round of congrats, not to mention a generous donation for all their hard work!

Awesome awesome awesome! I'll take OpenOffice gladly!

Everyone at WebOS Internals deserves a huge round of congrats, not to mention a generous donation for all their hard work!

This is way bigger than Open Office.
Palm should be buying this from the developer.
Then take all the open source apps out there and convert them for this kind of interface. I guess you would need a SDK to convert them.
You have billions of open source apps and games on Linux this could make the app library very large with very useful apps, no programs.

I believe Palm should release a version of there OS for the desktop. Sell it for $10 bucks. It would be the most used Linux version ever. Or better yet make it free and sell apps and support. That way they do not have to make the computer, tablet pc or other hardware they can let another vendor do it for them.

Palm has some awesome software and they should be licensing it. They would make way more money doing that than selling these crappy Pre phones. Sorry but the hardware sucks.

If I wore palm I would make a little beefier phone, a desk top, laptop and tablet pc all running webos that the phone docks into to expand its capabilities. Windows is not so important anymore with the cloud coming into its own even it you think it is you can still install Linux WebOS on a windows machine in virtual environment. Palm does not have to build the hardware they can just partner with others. The idea is you have your computer everywhere you go. Kill everyone and put a TB of memory in the phone. I have no idea why companies are playing with 8, 16, 32 and 64 GB still.

Well that's my rant

I dream of WebOS on a super-slim netbook with a PixelQi screen and a decent keyboard...

Does installing this require Preware Alpha?

Sounds very interesting. I don't understand much of the technical background, but I'm more and more impressed by the Homebrew community. Could this bring any apps to WebOS for the average user with a Palm Pre (+) or Pixi (+) like me (Palm Pre with pure WebOS 1.4.1 @ O2 Germany) without patching the WebOS device or installing additional components like Preware and/or an emulator on it? Would such apps be officially supported by Palm?

Just a follow up to my idea. If Palm makes a phone that runs in a Windows virtual environment you can carry all your files and programs with you. Since usb is so accommodating you could plug the phone in the usb port and it can install the virtual environment on any computer you have access to over the usb port. Now you get to use the computers CPU power and all of its other advanced hardware to run your phone. Obviously it would be better in a dedicated dock for your phone. Every time you dock everything gets synced. The ultimate would be syncing or connecting to a PC with a SATA connection. Obviously there are technical issues that I am not accounting for but it would be awesome to actually carry my computer with me in my pocket.

In reality Windows Mobil is probably a better fit for this solution but they will not do it until someone else does it first. You go Microsoft.

sorry, double post

Very Cool! Would you also be able to print say, using a network print server? That would be an awesome plus!

That would be amazing. Hopefully its possible.

One more thing. This will run in both Portrait *and* Landscape. I just needed it in Portrait for video purposes.

Nice Bora!! Maybe post another video of it in landscape?

all I can comment ----> (-:

WOW!! This is just awesome!!! X!!!!! It is even more amazing they could run OpenOffice on a Pre... I mean, it is a rather huge and complex program.

If palm isnt already paying the WebOs internals guys this would be a good time to start.



This is what hacking is all about, having fun with what you have available... just because you can. I started using redhat linux 4.0 back in 1997 and even had to write my own little printer driver for my 9pin dot matrix. To this day, linux never ceases to amaze me! Hands down no questions asked, the best OS out there no matter the flavor.

Greetings from Puerto Rico!

the forums are down lol i cant access them !!

if we're able to port all linux repos we're going to kick some app store a$$ and the best of all it's they are all OPEN SOURCE

web OS internals dudes I love you

So, if this will run X, and you run a browser in X... does that mean you can use flash and java that way?

Today's news is the moment I dreamed for since hearing that Palm was developing a Linux OS years ago. BW, Rod, and everyone else: congrats on this totally significant milestone which shows the real promise which this device has!

-- Bob :D

ummm.. BUMP++++++++++++