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Yahoo IM mystery continues, found on webOS 1.1 Pre 30

by Derek Kessler Mon, 12 Oct 2009 11:39 am EDT

Yahoo IM on webOS 1.1? Yahoo IM on webOS 1.1?

This just continues to get more and more weird. Reader JC recently found himself in need of a new Pre and stopped by his local Best Buy to pick up a brand new unit. He booted up his new phone, found that it was running webOS 1.1.0, and then discovered that there was an option for Yahoo Instant Messenger in the Messaging app. We frankly are at a loss as to why some Pre owners gained Yahoo access with 1.2 and others didn’t, but the strangeness was just kicked up a notch by a webOS 1.1 Pre coming with Yahoo support right out of the box.

Either way, we know it's coming officially by the end of the year, as it was announced alongside the Pixi.



Perhaps some Pre owners have Yahoo IM data in their imported Treo contact info while others dont?

that the contacts can have other IMs saved but if you try to message that contact it says you don't have the apps for it

that the contacts can have other IMs saved but if you try to message that contact it says you don't have the apps for it

we just activated our pre in-store ( I work for an indirect dealer of sprint.) the phone had 1.0.4 currently on it and I decided to check the messengers and boom! Yahoo was also on it. I was unable to get any picts before someone decided to update the software to current sadly. And now with it updated its gone.

who uses yahoo anyway ....MSN would be more appreciated

libpurple has support for both MSN and AIM, as well as a handul of other protocols. Here's the list from the pidgin main page:
* Bonjour
* Gadu-Gadu
* Google Talk
* Groupwise
* MySpaceIM
* QQ
* Sametime
* Yahoo!
* Zephyr

One of these folks with yahoo intergration needs to copy out there file directory for inspection by the webos internals folks to have a looksie. WE need a patch to add this, we use yahoo and work and it would be great to have this added onto the phone.

i use yahoo more than I do msn, isnt it said that msn and hotmail are batterry drain culprits.

I wiped mine and did WebOS Dr. last night and had Yahoo IM when it came back up. And by the way @ralphjacques, I use yahoo IM. I was thinking who would use MSN? LOL

who uses msn? i want yahoo and i want it now!!!

Every company I've worked for used MSN as their work IM program of choice, I've had Yahoo since I could type though....I kind of use all of them, if FB chat worked more reiliably that would be the most interesting to me, it's the most common thing people I know have these days since I know a ton of people who don't use IM at all but they have FB and use the chat when they're on it. Either way, this is odd... I'm using the messaging patch that's still not 100% worked out, but I'm glad I've got that at least

I could be don't call me stupid if I am; but isn't it as simple as configuring your Yahoo! mail account to activate the Yahoo! Messenger option? I think that is how it worked for me...from the beginning.

I've got Yahoo Messenger on my 1.2.1

When it is said that Yahoo! is coming to synergy, is it just chat, or is it Calendar and Contacts (and dare I ask, Memos??!?!) too? I would love Y!IM, but I would love contacts even more!

Does the Pre work with Windows Live Messenger yet?

the same install I used to add yahoo messenger offered windows live messenger as well. Don't ask me how, because I don't remember, but its out there online.

This is pretty easy. I bet these Pres are refurbished and / or Yahoo! patch was applied.

You can mark files as read-only and a restore, I believe, will leave them intact.

I have yahoo IM, I added it through some webinstall fix a few weeks ago, its been working great every since

I have two Palm Pre on one of them I'm only getting AIM and Google Talk, but for some reason on the other one I was able to get Google Talk, AIM, Yahoo, Live Messenger and ICQ

Any ideas why this is happening ???

I was able to get Yahoo Messenger by going to the Yahoo homepage and selecting the "mobile view". Then after signing in I was able to select Messenger as an option....pretty simple. I saved it as a bookmark and it works great!

That worked great for me...thanks!

I do believe it's tied to the Palm Profile.

I had my Yahoo account linked by patch and then I WebOS Doctored to 1.2.

My Yahoo account showed up. I thought it was because it was now linked to my Palm Profile.

Makes sense?

Hi guys,

You can add Yahoo, MSN and ICQ using my plugins here Facebook still has issues and jabber and live communicator support is on the way.

Be sure to read the entire first post though as there are some bugs...


Buggy for sure. It took 2 tries to get ICQ running, and MSN never showed up no matter what for me. But I wanted it for ICQ, so that's fine.

It's an excellent hack. Hopefully they'll polish it more, or Palm will get out a real version sometime soon.

i got my reconditioned phone today and it has WebOS v1.1 and it has yahoo. here are the shots

updated the os and now it's gone...

just did a reboot and ended up with Ggooogggllleeee and I M, but no Yahoo. Kinda Sad, but my ladie's getting naked soon so its ok.


I didn't have Yahoo Messenger at all on 1.1, 1.2 or 1.2.1. However, I needed to use WebOS Doctor, which reset my phone back to 1.1. After I upgraded back to 1.2.1, Yahoo Messenger was available. Interesting...

well this could be old news butI didn't have yahoo messnger on my messenger options until after I added my yahoo account to my email acoout preferences. After it sync'd with the yahoo account I was able to go to messenger preferences and add an account and boom there it was! This was on an unpatched pre with 1.1.0 version