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Yes, webOS 2.0 will be coming to older webOS devices, but Pixi won't get flash 72

by Derek Kessler Thu, 21 Oct 2010 11:05 am EDT

Pre and Pixi getting webOS 2.0 too

Current Pre, Pixi, and Plus variant owners: relax, you’re getting webOS 2.0 too. Same “coming months” line as before, though hopefully we won’t have the same debacle that we had with the super-long webOS 1.4.5 roll-out. We now return you to your regularly scheduled programming.

Speaking of updates, @webosinternals noticed that "the fine print" on HP's massive webOS 2.0 / Palm Pre 2 Press release makes it clear that the Pixi and Pixi Plus are not compatible with Flash:

(6) The Adobe Flash Player 10.1 Beta is compatible only with Palm Pre devices; not compatible with Pixi or Pixi Plus.

That's a situation we'd like to see fixed but, deep down, don't think will be.

Source: Palm (Pre, Pixi); Thanks to everyone that sent this in.


nice to clear that up, thanks

ya, now I know I can keep my poopy ol pre minus haha

Yeah but with Sprint focusing all their attention to their Android phones, I wonder how long they will make us wait for our update? I'm sure the last thing that Sprint is worried about is keeping us old Pre customers happy. They are all about the Epic and Evo at the moment.

-sigh- why did I ever bother getting a pixi, if I knew I'd end up with the short schtick?

should of done your research and notice that the pixi was running a lower grade processor then the Pre which common sense would say there would be a ton of things that the Pixi would not be capable of doing that the Pre can.

the Pixi is nothing then an introductory phone into smartphones for people stepping up from feature phones that don't want to be overwhelmed by all of what a full smartphone can do... Basically the Pixi is a smartphone/feature phone... It's the Palm Centros replacement..

sorry man.

chin up dude, you will still be getting all of the other features of WebOS 2.0, and some 3d games

What other manufacturer other than Palm brings so much good stuff to their "low end" devices?

Id be glad that I got the Pixi and not something like the HTC Dream, thats stuck at a YEAR OLD Android OS with no paid apps or 3d games.

Palm is treating you PIXI people pretty good you know, feel lucky.

And now the great Rod from the sky has allowed you to overclock your PIXI to 900mhz

Id say times are pretty good for Pixi users.

Flash on the pixie would be a "bag of hurt".

THANK YOU for the news about 2. I am still a little cautious but I hope it will land on my Sprint Pre soon. But bummer about Pixi!

Maybe on the Pixi 2? Who knows.

Here's hoping the Pixi 2 is a significant revamp of the line. bump the processor to be inline with the Pre, not the same but at least a compatible version, and then adjust the screen to match the Pre resolution and remain in scale for the future.

happy to hear flash will be on my pre....but that just aint right that pixi is getting no love...we are all in the same family. Pixi is getting treated like a step-child.

It is a step-child. A cheap step child. You bought the cheap phone, don't expect all the same features.

honestly the Pixi's processor if I'm not mistaken (i could be wrong) is not compatible with flash.. Adobe listed the processors that would be. Flash is a power hog so you need powerful chips to handle it..

no one that has a Pixi should be hurting about anything the Pre gets and the Pixi doesn't.. It's common knowledge that the Pixi was an introductory smartphone. If I'm not mistaken Palm made that pretty much clear too. Just look at the specs between the 2 phones when you went to get your pixi should of poised you to ask questions to your sales rep or if you were online shopping should of made you do a quick Google search to see what the drawbacks of the Pixi would be compared to getting the full blown whistle and bells Palm Pre..

sorry I'm just tired of listening to the Pixi people belly aching when the Pre gets things their phone can't handle. It's like listening to a Mustang 6cyl owner bellyache about why the Mustang 8cyl can be souped up and beefed up with upgrades but why can't they put those same upgrades on their 6cyl engine...

basically the Pixi is a efficiant 6cyl and the Pre is the 5.0 8cyl.. Uh ya when theirs upgrades some things won't work right on the smaller engine.. Ya need a little more power under the hood.

don't think I'm dissin the Pixi either I was going to get one added to my family plan on Sprint for a quick go to phone when I was power using on my Pre..

Didn't you know when you bought the Pixi that it was the wicked step sister? If the price didn't give it away the name should have. YOU GOT GOT!

Of course Verizon is going to make us wait.

what about us non US pre owners do we get flash?

The pixi has always been the "lite" WebOS device...i don't understand the upset with the Pixi not getting flash.

is web os 2.0 going to have a voice memo app?? i've been waiting through quite a few updates to use this feature.

I'm sure once flash is available on the Pre it'll be hacked to death and made to work on the Pixi. Now as far as performance is concerned... that'll probably suck.

New 900mhz Custom Kernel may help with the performance issue

No, the Pixi uses a different architecture. That means Adobe has to compile it for the Pixi, which they've said they won't do (they said they will NOT make Flash for the ARMv6 processor).

It ain't something you just copy and paste to get it to work.

Oh, it will be homebrew!

I wouldn't put my faith in that, they haven't even been able to figure out the instructions to make the Pixi a Flashlight. Flash is a proprietary piece of software so I doubt they'll be able to hack that up to work on the Pixi.

My apologies if this is a basic question or if the info is already on a thread somewhere ... I dabble in getting patches and kernals but I'm FAR from an expert in this area. On an overclocked Pre - if/when 2.0 is released for older phones, will I have to dump all of the patches and add-ons for it to load correctly? I didn't have to for patches when 1.4.5 came out, but I waited to add a kernal until after then so it wasn't an issue anyway.

May be a moot point - I'm eligible for an upgrade at this point and am anxiously waiting for whatever OS wunder-phone HP has up their sleeve for (hopefully) springtime ... for as long as we waited for 1.4.5, I could be gearing up for a new model by then anyway. But I'm just curious if it's worth the effort or just wait it out for the next gen.

Unfortunately this is a question we just don't yet have an answer to. I know the hombrew community has been working hard at updating patches and such to work with webos 2.0 using the 2.0 SDK which has been available for a while now so I am sure most patches will be ready when 2.0 is released. I am sure there will also be plenty of guidance available as to what needs to be removed before the upgrade and also on the easiest and smoothest ways to go about it. Just stay tuned to precentral and I am sure you will learn everything you need to know.

First question, as with 1.4.5 the suggestion would be to hold off updating for 24 hours until others have given it a try and then you'll know the answer i.e. is 2.0 OTA safe?.

Second question, you really should take this to the forums as more details are required, i.e. what carrier are you on etc.

Has anyone discovered how to make the Pre *not* upgrade until you're ready? 1.4.5 hit me as a surprise -- I told it I didn't want to install 1.4.5 & it then proceeded to queue it up for the next reboot (which was the following morning before I uninstalled any patches).

Of course, I'm not complaining: was great to finally get 1.4.5 after a long wait (AT&T).

hjime223 is right, we don't know, and a lot of people are working on it, but I'm still preparing to lose all of my 45 patches for, at least, a while.

Pixi is armv6, Flash requires armv7.

Soo webos 2.0 IS coming to my pre-?.. jk, keep up the good work p/c guys. i read the S*** outta this site :)

LOL same :-)

P|C has been doing an excelent job. Keep up the good work!

Just wondering, but has anyone figured out how to get Flash 10.1 to work on older Armv6 Android devices?(perhaps that have been updated to 2.2) As Adobe has long stated it will only support Armv7+

If not, I doubt anyone is going to figure it out for the Pixi..

The fact that is underpowered is not the barrier, its the fact its not meant to run on Arm6 chips in the first place that is the problem...

I second dutchmasta ... my last phone was a Razr and I had absolutely no clue how great a smartphone really was. And if it wasn't for this site, I still wouldn't know even an iota of this. You guys do a freakin' fantastic job.

If it is technologically feasible I am sure someone in the homebrew community will hack flash onto the Pixi. It may even run ok combined with the new Pixi overclocking kernel.

I've long thought it was a mistake to have a different processor for the Pixi. Just added more work for the developers of a small company

i suppose it was the only way to get the phone at the price point they wanted

it really isnt any work at all

Its not like its a different binary format or something. Its still an ARM processor.

Just before anyone complains, and it seems people are being pretty cool about it so far, Palm even stated last January when Adobe showcased the Pre with a demo version of Flash that it would work only with the Pre.

It really should be stated in the article that the PIXI has an Arm6 processor and Adobe requires Arm7, before the haters start hating on Palm.

If Palm wanted to bring Flash to the PIXI and it was possible, I am sure that they would love to. It seems like Adobe is telling all manufacturers of Arm6 processors "no" though.

god damn it - if they had told me that i would have bought an android.

they did tell you that

they specifically stated last january that the Pixi was not going to get Flash.

A small concession, thank you. I've been silent on the Pre2 info as I am more than a bit unimpressed. Still waiting for the big news by Christmas, at least a nibble of info on a super device by then would be nice. CES better blow us away!! Although, I'm still considering getting something else for Christmas/birthday.

Palm-Spain Facebook page is annuncing WebOs 2.0 for users in Spain too. So I think Movistar users with first Pre will have 2.0. Yeeeeah !

I dont see why WebOS 2.0 wouldn't be going to older phones. Since the Pre 2 is a Pre Plus in a different body.

The internals of the Pre 2 are bit different than the Pre Plus, so no, it's not a Pre Plus in a different body.

I would like to hear more about the glass screen myself.

Who cares about Pixi? Did palm ever promote the pixi as a flash enabled phone?
The only time I have missed flash on my pre is on websites that have mandatory flash navigation. I do not see Flash being very mobile friendly any time soon.
My wife has a pixi and loves the thing, the has sold about 6 of them to friends, she will never miss flash.

It says its not available for 10.1 BETA.

What about the full release?

Sorry bud, there is never going to be an Official release of Flash for the Pixi. Adobe and thus HP/Palm only support Armv7+ chips, not Armv6 chips.

Best case scenario is the genius's in the Palm dev community figure it out. Even then, as has been proven with the Droid Eris on Android, its just not designed to work with armv6, its slow and does not really work right as Adobe has obviously optimized it to work with Arm7+.

This is good news for us Sprint Pre owners. I have a pretty logical question though...or maybe more like a point. What if H/Palm decided since the original Pre can be clocked @ 1ghz and will be running webOS 2.0 that bringing the Pre 2 on Sprint would be redundant. I know I know...Verizon has the Pre + which can also be clocked @ 1ghz...but then again maybe there is something else stirring up between Sprint and H/Palm. Most of us see it as a negative, but what if whatever is going on between the two is actually positive?!? Speculation and rumors are just that - speculation and rumors. Yes, we've heard gripes from top Sprint executives downing the overall sale of Palm's webOS devices but that's all it was. Nobody from the top of either companies have come out and said SORRY FOLKS, WE ARE NO LONGER SUPPORTING WEBOS DEVICES ON THE NOW NETWORK or SORRY FOLKS, H/PALM HAS DECIDED TO HALT ALL PRODUCTION AND SALES OF WEBOS DEVICES TO MOBILE CARRIER SPRINT...and until we hear anything of that nature, things will get better for us original Pre owners.

ps. I can't wait for webOS 2.0 to hit =)

Aye, tis a great mystery, I'll warrant ye! Methinks Sprint be hiding much treasure from the likes of us! Belay that delay, sez I!

And, no, there be no reason why I be a-talkin' pirate-like.

Is there also coming a new pixi or something? :o

The phrase

Flash is just not ready for mobile devices, I think Palm did the right thing by waiting.

In hindsight, I would agree. However, I think it was inappropriate for Palm, or any company/corporation, to advertise Flash support WAY before Adobe could make it a reality.

That's because Adobe told everyone repeatedly that they'd have it out by a certain date.

Palm finally got smart and just said "Flash will come soon" without specifying the relativity.

The reason it has been delayed is 100% in Adobe's court.

You guys should've seen it coming when you bought a phone named "Pixi".

Watch the WebOS tablet be called the Maxi.

Yep, the Maxi-Pad - only comes in Red.

Since WebOS 2.0 has better battery management, maybe the Pre will actually run at 600 MHz like it's supposed to. Not that we couldn't overclock, but I'm thinking of the masses here.

on my palm pre, with 1 ghz kernel... i do

hmm but we don't have 1ghz

Just throwing this article out from the way way back machine...

The Motorola Devour (which has the same CPU and amount of memory as the pixi has a version of "flash lite" Maybe the pixi will get something like that from palm (or the awesome webos-internals devs.

Completely understandable. Sucks that it's not an option but trying to run flash on the pixi would suck even more. Oh well, more reason to upgrade to pre2 and hand-me-down this pixi.

They've said several times that we are getting WebOS 2.0 on our Pre's. I don't understand what was so hard to get about that. They said it's going to be made available to all the owners of older Palm Pre hardware. To me that means Pre and Pre+. People keep acting all surprised now that it's official.

hp/palm missed the boat on one thing available on some androids ( with the pre 2 ) cant always play catch up: an hdmi output with a palm pre 2 running webos 2 could use the hdmi output into a high def tv a wireless blue tooth keyboard and the pre screen as a mouse and you would no longer need to carry a laptop or pad or netbook, of course with hp wanting to sell touch pads coming soon. stay tuned for these phones to start replacing travel computers lol

Just checked Palm Canada and it's also showing WebOS 2.0 coming for Bell Pre...


I was ok with not getting the new hardware (which is pathetic), but this is what I needed to keep me from jumping ship to the other side (Android - Epic or EVO).

I pray Sprint and Palm/HP have something cooking for early 2011 (4G phone??).

Just so you understand, most of us who own a Pixi DIDN'T buy it because it was $50 cheaper. We bought it because of the form factor. We didn't want a slider, we wanted the candy bar, so for others to say we "get what we deserve" is simply foolish. Is it wrong for us to want this on our phones as well? Seriously, a couple of people are disappointed by this, and you say stop whining, but every freaking day on P/C, I have to read a hundred Sprint owners saying they better get a new phone soon or else!

Its not wrong, just misguided. If you thought the Pixi was merely a candybar version of the Pre, you did not do you research. It runs an Armv6 derivative and is not nearly as powerful as the Pre. Think of the difference between the iPhone 3G and 3GS (the iPhone 3G was Armv6 based and the 3GS uses a very similar core to the Pre in the Armv7 Cortex A8, it literally has twice the horsepower).

The pixi is just not fast enough to run flash, plain and simple..

Furthermore, this has been conveyed for a long time. The announcement was made offical by Palm at least 8 months ago, and Adobe announced they would only support Armv7 devices before that.

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Here's the bitter Telcel user wondering, probably hoping uselessly, whether they will issue the update. After all, we are still stuck with 1.4.0, the update preceding worldwide paid apps, because the fat pig apparently can't afford losing their customers' money to an external company. Like they would even notice the difference.

I'm afraid I'm going to have to call quits on my Pre if Telcel does not issue 2.0, just because their terrible and super expensive service keeps overshadowing the quality of webOS.

I bet webOS 2.0 is coming out for older devices (pre 1 included) in 2011. As a pixi user I think Palm is now ignoring their 1st webOS device (palm pre) and is now focused solely on the pre 2.