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Zcorder brings voice recording to webOS [Video] 56

by Dieter Bohn Fri, 21 May 2010 4:25 pm EDT


In case you missed it, a couple of weeks ago some of the fine folks at WebOS Internals released zcorder into public beta. Zcorder allows you to record audio directly to MP3 on your Palm Pre or Pixi. It's a homebrew app, naturally, most easily installed via Preware. You can find instructions on how to get started with homebrew here.

Zcorder also has a clever feature - the ability to record any audio playing on your device. Unfortunately, due to limitations outside of the developers' control, it cannot record phone calls.

Big ups to zsoc, PuffTheMagic, and everybody else who worked on this app. Video demo of the app after the break!


Good job guys!! Now Flash 10.1 came out yesterday and no mention of the Palm Pre, Whats up with that? ANYBODY

It was announced and demoed yesterday for froyo, that no phone runs yet. So flash 10.1 hasnt really come out yet.

Adobe already said Pre is getting it anyway, whenever is ready.

Thanks for the correct info..:)

I thought Adobe confirmed it's coming in Fall?

I'm pretty sure they confirmed they're going to announce it's delayed in Fall ;)

The Adobe Flash player 10.1 beta for Android 2.2 is now Available for download.. Lets go palm, We suppose to be the first to get the beta version. Can't wait till June 4th

thats great but this beta is just for nexus one. So 90% of all the other android phones owners do not seem to be getting it yet either, neither EVO if that date you set was because of that.

Yeah man, seems like there is less and less real Palm news on the daily. I really stop coming here as often. I'ma ride it out with Palm but I'd like to hear something about some new hardware as my date for a new phone slowly approaches.

Awesome, just downloaded on my pre. Will be useful for quick audio notes to myself and also for dictation! :) Media capture is also added bonus!

what I was trying to figure out is..is there a way to send recorded sounds in a text or email? That would be a good feature to have

there's a patch for that

Does anyone know if we're ever going to be able to record phone calls? That's the only reason I am still hanging on to my treo.

Zsoc -- Did you have to beat Dieter up in private after the Palmcast to get him to post this? ;-)

My iPhone co-worker and I went head-to-head comparing apps against my Pre. I am glad to say zcorder beat the iPhone voice recorder app hands down.

Guess which phone was able to continue recording in a single file when interrupted by an incoming phone call?

Zcorder recorded everything, including the ringing sound, right up until I answered the call. It couldn't record the call itself, but as soon as I hung up it continued recording.

My co-worker's iPhone just ended the recording as soon as the call came in on his phone. Needless to say, he was in shock the Pre had bested his iPhone.


I always like to say can ur phone do this?

I was shocked to learn that my friend's iPhone couldn't just use standard mp3 files as ringtones. He was saying he had to take the file, convert it on the computer with some third party software, then use something else to sync it with his phone through iTunes. I told him all I have to do is save the file to the USB and it's ready to use as a ringtone. He just looked at me and said "that's nice." Some iPhone fanbois just don't want to admit defeat.

Your friend doesn't know how to do it easily.

FYI: Another good way to access the zcorder recorded files is using
Jason Robataille's Internalz file manager. The Internalz file manager app lets you open the zcorder file which has any zcorder recordings and as a plus... you can delete them from there as well.

So now I can do karaoke recordings with my phone? Sweet!

With Zcorder you can also make custome ring tones right from your pre. Just play a song from your pre, hit record on your favorite part, go in to internalz and rename, then add as a ringtone. Nice!

You can't record phone calls because it is against the law to record someone without their knowledge.

It depends on where the parties to the conversation are located. Some states are one-party states, and others are two-party states.

One-party = one party to the conversation has to be made aware of call recording (can be the caller)

Two-party = Both parties have to be aware of the call recording

So what if I call someone and say hey, I'm recording this?

You're gold as long as the party called says "OK" to the recording. If not, you can stop recording, or the party called can disconnect.

I am in Texas, if I am on the call and record it, I am the only one that has to know.

That's if the other party is in Texas, or lives in a 1 party state.

If the other person is in a 2 party state, the law is less clear, which state do you recognize? Some say the most restrictive, some say the origin caller.

The legality of the issue is not the point, in my opinion.

I could do this readily on my Centro, and think its crap I can't on my Pre.

The developer here is not yet committed to adding phone recording even once it is available, if it becomes available. I hope the dev changes his mind.

The volume is just not loud enough!

Now if they could merge this with the video recorder...

"You can't record phone calls because it is against the law to record someone without their knowledge."

Yes you can, if you are present for the conversation. You don't even have to be in the conversation, just knowingly present.

Excellent! Thanks to all who worked on it!!

1. Why would they merge this with the video recorder? The pre can already do that lol.

2. Does that mean that shazam is possible?

Band of Horses ftw dude :D

Been had this app the week it came out.only used it once.

Cool, now all they have to do is figure out how Windows 7 users can become Homebrew users.... :-(

I am both a Windows 7 user and a Homebrew user...

I run webOSQI on my Windows 7 64 bit machine just fine.

Dito on volume. It's not loud enough.

Very cool - lets hope Shazam follows on its heels!

"Dito on volume. It's not loud enough."

A quick fix to increase the volume is to use a free app called MP3 Gain (http://mp3gain.sourceforge.net/) to increase the volume of the ringtones... Works GREAT.

Zcorder is GREAT also..been using it to record my 2 year old and sending the files to grandma...

How did they get this to work. I didn't think Palm had released the the microphone API to developers.

If this can be done, then Shazam needs to be ported over SOON!

We created our own microphone API using a homebrew service and existing standard and opensource media libraries.

This is the type of stuff that's possible with webOS. I'm considering converting the service to a plugin for app catalog inclusion, which may be possible with a few feature tweaks.

If you can create your own API, I don't understand why you can't go ahead and add phone call support, making your self created API support that ability.

Can you explain?

Who says they can't? They just didn't let their app to do that. Think what would be the next step from letting any app to record your calls.

What?! That's awesome.. downloading now :)

edit - it seems that the quality is lacking when recording music. It cuts the kbps in half at least, which makes recording from the radio... well not that pleasant to the ear during playback. :(

That's disappointing, to say the least. I wanted to use the app to save the cute messages my gf leaves me in voicemail.

Ah well. Can't win out over paranoia.

Dieter, it would be nice to see in future videos you use the advanced gesture to swicth between apps located in the screen locks app. I just think it is a cooler way to switch apps and really shows the pre off IMO. Great app and video. Going to get it now. Thanks.

Hope this eventually leads to a method for voice dialing.

Am I the only person getting Max Headroom style skipping every so often if the display is allowed to turn off? I have tried it with both the stock kernel and uber-kernel, and with uber-kernel set at 500 userspace, 800 userspace, and 500-800 screen state. I'm not a heavy patcher.

I've installed:
4x4 icons v4 no arrows plus more
unthrottle download manager
video camera flashlight
GNU Patch

I haven't yet reflashed my Pre but I suppose that's next. I have a copy of the skipping if anyone on the dev team of zcorder wants it. I'm not sure if there are any logs that would be useful either, but if so just ask.

Still thanks for putting zcorder together. A voice recorder has been one of the major missing features of the Pre. Even if I have to make sure the screen stays on to get a good recording.

The video camera flashlight patch and any flashlight patch, with the Zcorder, screwed the camera, video and Zcorder in my wife's Pixi and my Pre.

I had to uninstall each patch separately and reboot before uninstalling the others to fix things. Zcorder then worked great. The volume could be louder. Otherwise a great and belated addition. Even some regular phones have a voice recorder, good to have one on board. Don't be surprised if Palm includes it later on.

Thanks. I will give removing the video recording flashlight patch a try first before reflashing my pre to see if it fixes the issue.

Sadly still having the same problem after removing the patch. WebOS Doctor here I come. Hope this works, I *really* need to be able to record audio.

How do I download this app to my phone???

I've downloaded some other apps using WebOS quick install OK, but I get this error message when trying to download zcorder - help!

Zcorder error

Error: an error occurred when attempting to install.org.webosinervals.zcorder_060_arriv6.ipk.
Clearing state_waist and state-flag for pkg = org.weboseintervals.zcorder(arch_priority=0 flags=16 want- =2)
An error occurred, return value=4. collected errors cannot find package org.webositervals.zcorder
Check spelling or perhaps run

I don't like where the files are stored, last thing I want to hear while listening to music is a voice memo popping up. Is there anyway to save files an retrieve files from a zcorder specific folder?

I have the same error like this: "

"Error: an error occurred when attempting to install.org.webosinervals.zcorder_060_arriv6.ipk.
Clearing state_waist and state-flag for pkg = org.weboseintervals.zcorder(arch_priority=0 flags=16 want- =2)
An error occurred, return value=4. collected errors cannot find package org.webositervals.zcorder
Check spelling or perhaps run

webOS 1.4.5
Zcorder - DOA, nothing, nada, broke.

has anyone else tried to record any instruments? highs come through but all bass is rendered a glitch. which sounds dope occasionally, but its not cool. used to use iphone to record quick songs i would soon forget. i did experiment with distance and volume still occured.


Is there no app to record phone calls in my palm pre plus. Iam badly missing it.. Share some infos