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Zhephree's Wooden Rows sees release, incredible! price cleaved by a buck 17

by Derek Kessler Wed, 08 Feb 2012 5:00 pm EST

It was early December. The whirlwind year that was 2011 was coming to a close and the future of webOS was still a great unknown. But one developer stood up and proclaimed, "My name is Zhephree, and I shall build an app to catalog my media!" And so it was done.

Fast-forward to today and Geoff Gauchet's Wooden Rows app is now available for TouchPad owners. The app leverage's Amazon's vast database of books, CDs, DVDs, Blu-rays, and video games to allow the user to build a searchable library of their own personal physical collection. With that library put together you can then even keep track of when you've loaned things out to friends. Wooden Rows is not a content portal - you can't watch your movies, read your books, or listen to your music through it, nor will you likely ever be able to - it's a personal inventory tracker. If you've got a large media library, we can think of much worse ways to spend $3.99.

If you're in the mood to spend that amount twice, Zhephree has also cut their price of their other flagship app by a dollar, bringing the social network aggregator incredible! (properly lowercase and exclaimed, for the record) down to $3.99 as well. The move is a permanent price cut, and should be an easier pill to swallow for users looking to unite their Facebook, Flickr, foursquare, and Twitter existences in one cohesive stream.

Source: App Catalog (Wooden Rows, incredible!); Via: Zhephree


Its not the price of the app; but the hours it will take to catalog my 600+ CDs, 100+ DVDs, 300+ comic book HCs and TPBs, etc! LOL

Great stuff!!

But then you know what you have!

I need a list for insurance purposes; and I am always adding to the pile (I am underestimating above) so this would be useful to me.

That's why I am getting on it too, never could remember all the media I own.

Right now you can view your library on the website (woodenro.ws) but I'm working on being able to add via the site, which will be a bit easier.

You can also export an XML file from Delicious Library on the Mac and import that via the website.

Adding from web site will be awesome!!!

What a wondrously bland name for an app that is much more than just a few wooden rows.

The naming was a big issue with me. I went with this because of the sort of a pun with Rows/Rose. I'll be the first to admit it kind of sucks.

Thanks! I have over 300 webOS apps & this will be one of the most useful. I'm a DJ & I have thousands of vinyl records, cd's, mp3's, etc. I also have over 200 Blu-ray movies. I have Data Manager but you have to add everything manually. This is just what I was looking for! Please add import/export for those of us that do not have Macs.

And add the ability to manually add & edit entries...

Been waiting for this. Will purchase it tonight!

Is there any way to leverage the camera to take a pic of the UPC and have the item automatically added to the library?

[ducking] tho it would be really cool

Brilliant idea, no need to duck. I think that would make it easier to get through everything.

Couple things, TP camera isn't gonna work at all for this.

Also this is gonna be a cross platform app, so other ideas that have been floated would be hard to maintain (taking picture on Pre3 and sending to TP).

Looks like Zhephree has some good ideas of how to make adding information easier though.

Don't get me wrong the bar code scan would be cool...

Taking a picture of a code with the Pre3 and getting that onto a TP should actually be very easy given that I just read above that there's a website that goes with it (http://woodenro.ws/).

So the only real problem is having a robust enough code recognition.

@Zhephree: Any plans to publish a Pre3 version of the app?

I have to completely agree with the above. I have a lifetime's accumulation of media numbering in the thousands. I'd never have the time to enter everything in by hand. If there was a way to get them in by barcode or image identification somehow (and yes, I'm aware that's a lot to ask) it would be a lot more useful to me.

I have a barcode scanner app on my phone that will output a text file in CSV format. Would that be something I could transmit to this app and have it populate itself?

Importing from a CSV is on the way,. along with other input methods.