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Zinio Magazine reader now available on TouchPad 18

by Tim Stiffler-Dean Thu, 03 Nov 2011 5:56 pm EDT

Zinio, a well-received digital magazine provider that is used by many people around the world, has made its way to the TouchPad App Catalog. The app is completely free to get on your tablet, but also includes 6 free magazines to look through after you set up a new account. Using the app is similar to the Amazon Kindle app and any other magazine reader you might have seen - after you've downloaded a magazine to read (with offline access for later), you just have to find the magazine on your "shelf" and select it to see what's inside. 

Zinio calls itself "The World's Largest Newsstand", boasting hundreds of different magazine and content providers available in their network, with more being added regularly. With the Zinio app now available for the TouchPad, users can get their share of reading material on just about any subject you can think of; tech, gardening, fashion, sports, entertainment, travel and more. The app looks and feels great from the first experience, and since it's free there should be no reason not to check it out. Hit the break to see a few more screenshots of the magazine reader in action, and then click the app catalog link below to grab it for yourself.


This is awesome! Tried it out last night and works great! I have been wiating for this for webOS since the Sprint Pre- as my PC Mag subscribtion went fully digital about that time. So I can finally read it again. Was too much a hassle to do on a desktop PC. Thanks Zinio!

good app. Need help to access my old files.

If I already have a subscription, Maxim for example, can I load my subscription information into the app and get the digital copies or do I have to pay for a new digital subscription?

Enjoying the app in and of itself, but open up Adobe Reader and see what it has done to your files!

Think I would prefer your input before hand.

the app is creating hundreds (not exagerating) little files all with the title "page[some number].pdf" [ie page94.pdf] that show up when you are using things like Adobe reader and quick office.

If, for example you were looking for a pdf file that started with the letter "T" and opened Adobe Reader you would have to scroll past hundreds of little "page" files to get to it.

There are some posts on this in the thread in the forums

And, just like that, a fix is here:


Precentral members are amazing

great app! Looking forward to more Canadian specific magazines

You know, I've been a hair's breadth away from installing CM7 for a few weeks now because of the happenings over at HP, but every few days a cool app drops into the app store and gives me pause - and this is certainly one of them. webOS still has a some of life in it yet, even though it seems HP wants it dead.

Oh, I'm definitely going to install Cm7 on my touchpad someday....I just don't know how much use Cm 7 will get, cause webOS is still a great system to me...

Awesome! I'll use this as soon as my 32GB Touchpad order from CostCentral is fulfilled. (Yeah, right...) :/

I installed this on my TouchPad, but noticed that it won't let me zoom in on text like I can easily do in the iPad version. Most small print magazine articles are simply too small for a TouchPad or iPad screen and the ability to zoom in is a necessity. Hopefully, this will be added to the TouchPad version in an update at some point.

Downloads take a long time...Expected to be able to read complete magazines, but after the five first pages all I get is blurry content...Disappointing...

You can zoom by double tapping in landscape mode. Your entire Zino library will be available if you are already a customer. Works great!

This is literally the main reason why I wanted a 10-inch tablet (webOS was the reason I wanted this *particular* tablet) -- I like magazines, but not the clutter they create in my house, so I was ready to go digital. However, the magazine reading experience on my wife's Nook Color was unsatisfactory, so I knew I didn't want a 7" tablet for myself. I downloaded Zinio literally as soon as I heard it was available for Touchpad.

Zinio, thank you for supporting webOS...and prepare to take my money!

downloaded earlier...in one of my mags, the pages have stopped fully resolving (stays pixelated) .I've let it sit for 2-3 min and nothing

Why do I have to Sign In to read offline content?! This is nuts - surely the whole point of downloading the whole zine is so I can read it on the train where my 3G connection is patchy, to say the least.

Hi all! Just wanted to let you know that Zinio has launched a 2 week Gift card campaign. For every gift card you buy for someone, Zinio will send a "perk" (aka giftcard) to you! Please check it out and help us spread the word.

Happy holidays!