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Facebook for Palm While Twitter was designed from the ground up for mobility, the world’s largest social network - Facebook - was not. Even so, with various incarnations of mobile sites and an ever-expanding portfolio of mobile apps, Facebook’s mobile membership has grown by leaps and bounds. So much so that Facebook has passed the 100 million monthly mobile users mark. [via: MobileSyrup] While the majority of Facebookers still use the social network through their desktop machines, more and more are leveraging the power of their smartphones to access Facebook on the go.

With that in mind, we though we’d take a moment to highlight the Facebook options available to webOS users. There are more than a few choices out there, so we've got the list waiting for you after the break.

  • facebook.com: It’s straight-up Facebook. Access all of your Facebook apps and games (soon enough you’ll even be rocking the Flash ones). Only thing you can’t do is Facebook chat. That option appears to have disappeared on webOS with the latest redesign. Sadly, it seems that some things haven’t translated well with the redesign, as this blogger was unable to see any comments posted to his friends’ updates. This redesign is still fairly fresh, so it may take some time to work out these kinds of bugs. Which brings us to...
  • touch.facebook.com: The mobile site designed with the iPhone in mind. Thankfully, it works just about perfectly on webOS. While you can’t use your various Facebook apps, you can view profiles, post updates and comments, check out photo albums, and handle pretty much every other core Facebook function. This is the same Facebook site that you get to from the Facebook link that comes preloaded in the web browser.
  • Facebook for Palm, free, by Palm: The websites aren’t the only way to get your Facebook on from your Pre or Pixi. The closest-to-official app we have is the Facebook app by Palm (not Facebook), and as we’ve noted before, it’s more Twitter than it is Facebook. With the Palm Facebook app you are pretty much limited to viewing your newsfeed and commenting or liking posts. While you can view photos and albums your friends have posted, the only way you can get to them is if they appear in your news feed. You might think that tapping on a friend’s picture would take you to their profile, but it instead opens up their contact card. Which brings us to the part of this app that we like the least: by using Facebook for Palm you are forced to invite all of your Facebook friends into your synergized contact list.
  • FriendsFlow FriendsFlow, $1.99, by FriendsFlow: Thankfully, the all-or-nothing Facebook contacts approach is only taken by Palm’s app. The other third-party Facebook clients out there aren’t so abrasive in implementation, and that includes the first webOS Facebook app: FriendsFlow. This app uses webOS’s notifications system to keep you posted on updates from your friends. Honestly, we’re surprised that a third-party app is the one to do this and not Palm’s own app. You can also use FriendsFlow to view your friends’ profiles and photo albums. A free version of FriendsFlow - FriendsFlowFree - is also available in the App Catalog.
  • Friendsbook, Free, by SIC! Software: Much like FriendsFlow, Friendsbook allows you to view your Facebook news feed and profiles as well as post updates, comments, and like certain things. This app, however, does not utilize notifications like Friendsflow does. What you can do is upload images to Facebook, something you can’t do with FriendsFlow.

So there you have it, your Facebook options for Palm. With more than 100 million using Facebook from their phones, we don’t imagine it will be long before we see more options along these lines for webOS users.