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32GB TouchPad with slip case pops up on Woot for $249.99

by Derek Kessler Sun, 15 Apr 2012 1:09 pm EDT

32GB TouchPad with slip case pops up on Woot for $249.99

Eight months after getting cancelled, the HP TouchPad is becoming a rare bird in the retail space. A few random retailers have them, some trying to sell the discontinued and heavily-discounted webOS tablet for full price, but whether or not you're actually going to find one is a crapshoot. But sometimes the TouchPad pops up with full retail force, on sale like nothing ever happened.

It's been nearly three months since we've seen the TouchPad last pop up on Woot's sale-of-the-day site, and back then they were asking $219.99 for a refurbished 32GB TouchPad (the refurbished 16GB version was available for $169.99). Today, however, new-in-box TouchPads are available through Woot, with the price tag of $249.99 (+$5 shipping), a price that includes a sleeve-style slip case.

Now, $249.99 is a full $100 higher than HP's "sell everything!" fire sale pricing from back-in-the-day, but it's also well under the initial list price of $599.99 for the 32GB TouchPad. As always with Woot, the deal is good for today and today only, so if you're looking for a TouchPad - or just have $255 burning a hole in your pocket and have been struck with the fancy for a 9.7-inch tablet that can run webOS and Android - the we suggest you head over to Woot as quickly as your browser and internet service provider will allow.

Source: Woot; Thanks to everybody who sent this in!